These chapters should come out pretty quickly, as you can tell, they're not very long, nor are they intended to be. This is more of a "casual" writing for me as opposed to my other ongoing story. So yeah, glad to see there's a positive reaction!

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The man in the red tuxedo's eyes widened as he heard his name called. A surprised grin formed on his jubilant face, and he expressed his joy in that subtle, poignant way that only Tyler could convey.


He'd never thought he would have won. The fact that he did was a tearful experience for a man who had spent most of his childhood, adolescence, and adulthood tripping over things and losing everything he ever played. He'd kept telling himself that if he kept trying it would pay off in the end, but lately he'd been losing hope in himself despite his renowned optimism.

He literally started running up to the stage, whooping and cheering. Having no indoor voice whatsoever, it was quite the spectacle for the audience. Many were amused and heartwarmed by the jock's insanely enthusiastic reaction to the award.

Finally, I won something! And not just anything, an actual Academy Award!

Then, as he walked onto the stage, his foot rolled sideways.

A fiery burst of pain shot out from his ankle as Tyler stumbled and faceplanted on the stage, letting out an "OUCH!" eliciting a concerned gasp from the audience. His ankle throbbed painfully, and several people attempted to help him up.


The yell surprised the Good Samaritans, and Tyler realized how loudly he had yelled. " I need to get up by myself."

Slowly, painfully, Tyler rose to his feet, wobbling as he put all of his weight on one leg. His ankle was merely sprained, not permanently damaged. Gritting his teeth and concentrating with all of his might, he stood, tall and proud, ignoring the pain in his ankle and shaking off the people attempting to support him. He took one powerful step forward with his right, undamaged foot.

He quickly drew his painful foot forward, lightly tapping it against the ground. Slowly, surely, with cheers from the audience, Tyler limped up to the microphone without any assistance, and once he reached the mike and the trophy was placed in his hand, cheers and applause filled the room as he held it up triumphantly, grinning and eyes beginning to tear up.

He stood at the mike with all of his weight on his right foot, and began to speak.

"I always was really enthusiastic about sports. Hockey, soccer, basketball, football, volleyball...I loved sports. Still love 'em. But...every time I played them, I always would injure myself somehow, like how I just tripped coming up here. I always kept going. I mean, I knew I had the ability, just really terrible luck. I had strong muscle structure, strong legs, strong know."

"I would always try to remain positive. Look on the bright side. After I recovered from my torn ACL in 7th grade, I immediately got back into sports, and there were plenty of people who said I couldn't do it, that I couldn't recover from such a major injury so quickly...they were absolutely right. But, as cliche as it is to say, you really CAN do it. I just didn't follow my dreams in the way I thought I was going to."

"Portraying a broken athlete in a sports film was a really introspic...interspek...enlightening experience for me! It made me think about what I was doing, and it was a whole lot of fun to do...even though I refused to have a stunt double and broke both arms during filming."

There was some modest laughter at this.

Tyler laughed self-deprecatingly. "Yeah, I've broken every bone in my body at least twice. I'm aiming for a world record."

More laughter at this.

"So yeah. I didn't become a world-famous athlete like I wanted. But hey! I got an Academy Award! EXTREME!" He looked around uncertainly. "Huh. Nothing happened. Hey! That's new-"

A stage light proceeded to fall on him, landing directly on his head and knocking him to the floor. Gasps and worried looks filled the crowd, as people rushed to push the stage light off of him. Three people picked his dazed form up.

"Doughnut let them get you down!" Tyler said, crosseyed and dazed. "Keep on 'a going, know Mater what!"

The paramedics proceeded to carry him offstage, with one final cheer from Tyler as he clutched the figure in his hands in triumph.

Wild applause and cheers filled the air for Tyler's persistence and dedication, and the paramedics carried him off the stage and out of sight.