New idea, new story! I'm so excited right now! I really hope you like it :)

Warning: this fic might get rather dark and angsty somewhere in the middle... (SPOILER: I don't like unhappy endings, so don't worry)

"May I join you? It seems a bit silly to both be having dinner on our own."

Brenda Leigh asked in her usual southern brawl, her lips curving into what she hoped was a charming smile. she'd been sitting a few tables away, her body slightly angled so she could inconspicuously observe the man from a distance. Everything about him screamed business, from his expensive suit to his perfectly polished shoes. Even his order emanated an impressive taste and, above all, money. she'd waited for the waitress to disappear around the corner, knowing it would be the right moment to make a move. Smoothly she walked over to his table, glad she had taken the time earlier today to practice walking in the 5 inch heels she was currently wearing. Coming to a halt in front of the man, she tried to ignore the familiar uncomfortableness. In her career as a CIA agent she'd gotten quite some experience with undercover operations. The job had demanded her to assumed a whole different persona on many different occasions. However, the nervousness never seemed to go away completely. Then again, maybe it was supposed to be that way. Going undercover was tricky and the combination of nerves and adrenaline definitely made her more alert. Right now, however, she was a little too much on edge, her muscles felt stiff and tense, uncooperative even. It didn't surprise her that much though, after all it had been a while since she'd last done this kind of thing. She pushed the feeling aside, maintaining the smile on her face, relief washing over her when the man nodded slightly and gestured to the chair on the opposite side of his table.

"you may, chief Johnson, I was starting to wonder when you were going to ask."

It felt like her inside had turned to ice at the mention of her name and for a moment she actually forgot how to breathe. How did he know? How could he possibly know? She forced herself to keep looking at the man, no muscle in her face moved. It was one of the benefits of the extensive training and the amount of experience she had, after all, it wasn't the first time her cover was blown. And yet, she couldn't deny that it had caught her of guard.

"Come on Chief, give me some credit, I did my homework. Besides, you're not really my type."

"What is it lieutenant?"

Brenda was not happy to be woken at 2 am in the morning, especially when she realised it was work. By now you'd think she'd be accustomed to late night cases, but that really was one of the things she'd never get used to.

"Chief, we've got a new case. Well, not exactly new, but still. Well it's new to us."

Provenza sounded like his usual grumpy self, rambling on unintelligibly.

"Lieutenant could you please explain to me what that's supposed to mean?"

She interrupted him in a not so friendly tone. Though, who could blame her, she was sleep deprived and really not in the mood to solve riddles.

"Ah, yes it is kind of complicated. A body was found in the park, public space, so technically it's ours. The problem is, this murder might be connected to the case robbery/homicide has been working on for the last five months."

He sighed audibly, and Brenda could almost hear his eye roll through the phone.

"Might be?"

By now she was up and moving, trying to find a dress that was stain free and not crinkled. Holding her phone between her shoulder and her ear, she attempted to smooth down the material of the floral dress that was flung over a chair.

"It's the same MO, same suspect, same boyfriend. Though I suppose the final two are linked."

She crouched down to put on her shoes, all while still holding on to her phone and fishing her car keys out of her bag.

"I'll be right there."

"Not his type? What does he mean not his type?!"

Chief Johnson was pacing the floor in front of the murder board. Her team awkwardly following their superior officer with their eyes.

"Chief, you're not really upset because you're not McGarry's type, are you?"

Dectective Sanchez was the first brave enough to voice what they were all thinking.

"I'm not upset! I'm frustrated! I've been staring at this board for more than an hour now. Look at them, He doesn't have a type."

She gestured at the pictures of their three victims. They all seemed to be vastly different and it was getting on her nerves. She hated the moments when she couldn't figure out a link, a connection between people, or between certain events.

"Well, I wouldn't say he doesn't have a type - "

Provenza started slowly, almost cautiously. Having been on the receiving end of the chief Johnson's wrath countless times, he knew to be wary of her in a situation like this. Seeing her swirl around to send him a piercing look, he decided that caution was definitely desired.

"You see, these women were all, how do I put this…. Ah, they were all classy ladies-"

Ouch, big mistake, he realised almost immediately after he said it.

"Are you suggesting I'm not a classy lady?"

Brenda asked, trying to look indignant, but failing. She always liked to think that she didn't care about such trivial things as appearance, liked to think she was above that sort of thing, and yet, deep down, she knew that she wasn't. With her southern accent and underdeveloped sense of style, as Captain Raydor had very kindly pointed out before her interview with the mayor, she couldn't help feeling boorish and crass compared to some of the women of LA.

"What Provenza is trying to say" Gabriel quickly interfered. "Is that you have your own kind of charm, but for this job we need someone a little more elegant and refined."

No, he was definitely not making it sound any better than Provenza had. However, Brenda opted not to dwell on the implications of his statement. She was a professional after all.

"Great, so how are we gonna find someone like that, huh? LAPD women aren't exactly known for their finesse…"

She was going to say a lot more, but was cut off by a cough from Provenza.


She turned to look in the same direction as him, her heart immediately dropping as she realised who he was staring at.

"No way."