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An alarm that blared on a table beside the bed elicited a deep groan when, from the tangle of blankets, a hand lifted through the air and slapped the top. The slap had brought the sweet relief of silence but it was too late for Anna. She was awake.

Lean legs appeared over the edge of the bed and began to move towards a vanity that stood adjacent. Anna was prepared for what she would see but the severity of her bed ravaged hair still produced a soft giggle from thin lips; her head had become a strawberry-blonde explosion for which her freckle dusted face served as the epicenter. Thick but nimble fingers began to loosen hair back into place while her eyes rested with dismay on the clock beside her bed. 'Looks like a shower is out of the question. So is putting this mess into braids.' After her hair had been pulled into a quick ponytail Anna moved on to her outfit for the day; with no time to be picky she settled on the first dress in sight: a green the color of a forest canopy with straps that rested gently on her shoulders. It fit rather snugly on her breasts and was taut to her hips but flared out in thin layers until it reached her knees. Anna admired the effect in her mirror, it seemed to add a cup size to her chest and made her hips look far more defined but its most powerful effect was the way it made her hair look strands of fiery red and the shimmer it brought to her teal eyes. There was not much time she could spend on watching herself twirl as she was left with less than ten minutes to prepare and eat breakfast, 'the most important meal of the day', so she hurried downstairs.

It was a hasty attempt at breakfast but Anna was sure her day would be ruined without her morning toast (and a generous amount of chocolate hazelnut spread) and she spared no time in biting into the still hot treasure on her plate. Eyes grew misty and her voice, if it had not been directed at toast, was sensual when she said. "Mmm…Chocolate!"

A quiet chuckle escaped through the lips of her mother while she watched the girl literally drool over breakfast. "How you keep that figure of yours with this obsession of chocolate is a mystery I'll never solve."

Anna gave her mother a mock pout and replied with a voice that dripped with sarcastic offense. "Chocolate will never make me fat. Chocolate would never betray me!"

Before the redhead could offer a rebuttal to her daughter's comment the girl had bounced up from her seat and rushed her plate to the sink. Katherine North merely smiled when lips landed on her cheek and watched as her daughter skipped out of the house with a backpack in tow. "Good luck Anna!"

Anna sat next to the window on her bench in the shaggy yellow bus and watched the golden wheat and green hills of her prairie home roll by. Rachael had been in constant conversation since she had taken her seat next to her but the strawberry-blonde could not keep herself fixated on her friend; the beauty of the outside kept her distracted. 'I need to enjoy it now because in less than a month these golden stalks will be gone and all the green hills will be white and frozen.' The thought brought a crease to her forehead and a frown to her lips yet she did not get the time to dwell on it; the bus had begun to slow down and it was not a stop she recognized. "Hey Rach"

Before her question could begin it was cut off by Rachael. "No idea Anna. Guess we have a new student this year."

It was not long before the confused feeling gave way to an excitement that shined in Anna's eyes and filled her thoughts. 'A new student! I wonder if it's a boy or a girl… doesn't matter! Still means a new friend, new stories, and new adventures. I wonder if they'll like the same music as me. Oh… maybe they will be a book worm!'

Before her mind had a chance to race further the doors to the bus split open and a head of hoary hair moved into view. Anna almost began to squirm in her seat while she waited to see who that hair belonged to. 'Seems like that is a girl's head. Look at that hair! It's so blonde it looks like silver. Hurry up new kid! Stop talking to the driver!' Anna's eagerness could not be abated merely by speculation and she became so agitated that Rachael punched her in the side of the leg. The red head faced her blonde friend but did nothing more than stick her tongue out before returning her gaze to the front of the bus. Her patience, even the lack thereof, was rewarded when the hair finally moved up and revealed a soft and blemish free face that seemed pale even in contrast to the silvery crown. A body quickly followed that caused a hitch in Anna's breath; the student that strolled casually passed her seat was, 'gorgeous', a tall, slender woman whose legs seemed to have been poured into her skin tight blue jeans. The long sleeved black shirt she wore was modest but was still formed enough to leave Anna a little jealous. Now that she could see the woman completely she realized that her hair was weaved into a single braid that draped over her left shoulder down on to her breast.

Absently Anna began to worry her hair between her fingers while she thought. 'I wonder if that color is natural. I couldn't pull it off but I'm glad my hair isn't in braids now… it would look terrible next to hers. Not a single hair out of place.' An intense heat began to fill her cheeks when she realized that she was watching the other woman's behind sway to its place at the end of the bus and she was quick to press her face to the cool glass of the window. She had been hoping that Rachael had not caught her staring but her hopes were dashed when she heard a joyous giggle fill her ears and felt a finger touch her chin from where it pushed her mouth closed.

Another finger tapped her nose and made her smile bashfully but it also brought her back to her good sense, her voice could not catch up however and it broadcasted in an airy tone. "Rachael… I think it is going to be a very good year."

A bus ride spent preoccupied with plans to get an introduction had left Anna glad that the first day of classes were nothing but syllabus review it had however also left her quite disappointed because neither her AP-English or Math 30 classrooms had found her in the same room as the enticing newcomer. She had reserved a spark of expectation for lunchtime as it meant most of the students would be paraded in and out of the same room in which she still sat alas this plan struck out as well and it left her frowning at her fries. "It doesn't make me weird, does it?" Anna said with a slight sense of defeat. "I mean I don't know her name or any of her interests but that shouldn't stop me from wanting to make a new friend. Right?" Her question accompanied the lift of her head to look at the patch of auburn hair across from her and she watched intently as she waited for a response.

Harry Weston was a gentle enough man, at least to Anna, and he had always remained loyal to her. Despite their disastrous attempt at dating he had never purposefully steered her wrong and he was always sincere even if he was a bit brash. "Anna. Relax." For a man just shy of six-feet tall with a straight jaw and stiff, captain of the football team stiff, shoulders his voice was quite velvety. "You will get a chance to talk to this burning crush soon enough… I'm sure of it. Hell if you are really desperate just wait until the ride home and steal a spot at the back before she comes. Lie in wait."

The redhead adopted a look of disgrace and placed a hand on her chest. "Excuse me sir. It is not a crush… yet and also," Her voice was followed by a soft puff of air as she began to pout. "I do not lie in wait for people! I am no animal. Not in public." This was accentuated by a mischievous grin when she heard the boy across the table choke on the food he was busy trying to devour. She did agree that his plan made sense. She could wait that long. She wouldn't have to.

Chemistry was slotted as the last class that day and had seemed like the final nail in a coffin of inconvenient time wasters. She knew when it began that she would spend all class just watched the clock move, second by second, until it was over so she could rush to the buses. Time was slow to start with but it crawled to a stop when the door opened and in strutted an all too familiar crown of shimmering hair. 'No way! No way!' Anna's eyes began to shimmer with excitement once more and she, upon realizing the last spot in place was next to her, started to grow slightly warmer. 'WE HAVE A CLASS TOGETHER!'

The blonde bombshell began to walk toward the empty seat at Anna's side and it took all of the fiery girl's self-restraint to not burst out in a string of expletives and nonsensical phrases. Each step seemed to bounce inside of Anna's skull and she seemed to be still too far away entirely. After what felt like an eternity to the, now squirming, girl she finally had the object of her intense attraction seated right next to her. 'Okay Anna. Don't screw this up.'

She struggled to calm down and when she was sure that it was controlled Anna spoke in a soft but cheerful voice. "Eep!" A furious heat crept up her neck and into her face, causing her eyes to look like a sea nestled in a desert of red sand. 'Way to blow the introductions Spaz!' There was a triad of self-deprecation bubbling under the surface but it was stopped short by the sound of wind chimes being jostled in a subtle breeze; the sound was drifting out from behind a raised hand on her right.

Soon after the chimes ceased but were replaced with a voice that was the definition of strength and poise. "Hi there. I'm Elsa Winters." A voice like the whistle of wind through the trees.

Anna's eyes grew as wide as saucers and her mouth slumped open. She attempted to cover this with a quick reply albeit in a voice more a kin to a bull in a china shop. "Uh… HI! I'm Anna North. Really it's Anna Marie North but no one ever uses the middle name because who would. Am I rambling? I am… shit."

The wind chime returned, still hidden behind a pale slender hand, and Anna made a vow to herself. 'I need to do everything I can to keep her laughing.'


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