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Chapter 62 – Dealing with Foxy, Student and Teacher

Across the grasslands of Long Ring Long Land, the three Foxy Pirates were being ushered along by Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper. Tonjit and Sherry were following along as well, mostly because of the attempted attack on Sherry, but also because of their curiosity.

Meanwhile, a distance away, the rest of the Straw Hat crew were being harassed by the large crew of the Foxy Pirates.

-Going Merry-

"Davy Back Fight?" Nami had never heard of such a thing.

"That's right! The battle begins the moment both Captains agree to it!" One of the Foxy Pirates shouted down at the Straw Hats.

"Our Captain is making a proposal to your Captain as we speak!" A different pirate revealed with a laugh.

Zoro cocked an eyebrow at the other pirates. "A proposal? That sounds dumb. If it's a challenge to fight, then we accept!"

Sanji looked at Zoro like the swordsman was stupid (so not that different from how he always looked at Zoro). "Don't you know? It's not an actual fight. Davy Back Fight is a pirate game."

Robin crossed her arms with a small grin on her lips. "That's right. It began long ago on 'Pirate Island' in the New World…also known as Hachinosu Island or 'Fullalead' for its longtime occupation by pirates. In order to get the best sailors for their crews, pirates stole pirates from each other."

"Pirates stole pirates?" Vivi looked perturbed by the notion.

"Yes." Robin confirmed without taking her eyes off the Foxy Pirates.

The Foxy Pirates laughed loudly. "How can you be a pirate and not know that?! Davy Back Fight is a contest for crew members! We challenge you to a three coin game! Three events!"

"The winner of each game gets to choose one member from the opponent's ship!"

"That person will instantly become the loyal subordinate of the enemy Captain and swear upon Davy Jones, pirate of the deep sea!"

Mikita narrowed her eyes at the Foxy Pirates. "Losing a game means losing a comrade. That's stupid." The pâtissier had no idea why anyone would ever agree to such a game.

"If your opponent's ship doesn't have anyone you want, you can even strip it of its very spirit…the Jolly Roger!" Another Foxy Pirate declared while pointing down at the Straw Hats' Jolly Roger atop the Going Merry's main mast.

Sanji pulled his cigarette from his mouth and exhaled a small cloud of smoke. "Your comrades and your pride is at stake. If you win, you get stronger… If you lose, you lose big. It's a vicious game."

"So… That strange ship we came across…the one without a Captain or even any sails?" Vivi looked between Sanji and Robin with concern.

"Oh? You've met the Fang Frog Pirates?" The Foxy Pirates laughed loudly. "They fell victim to the game earlier! Look!" One of the larger Foxy Pirates motioned over to a few of their other mask-wearing crewmates. "They're our new comrades!"

"Yeah! Go, Foxy Pirates!" A group of the large crowd cheered.

A somewhat rotund man, still wearing a Captain's coat and hat, stepped forward. "As a matter of fact, I'm their former Captain!"

"I'm their former doctor." An old man spoke up.

"I'm their former navigator." A man in a hat and coat raised his hand.

A muscular man with a leather workman's apron filled with tools stepped up. "I'm their former shipwright!"

"We played the three-coin game five times and lost every time. They won fourteen crewmen and our flag!" Another former member of the Fang Frog Pirates shrugged, clearly unconcerned about the former crew that had been left to sail aimlessly. "Everyone changed ships. It was a complete takeover!"

"Yup! Bwahahaha!" The former Captain laughed along with the rest of the Foxy Pirates.

Nami couldn't believe that these men so easily threw aside their loyalty and crewmates. "How stupid! We'd never accept a challenge like that!"

"Idiot! The crew doesn't get to decide!" One Foxy Pirate shouted at Nami.

"The game begins with the agreement of the ships' Captains!" Another pirate declared. "Cry and shout all you want! Once your Captain gives the okay, everyone must participate in the game!"

"They're right, Nami." Sanji said as he glanced at Nami. "In the pirate world, it's an unwritten rule. Fleeing the challenge is the greatest shame a pirate can know."

"So what?" Vivi couldn't comprehend such logic. "A little shame is better than losing our friends!"

Zoro glared at the idea of running away. "I'd rather die than live in disgrace."

"Me too." Sanji agreed with the swordsman for once.

"Are you two stupid?!" Mikita wanted to smack both of them upside the head.

Robin couldn't help the giggle that escaped her. "Fufufu… Give it up, girls. Men are just like this." The little smile on her lips told everyone that she found the entire situation rather amusing.

"Luffy wouldn't agree to this!" Nami turned to run in the direction that Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp had gone off in earlier.

"Don't bother!" One of the Foxy Pirates said loudly. "The two Captains' simultaneous gunfire signals the beginning! Just stop fussing and…and…huh?!"

Everyone turned around to see what had shocked the Foxy Pirates so much.

Foxy, Porche, and Hamburg were walking towards the two ships with their shoulders hunched over and their heads hung low. It was clear to anyone with eyes that all three were trembling.

Behind the three, Luffy, Usopp, Chopper, Tonjit, and Sherry walked, keeping the pace forward as they moved the three Foxy Pirates along.

"Is…is that a giraffe?" Mikita blinked at seeing Sherry.

Vivi shook her head after a second. "I think it's a horse…just really tall."

"Luffy, what do you want to do with these guys?" Zoro asked his captain with one hand resting on Wado Ichimonji.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" One loud member of the Foxy Pirates yelled out, pointing at Luffy accusingly. "We know our Captain challenged you to a Davy Back Fight! Are you agreeing or are you going to shame yourselves by trying to run away?!"

Luffy looked straight at the loudmouth and the man flinched back instinctively.

"Why would I risk my nakama for something so stupid?" Luffy asked, making Nami, Vivi, Mikita, and even Robin smile at him.

"But…but… It's one of the oldest pirate traditions! The rules go back into antiquity!" Another Foxy Pirate spoke up this time.

Luffy understood that much, he recalled the times he'd talked about pirate stuff with the Red Hair Pirates back in Fuusha Village as a boy. He'd heard all sorts of tales about the Pirate Code and the widespread traditions of pirates across various seas. Sure…he'd forgotten a lot of them…but he still remembered the most important ones.

"It might be old, but you all have forgotten the oldest tenet of pirates." Luffy looked at the Foxy Pirates as a whole. Everyone waited, some with bated breath, to hear what Luffy would say. "Take what you can, give nothing back!"

Foxy, Porche, and Hamburg all flinched, realizing at the same time what was about to happen.

"Straw Hats!" Luffy bellowed loudly. "Let's raid!"


Lightning shocked Foxy, Hamburg, and Porche all at the same time, knocking the three out of the fight instantly.

Zoro had a nearly demonic smile on his face as he drew all three of his swords. "I was waiting for you to say that!"

"Heh!" Sanji tossed his spent cigarette aside with a grin. "Well, Captain's orders and all that."

"Fufufu…" Robin's giggle most definitely had a sadistic quality to it as she crossed her arms in front of her.

Mikita punched her right fist into her left palm. "That's more like it!"

Vivi's arms turned to sand that quickly slid beneath everyone's feet. "Let's go!" The cloud of sand carried the Straw Hats upwards at speed, shocking the Foxy Pirates. The Straw Hats landed on the deck of the Foxy Pirates' much larger ship and it was Vivi that struck the first blow. "Barad El Rimal! (Sand Hail)" Large chunks of sandstone roughly the size of golf balls fired out of the cloud of sand that had taken the Straw Hats aboard the enemy vessel.






Dozens of Foxy Pirates went down instantly as they were blasted by the fast moving stones, all of which had the power to punch holes through the wood of the large ship, as evidenced by all of the holes in the deck that Vivi was making.

"Tatsu Maki!" Zoro was already running forward with his swords. With a deft slash from all three a large wind filled with cutting blades swept up dozens of the Foxy Pirates and sent them flying with slashes all over their bodies.

"Rumble!" Chopper threw one of his yellow pills into his mouth, activating the potential of his Devil Fruit. "Horn Point!" His body morphed and his upper body bulked up while his legs began lithe and tight, like steel cables. His antlers grew massively, looking as sharp as spears. "Reeaauugghh!" He let out a reindeer bellow and charged through a crowd of the Foxy Pirates that were barely able to get their weapons out before they were gored, bowled over, and trampled by the Zoan doctor.

"Get that guy, he looks weak!" One of the larger Foxy Pirates called out, charging at Usopp.

"Yeah!" A dozen more Foxy Pirates yelled out as they all rushed towards Usopp with weapons drawn.

Usopp forced himself to not shake, even with the danger barreling towards him. "I see you all don't know why they call me 'Quadruple Guns' Usopp!" He pulled out his first two pistols and fired from the hip, taking down the lead attacker. The two pistols were thrown upwards into the air as Usopp drew his second pair and fired from the hip a second time. Two more men went down screaming from bullet wounds. Usopp tossed the second pair upwards and caught the first pair as they came down. He fired both revolvers again, dropping another man and a woman. In a blur all four revolvers were being fired over and over again.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang

In seconds the entire group charging at Usopp were lying all over the deck, bleeding, crying out in pain, or completely silent as they lay unmoving.

Mikita altered her weight to only a kilogram as she nearly danced around the Foxy Pirates attacking her. When she countered, she used her increased speed from her lesser weight and then shifted to a much higher weight right before landing the blow. "5,000 Kilo Heavy Fist!" The five metric ton punch slammed a large, ape-like man, called Pickles if she'd heard correctly, straight through the deck as he hacked out a mouthful of blood and his eyes rolled back in his head. The two large swords he'd been wielding dropped down into the hole with him as his grip went limp.

"She took out Pickles with only one punch?!"

"Run away!"

"Kyahahaha!" Mikita laughed at the pirates that had been trying to attack her turning tail. "Don't start what you can't finish!" She shifted her weight to one kilogram and leapt high into the air over the fleeing group. "10,000 Kilo Press!" She fell from the air like a meteor and nearly blew apart the section of the ship she crashed down onto.

Sanji was easily kicking every pirate that came at him straight overboard without issue. "You guys are trying to make up for a lack of skill and strength with sheer numbers, huh?" He roundhouse kicked a burly man coming at him with a huge saw and the shipwright went spinning across the deck, knocking out at least four more pirates, before hitting the edge of the ship and then rag dolling into the ocean below.

"He can't get us all at once!" One brave (or stupid) Foxy Pirate declared.

"Yeah!" Another ten men roared out as they all charged at him with their weapons.

Sanji scoffed at their certainty. "Anti-Manner Kick Course!" The cook's legs became a blur as he flipped into a spinning handstand and kicked every single pirate at least six times. The grown men were flying through the air as if they were weightless from the sheer force of the kicks. Most were unconscious already, but a few were awake and suffering through the pain of their shattered bones before falling down into the drink.


"What the hell?!"


Twenty Foxy Pirates freaked out as their weapons were suddenly knocked from their hands without them seeing anything, only for various arms to emerge from their bodies and put them into painful holds and joint locks.

"I'd appreciate you not pointing such dangerous things at me." Robin gave them a smile. "Clutch." She closed her hands that were still crossed over her chest.


It sounded like one large snapping sound, but was, in actuality, dozens of bones and joints being broken all at once. The various arms dispersed into flower petals and the crippled pirates dropped to the deck unconscious from the pain. Not a single one of them wasn't twisted or bent in some horrible way.

A small group of Foxy Pirates, all armed with pistols, were shooting at Vivi in terror. Round after round blew holes in the princess's body, but she just kept walking towards them!

Bang Bang

"Why won't you die?!"

Bang Bang Bang Bang

"Stay away!"

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang

"Damn it, damn it, damn it!"

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang

"You all have never met a Logia before, have you?" Vivi asked rhetorically as her sand body reformed instantly while the various pistols clicked without any ammo left. "Sayf al Rimal!" Her arm turned into a massive scimitar of sand that she slashed through the panicked pirates.




The pirates were 'cut' as the sand blade passed through and around their bodies. But no blood was spilled. Instead all of the struck pirates rapidly began to shrivel up, as if they were being drained of all their moisture. Even their clothing was drying out to ridiculous degrees and becoming threadbare and worn rapidly.

Desiccation was still an ability that Vivi was working on for her control over the Suna Suna no Mi. She couldn't instantly mummify a person like Crocodile had been able to…yet. But she could certainly get close and leave her enemies on the brink of death.

"R-retreat!" One Foxy Pirate yelled as dozens of the crew started heading towards the back of the 'Sexy Foxy', the large ship gave them plenty of room to try different tactics.

"Get the special weapons!"

"Hurry! Go, go, go!"

Vivi didn't know what 'special weapons' they were talking about, but she would rather not know anyway. "Let's nip that in the bud." She turned both of her hands into sand and an immense amount burst forth to fill the air, quickly whipping itself into a sandstorm. "Asifa Ramlia! (Sandstorm)" The howling winds and flying sand covered the entire aft deck of the large ship sending Foxy Pirates flying around screaming, choking, and being buffeted and beaten by the high speed sands.

Nami was easily slipping between the various Foxy Pirates, smacking them over the head, between the legs, or against joints to beat, disable, and injure every enemy that she came across. As her Climatact continued to spin, more and more bubbles of red and blue color were released into the air above.

"Fire the iron net!"

"Hurry up!"

"I've got them!" A heavy man with a large gun held up by his thick arms aimed at Nami and Robin. He reached into the satchel he had with him and his eyes widened at not feeling any of the special canister shells that were supposed to be in the bag. "What the!? Where's the ammo?!"

"Hehe! Sorry, it's an old habit." Nami held up her left hand showing four canister shells that she'd pilfered from the man's satchel as she'd passed him.

"What a naughty girl you are." Robin smiled at the four canister shells that Nami had stolen.

Nami winked at Robin and stuck the tip of her tongue out at the other woman. "The weather is stormy!" Above the section of the ship a black thundercloud rumbled and sparked with flashes of lightning. "Thunderbolt Tempo!" She brought the end of her Climatact down and bolts of lightning followed the movement striking the Foxy Pirates over and over again.




The pirates hit the deck blackened and smoking, their bodies twitching from the overload of electricity.

"I'll crush you!" A tall Foxy Pirate with a large hammer rushed at Usopp when the gunman ran out of ammo. He swung the heavy hammer down and Usopp raised his arm, palm out, and stopped the hammer cold. "What the?!" The other pirate gaped at what Usopp had just done. "How did a little twig like you stop my hammer?!"

"Impact!" Usopp called out and a massive burst of force shattered the hammer and blasted the Foxy Pirate through the side of the ship and into the ocean.

"Oh, an Impact Dial on your palm. Clever, Usopp!" Chopper praised the gunman only to see Usopp fall back onto the deck.

"OW!" Usopp flailed on the floor as he held his arm. "That has so much recoil!" He bridged his body upwards and then collapsed again, kicking his legs in the air. "I thought it was about to blow my arm off!"

"GAH! Usopp's injured! We need a doctor!" Chopper cried out. "Wait… I'M THE DOCTOR!" He shifted to Heavy Point and rushed over to Usopp.

Robin giggled at the unintentional comedy act between Chopper and Usopp. "Fufufu… I guess I could try out my new Dials as well." Eight arms 'bloomed' from Robin's body and all of them quickly slipped on black fingerless gloves.

"She's doing something weird again!"

"Stop her!"

Ten of the Foxy Pirates charged at Robin with various weapons ranging from cutlasses to spears.

Robin's, now ten, arms moved as she weaved her way around the amateurish attacks of the Foxy Pirates. "Axe Dial." She smiled as each of her ten palms were now pointed at one of the Foxy Pirates as she stood among the group.





The Axe Dials did exactly what they always did and unleashed a line of intense cutting force when the apex of the shells were depressed by Robin's palms. Blood flew through the air and stained the deck as the Foxy Pirates dropped, some holding their hands over their new wounds in agony, while others were unconscious from shock already.

"DOH!" A huge member of the Foxy Pirates emerged on the deck with a loud bellow. He was clearly a Fishman of some type, but he had size that was far too great to just be a pure Fishman.

Clang Clang Clang

He smashed together what looked like massive metal cymbals as he stomped forward.

"What the heck is that guy?" Zoro asked as he looked up at the huge pirate.

"Never seen anyone like him before." Sanji shook his head as he also looked upwards.

Robin hummed, still keeping her eight extra arms out to deal with any attackers. "I believe he's a Wotan. That's very rare."

Nami looked at Robin in confusion. "A what?"

"A Wotan is a hybrid between Fishmen and Giants. Smaller than Giants, but larger than most any Fishman could hope to be. They have all the advantages of Fishmen with a significant amount of power from their Giant heritage on top of it." Robin explained with a little smile. "As I said, rather rare in the world."

"Yeah! Get 'em Big Bun!" Several of the Foxy Pirates cheered for the arrival of their largest and physically strongest crewmate.

"DOH!" Big Bun cried bellowed again.

Luffy landed on one of the massive cymbal-like weapons and smiled widely at the Wotan. Lightning sparked from Luffy's hands and feet as he channeled the current into the brass-like metal and superheated it. The metal quickly grew soft and then melted into liquid as Luffy tried to form it into something, only for the liquid metal to splatter onto the edge of the deck and catch the ship on fire.

Big Bun threw away the half-melted weapon and it hissed and raised a cloud of steam as it sank beneath the waves.

"Darn it! It melted but I couldn't form it into anything!" Luffy was already on the opposite cymbal and focusing on the metal with his Devil Fruit powers again. He really wanted to try out that neat trick that he'd seen that jackass 'God' do back on Skypiea.

"DOH!" Big Bun threw the superheated cymbal like a frisbee straight out over the ocean.

Luffy spun around rapidly but the cymbal melted and rained down molten metal all over the sea, sending up small blasts of steam wherever the drops hit the ocean. Luffy vanished in a spark and reappeared right in front of Big Bun. "I WAS TRYING TO DO SOMETHING COOL! YOU JERK!" His fist and arm turned black with Armament Haki and he slugged the Wotan in the face.

Big Bun's feet left the ground and he flew over the main deck and slammed down onto the aft deck in the middle of Vivi's sandstorm. His face was clearly busted and a large bruise was already swelling up, but the unconscious Wotan was quickly being buried by the sands before anyone could really see the results of Luffy's punch in full.

"We should do something about this fire!" Mikita called out from where she was standing on the upper deck.

Zoro stepped over to the mess of still half molten metal and burning wood. "Nanajūni Pondo Hō!" Zoro slashed two of his swords, releasing flying slashes that cut off the burning part of the large ship and let it fall into the ocean, snuffing out the flames. The 'Sexy Foxy' was already damaged, and now it was truly starting to look misshapen from all that the Straw Hats were doing to it.

Seeing Big Bun being taken out in a single punch, the last of the standing Foxy Pirates completely lost their will to fight, dropping their weapons to the floor and most of them hitting their knees afterwards before bowing their heads against the deck in submission. From the huge crew, only about twenty-six people remained standing by this time.

"We surrender! Please, spare our lives!" The remainder of the Foxy Pirates begged all at once.

"Already done, huh?" Sanji looked at the prostrating pirates and shrugged.

"It's over?" Usopp asked, raising his head up to look from where he was having his arm looked at by Chopper.

Luffy laughed at getting to fight with the large crew, but was still a little annoyed that his attempt to copy Enel's trick with metal hadn't worked out. "Then we lay claim to whatever we want from your ship!"

Not a peep was heard in objection to the victorious Captain's declaration.

"Where's your treasure?" Nami asked first and foremost, her eyes looking like Beri Symbols.

Chopper looked at Nami in concern. "I thought we already had so much we could barely float?"

Nami waved him off. "That was on the White Sea! The Blue Sea has greater buoyancy, so we can carry more!" She had a happy smile on her face as she was led towards the holds by one of the remaining Foxy Pirates, Mikita and Vivi coming with her.


The Foxy Pirates (that were still able bodied) were doing their best to drag their living crewmembers out of the ocean and onto their ship for treatment. They stayed out of the Straw Hats' way as they took everything they wanted from the 'Sexy Foxy', not wanting the other pirates to finish them off.

Chopper, in Heavy Point, was humming happily as he took a stack of medical books from the ship and headed for the Going Merry to add them to his collection. His backpack was full to bursting with extra medical supplies that the Going Merry was running low on as well. He'd left plenty behind, the much larger 'Sexy Foxy' held more than the Going Merry could store properly anyway.

Usopp was taking ammo and gunpowder from the defeated Foxy Pirates, along with a few rough schematics for the various traps and tricks within the ship itself. Not to mention some of the smaller mechanisms themselves as references. His tinkering mind was already trying to figure out ways to implement them as useful items for his own bag of tricks in the future.

Robin, much like Chopper, was happily taking any book that caught her eye from the Foxy Pirates. They didn't have much, but there were a few interesting tomes among the books on the large vessel. She also took all of the paper, ink, and other useful items from the ship since one could never know when they might need more. A line of her arms had made a conveyor belt that moved everything she took out of the large ship.

Zoro had raided the hold and was moving barrels of various booze and spirits to the Going Merry. He'd looked at a few of the many, many swords that the Foxy Pirates had, but not a single one of them was even a Grade sword, so he'd left them all behind.

"Don't touch their food, I said!" Sanji kicked Luffy out of the galley entirely with a shout. Much like his father, 'Red Leg' Zeff, Sanji refused to let the crew plunder the pantry of a raided ship. "No one is starving on my watch!" Ally or enemy, no one deserved to go through what Sanji and Zeff had on that barren plateau in the middle of the ocean. "Now some seasonings are fine, you don't need those to survive." He collected a good amount of them, including quite a few that he didn't have on the Going Merry.

Once the 'Sexy Foxy' had been successfully raided after multiple hours, the surviving crew had withdrawn their large paw-shaped anchors from the shore and started sailing away with what was practically a skeleton crew to man the ship. This freed the Going Merry from its previous entrapment and the Straw Hats were now even better off than they had been before.

"For an island with nothing on it, we made out like kings from our visit!" Nami cheered with a bright smile. The Going Merry was now, officially, at capacity. They couldn't carry anything else without risking the caravel's sailing capability and safety. "I even got a couple of Eternal Poses out of it!" She didn't know why the Foxy Pirates had one to Long Ring Long Land, nor did she know where St. Poplar was, but it was always good to have guaranteed headings if they needed them. If they didn't need them, they could always sell them too. Igaram had said that they sold for roughly 1,000,000 Beri each, at least.

"I think we'll be able to reach the next island just fine. Kyahahaha!" Mikita laughed and hugged Nami.

Vivi smiled at Tonjit, having met the old nomad during the course of the raiding when she was taking a break. His story had pulled on her heart and she felt bad for the old man being left behind by his tribe. "I wish we could help you catch up to your tribe before we go."

Tonjit smiled at the nice young woman. "Oh, don't you mind us. We're patient. We'll catch up in time."

"Neigh." Sherry bobbed her head once in agreement with Tonjit.


Everyone turned their heads at the loud noise only to gape in shock at what they saw. The 'Sexy Foxy', and the entire ocean around it all the way to the shore, were frozen. Thick ice now covered the sea, even the waves having been frozen in motion. The Going Merry had been missed by the wave of ice, but only because of how far away the Foxy Pirates had managed to sail after they'd been let go.

Ching Ching

A bike bell was heard and through the frosty mist a very tall man on an equally large blue bicycle rode across the ice until he reached the shore. The bike rolled to a stop and the man on it looked at everyone before his eyes stopped on Robin.

Robin staggered backwards so fast she fell on her butt. Her eyes were wide in panic and fear, her breathing turning to ragged gasps as she looked at the man that brought up the memories of the worst day in her life.

"Robin?!" Nami was at the other woman's side quickly.

"What's wrong, Robin?!" Sanji was on her other side, never taking his eyes off the man that had caused such a reaction.

Zoro pushed the first few centimeters of Wado's blade out of the sheath with his thumb on the tsuba, ready to draw the sword and cut this man down if he turned out to be a threat.

"Oh my… You've turned into a pretty woman…Nico Robin." Kuzan said as he locked eyes with her.

"Robin, what's the matter?! Do you know this guy?" Mikita asked, looking between Robin and the new arrival.

"We go…way back…" Kuzan mentioned without changing his expression nor removing his gaze from Robin.

Nami looked up at the towering man as he put the kickstand of his bike down and got off of it. He had to be at least three meters tall! "I've never seen Robin so shaken up like this! Who are you?!"

All of the Straw Hats were taking aggressive stances now, ready to protect one of their own. All except one.

"Oh hey, it's you, teacher." Luffy greeted the man with a lackadaisical wave as he stepped between Kuzan and Robin. Robin blinked and looked up at Luffy's back in total shock at what he'd just said. "Uh…your name was…hmmm… Oh yeah! Kazan (volcano)!" He smiled at remembering the man's name after not seeing him in almost a decade.

Kuzan facepalmed and let out a long sigh. "Kuzan."

Luffy pounded his fist into his palm. "That's what it was!"

"Luffy, who the hell is this guy?" Zoro asked, now wondering if the man was an enemy at all.

"Admiral Aokiji…of Marine Headquarters…" Robin answered Zoro's question with a noticeable tremble in her voice and sweat on her face.

"Admiral?!" Sanji stared at the black-haired man with the eye mask resting on his forehead. "Isn't that like the highest rank in the Marines?!"

"In all of the Marine organization, only three people hold the Title of Admiral. Akainu, Kizaru, and Aokiji. They're known as the 'Ultimate Military Force' among all the officers. They're only outranked by the Fleet Admiral, Sengoku." Robin explained from her spot on the grass. She hadn't taken her eyes off the Admiral for a split second except when Luffy stood directly in front of her.

"What is someone like that doing here?!" Chopper questioned in a panic.

"Shouldn't he be at Marine Headquarters or something?!" Usopp demanded while pointing at the Admiral. "Just go away!"

"Oh my, there's quite a few beautiful and curvy ladies here." Kuzan leaned down slightly to look at Nami and Mikita. "Are you two free tonight?"

"How dare you, jerk?!" Sanji roared with sharp teeth. "I'll kill you!"

"We're both with Luffy." Mikita spoke up while Nami just leaned back from the Admiral a bit.

Kuzan actually blinked at learning that, glancing over at Luffy to see his once student looking at him without breaking his gaze. Seeing the tension among the Straw Hats, Kuzan decided to move things along. "Just hold on a minute, guys." He held up his hands in front of him. "I'm not here on orders." The Admiral sighed as he looked over the pirates. "I'm just out for a stroll. Don't get so upset." He rubbed the back of his head. "Besides, you guys are…ah…I forgot…well, never mind."

"You forgot what you were gonna say?!" Both Sanji and Usopp yelled at the Marine.

"What's with this guy?" Usopp turned to look at Robin while pointing at Kuzan. "Robin, are you sure you've got the right guy? How could someone like him be an Admiral?"

"Hey now, never judge a person by their looks alone." Kuzan admonished with a slow drawl. "My motto in the Marines is…Lazy Justice."

"Yeah, we figured as much!" Usopp and Sanji barked at the lazy man.

"Anyway…let's…oh man, sorry." Kuzan kneeled down before lying on his side. "Riding my bike for too long makes me tired."

"Weren't you the one that rode it all the way here though?" Usopp muttered at the odd man.

"Anyway, I don't at all intend to try and capture you, so don't worry." Kuzan yawned slightly. "I just came to verify Nico Robin's whereabouts after she disappeared from Alabasta." He looked at the Straw Hats again. "As I expected, she's been with you." He looked at Vivi in particular. "Your Highness, Princess Nefertari Vivi."

"Are you going to tell the Marine higher ups that I've joined up with a pirate crew?" Vivi questioned the Admiral.

Kuzan covered his mouth and yawned. "Yeah, they'll most likely put a bounty on your head when you inevitably do something deserving of one while a part of this crew. Then your father will use his influence in the government to make it 'Only Alive', probably, and we'll all go from there." He yawned once more, shorter this time.

"Fair enough." Vivi nodded, not once regretting her decision to become a Straw Hat.

"He really is a lazy guy." Sanji ground his cigarette between his teeth. Kuzan was just annoying enough to get on his nerves.

"I figure I should at least report Nico Robin's location to Headquarters. Since you've added a new member with a price on her head, your crew's total Bounty goes up to… Captain plus swordsman…plus the others…then Nico Robin's…" Kuzan looked to be trying to figure out the new total in his head. "Aw screw it, some big ass number." The Admiral gave up.

Zoro deadpanned at the lazy man. "Just do the damn math."

"So, is it a fight you want after all?" Luffy still stood between Robin and Kuzan. "Teacher or not, no one threatens my nakama." His dark eyes bore into Kuzan's unwaveringly.

Kuzan looked at Luffy like he was dim. "You aren't listening to what I'm saying…are you?" With a sigh the Admiral looked over at Tonjit. "You're one of the nomads from Long Ring Long Land, right? I'm somewhat familiar with these islands…they're good for napping…but I don't see any sign of your tribe."

"Careful, old man, he's with the Marines." Luffy said to Tonjit in warning.

Tonjit looked at Luffy for a long moment. "Isn't that a good thing?"

Luffy blinked. "Oh yeah! Usually the Marines are the good guys and pirates are bad guys." He laughed at forgetting that simple fact.

Usopp smacked him across the back of the head. "This is no time for laughing!"

Tonjit went on to explain his situation to Kuzan and the Admiral nodded once he heard the whole story.

"Prepare to move out then." Kuzan slowly got up. "I'll help you catch up to your tribe."

It didn't take very long for Tonjit to bring down his yurt with the help of Kuzan and the Straw Hats (aside from Robin who wouldn't get anywhere close to the Admiral and Nami who was staying beside her). In a short time everything was loaded onto a wagon with Sherry pulling it.

The crossing locations for the islands had two short stone towers topped with red flags to mark them, made by the nomads over their many generations of living on Long Ring Long Land. When the group arrived, Tonjit smiled at seeing the sea and knowing this path from his many years of following it in the massive circle of the island.

"To think we're really going home, Sherry." Tonjit rode on the back of Sherry while she pulled the wagon with the yurt and all of Tonjit's belongings in it.

"Neigh!" Sherry made a happy sound as she stopped at the edge of the shore.

"Hard work is nice, every once in a while." Kuzan smiled slightly as he stepped forward, walking down until he was at the edge of the water.

"Are you gonna do the thing you did back on Dawn Island?" Luffy asked with a look at his old Devil Fruit teacher.

"Not like I was planning to swim them across." Kuzan said with a small snort before turning to look at Tonjit. "You need to skip ahead three islands… So, I think I know how much strength to use." He crouched down and stuck his right hand into the seawater.

"RAAAAGGGHHH!" A massive Sea King breached the surface, it's huge jaws filled with fangs that were each as large as a normal man.

"Oh no! It's the master of the seas around the island!" Tonjit yelled out in panic at seeing the massive sea monster.

Luffy was completely unperturbed. "This looks familiar."

"Ice Age…" Kuzan spoke and in a flash the Sea King and the ocean were frozen in thick ice. The ice spread so fast across the water that waves froze in place and the ice disappeared over the horizon in seconds.

Everyone (barring Luffy and Robin) stared in absolute shock at what Kuzan had just done in an instant.

"Devil Fruit powers! On THAT scale?!" Usopp's eyes bugged out as he yelled.

Tonjit's jaw almost touched Sherry's back it was so low. "The sea is…frozen."

"It's a Logia Fruit…" Robin said, her bad memories flaring up again. "He ate the Hie Hie no Mi." Everyone looked at the half-frozen Admiral with renewed wariness. "This is the power of an Admiral from Marine Headquarters."

Kuzan stood up, ice falling off his body as he turned and walked back up the shore. "This will last for a week. You can take a leisurely ride with your horse and catch up to your tribe." He walked past Tonjit with a quick nod and continued on his way. "It'll get cold, so make sure you bundle up."

Tonjit felt tears of joy fall down his cheeks. "You there! Thank you! Thank you, thank you! What a miracle! Thank you!"

Kuzan waved over his shoulder as he kept walking.

"The sea turned into a continent of ice…" Tonjit was amazed as he wiped his eyes. "Say, Sherry… We can cross this and finally see our friends again after ten whole years!"

"Neigh!" Sherry was clearly happy as she nearly pranced in place.

"Be well, old timer!" Luffy said his goodbyes to Tonjit with a big smile.

Tonjit beamed back at the young man. "We will! I'll never forget this! This story will be passed down in our tribe for generations!"

"Take care!" Usopp waved to Tonjit as Sherry began to walk, pulling the wagon behind her.

The rough freezing of the sea made infinite small peaks and treads over the surface of the ice. Sherry's hooves easily found purchase on the extremely thick ice with no real risk of slipping as she pulled the wagon behind her while Tonjit rode on the saddle upon the long horse's back.

"Stay well!" Chopper waved as well, a happy smile on the reindeer's face at the happy turn of events for Tonjit and Sherry.

When Tonjit and Sherry disappeared at the edge of the horizon, the Straw Hats headed back for the Going Merry. Luffy stopped, prompting everyone else to stop as well, when he spotted Kuzan sitting on the grass at about the halfway point between the shore and where their ship was docked. There was nothing but grassland in every direction where the Admiral was sitting.

"Hah~" Kuzan let out a heavy sigh. "You're just like your grandfather, Monkey D. Luffy."

"You think so?" Luffy tilted his head at Kuzan's statement. He didn't really see the similarities. His grandpa was a stuffy Marine that liked to wallop him over the head with his 'Fist of Love'.

Kuzan spoke with a slow drawl. "I came here to confirm where Nico Robin was…and to get a look at you." The pirate and the Marine locked eyes for a long moment, an intense stare down held between the two men. "After seeing you up close, maybe it would be better to deal with you now?" Luffy slightly narrowed his eyes while the rest of the crew prepared for combat. "The government still doesn't think you're much of a threat…but just from seeing you all, I can tell you're going to become a problem in the future."

"Doesn't mince words when he gets serious, does he?" Mikita remarked as she kept her eyes on Kuzan.

"Although your crew is small…a group like you…is bound to become a real threat in time." Kuzan looked at each member in turn. "I know all the details, from your first bounties…all of your exploits…and just how quickly your strength has grown." Even though the man didn't change his position, still sitting on the grass, the air had clearly changed. Tension was slowly building up between them. "I've faced many ruthless pirates over the years…and you guys are starting to scare me."

"I thought you were just out for a stroll?" Usopp hissed at the Marine, never taking his sights off the tall man.

"One specific reason you seem so dangerous…is you… Nico Robin." Kuzan looked at the ravenette behind Luffy. "The amount of a bounty doesn't reflect combat strength, but the danger they pose to the government. That's why a bounty was placed on your head…even though you were only eight-years-old." Robin said nothing, but the look in her eyes spoke of fear and emotional pain. "You were just a child, but what a survivor you were. Betraying people and escaping unharmed. People took you in, and you used them." Kuzan's gaze sharpened. "With that cunning, you survived in the underworld…and now you've hidden yourself in this crew."

"Hey!" Sanji barked at the Marine. "I don't like what you're saying. What do you have against Robin?!"

"I don't have anything against her." Kuzan shook his head minutely. "If I have any connection to her…it's that I once let her get away. But that was a long time ago." He looked over the group again. "You'll find out soon enough. It won't be long before you all realize what a troublesome woman she really is."

"You son of a…" Sanji looked like he was about to attack the Admiral for his words.

"Here's the proof," Kuzan stood up slowly. "Every organization that Nico Robin has been associated with to date…has fallen." He looked directly into Robin's eyes. "Yet she always survives… I wonder why, Nico Robin?" Robin flinched slightly from the piercing gaze and the question.

"Are you done?" Luffy spoke up and stared his old teacher down. "We don't care about the past." He walked the short distance over to Robin and smiled at her. "I don't care where she's from." He looked into Robin's eyes, nothing but honesty reflected in them. "I don't care what she's done." Luffy placed his treasured straw hat on Robin's head, smiling at her with that same grin he always did. "She's my nakama now!" He turned to glare fiercely at Kuzan. "She's my Robin!"

'Am I blushing?' Robin wondered even as she felt her cheeks grow warm. Nami, Mikita, and even Vivi looked at each other with eyes that shared a knowing look.

"You and me, right now." Luffy challenged his former teacher, making it a one-on-one fight.

"L-Luffy don't…" Robin reached out to him.

"You guys, head back to the ship…this is gonna get dangerous." Luffy turned to smile at his crew.

"You heard the Captain." Zoro took his hands off his swords.

Sanji tsked but dropped his stance. Nami and Mikita were quick to walk over to Luffy and kiss him one after the other. They each then took one of Robin's arms and began to lead her back towards the Going Merry. Vivi gave Luffy a quick kiss as well, the two sharing a quick conversation with just their eyes before the princess let him go and followed after the others.

"Uh…Luffy, are you sure about this?" Usopp asked as he looked between Aokiji and his friend. Chopper was also looking nervous as he stood next to Usopp.

"Yeah, it'll be fine." Luffy grinned at his gunman and doctor. "This'll be the first time I have to go all out since I set out to sea." Usopp saw the confidence in Luffy's eyes and he nodded. The gunman quickly led Chopper away as fast as they could run.

"Well, damn." Kuzan sighed as he ran his hand through his hair. "If it's one-on-one then I can't touch the rest of the crew without breaking my word." The lanky man didn't seem very concerned about that though.

"Don't make me kill you…" Luffy's face was serious, his eyes firm as the skin on his arms and legs started to turn black from Armament Haki. Lightning snapped and hissed as sparks jumped from Luffy's body and burned up some of the grass around him. "Teacher or not…if you touch my nakama…" He let the threat hang in the air.

The fight started in the blink of an eye. Kuzan's body shattered into mere snow as Luffy unleashed massive bolts of lightning from his body in all directions, sundering the land while one of them tore through the Admiral's body. Before the man could reform, his body was again shattered by the following thunderclap, the shockwave shaking the area. Unlike the normal blue-white of Luffy's regular lightning, the bolts that were escaping him now were purple, a sign that he was imbuing them with Armament Haki.

"Ice Block: Partisan!" Kuzan was already behind Luffy, forming five of the weapons from thin air and launching them at Luffy so fast that they formed vapor cones near the tips. The partisans passed through empty air before they hit the ground.


The Haki-imbued ice weapons tore up the ground as they passed through it before losing power and shattering.

"Goro Goro no Pistol!" Luffy unleashed a rapid number of beam-like shots at Kuzan.

Kuzan deftly dodged the attacks and waved his hand through the air. "Ice Age!"

The entire grassland in the direction Kuzan was facing froze over into a massive glacier in an instant.

Luffy's foot slammed into the Admiral's chest in the same moment, shattering the man into powder snow with a loud rumble of thunder. "Raiu Keihō!" Lightning bolts exploded from Luffy's position and branched off into the sky, each bolt touching one of the large cumulonimbus clouds drifting above Long Ring Long Land. The large clouds quickly darkened, turning an ominous dark black as lightning flashed within them and thunder rumbled loudly.

"Your output has certainly increased since you were a boy." Kuzan remarked, having already reformed.

Luffy's response was another attack. "Raiken!" The blast of purple lightning was titanic as it vaporized a chasm through the grassland. Aokiji had vanished by the time Luffy's attack reached his location.

Fires broke out from the lightning and the grassland began to burn filling the air with thick smoke.

"Ice Time…" Kuzan froze the ground, snuffing out all of the fires. "Ice Block: Pheasant Beak!" A massive animated bird of ice was formed from Kuzan's left arm and screeched as it headed for Luffy.

It was obliterated by a bolt of lightning that crashed down from the sky. The power behind the bolt upheaved the ground as the electricity passed through it, negating the normal grounding effect. Debris flew through the air as pirate and Marine clashed again.

"Definitely gotten stronger." Kuzan grimaced as Luffy's blackened fist stalemated against his dark blue Ice Saber. "Your Haki has improved too."

"Did you expect otherwise?" Sparking electricity surrounded the Admiral and tore at his body. Luffy's Electric Fence was crackling loudly as he restrained Kuzan. "Goro Goro no Howitzer!" A large and bright ball of loudly crackling lightning formed quickly between Luffy's hands before being blasted straight into Kuzan's chest rocketing the Admiral into a small hill over a hundred meters away in less than the blink of an eye.


The hill exploded and vanished in a thunderclap.

All that was left behind was a dark blue, diamond-shaped shell of ice. The shell shattered and from it flew a dozen partisans nearing the speed of sound.

Luffy wasn't there to receive them though.

"Hm!" Kuzan blocked Luffy's blackened leg with his arm and let himself shatter into snow when the thunderclap hit him a split-second later. Only to then reform directly behind Luffy with his hand out. "Ice Ball!"

Luffy was frozen over inside a large ball of ice.


The ice instantly cracked as it began to vibrate and steam at the same time.


Lightning exploded into wide arcs, splitting multiple times and tearing apart more of the wide grassland. Kuzan had made himself scarce and avoided the widespread attack.

"Where are you going?!" Luffy reappeared in front of Kuzan in a spark with his crackling fist cocked back for a punch.

"Ice Glove!" Kuzan encased his fist in dark blue ice imbued with his Armament Haki and the two slammed their fists together.


The resounding thunderclap sent a shockwave throughout the grasslands, the loud sound even heard on the Going Merry as it raised anchor.

"Is that Luffy?!" Chopper cried out in shock, seeing the sky filled with dark clouds and having to cover his ears from the constant rumble of thunder that was shaking the air.

"I've never seen him like this before!" Nami yelled over the newest thunderclap. "Unfurl the sails! We need to get away from the island a bit!"

As everyone scrambled to adjust the rigging, Robin stood at the edge of the ship, one hand touching the brim of Luffy's precious straw hat, while the other gripped the railing so tightly her knuckles turned white. "Luffy…"

"Raijin!" Luffy thundered as he brought both of his arms down.


Six massive lightning bolts dropped from the sky in every direction, all converging on Kuzan's location. The bright purple bolts hit the ground and nearly split the island as the grasslands became a series of canyons as the lightning tore the earth asunder.

Kuzan came at Luffy from the side with a sword of black ice. "Ice Saber!"

A purple sword of lighting erupted from Luffy's hand and slammed into the black ice. With a loud hiss and the sound of ice shattering, the top of Kuzan's blade went flying through the air. The Admiral placed his free hand on Luffy's chest. "Ice Block: Partisan!" Luffy was launched away as the weapon formed and blasted into his chest instantly.


Luffy's body threw up a cloud of dirt and dust as he slammed into one of the few remaining small hills in the area.

"Our Devil Fruits are a bad matchup for me." Kuzan remarked as he looked at his hand, there was a light burn on his skin, nothing serious thanks to his Haki, but still more than any rookie pirate had any right being capable of doing to an Admiral.

"Hm?" Luffy perked up as he sensed the 'voices' of his friends sailing further away from the island. They were finally at a safe distance that he didn't need to worry. With intense focus, Luffy bent the lightning in the thunderclouds above to his will. "Hrrrnnn!" He almost physically struggled to move so much energy while imbuing it with Armament Haki. "Goro Goro no Lightning Storm Dragon!" Luffy thundered out, as he brought down a massive lightning bolt in the shape of an eastern dragon from the black clouds. The sparking beast was hard to look at, being as bright as it was. Though for anyone that could see it (such as the Straw Hats now at a distance to the island on the Going Merry) they saw a colossal purple-blue dragon with dark-purple light coming from its eyes and opened jaws, and arcing bolts of lightning surrounding its long sinuous body as it rocketed towards the earth. It was so bright that it left a lingering impression of itself in the air even in broad daylight.

Kuzan squinted at the painfully bright dragon, his mind instantly going to the time he'd seen the Emperor of the Sea, Kaidō, in his Full Beast form a couple of years ago. A thick ice shell surrounded his body, encapsulating him. It was huge, easily the size of the Going Merry. The ice was jet-black as Kuzan imbued it with as much Armament Haki as he could.

The lightning dragon crashed its jaws down on the massive shell of black ice, a thunder clap unleashed from the action. The dragon swerved, vaporizing a new path through the canyons that the grasslands had become. It slammed straight into the glacier that Kuzan had made earlier and shattered it into tiny fragments. Luffy swung the massive dragon around, slamming Kuzan's defense through everything he possibly could and leveling the ground of this section of the island back out again. The lightning dragon slowly came apart as Luffy stopped feeding it power and focused on finishing the fight.

"A little dizzy from all that movement." Kuzan shook himself as his shell finally came to a stop. A small crack here and there from the lightning dragon's fangs, but nothing that was actually concerning.

Then Kuzan's Observation Haki practically screamed a warning into his head.

Outside of the black ice shell, Luffy had snatched all of the remaining electrical potential energy from the thunderclouds above, returning them to their previous white state. All of that gathered lightning was fed further by Luffy's Devil Fruit and his Armament Haki. The high-pitched keening sound was enough to give anyone within a hundred meters tinnitus almost instantly. In Luffy's palm was a nearly black spark of lightning that was about twelve centimeters in length. "Vajra…" Luffy aimed his palm at the black ice shell and released the attack.

Kuzan jerked his body to the side just as something bored a hole straight through his ice shell and out the back in less than the time it took to blink.

The vajra kept going, passing through the earth and sending up a long line of dirt and dust as everything in the attack's path was destroyed. The high-speed bolt cleared the island entirely and speared through the ocean. The water exploded along the path of the attack. Steam jettisoned high into the air, the water turned a dark brown-black color as every living thing in the liquid died and was burnt black from the overwhelming voltage and heat. The water became so hot that hydrogen and oxygen split from each other in a rapid and widespread electrolysis reaction.

On the Going Merry almost everyone's eyes bugged out at seeing the crazy sight even at a distance.

Robin's grip on the railing nearly cracked the wood at this point.

Luffy was breathing heavily as he looked at the pierced through black ice shell. He could still clearly hear Kuzan's 'voice' with his Observation, so the Admiral was alive for sure. Luffy could smell nothing but ozone in the air and knew it would probably be detrimental to a normal person's health in such large quantities. He straightened up and addressed his old teacher who had yet to emerge from his defense. "Don't come after my nakama again, teacher. I don't care who you are, no one hurts my nakama and gets away with it." With his piece said, Luffy vanished in a spark.

"Noted." Kuzan sighed as the black ice split evenly down the middle and released the Admiral. "Not a single normal person in the family either…" He pulled his hand away from his side to reveal his white vest, his purple shirt below had been…not torn…but burned away and a weeping cut had been made on the skin below. His own Haki had prevented it from being any worse, but it was still an actual wound inflicted on an Admiral by a rookie pirate with less than a year of sailing under his belt. "The entire Monkey D. family are a bunch of monsters."

Looking at the devastated land where the battle had taken place, most anyone would agree. The incredibly long trees that were still standing at the very edge of the blackened ground were all on fire still, burning like torches to mark the area. The next time the nomads came through this area, they'd definitely be wondering what happened to change the landscape like this.

Kuzan froze his injury over without even a wince and started walking back to his bike. "At least the higher ups won't be as mad at me this time, since I captured such a large pirate crew while I was out." He eyed the still frozen 'Sexy Foxy' on the frozen ocean as he crested a small hill. "They'll still want me to write up a full report though…" The lazy Admiral sighed at the work that he would have to do soon.

-Going Merry-

Luffy appeared on the main deck in a spark. "I'm back!"

"Luffy!" The crew cheered and Luffy laughed as he caught Nami, Mikita, and Vivi as they jumped towards him and wrapped him in hugs.

"I'm alright." Luffy smiled to reassure his lovers. He was kissed by Nami, then his chin was turned to face Mikita for another kiss. Then his chin was turned in the opposite direction to kiss Vivi. "Heh." He chuckled from all of the affection.

"Did you kill him?" Zoro asked about the result of the fight.

"I doubt it." Sanji lit up a new cigarette to calm his nerves now that Luffy was back. "That guy was an Admiral."

"He's still alive." Luffy told them both, while letting everyone on the ship know what had happened. "If our powers had been different, that might've been bad though." He wasn't one to ignore the fact that Kuzan had been at a disadvantage based on their Devil Fruits. Yet the Admiral hadn't actually tried to go for the kill except on two occasions during the whole fight, and even then Luffy wasn't sure his old teacher had been going all out.

An Admiral really was powerful.

"Luffy…" Robin walked forward and gently pulled his treasured hat off her head. With a real smile, the first that Luffy could recall Robin giving anyone directly, she placed the straw hat back on his head. "Thank you."

"Shishishishi…no problem, Robin." Luffy smiled brightly at her.

"Luffy…" Nami whispered and Luffy looked at her. The orangette grinned at him before motioning with her head towards Robin.

"You said it, right?" Mikita had a teasing smile on her lips. "She's your Robin."

Vivi gave him a warm look full of love and affection. "You should let her know how you feel."

"Robin?" Luffy looked at the beautiful ravenette and actually caught a hint of a blush on the woman's tanned cheeks.

"Luffy." Robin looked into his eyes for a long moment.

"Alright," Luffy nodded as he crossed the short distance between himself and Robin. "My Robin…" He gently placed his hands on her hips as he smiled at her.

"Yours…" Robin agreed with a warm and genuine smile as she leaned in and captured Luffy's lips. She let out a quiet hum of pleasure when his arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her flush against his muscled body. Their kiss deepened and neither of them even heard Sanji's cry of dismay.

"It's not fair!" Sanji had tears pouring down his face as he pounded his fists on the deck. "Damn, shitty, Captain! How does he keep doing it?! Robin-chwan!"

"Shut up, Sanji!" Nami snapped at him, not wanting the mood to be broken for Robin and Luffy.

Mikita and Vivi both rolled their eyes playfully at the overreacting cook.

"Luffy…" Robin was breathing heavily once their lips separated. The two gently rested their foreheads against each other's, just enjoying holding each other close. "I need some time to prepare."

Luffy looked into her eyes. "Are you sure?" He was pretty sure that he knew what Robin was talking about. "No rush, Robin."

Robin giggled softly. "Yes, I'm sure." She gently slipped from his arms and turned to walk back towards the women's quarters. This time, when Luffy's eyes dropped down to her bottom to watch the sway in her hips, it was entirely because he wanted to watch her ass bounce.

Nami hugged Luffy from behind. "Until she's ready, we should be setting sail to the next island. The Log Pose is already set."

"Right!" Luffy grinned and pointed forward. "Set sail!"

"We're already sailing…" Chopper looked at Usopp.

Usopp chuckled. "Let's just focus on that to the exclusion of all else!" He ushered Chopper over to the rigging as Nami began to call out instructions for rigging changes.

"Robin-chwan…" Sanji was moping on the floor, twirling his fingertip over the wood while a dark cloud seemed to hang over him.

Luffy quickly took his special seat and pulled Vivi into his lap, much to the princess's laughter and happiness. She'd happily take the spoiling from Luffy until it was Robin's turn to be with their lover. For all that he was a dope…Luffy was also surprisingly in tune with his lovers and their feelings.

-End Chapter-


Foxy Pirates had a VERY bad time!

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Vajra is Luffy cramming so much lightning and Armament Haki into a tiny space that it destroys anything in its path, and pretty much anything else unfortunate enough to be close to it. It's basically: "If you're in my sight and this hits you, then you won't be in my sight anymore." It's lethality within line of sight!

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