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Chapter 50 – Going Merry Stolen, Upper Yard

"So, we're going after the guy that threw a beam of lightning at Luffy?" Usopp asked for confirmation, looking at Sanji, Mikita, and Vivi.

"Yep." Sanji blew out a cloud of smoke. "He picked a fight and Luffy thinks it'll be an adventure to go fight him." The chef rolled his eyes at the idea. "If it wasn't for the fact that it puts Conis-chan in danger, then I'd suggest we just stay here." He had a grin on his lips while clearly daydreaming.

"The diplomacy of this 'God' is sorely lacking." Vivi shook her head at trying to criminalize and execute visitors shortly after they arrived. Only the most despotic and cruel nations of the world acted like that.

"Well, he clearly can't do much to Luffy, so I'm sure it'll be fine. Kyahahaha!" Mikita laughed as they followed Conis and Pagaya to their house for supplies. The Skypieans were being very helpful and the pirates would happily accept their generosity before sailing towards this Upper Yard place.

"A forbidden place that no one is allowed to go to smells like adventure to me!" Luffy was beaming as he walked behind Pagaya. "Then I'll meet this 'God' guy and show him what I think of his attack!" He laughed even as both Conis and Pagaya flinched slightly.

-Going Merry-

"Why is it that every time we dock at an island, we somehow run afoul of the people in charge?" Nami pouted at their crew's ongoing record.

"Technically we didn't run afoul of Vivi's dad." Zoro commented as they were preparing the Going Merry to set sail.

"Yeah, King Cobra was super nice to us." Chopper spoke up with a bright smile. He was still glad that he'd been able to diagnose and treat the man.

"Fufufu…the exception that proves the rule then?" Robin giggled with a smile.

"Don't encourage this." Nami deadpanned at Robin, drawing more giggles from the other woman.

-Pagaya's House-

"Thanks for the supplies!" Usopp thanked Pagaya with a large smile as he hefted a few large sacks of material for helping to repair any damage the Going Merry would get over time.

"Enjoy the bento, Conis-chan!" Sanji smiled, practically swooning from the compliments that Conis had given the many bento he'd made for the crew.

"Huh?" Luffy's head suddenly snapped to look out the window.

"What's up, Luffy?" Mikita cocked an eyebrow at his behavior. It usually meant that he'd noticed something with his observation.

"Something is by the Going Merry." Luffy informed as the five pirates all looked out from the large balcony and down at their ship.

Sure enough, two large crustacean claws sprang from the sea cloud and latched onto the Going Merry. The crew on board staggered as the ship was pushed upwards slightly. Whatever this creature was, it seemed to be similar to the Lobster Express that had taken them up the waterfall earlier.

"What the heck is that?!" Usopp demanded, seeing the ship that Kaya had given them being manhandled by the beast.

"It's the Super Express Lobster that serves God Enel." Pagaya explained, looking terrified.

"The ship is moving backwards!" Vivi cried out as the massive lobster picked the ship up out of the water entirely and placed it on the back of its shell.

"Mikita!" Luffy looked at his lover and held his hand out.

"Right!" Mikita took his hand and dropped her weight to a single kilogram. Luffy launched her towards the Going Merry like a javelin.

"Luffy?!" Sanji yelled at his Captain for throwing Mikita like that.

-Going Merry-

"What the fuck?!" Nami yelled, looking over the railing and seeing the massive lobster beneath them.

"We can't even jump overboard without landing on the lobster!" Zoro realized why the monstrous crustacean had placed them on its back.

"We're trapped?!" Chopper caught on and panicked a bit, his eyes wide and his mouth agape.

"Very clever." Robin narrowed her eyes at the situation. It was almost perfect for preventing escape.

"Incoming!" Mikita yelled as she rocketed towards the ship. The pâtissier performed a front flip to help stall her slowing moment, before increasing her weight and dropping onto the deck just as the immense lobster shot through the water like a bullet. Angel Beach quickly grew distant as the Going Merry was carried away.

-Pagaya's House-

"With Mikita there, they have more chances of taking care of anyone that attacks them." Vivi quickly caught on to why Luffy had tossed Mikita towards the Going Merry. "Since they wanted to split us up, you made sure that the group being taken had more people."

"Yeah." Luffy nodded, his eyes narrowed and his smile gone. "I'm gonna go deck this 'God' guy in the face." He rumbled like thunder.

"We need to figure out where they're being taken." Sanji spoke up, looking agitated that Nami, Robin, and Mikita could be in danger.

"Where does that lobster go anyway?" Usopp turned to look at Conis and Pagaya.

"The Special Lobster Express is one of God Enel's servants." Pagaya informed the group with his head lowered and his eyes on the floor. "Anything it carries off becomes an offering to God Enel." He raised his head and they all noticed the sweat on his face. "It's headed to the northeast of Upper Yard. To the sacrificial altar."

"Sacrificial?!" Sanji and Vivi exclaimed at the same time.

"You mean Nami, Robin, Mikita, and the others are going to be sacrificed to this Enel guy?!" Sanji raged at the very idea of it.

"How do we get there?" Luffy questioned Pagaya, his expression spoke volumes of how little he cared about the reasons or any other explanation. The Pirate Captain wanted only the answer and nothing more.

"Y-You must follow the Milky Road through the forest of Upper Yard, where God's Vassals await with their challenges." Pagaya tripped over the first word at seeing Luffy so serious. "For that, you'll need a Dial Ship."

"Do you have one?" Usopp questioned, internally cursing himself for not going to the Merry so that he'd have his pistols with him.

"I see," Vivi's normally kind look was nowhere to be seen now. "So, if we want our friends and ship back, we have to face these Vassals."

"Bastards." Sanji lit up a cigarette with a glare. "I'll be sure to kick their teeth in for this."

-Angel Island ~ Lovely Street-

"Look at all of the shops." Luffy blinked at seeing the area packed with shops of all kinds, many selling things that he'd never seen before.

"Lovely Street is the busiest street on Angel Island." Conis informed Luffy with a strained smile. "The builders took advantage of the special properties of island cloud when building it."

"Are…they avoiding us?" Usopp looked at the whispering crowds around them. The Straw Hats were being given a noticeably wide berth.

"Yeah. They must know we're outlaws." Sanji looked morose as a couple of women went out of their way to avoid meeting his eyes.

"Well, it makes it faster to walk through." Vivi mentioned the ease they were passing through the area with.

"We should stop back here after dealing with this god guy." Luffy grinned at the idea of looking around.

"I just hope the Going Merry isn't damaged after getting carried off like that." Usopp worried over their ship. "The Knock Up Stream was insane and I'm not sure how much the Merry can take after that."

"Hmm?" Sanji noticed a statue in a glass case in the middle of the plaza they were walking through. "Is that some kind of pagan idol?" He pointed to the statue.

"That's Varse." Conis informed the group as she looked at the odd statue. It depicted a being with a flat face, a wide lower jaw with two tusk-like teeth sticking straight up, and it had a pair of tiny arms crossed over its chest as well. "To the people of the sky it's an object of eternal admiration."

"You worship it?" Luffy looked at the odd statue. "What about the 'god' guy then?"

"God Enel and Varse are very different things." Conis shook her head. "I guess it might be hard for blue sea people to understand."

-Dial Boat Wharves-

"Whoa! Look at the gondolas!" Luffy beamed at some of the larger ships. "Should we take the Bull or the Dragon?" He pointed out two of the large and fancier gondolas moored at docks.

"Luffy! This isn't a vacation!" Sanji barked at him.

"We're trying to save our friends!" Usopp swatted Luffy upside the head.

"They'll be fine, and we'll be with them soon enough." Luffy waved off the anger from his nakama.

"We get what you're saying, Luffy, but we still worry." Vivi explained to her lover, knowing he was trying to lighten the mood even if just a little.

"I'm sorry…" Conis apologized. "But I can't afford to rent such expensive gondolas for you." She pointed to a small gondola with a crow figurehead and a large umbrella providing shade set in the center of the vessel. "This is the Karasumaru. It's the boat that I used until I learned to ride the waver properly. It has two Wind Dials for propulsion, so it can maintain a good speed."

"But the Bull and the Dragon…" Luffy looked at the two larger and fancier gondolas with a pout.

"You ungrateful bastard!" Sanji kicked at Luffy repeatedly, just missing each time as Luffy moved ever so slightly. "Apologize to Conis-chan, you jerk!"

"The way out is through gate two." Conis pointed to the large numbered gate. "You'll come out on the Great Milky Road which will take you to Upper Yard. Then just keep to the road."

"Hey, Conis…" Luffy looked at the blonde young woman. "Are you okay?"

"Y-Yes, why?" Conis replied even as her eyes widened slightly.

"Well, ever since we left your house, you seem to be scared." Luffy pointed out to her. Conis's trembling became visible to everyone.

"You're worried about us, huh, Conis?" Sanji had heart eyes for her. "That's so sweet." Usopp swatted him upside the head for his antics.

"But…are you and your dad going to be okay?" Usopp questioned Conis with a wary look. "The people in this town are obviously avoiding us, but you're lending us your boat and helping us. Won't you get in trouble?"

"I…" Conis couldn't seem to get herself to speak.

"If you were scared, you should've said so." Vivi took Conis's hands in hers.

"No…I'm not…" Conis lightly shook her head.

"You're not?" Luffy didn't believe that for a second.

"Keep your mouth shut." Captain McKinley ground his teeth from where he was hiding and observing. "You're just doing your duty. It's not your fault. We don't have a choice." He muttered to himself as Conis seemed about to admit the truth to the blue sea people.

"Don't you think it's strange?" Conis whispered to the pirates, her voice slowly rising as she continued to speak. "That'd I'd tell you how to get to the challenge and even lend you my boat? It's like I'm leading you to your doom."

"Hey! Stop, are you insane?!" Someone in the crowd yelled out as people began to scatter away from their group.

"Are they all in on this?" Sanji questioned as he and Usopp watched the people making a large amount of distance from them.

"Please run away…" Conis fell to her knees as tears poured from her eyes. "I'm sorry!"


"What are you saying?!"

The people were clearly panicking as Conis continued to speak.

"I was the one that called for the Special Lobster Express!" Conis admitted loudly, her tears only getting heavier.

"That thing that carried off the Going Merry and everyone?!" Sanji gaped at Conis's admission. "You called it, Conis?!"

"That fool!" McKinley stood up so fast that he knocked over the table he was hiding under. "Does she want to die? It was her duty!"


"Stop it!"

"Do you realize what you're saying?!"

"It's blasphemy!"

The townsfolk were getting more and more terrified now.

"IT'S THE DUTY OF EVERY CITIZEN!" Conis placed her hand over her mouth as she bawled her eyes out. "PLEASE FORGIVE ME!" She nearly collapsed to the ground now. "ISN'T IT INSANE?! THIS WHOLE PLACE IS INSANE!"

"Dummy." Luffy looked down at the crying woman. "You had no choice, right?"

Conis could only nod, not being able to speak through her tears any longer.

"THEN WHY DID YOU JUST TELL US THAT?!" Luffy, Usopp, Sanji, and Vivi roared at the angel woman.

"Huh?" Conis looked up at the four of them in complete shock.

"Now you're in danger!" Luffy pointed out even as the cries from the townspeople hit a frenzy.

"It's all over!"

"It's too late for her!"

"Don't go near that girl!"

"The punishment is coming!"

"Huh?" Luffy felt the static building up in the air again. Looking up he saw the clouds rapidly turning dark while a blue-white glow got brighter near the center.

"RUN!" Several of the Skypieans screamed in terror as they ran as fast as they could.

"BACK OFF!" Luffy stood to his full height and raised his right arm into the air. The limb turned to lightning with a furious crackle. Two thunderous booms were unleashed as the beam of electricity fell from the clouds and the blast of lightning from Luffy's arm rushed to meet it.


The two electric currents clashed with an air-shaking shockwave.

No one could look directly at the clashing powers; the sheer brightness of the blue-white light was far too intense.

"IS THAT ALL YOU'VE GOT?!" Luffy's roar could be heard over the titanic power clash. With a blast of his power, Luffy's lightning doubled in size and the falling bolt was overwhelmed entirely. The clouds above were blasted apart, as Luffy threw the amplified current back along the path that it had come from.

-God's Throne-

A bright spark of lightning erupted from Enel's body, sending the 'God' staggering to the floor. The blonde man felt his body spasm uncontrollably for a few moments before his own powers corrected the overload issue.

"What is he?" Enel ground his teeth as his eye twitched in fury.

"God Enel…are, are you alright?" One of his attendants questioned after seeing him on the floor.


A blast of electricity engulfed the servant in a bright glow before the charred corpse fell to the ground.

"A mortal should never question a God." Enel got back on his feet and went to sit back on his throne. "Someone get in here and clean this up." He ordered and watched as a few more attendants came in. The group trembled in fear as they collected the body and carried it outside.

-Lovely Street-

A large circular hole in the clouds let sunlight fall upon the street. Conis and the rest of the Skypieans all stared up in awe and wonder at what Luffy had just done.

"Jerk." Luffy scowled up at the sky, the last faint sparks of lightning disappearing from his body. "I'm going to beat you twice as hard now!"

"It appears you were not in need of rescue." Gan Fall spoke, the Sky Knight riding on the back of Pierre's Pegasus form.

"Hey! It's the strange old man!" Usopp pointed at Gan Fall.

"Strange?" Gan Fall deadpanned at Usopp's words. "I meant to intervene as a favor, but my assistance wasn't needed this time." Pierre landed and Gan Fall dismounted to stand next to Conis. "Please, leave this girl and her father in my care. I will make sure that Enel cannot harm them." Conis was helped to her feet and seemed to know Gan Fall if the way that she looked at him was any indication.

"Are you sure?" Vivi couldn't help but worry for Conis and Pagaya's safety.

"Yes, I'll protect them both with my life." Gan Fall nodded to Vivi, before turning his eyes on Luffy. "Now you know this country's true nature. As well as the power of God Enel. Heed it."

"I could care less about this country." Luffy stated plainly to the Sky Knight. "My nakama are at the Upper Yard place, so I'm going."

"I see…" Gan Fall nodded to Luffy as he climbed onto Pierre's back and then helped Conis on behind him. "May luck be with you." He nodded as Pierre flapped his wings and took off towards Pagaya's house.

"Let's get going." Luffy looked at Vivi, Usopp, and Sanji. He stepped into the Karasumaru while the others untied it and then piled in afterwards. The group of four was soon sailing along under Dial power towards gate two that Conis had pointed out. "Here we come, Upper Yard!"

-Upper Yard ~ Sacrificial Altar-

"You're a pain!" Zoro punched a sky shark out of the sea clouds. He swam back to the base of the altar with a scowl and began walking back up the stone stairs. "I guess we can't swim to shore."

"No duh!" Nami yelled at him with sharp teeth. "The whole river is full of sky sharks!"

"You knocked that thing out with your bare fist, Zoro!" Chopper had sparkles in his eyes at seeing such strength.

"I think it's clear that we're in the Upper Yard." Robin mentioned while looking at the towering trees around them. "This appears to be some type of sacrificial altar."

"What a place to bring us to." Zoro took off his wet shirt and started wringing it out. "Stupid lobster."

"You think heaven's punishment is starving on this altar?" Mikita looked disgusted by the idea.

"You think this 'God' is that nice?" Zoro questioned with a curious look, snatching the tank top that Nami tossed down to him out of the air.

"Not knowing anything about him, we can't say." Robin shrugged nonchalantly.

"The hull is in pretty rough shape." Chopper noticed worriedly, looking at the holes that the lobster's claws had left in their ship.

"If we want to be sailing anywhere, we'll need to repair it as best we can up here." Nami exhaled heavily, knowing what a task that would be in this place.

"If we make this spot a temporary base of operations, then all we need to do is get into the forest to make supplies from these trees." Zoro pointed to the titanic trees surrounding them. "We have more wood than we could ever need."

"Wood needs to be treated first before it can be lumber for a ship, you know?" Mikita deadpanned at Zoro.

"I'll leave that to you guys." Zoro waved off. "That 'God' guy is somewhere around here, right? I'll go have a talk with him."

"Why would you intentionally anger someone with the title of 'God'?" Nami questioned the swordsman.

"Sorry, but I don't pray to any God." Zoro stated with a smirk. "So, I don't owe this guy anything."

"Yeah!" Chopper cheered for Zoro, the youngest member of their crew pumped up by the swordsman's words.

"Looking at these markings…I wonder if this altar is close to a thousand years old?" Robin mentioned of the sacrificial altar's design. "If that was the case, then this land may very well be filled with such relics."

"What does that matter right now?" Mikita tilted her head at Robin's interest in the altar.

"I tingle all over when I come across historical relics like this." Robin smiled up at the blonde woman. "Mr. Swordsman, if you're planning to leave, may I come with you?" She looked over at Zoro.

"As long as you don't slow me down." Zoro shrugged while looking around for a way off the altar.

"You're going too Robin? Why?" Nami questioned the archaeologist. "Shouldn't we stay with the ship and wait for Luffy and the others to find us?"

"Who knows what's out there." Robin gently placed her hand on the pictograph covered wall of the altar. "There may be lost records carved into stone, valuable artifacts and jewels, anything is possible."

"I'm going too!" Nami raised her hand into the air, her eyes Beri Symbols.

"WHAT?!" Chopper gaped at the sudden change of heart. "But you just said we should stay with the ship until Luffy and the others get here!"

"We're looking for history!" Nami smiled at Chopper brightly.

'I don't think she cares about the history…' Chopper thought to himself, seeing Nami's eyes.

"I think we can use that vine." Zoro pointed out a large vine hanging from one of the colossal branches above the altar.

"It looks strong enough." Robin nodded in agreement. A copy of her arms bloomed into existence on the branch and tossed the end of the vine down to the Going Merry before disappearing in flower petals.

"Okay, one, two…" Zoro grabbed the vine and leapt from the crow's nest. "Aaah-Aah-Uh-Aah-Uh-Aaah!" He gave his best Tarzan yell as he swung over the vast river surrounding the altar.

"Is that really necessary?" Nami raised an eyebrow at Zoro's antics.

"I'll go next." Robin was already in the crow's nest and using her Devil Fruit to bring the vine back to her position. Without a word, the archaeologist leapt and swung the distance just like Zoro had done.

"It's kind of high…" Nami had the vine in her hands now, but was warily eyeing the massive drop if she should lose her grip.

"Over forty-five meters. If you fall then you're dead." Robin replied simply.

"DON'T SAY THINGS LIKE THAT!" Nami yelled at their newest nakama. The navigator closed her eyes and swung. Opening her eyes, Nami saw that she was speeding towards the side of one of the giant trees. "I'm going too fast! I can't stop!"

A sudden multitude of arms bloomed from Robin's left shoulder and caught Nami before she hit the tree. "You're pretty gutsy." Robin smiled at the orangette.

"Thank you, Robin." Nami was breathing heavily from almost smashing face first into the tree.

"That's okay." Robin waved off the thanks. "This forest is huge." She looked around and then craned her head up to look into the canopy.

"Okay, Chopper, Mikita, guard the ship!" Zoro called back across the river.

"We're counting on you!" Robin waved to the duo staying on the Merry.

"We'll be back as soon as we can!" Nami promised as she waved.

"Okay! Be careful!" Chopper waved back at the group on land.

"Come back safe!" Mikita waved as well, watching the three head into the forest.

"Nami is with Zoro and Robin, so she'll be fine." Chopper nodded to himself. "They're really brave to go off into this giant forest."

"We have things to do too, right Chopper?" Mikita smiled at the reindeer.

"Right!" Chopper nodded firmly. "We need to do what repairs we can to the ship while we wait for everyone to come back."

"Exactly!" Mikita chuckled at Chopper's exuberance. "I know we have some supplies for maintenance and repair in the hold, so let's gather them up and get to work."

"Yeah!" Chopper bulked up into his Heavy Point and followed after Mikita to gather the supplies. With any luck, they could have all the holes in the hull patched up by the time everyone regrouped at the ship.

-Upper Yard ~ Near Enel's Throne Room-

"Class Two criminals? They have no respect for God." A silhouette of a man with spider-like hair commented.

"Let's give them the challenge, they choose and we provide." Another man chuckled darkly, his silhouette hinted at a bulky jacket and a hat on his head.

"Guilt is to live with ignorance." A ball-shaped silhouette commented, a pair of yellow lenses briefly flashing in the dark.

"There is no peace to be found in the heavens." The final silhouette smirked, looking like a bald man wearing pointed sunglasses.





"Choose your fate, criminals!" The four men declared as they waited for the group heading for Upper Yard to reach the point in which they'd be forced to take a single path through the forest.

-End Chapter-


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