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Onwards and Upwards!


Anna North had no qualms about admitting she had a pretty easy life; she had never struggled too much to make friends, she was an easy B+ student, and her parents had always shown her nothing but love and respect. It was this love that Anna kept on the forefront of her mind when she sat down for dinner with them that August night. She was finally going to come out to them.

'Just take it slow, you know they will still accept you. They won't care.'

The thought did little to ease the flutter of butterflies in her stomach; she knew they wouldn't be mad or disown her but it was still hard to get over her nerves, she had kept this secret for so many years.

'What if they're mad that I left it a secret for this long. No. That's stupid. They won't care.'

The nerves tingled in her spine and it had been a strong enough sensation to prevent her from coming clean during the course of the meal, she simply made small talk and nodded along to her parents' stories.

'Just blurt it out. Your friends didn't care, why would your parents?'

Anna could feel the heat that slid slowly up her neck until it blossomed on her cheeks. There was no reason to be nervous but it still seemed so hard to finally voice the secret she had held inside for so long.

She had been so engrossed in her thoughts that she hadn't touched the brownie that adorned the plate in front of her and instead found that she had gouged tracks into the solid top layer with her fork. Her eyes, so desperate to avoid her parents, had started to track each chocolate chip nestled in a home of warm fudge.

'This looks so delicious! Why haven't I eaten it yet? Oh, right. Coming out of the closet. Well, I clearly am not coming out right now, more like just peeking through the slots in the wood. Maybe I should just start talking. No thinking. Yeah, that could work but what if I ramble so much I forget to say it or they don't understand what I'm saying.'

Anna finally lifted her burning cheeks upwards when she became aware of the silence and of the sensation that she had eyes settled on her. Her parents were staring at her; her mother's eyes, although hard to read, were clearly very calm but it seemed to contain some curiosity as they stared from beneath a curtain of fiery red hair. Her father sitting next to her was quite a bit easier to translate as his lips hung slightly separated and his sapphire blue eyes were wide as saucers – his one blonde eyebrow raised almost to his hairline.

'Why are they staring at me?'

Her thoughts trailed slowly into oblivion as a realization struck her; it caused her own eyes to open like a dear caught in headlights and she was sure her blush had turned a deep purple.

'Was I just thinking out loud? Oh no. Quick. Say something, Anna Marie North, just talk; something neutral'

"So...Really awesome dinner, eh guys?" Her voice was a pitch too high and she was sure it was shaking. "I mean, really great job on the meatloaf mom, not that you ever do a bad job or even an okay job. Wait, no, I meant that it is always great. Anyways how was work dad?" The urge to slam her head on the table overwhelmed her but Anna resisted for now.

'Way to go Anna, real smooth - '

This time her thoughts derailed because the room filled with a boisterous laugh. Her father had always had an infectious laughter that caused his portly frame to shake and it was in full swing now; despite her nerves Anna smiled.

"Slow down there feisty-pants." Her father squeezed the words out between bouts of laughter. "We just asked if you were all right, it's not like you to play with your food instead of devouring it. Especially a chocolate brownie." His large body had come to a rest and a grin stretched across his face. "Something on your mind champ?"

Before she could respond, much to her delight, Anna's mother interjected with a soft voice. "We could see your lips moving and hear you mumbling to yourself sweetie. You know if something is on your mind, you can tell us."

Her mother's words had given Anna a chance to recover and relief washed across her features.

'I was only whispering. Must have looked pretty strange talking to a fudge brownie.'

A sigh as soft as a whisper escaped her lips and once again she lifted her eyes to meet her mother's then to see her father's – his face still red from laughing. The sight filled her with a resolute strength.

"Mom, Dad..."

'Now or never.'

"I'm gay."

As the words slipped her lips Anna could feel her blush deepen, if it possibly could, but the waves of relief still washed over her body. Neither parent had spoken or moved yet but their smiles did not falter.

'Must be a good sign'

After a few seconds of silence her father finally reacted, he ran a thick hand through his golden hair and rose slowly from his seat. For the first time that night Anna actually felt real panic – afraid that he was going to leave without response. Instead he merely sauntered over to her chair and leaned down where he planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

"I'm so proud of you sweetheart." His voice was barely above a whisper but she could feel the love and pride it carried. "Thank you for telling us."

Before she could respond her mother had joined her father's side; a small curve could be seen on her lips and her eyes seemed to sparkle as she looked into them. Her mother's voice was not far from what her father's had been when she said. "We don't care who you love sweetie, so long as you are happy we will be too."

Anna could feel that tears had formed in her eyes and she jumped from her seat to wrap an arm around both her parents. Her voice cracked as she spoke. "Thank you guys. I love you so much." She was greeted with a tight hug and a chuckle from them both when she nuzzled her father's chest.

'They finally know.'

Her secret finally exposed Anna wasted no time in returning to the table to destroy the brownie she left on her plate, it may have been her imagination, it was the sweetest chocolate she had ever tasted.

After she had finished her dessert and cleaned the dishes Anna bid her parents goodnight and returned to her room upstairs. She now lay on her bed with her phone hover above her stomach, she had dropped it twice already on her face, hands shook as she typed out a message to her best friend Rachael. (Whom she called Rapunzel because the girl had sunshine blonde hair that touched her hips when loose.)

"Hey Rapunzel. Guess who has two thumbs and is finally out of the closet!?"

"No way! Congrats Anna! How'd they take the news?"

"They were really awesome about it all, just said they wanted me to be happy which I am. Stupid as it sounds it''s a huge relief to know I won't need to make up an excuse as to why I'm bringing a girl to prom."

"Yeah, that makes sense, I am really proud of you Anna. Can't say I'm surprised though, your parents are always really awesome. Oh! Speaking of prom, do ou know who you're going to ask?"

Anna leaned her head back into her pillow and thought about the question for a second but already knew the answer.

"Not a clue."


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