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Chapter 4

Something had been happening in this room. A demon would enter, and leave bloodied and on the verge of death. The room was the so-called 'Room of Silence', a place where demon servants of Satan would go to be 'disciplined'. The room in question was one of absolute isolation from the outside world. Retainers of the big boss would be sent to this room after being put into a state that required medical attention, for a period of time determined by a demon of higher ranking. The room was not known for being particularly high in the death toll department, so it was used fairly commonly.

Demons leaving the room often broke down at their superior's feet, telling them that they would impress them in the future; that they wouldn't fail again. The punishment was highly effective.

The idea of a room dedicated to maltreatment was not unique; many of these rooms existed, scattered throughout the main building where Rin's dear father resided. Actually, the first event when a demon was injured, with no premeditation, was in a similar space. All events had happened in the room of silence after the initial dismemberment, so it was decided the first incident was some sort of fluke.

They numerous rooms frequent use, as a young prince know quite well. Rin grimaced at his thought, before a completely blank look masked his face. Over the years in his own personal (and public, he supposed) hell, he had learned to internalise… Everything. In a place where the truth was never clear, it was unbecoming of a prince to show any signs of anything. The half demon straightened his sword across his back, and subconsciously fingered his ornate dagger that rested on his hip as he stood before two wooden doors.

Contrary to popular belief, Satan did not live in a castle made of cold, black stone. There were many parts of the building that were stone, but the couple levels that existed above ground appeared to be a European-inspired office building. Nothing particularly fancy, but massive in size. The building needed to be, considering it was a central hub of all activity from Gehenna. The walls inside the super structure were white washed, and dark wood layered the floors and doorframes. The doors to Satan's office also appeared to be wood, though they were actually a rare plant species native the Gehenna that killed as many demons as they let through. You needed to have a strong killing aura, or no aura at all, to enter Satan's domain. If you didn't either overpower the doors or slip through them unseen, you would never get into the main room.

It seemed a little odd, Rin mused, that only powerful beings could get to his father. After all, shouldn't the purpose of doors keep threats out? No, he supposed, it didn't matter if the second most powerful demon attempted to take Satan's life. Satan would decimate them. To the king, it was far better to keep annoyances and unnecessary things, such as any middle or lower classed demon, out of his presence than treacherous individuals.

After a little bit of focus, the doors swung open for him and Rin stepped into the medium sized room. A stone chair behind a stone desk stood out from the rest of the plain room, and did the large stone basin that stood in the corner of the office-type area. Satan, Rin's very own papa, sat in the stone chair as if it were comfortable. Which is definitely was not, Rin had tried it.

He had gotten a particularly memorable 'punishment' for that stunt. Rin hadn't walked for weeks.

"My lord." Rin spoke, bowing to his father. He had given up trying to rebel, at least outwardly, to the most powerful demon in existence. "You called for me?" Rin asked, as he had been summoned to this room at Satan's command.

"Yes. You are to stay in the room where the demons are being ripped apart until something happens to you. Then you are to tell me what happened. Each individual's injuries are unique in their intensity, and I want to know how they happened." Satan told Rin, and Rin gave a firm nod and a 'Yes Lord' before bowing again and gliding out of the room.

Rin grimaced to himself, wondering just what kind of injuries he would sustain this time. Though he had gone through worse injuries than most of the demons effected by the 'cursed chamber' (the name was circulating around the building, Rin certainly hadn't come up with it), he had seen some horrific sights passing through the halls that originated in the general direction of the silent room. He wondered what sort of thing would happen to him, how bad the injuries would be. He was sure it wouldn't be the worse suffering he had or was to go through. He, wielder of the blue flames, could handle it.

It didn't stop injuries from hurting, though.

Rin shook himself from his musings and self-pity session after sensing a familiar presence approaching him. It was his old tutor, and reluctant ally, Saradon. The demon, for that was what Saradon was, appeared in the hallways seconds late.

"What must you do this time?" Saradon asked, looking mildly concerned regarding his former charge. Ah, thought Rin, so he does know about the room. And probably already knows about the mission.

Saradon was always very knowledgeable, part of the reason he was sent on the mission years ago to retrieve Rin from Assiah. He was one of the few demons who knew enough about the material world to blend in, and to give lessons to a young 'human' child.

After Rin had been taken home to Gehenna, he had continued his tutoring as if nothing had changed. For Saradon, nothing really had. Instead of meeting Rin on bright green grass under blue skies, the met beneath a hazy burnt looking atmosphere, treading on dark, sharp plants and dust. Both had their own appeal, it made no difference to Saradon.

"It's nothing of your concern" Rin bit out. Ever since Saradon had stood by and allowed Rin to be tortured, to be… Defiled and trampled on by other demons, the young man had been warry of the older demon. He was still somewhat friends with Saradon, but he didn't trust him. Rin knew that for every beating Saradon had allowed, twice as many 'strengthening sessions' had been staved. Rin had become stronger though, out of necessity. He wasn't sure if it was the demon's unorthodox training, or his own determination to survive hell had resulted in it, but he had become strong. Now, no demon questioned his authority. He wouldn't hesitate to burn them if they did.

Rin straightened his back, and stalked past his former tutor. Saradon has stopped teaching him about a year ago, but he still ran into him around the building. Usually the lower levels, where training facilities were located.

Rin walked with purpose, forcing himself to exude the calm emptiness his father did. He could never get it right, he was simply too… Human for it to truly work. It was effective for disheartening and throwing off most demons though, so Rin kept it up until he felt knew he was utterly alone standing before the room of silence. Rin was not well acquainted with this area, mostly due to his punishments being harsher to force his strength to progress at an accelerated rate. Quickly glancing around, Rin took a deep breath before opening the door and walking inside.

Unexpectedly, he was not alone. Another humanoid demon was sitting on the bench close to the door, visible only due to Rin's flaming tail illuminating a small area around the young demon. Rin recognised the man, he had encountered him many times. The demon's name was not known to the boy, despite all the quality time they spent together.

This was one of the demons responsible for injuring unruly demons, and was not a gentle soul.

Smiling at Rin, the man stood. "Rin". He spoke out, his voice silky. "Lord Satan has decided that in order to properly emulate the other demons who have been further dismantled to this room, you must have some prior injuries".

Wincing, Rin nodded. He had a sinking feeling something like this would come up. Rin let out a weak sigh, before closing his eyes and nodding. A little pain now would save him from facing his father if he disobeyed. Last time, one of Rin's acquaintances and frequent sparring partner had been tortured to death because of him. Satan knew that though bodily harm worked on his son, it was far more effective to harm his mind and soul.

Standing still as the man walked up to him, Rin couldn't help but take a step back. Forcing himself to calm himself and letting out as calm of an exterior as he could, Rin braced himself for the worst.

And he felt his arm breaking.

Eyes opening, he stared into the deep burgundy eyes of his tormenter, surprised at the man's actions. The tall demon looked back at him, before smiling slightly. "That is all that is needed boy. I will be back in the morning to collect you". He said before gliding out of the room.

As soon as he left, Rin let out a gasp and cradled his arm to his body. A broken arm, that's it. He had been prepared for so much worse. The sharp pain that made his eyes sting with unshed tears had already faded, leaving behind the aching throb broken bones gave. Letting out a relieved chuckle, and feeling his healing already setting in, he settled in for the night.

Rin was absolutely determined to do this mission right. If he could find what was happening, he would probably get the opportunity to leave his father's building and go into a city. Rin loved cities of Gehenna, they were extremely diverse and had a unique atmosphere. It was heady, rich with rot and death, yet the cities in the mirror realm somehow reflected a sense of absolute calm. Murder would be happening right in a main road, and everyone would remain calm and use side streets. Someone could be defending their possessions, using whatever force necessary without worrying about reprimands. It was extremely feeing for Rin.

And freedom was something the young half breed had in very little amounts under his father. He was stuck to an hour-by-hour schedule that he did not choose for himself. Wake up, clean himself, eat the food made for him, train with the selected sparring partner, do whatever Satan wanted, etc., etc. He had a few hours of free time, which he usually spent alone in his room anyways. Sometimes he spent his free time consociating with other demons, but that was less common. In the cities though, he could eat whatever he wanted and speak with whoever he wanted. If he controlled his flames, lots of demons couldn't recognise his status, the son of Satan, and wouldn't take extraordinary measures to avoid him.

If only he didn't look so damn much like pops, it would be perfect. Well, nothing he could do about that. Rin surveyed his surroundings, the room was painted a dark colour and was soundproofed. It was quite isolated, as the name suggested. He took the opportunity to play around with his flames, something that was frowned upon by most other demons. He was extremely determined to find the cause of the malformed demons, but he probably had a few hours at least before anything happened.

Trying to enjoy himself with a broken arm, Rin didn't notice the extremely faint whispering that echoed around his mind, not originating from the room. He did notice the tremendous pull tearing his entire body, as it tore him from his playing quite painfully.

Grunting, Rin folded in half before the pulling sensation disappeared.

He first did a mental inventory of his body, noting that his skin felt raw all over, like a bad rash or sunburn. Other than that, the half healed broken arm and a bad case of nausea.

The next thing Rin noticed, when he cracked his eyes open, was how bright it was. He had moved into a different room? Trying to get his bearings, Rin analysed the smells running through his nose to save himself from having to open his tearing eyes for another few seconds. Strong cleaning solutions, demon blood, human blood, burning, and… Wait… Human blood. That was uncommon. Wrenching his eyes open, Rin saw an arching stone room with giant stained glass windows. A bright sun shone through the windows, giving the entire space a bath of colourful light.

There was definitely no room in Satan's building like this. Satan had little use for beautiful things that served no purpose. Moving his eyes, He saw a pair of strong legs clad in black pants, with dark boots, standing on the edge of some lines. Noticing he was laying on some chalk likes as well, Rin pushed himself up before looking down. He had been taught to analyze surroundings fist if nothing was actively attacking him. As the legs were unmoving, he decided to figure out where he was first, as per Satan's mission. Looking at the outline, his mind formed a connection. A summoning circle? The last time he had seen one of those…

Lifting his head slowly, he looked back to the person that owned the set of black legs. A man with a dark coat, grey hair and glasses bearing crosses became centered in his vision. He was tall, and pointing a rather large shot gun at the demon he had summoned. Tears streamed down from his eyes.

Rin felt a jolt run through his body.



"Yer' shittin me". A third voice added in.

It was the day before the unlikely reunion that Shura learned about dual summoning. Unfortunately, her perchance for danger and excitement lead her to agree to assist the Paladin before she found out what exactly it was he wanted her to do. Well, it certainly was not what shura had expected when she agreed to help father Fujimoto (who was technically her boss and would have ordered her to help if she has said no).

The first class exorcist had just returned from a mission involving an unusually strong demon partnered with an unusually strong vacuum cleaner.

Now THAT had been a mission.

Anyways, Shura had just gotten back to Japan, where she lived and worked under the Paladin, when she had been called straight to the aforementioned man's office. Unaware of the new incidents due to the newly discovered dual-summoning phenomenon, she had been agreed to a mission with the father, and had been sent a packet detailing the events.

Skimming the received package, before going back and reading it again, Shura inwardly fumed. Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to continuously summon humanoid demons, the most powerful demonic species, to Assiah!? The whole point of exorcists was to get rid of the damn things! Storming to the Paladin's office, Shura shoved open the door without knocking and was greeted with the sight of father Fujimoto fumbling with his paperwork. What a perve. Sending a gentle glare his way, Shura voiced her opinions. Loudly. Shiro Fujimoto guessed that by this time, the operations weren't a secret anyways.

"What the hell are yur doing"!? The demon sword wielder finished her triad with, expecting a damn good answer from the Paladin.

"Shura, you've got to see the opportunities in these actions! We have already gained a lot of intel that we would have never found out in the first place! For example, did you know Satan operated from one location? If we could destroy it…"

He trailed off, noticing the incredulous look on his former pupil's face.

"Shiro, yer right on that. But with two people summoning, yer already getting high level humanoids. What, exactly, are yer planning to summon with a third!? Satan himself?" She questioned, temper lower than before as well as he volume.

Shiro Fujimoto simply raised his eyebrows at her question. "If you, me, and Yukio, three of the top exorcists attempt a joint summon, that who knows"?

Oh dear lord. The man was trying to freakin summon Satan. He was either smashed, high, or had parts of his brain lobotomised recently.

"Shura, please stop checking me for head trauma", Shiro sighed, after sitting through the firey woman glancing specifically at his hair line. "I assure you, if this works it could be the end of exorcists. We would win the war against demons. Isn't that something worth taking a chance for?"

Needless to say, a day later Shura found herself standing in front of a massive chalk circle, surrounded by legions of exorcists and across from her comrade Yukio Okumura and her 'boss', Shiro Fujimoto.

Seeing them send her a meaningful glance, she nodded once before taking out her dagger.

"Alright, guys. This is it. Remember, this might not even work. So don't throw the holy water and open fire until my signal!" The paladin announced, looking over the men who were stationed, all eager and ready to defeat Satan. Among the crowd were several young exwires, who had demanded to be a part of this event. Yukio had told the Paladin that one of his student's ambition was to defeat Satan after the blue night. He, and therefore the rest of the cram school students, had a right to be there.

Nodding his head towards the other two summoners, they all made cuts across their palms and sprinkled blood on the circle. Then, they began chanting.

The chant was long, and it needed to be perfect. Fifteen minutes were how long it took to properly sing out the words, and for those fifteen minutes, the room was absolutely tense. As Yukio, Shura, and Shiro had practiced, they all kept their thoughts focused on one thing; finding answers. It seemed the intention to either live up to expectations or to find something often resonated best with demons from Gehenna, for some odd reason. Because the three were so in tuned with each other, the reason they had been chosen to do the summon itself, they had chosen the thought pathway that all three could relate to the most.

For Fujimoto, it was finding the truth to Gehenna. Shura focused on finding a way to destroy demons and hate in general, through the summoning. Yukio, well Yukio just wanted to find his older brother. He told people he focused on finding the solution to the war, but he knew in his heart he was participating in this mission for one reason only.

As soon as the final word echoed through the stone room, the circle burst into flames.

Now, this was not the second time a multi-participant summon had been performed. In fact, all week different people had attempted to do this, each time a different combination of person. Each time a summon had been performed, something happened to the summoning circle that related to the demon they were calling forth. If it was a kin of the water spirit, a heavy mist would whip through the room, drenching everything with boiling water. A kin of the king of rot caused the floor to melt from under the circle, and emergency repairs had been required. As soon as this summon was put into action, Shiro knew they had succeeded in something extremely unholy.

The flames that lit the circle were a beautiful azure blue.

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