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Summary: Hiccup has a chance for a somewhat normal life when he earns a full scholarship to Thaddeus Burgess Academy. He begins anew with therapy, a gym membership, and his new personal trainer. But is he too far gone for a chance at happiness?

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Too Far Gone?
Chapter One

'2:30 a.m...'

Hiccup stood at the sloped end of the near empty parking lot, save a lone car parked off to the side which was most likely belonged to an employee, lifting his Mughal green eyes from his glowing cell phone screen to the cement building before him as he slipped the device back into the safety of his jean pocket. He didn't understand why it was so hard for him to just go inside, the autumn breeze carried quite a chill as it graced the lone young man and compelled him to wrap his ajar olive jacket and the green duffel he carted with him closer to his thin frame.

"Come on, Hiccup," he uttered to himself, "you have been making up excuses all week to not come here. Now, no one is here… so go."

And with that the chestnut haired lad drug his feet up the sloped parking lot to the building. It was bigger than he had remembered from when he first arrived a few days ago. The old, but well maintained, building loomed over him as he looked up at the sign with buzzing florescent bulbs laminating the barbell logo of the gym: Guardian Fitness & Health Center.

Hiccup was ashamed to be ashamed for having difficulty entering the gym. Maybe it was his poor body image, maybe it was his social anxiety, but whatever the reason, his therapist planted the idea into his head the week prior. She figured that maybe coming here would help eliminate these problems and toning up would make him feel somewhat self-assured instead of hiding in his small one bedroom apartment with his cat or in his college library.

At first he seemed to be on board with the concept and was actually looking forward to it. However, when he first stepped inside to register, his chest tightened from nervousness and after gazing around to the various patrons, he immediately started to regret walking in the door. He felt himself backing away from the line he was standing in and began walking, slowly, backwards to the entrance.

What made him stop in his tracks was when he realized that the line that was in front of him had disappeared and he heard, "G'day, mate. What can I do for you today," asked a man with a thick Australian accent, who looked to be in his early thirties with salt and pepper hair and a large black tribal tattoo on his left upper arm.

At that point, Hiccup found it would be way too awkward to just turn around and walk out the door when he was there for a reason. But alas, he ended up registering that day and was given a speedy walk through of the fitness center by the Australian man. As the man carted him around the center that he had learned that the gym was open 24 hours, which gave Hiccup a sigh of relief. All his life he had been looked down at because of his appearance and he didn't want his gym experience to be the same. Coming in at a late hour, when most people are usually asleep, he would have the gym to himself and also wouldn't have to worry about a shortage of equipment. It seemed like it would work perfectly since all of his classes were in the afternoon. The tour ended when the two of them had returned to the front desk and Hiccup was given a packet of papers which were filled with various information about the center—sanitation of equipment, lockers, showers, as well as a service for personal training and aerobics that they offered.

However, even after registering that day, Hiccup began to figure up any excuse he could to avoid the place. It wasn't like the people there seemed mean or judgmental. On the contrary, they actually seemed really nice and willing to help out as much as they could. His best friend, Astrid, whom which he spoke daily on the phone with, called him out on this and gave him quite the tongue lashing. He knew that her words held some merit and that was probably why he didn't fuss back as much. Well, now he decided to keep his word and since he had already paid for this month's membership, he figured that it might as well not go to waste.

The auburn haired lad took a glance through the giant plate glass windows once more to see that the building was completely empty of patrons and he felt his nervousness subside a little and paced along the walk way to enter the building. Once inside, he could hear techno music playing. He was thankful it wasn't overbearing and made the floors vibrate. It could be easily drowned out with a pair of ear buds.

Hiccup made his way over to the front desk to sign in. The guy, wearing a bright blue hoodie, behind the counter was obviously not paying attention to him as he approached. After all, he was sitting in a desk chair and had his back turned to Hiccup. His legs were propped up on the opposite counter and he had what looked like a comic book resting in his raised lap. At this angle, Hiccup was able to take notice of the man's rather odd hair. His dark brown hair was close cropped from ear to ear to the base of his neck, but the crown, which had been dyed an impressive snowy white, was longer and stood in unruly angles on the top of his head. Before long, Hiccup found he probably should say something to get his attention instead of gawking at him like a weirdo.

He cleared his throat hoping he could catch the stranger's attention, but no avail. He tried again, louder this time, but still nothing. Hiccup could see that he wasn't wearing any headphones or ear buds and he was getting a bit testy from the fact that this guy was ignoring him, probably thinking if he ignored him he would go away. The brunette sighed in frustration and lulled his head over his shoulders before getting closer to the counter.

"Uhh, excuse me," he called, only to be ignored once more. 'Seriously? What is with this guy?' "Hey!" still nothing.

Hiccup pursed his lips as his eyebrows became closely knitted together and sat his bag down beside the counter and leaned over, "Hey! Dude, why are you ignor— wait…" 'Is he… is he asleep?'

It was then when Hiccup had leaned over as far as he could, without his feet lifting from the ground, that he could hear soft snores coming from the guy. He was indeed asleep and by what Hiccup could see, he was a pretty deep sleeper at that. He rolled his eyes and leaned over farther, his feet off the ground, and shook the man's shoulder lightly, "Hey, wake up."

What he wasn't expecting was when the odd haired man to suddenly leap from his chair, almost falling, sending the comic book that rested in his lap somewhere across the counter as he sprung to his full height, "WHOA! WHAT!? WHO ARE YOU?!" he practically yelled at Hiccup as he quickly slid back to the ground on the opposite side to avoid getting hit by flailing arms.

Before Hiccup could say anything, the man suddenly calmed as he looked around, taking in his surroundings, "Ooh yeah… I'm at work," he said to himself with a soft chuckle, but loud enough for Hiccup to hear, before turning his attention to the brunette across from him that was retrieving his duffel from the floor, "Sorry about that. Long week," he stated shortly, then yawned. He turned his attention to the computer that was at the end of the counter.

Hiccup felt the corners of his mouth curling upwards and a small wry chuckle escaped as he shook his head, "Is this a habit of yours?" he asked, gesturing his thin freckled arm to him. It was something that not only Hiccup, but all the people of Berk were accustomed to—aside from being loud— they all were very active when it came to talking with their hands. Hiccup was no different. He adopted the active gesturing himself, and after a while he gave up on trying to break the habit.

"Is what a habit?" the man asked back, glancing passed the glowing screen before him, obviously he wasn't fully awake.

Hiccup cocked an eyebrow, "Um, falling asleep on the job?"

A goofy smirk formed on the other's face and his shoulders relaxed a bit, "Well, I would be lying if I said it wasn't."

"Aren't you worried somebody would come in here and, I don't know…, steal stuff?" the brunette asked, only to have the guy give him a blank stare before he burst out laughing, taking him aback, "What's so funny?"

The man pointed to the scanner, indicating that he was ready for Hiccup to scan his membership card, "Well, I tell ya what, if someone can come in here and get one of those machines out that door without either waking me or me noticing them doing it, they can keep it. Because if they are talented enough to do that, than they are probably some type of super assassin."

The brunette couldn't help but laugh at the man's odd statement, even though he did have a good point. He pulled his membership card from his wallet and scanned it at the indicated scanner on the counter and replacing it back in said wallet, "Well, I suppose I can't argue with that logic," he stated lightly.

The man laughed as he saw the freckled man backing away from the counter, "Well, have a good work-out, Mr. Haddock," he chirped, obviously reading Hiccup's name off the screen from where he just scanned his card, but still earned a half-hearted wave from the smaller man. He left Hiccup to head to the locker room while he began to search for his comic that had gone missing-in-action.

Hiccup entered the men's locker room, but not before stealing one more glimpse of the man that was looking around the floor behind the counter. A small grin remained on his features until he disappeared behind the door. He couldn't help, but think that the man was intriguing. He had unusual hair, yes, but he was very handsome too. He hated admitting another man was handsome, but this was one of those circumstances that any man—gay, straight, whatever— would take a second look or may stare a little longer than intended. It wasn't a crime. In fact he was pretty sure the stranger would be flattered to hear from another man he was quite good looking… at least telling himself that would help him sleep at night.

Once inside he found him an empty locker— which since the place was empty it wasn't too hard of a task—and dressed into his work-out clothes which was a white sleeveless shirt, hunter's green basketball shorts, and a pair of worn sneakers, before throwing his duffel into the locker, locking the lock, and making his way out of the room.

There was a large range of machines and equipment to choose from. There were also areas that were sectioned off for certain types of exercises: stretching, abs, heavy weights, etc. And of course, the large main room contained stair steppers, treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, and various cardio machines. Hiccup looked over the machines trying to figure out how he would even use them. He climbed onto a treadmill and pressed the QUICK START button, only to have the machine's belt to take off on high speed making him almost fall off. He quickly slapped the STOP button and hopped off to go see what his other options were, or so he told himself.

He found himself in the stretching area of the building, his eyes scanning over the non-electronic equipment. 'This is a nightmare,' he thought to himself, 'I don't even know where to begin. The descriptions on the machines are so vague, if they have any at all. I don't need to get myself killed.' Hiccup let out a long exasperated sigh and left the stretching area and headed to the free weights and tried picking up a few only to have his hopes of actually finding something to start out with crushed.

The first one he had retrieved from the rack was a forty-five pound weight that he almost immediately dropped onto his foot, but thankfully missed him by an inch or two. He thanked the Gods that he was the only one in the gym at that point, save the man running the counter. This was humiliating; he couldn't even pick up forty-five pounds. Why did he ever volunteer to do this? Oh yeah, that's right, he wanted to make some changes and this was a good way to start.

After he reminded himself of this he decided to give it another try. He sat with the weights for a while, trying out numerous ones, before soon abandoning them. Not wanting his trip to be all for naught, he continued trying different equipment and eventually settled on the stair climber. The controls of these seemed pretty basic. He pulled himself onto the machine and hit the START button and he felt the stairs start to move at a snail's pace.

"Well, this isn't too bad," he said to himself with a crooked smile on his features. He held onto the rails as he walked to make sure he didn't fall off the thing. The pace remained slow at first, but once he was used to it he sped it up a little bit. Hiccup's mind began to wander, soon tuning out the music that echoed through the gym. First, about getting used to Burgess. He had only been there for about a month when his freshman semester started. Astrid had been nice enough to give him a ride since his father worked, among other reasons.

He was amazed she was willing to give him a ride. Well, she promised him she would, but he figured that when the time came she would back out of it. Burgess was a good six to seven hour drive from his port-side home town of Berk and gas is not cheap. But he couldn't have been happier when she showed up and loaded up off his stuff in her mom's borrowed grey 2001 Chevrolet blazer and he left Berk.

It's wasn't like he hated Berk in itself, but the people living there made is difficult for someone like Hiccup to thrive. Not to mention certain memories that Berk held, good and bad—bad mostly, made looking at his surrounding unbearable at times. There were times when he could look and replay fond memories, mainly of his mother, but eventually even those became painful.

Despite the fact that Berk wasn't his most favorite place, it was still his home. It was all he knew and that had to count for something. His mind then wandered to his possible future here in Burgess: the friends he will make, getting his degree, and experiencing life outside his small village. It was exciting just thinking about it. Maybe finding someone he would be proud to say he was with. The crooked smile had returned to his face and his cheeks began to heat up and not just from walking as long as he had.

Burgess seemed to hold something promising for his future. Thaddeus Burgess Academy had offered him a full scholarship, plus room and board, and even though Hiccup was still trying to adjust to the change, he felt more accepted amongst the faceless crowds than in his entire village, save a very few people. His father, Stoick "the vast", was the head over the docks and had been for the last twenty years. Since Berk's main source of trade was depended on the docks, Stoick became their quote-unquote "Chief".

His father was the quintessence of their Viking heritage and also a born leader. He was great at what he did and was always firm, but fair. It would have seemed like his father had all his ducks in a row, but out of all his accomplishments, Hiccup was apparently not one of them. Hiccup was not like the others in his village. The other guys in Berk his age were huge, had big beefy arms, stood at six feet tall, and were already on their way of growing a mighty beard. Hiccup, who would be considered normal size anywhere else, was 5 foot 9 and was lucky that he had stubble on his chin.

He knew that his father loved him, even though since his beloved wife, Valka, died it was showed less and less. He still had hope that his father cared for him, but just wasn't good at showing it. At least that's what Hiccup told his therapist.

"Excuse me," came a somewhat recognizable voice that interrupted his thoughts. Hiccup snapped his head to the side of the machine where he heard the voice coming from. It was, of course, the only other person there. Hiccup carded his fingers through his hair that had begun to mat down with perspiration and pushed it out of his sight. He couldn't help but take notice that the blue hoodie the man was wearing was now missing. Instead, he was in a white shirt with the center's logo that was located on his left pectoral.

It became apparent that the man was very fit, not big and gross with all his veins bulging hard against his skin, but fit. The contours of his arms and chest were easily definable through the cotton fabric. His body shape was picturesque on what Hiccup was aiming to become. He knew that no matter how hard he would try that there would never be a way his body would allow him to be a big buff man. Even if he could, he wouldn't. Hiccup always thought that men who were incredible buff— veins protruding, limited mobility, and looking like their bodies would explode at any moment—that look never really appealed to him at all. He found it to be pretty gross.

He stared at the odd haired man with confusion on his features before he hit the STOP button on the control pad, causing the machine to come to a halt. Did he have to leave? No, it was a 24 hour gym. Was there something wrong with his membership? These were just a few questions that he was able to ask himself before the man continued, "I couldn't help but notice that you, um, well, seemed a bit lost earlier. Clearly you have found something now, but you were kinda wandering around the gym for like 45 minutes to an hour looking pretty lost," he gave a small grin, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, "I didn't want to say anything then because at first I figured you were just checking things out, but then it kinda dawned on me. Anyways, I was just gonna let you know that we do offer a personal training program and if you are interested, I'd be more than happy to help you out. It is my job after all."

Oh gods, this was embarrassing. This guy actually sat there and watched him almost fly off of a treadmill that was going full speed, almost crushing his foot with a weight he couldn't lift, and wandering aimlessly around this place for an hour. Hiccup's face began to glow a brilliant shade of red due to the embarrassment, "Uhhh... wow… heh," he sputtered, "Thank you for summing that up for me. If I had known you were watching me make an idiot of myself I probably wouldn't have made it so obvious that I was clueless on how to work these machines," he deadpanned. The man chuckled heartily, flashing his beautifully white teeth. Though he had embarrassed himself, Hiccup couldn't help but notice his amazing smile. His teeth were incredibly straight and sparkled like freshly fallen snow.

"It's no biggie, really. You are not the first to come in here and wander around lost. I have seen people try to take off full speed on the treadmill and end up flying off and smacking the wall, so I think you are good," he said, sending Hiccup a small gesture.

Hiccup slumped onto the rail of the machine, letting his fingers nervously scratch the back of his head which he mainly did out of habit, "That doesn't really help," he replied flatly, "but anyways, I don't know. What all would I be doing," he asked stepping down from the machine.

"First, I would get your weight and depending on your goals, I would arrange a work out that would help you achieve that. Also, I can give you dieting advice/plans that can help you out as well," he explained, "That's if you are planning in making a habit of coming in at this time. I normally work nights and as you can see we are slammed at this hour."

Hiccup chuckled as he eyed the empty center, before bringing his attention back to the man as he continued, "But it is up to you. It's not something you have to do, but it's out in the open for you to think about. Anyways, I'll leave ya be." And with that the man turned on his heels and began walking back to his post behind the counter. The brunette began to think of what would be in store for him if he had taken the man up on his offer. He had heard horror stories about personal trainers and how they tend to expect a person to change quickly and yell in your face like a drill sergeant and that was something Hiccup didn't particularly want to have happen. But the man didn't seem like the type to do something like that. He couldn't picture anyone in this center doing that here mainly because it gave off a mellow atmosphere.

He pushed himself off the railing of the machine and walked over to the water fountain, taking a nice long drink before looking over at the clock and saw that it was almost 4:00 a.m. and that he had better head out since he had class that coming afternoon. But as be made his way to the locker room he glanced over to the counter, seeing the man beginning to clean off the counter of miscellaneous papers and then disinfecting its surface. Hiccup's brown eyebrows knitted together as he looked down at his thin body and then back to the man. 'hmm, I suppose I could give this a shot and if I don't like it I can always just go do my own thing,' he thought to himself as he made his way to the front.

The man's eyes glanced over at him and a smile cracked across his face, "What's up?"

"I, uh, well, I think I'll go ahead and give it a shot. As long as you don't like, I don't know, scream in my face and make my arms fall off," the brunette replied.

The man behind the counter laughed. He seemed to have been enjoying Hiccup's dry, sarcastic humor since the guy first walked in the door. Even though it was obvious that the guy has poor body image, he seemed like he carried himself well, "No, I don't scream in people's faces, I don't know who could be motivated by that. I would punch someone in the throat that's for damn sure," he quipped with a mischievous grin, "And as for your arms falling off, well, they won't fall completely off. You will be a bit sore, but it will pass depending on how often you come up here."

Hiccup rolled his eyes and shook his head, "Well, that's good to know. Anyways, I'm going to try to come up here as much as I possibly can. So maybe 4 or 5 times a week," which the last part was more of a question than a statement.

"That's great!" he exclaimed and reached over and grabbed a piece of paper and pen and began scribbling something down, "I'm giving you my work schedule so you'll know what days I'll be here," he explained as he handed the paper to Hiccup and extending his hand to him, "I'm Jackson, or Jack, whichever you prefer. I look forward to working with you."

Hiccup took his hand after grabbing the paper and shook, "Nice to meet you, Jackson. I go by Hiccup."

The smile from Jack's face faded into an expression of disbelief, "'Hiccup?' Is that your real name?" he asked, slowly pulling his hand back.

"No, it's a nickname," he replied, slowly.

"Ah… well that's a pretty cool nickname," he said, his chipper smile returning, "My full name is actually Jackson Overland-Frost…, or Jack Frost," he said with less enthusiasm, earning a laugh from the younger man.

"Seriously? That's fantastic," he chirped through his chuckles, "Well, Mr. Jack Frost, I hope you don't kill me in the near future with strenuous work-outs. Now I'm gonna go change, I actually need to head out. But I will be back tomorrow night."

Jack nodded and shook his head as he watched the skinny man walk off towards the locker room and disappear behind the door. He could tell this guy was going to be fun. It had been quite some time since he had had the opportunity to train someone since he moved to the graveyard shift. Normally people left around 1 a.m. at the latest. But since summer was gone and autumn was settling in and besides a few college students studying for exams and need to clear their heads and few stragglers that would appeared ever so often, he was pretty much by himself. He never understood why North, the owner and manager, insisted on making the gym 24 hours. Then again he wasn't going to complain, he worked a 9 hour shift and had minimal cleaning—taking out trash, refilling the disinfecting spray bottles, cleaning bathrooms—and that was something he could do within a 2 to 3 hour period. So for the most part he would work-out himself, catch up on sleep, or watch TV in the lounge.

But despite him now going to miss out on sleeping time, he felt that training this Hiccup guy was a way better use of time. He just hoped that the guy was serious about it. Jack had several occasions where he was going to train someone, but they ended just wasting his time.

Jack's attention turned toward the locker room door as he heard the door shutting in that direction and smiled at the reappearance of the freckled lad. He had changed back into his normal clothes and was carrying his green duffel over his shoulder. The bi-colored hair man smiled as he passed the counter, "Have a good night," he said with a small wave. Jack waved, "Take it easy," he replied as he watched Hiccup walked out the door.

Holy shnikes! I finished a chapter! WHOOOOOO! *throws confetti everywhere* Ok, now I know that this chapter maybe a bit boring, but how many opening chapters are action packed? …that's what I thought.

As for Jack's hair, I wanted to go for a 'split personality' appearance. There is a reason for it that will be explained later. But obviously, he will be showing physical traits of both Jackson Overland and Jack Frost, hence the name and hair.

As for Hiccup he is kinda in the middle. I kinda see him pretty much as Hiccup from the first movie, only taller and his hair is a little bit longer.

I am now working on the second chapter so… yeah… keep a watchful eye for it.

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