As of late in my head I have thought up of an unlikely pairing but I think they could be magnificent in the future. I have decided to write a fanfic of Maxie and Dante because they seem unlikely but I think they can balance each other out. I don't like Nulu at all and that's saying something because I have liked Marcy/Emme Rylan's portrayals of other roles in the past. I can't stand Lulu on the show but it has been a while since I have watched GH but to me the only thing I see going is a divorce between Lulu and Dante and they will be getting divorced in this fic. This fic will mostly be in Maxie's POV but may have some Dante POVs as well but his will be stated. Minor background characters will be used as well. I also don't own any of these characters they belong to ABC Daytime and I only profit in views, comments, and faves/follows. Original characters will be my property but otherwise no.

I may have had issues with Ellie in the past but I am grateful that she has stepped in to help Spinelli take care of my baby since the judge ordered his decree. I could fight the judge on his order because its absolutely ridiculous that he could have made this decision when other people have abused and neglected their children and they still retain custody. I know what I did to Lulu and Dante was cruel and wrong but that doesn't have any baring on my parental skills. Diane says we could appeal the decision because the judge used the separation of child and mother to be a punishment to the mother for not being truthful of the parentage of said child. She is also told me appealing wouldn't be the best decision because the verdict was a small amount of time and could be much worse if the judge had been more bias.

Six months is an eternity to me because that is time I will never get back with my child. I never will get to breastfeed her and do things other mothers get to do. Mac holds me and tells me to make my life better in any way I can so it can make both Georgies proud of me. Make Robin proud of me. My dad is right I can't change the circumstances of my past but I can shape my present and my future. And fuck the judge I am not doing anything to change my life because of him but because the memory of my sister doesn't deserve to be in vain and also the memory of BJ and Uncle Tony. They all loved me and wanted better for me and I have to live in a way that honors them and makes my baby girl proud. But most of all I need to do this for myself. I deserve the world and I realize that's what Georgie always wanted for me. She wanted me to see I deserve nice things too and that I shouldn't let Uncle Tony sacrifice and BJ's heart be for nothing. I am done thinking that I am not good enough or trying to be other's expectation of good. I have to let my decisions be my own.

And because of this I think I have to be done with Lulu. It felt like she was a different person like some crazed person throwing all my misdeeds and insecurities in my face. I would have never thought someone who regarded me as a best friend would do that to me child or not. I am sorry for not telling her but Robin is something sacred to me. She was a sister to me and Georgie and I have always felt immense guilt for her death and Lulu didn't care about using that against me. Dante looked reluctant but he let it happen anyways. I know I am not close with Dante like I was with Lulu but he was always someone who looked for justice but also never wanted to hurt anyone. That hurt me more than anything and the look in his eyes of guilt made it hurt worse. He willingly let it happen like it was okay and tried to take my baby away from me. Only thing out of this whole thing that was good was that the judge recognized Spinelli is an amazing person and he deserved to be apart of his child's life. Out of all of this I am most saddened with myself about that. I almost let Spinelli not have the opportunity to not be a father. His forgiveness was completely unneccesary but I am grateful for that. He is a part of my life that I will forever be grateful for. Good people like him don't deserve the hurt I put him through.

I think of how I can do something productive for myself that will be meaningful but stay true to myself at the same time. And I know just the thing. I call my mom and I tell her about my plan and she says she is really proud of me and that it is a wonderful idea and she could do nothing but support my decision and I am glad to hear of it.

I pack most of my comfortable clothes and some toiletries and I get my things together. I meet the guy who is subletting my apartment and he is very cute but he isn't on my radar I am done with the shallow things for a while. He was nice and I told him I would be gone for a while and I left. I came by the docks one last time only to feel the wind and smell the water. Its not at Georgie's grave where I feel her closest its here. When the wind blows here its almost as if I can feel Georgie hugging me and its the last time I am going to feel that for a while. I just want to be alone and I think I should get up and leave but I change my mind if anyone has any lip I will tell them to shut the fuck up and scram.

I see that its Britt and I want to walk the other way because she is always just such a bitch. I wonder if that's what people felt like when I used to talk to them when they were younger. I find myself getting jealous because Britt is with her child and its a bleak reminder that I don't have mine and it just sucks.

"Hey Maxie..." Britt sounds like she is somewhat nervous. Why would the witch sounds nervous around me does she expect me to attack her and steal her baby because I don't have mine. I am not freaking crazy.

"What do you want Britt?" I don't feel like being irritated.

"Uhh... I didn't plan on seeing you anytime soon but I should just come out and say it because I owe it to you. I am very sorry for how I treated you before. It was wrong of me to be such a bitch to you and it was worse because I was your doctor. It was my job to make you feel comfortable and my oath should be to see to it my patients get the best care I can give and I deprived you of that with my behavior. I jus want you to know I am sorry for that. I heard about that case Maxie and if you want to appeal I will have testify on your behalf if need be. I can't imagine what you are going through but I know you don't deserve that."

"And how would you know what I deserve? You don't know me and we sure as hell are not friends." I can't help but be bitchy to her even if she is apologizing for how she treated me. Britt is that type of person who would tell you all of that and then say just kidding and laugh in your face. I wouldn't blame anyone for not taking what she says at face value. I am no fool to trust her so foolishly.

"I guess I deserve that. I don't really talk about my life often but I see a lot of myself in you Maxie we grew up with similar backgrounds. We both had absentee parents only difference between us is you had a sister and a man who treated you as his own." Britt looks almost jealous of me. I wonder why because look how my life turned out... I have no job and my kid is across the country.

"How do you know about my life? We are not close and I know for sure we have never discussed my childhood." I am kind of pissed because she knows a lot of me and I know next to nothing about her.

"Maxie this is a town where your family history is on the forefront of many people's minds and I am a doctor that works at General Hospital. That hospital is filled with people who remember you and your family's history there." Britt is right but I feel she wants to say more but something is holding her back. Maybe she really does feel bad about her attitude towards others. It is weird to be around Britt this long and she isn't being a bitch. She is actually someone who has the ability to be nice and listen. I don't want to dump my problems on her she might flip the script and say "fuck off, I'm a doctor not a shrink."

"I guess I could say that I forgive you. I am trying to turn a new leaf in my life and this seems like a good place to start. I don't want to hold on to pettiness and its not like I haven't been a bitch. I was for a longtime. The only reason I didn't turn out like you is because I always had my sister Georgie to keep me in check. No offense or anything like that but I kind of used to be like you before."

"If that's the case I wish I had a Georgie too! I have Ben now but before him I was incredibly lonely and I had absolutely no one growing up. I had a mother who was obsessed with my loser father and my father didn't give two shits about me because he wanted a son he could mold into becoming his heir. So that meant I got shipped off to boarding schools. I always spent holidays with the staff at my boarding schools. They took me in like I was their daughter when my own parents couldn't even send me a card. I envy your life Maxie. My kid's name is Benjamin named after a long time friend whose mom worked at the boarding school I went too. I followed him to America for University and everything. I guess he's like my Georgie. Always trying to steer me in the right direction but its hard when you have a raging bitch like me for a friend." She starting chuckling a bit and I couldn't help but laugh a little myself. Its weird that Britt and I are baring our souls to each other definitely not how I envisioned this day going. Its my last night here before I leave for a while and I kind of feel sad for Britt. We are getting along and she is going to be alone again where most people who know her don't like her. If there is one thing I know about this town is that they are hypocritical pieces of shit who think they can judge you even when they have done the worst imaginable. I should tell her she can talk to Sam but Sam has her own issues she is going through right now.

"Tonight is my last night here for a while." I blurt out before I can help myself

"Where are you going? Not that I blame you this place can be stifling small towns always are when you are not cookie cutter."

"I am going to Mexico for a while."

"What's in Mexico that you don't have here?"

"Well I'm Mexican and my mom's family is like Aztec royalty and stuff and I wanted to connect with my roots there and help my fellow Aztecs because the place my grandmother is from has been a little trying for the people. I am trying help others as well as help myself but its also a duty that I have never really fulfilled."

"So you are like a warrior princess? Talk about cool I keep meeting all this royalty. First Nikolas and now you is anyone else a princess in this town?"

"Actually yeah one of my best friends Sam is a princess she is Nikolas's cousin. She doesn't act like it or anything. She isn't stuffy or so guarded with manners. She is a heap load of fun when she wants to be. Speaking of Nikolas I see you with him a little bit. Are you guys like an item or something?" I have to text or call Sam before I leave. I know its been a while since we have spoken but she doesn't deserve to hear me leaving through gossip she deserves a call from me.

I could swear Britt the big bad witch is smiling and blushing like its high school. That is all the answer I need.

"Its weird I didn't expect any of this to happen to me when I moved. I hardly ever seen me becoming a mother and its weirdly fantastic. Shit I am sorry Maxie I don't mean to say it like that." She starts apologizing but I want her to know its not her fault I don't have my kid and she shouldn't feel like she should apologize for getting to be a mother.

"Whoa there's no need to apologize. I want to hear the story. You are a mother no ifs, ands, or buts about it so don't apologize for it. So go on I want to hear the rest okay."

"Okay. Well I was pregnant and I started becoming obsessed with Patrick because my mom kept pushing me into it. One day I just woke up and realized I don't love Patrick at all and I was scared as hell I was going to become my mother. Chasing after a man who didn't love me and I couldn't imagine the hurt that comes with that kind of rejection for my kid. I love my mom but for a woman who wickedly genius the mention of my father makes her turn into a pathetic lovesick fool that pushes everything in her life aside for that obsession. Its not even like my dad is Brad Pitt or anything. My mom is a domineering type who doesn't accept anything less than submission and it felt like she had me in a chokehold emotionally. I lied to Patrick about him being the father of my kid for this twisted sense of approval from my mother. I was slowly turning into her ready to manipulate any situation to get what I thought I wanted.

I liked the idea of Patrick but I don't even really know him but I was ready to make this false family with him because I wanted to please my mom. My life became this haze of lies and my mother telling me what I wanted. She was transposing her desires for mine and I didn't notice until I really felt Ben. After that I wanted to break free but I got myself in so deep. But then like a Hallmark movie I met Nikolas and his cute son and I was attracted to him because of his kindness. I haven't felt that kind of kindness since Benjamin and his family treating me like family and it was nice. I thought wow this guy and his son is being nice to me. I told myself to just shut up and bask in it because once he learns who I am he will be on his way. Even when Elizabeth was trying her hardest telling me I should stay away from Nikolas and telling him about all the stuff I did wrong and why he couldn't be associated with me he didn't leave. He told me he would reserve judgment from how I was with him and that made me so happy.

For a while he was just a supportive friend helping me through my pregnancy. Slowly we started opening up to each other about our sucky childhoods and we bonded and our attraction grew. Its kinda weird to say but its like Nik, Spence, Ben and I are just a family and we just go with it. I don't want to question it or burst my happy bubble. I come home to help Spencer with his homework and nurse Ben and Nik and I do boring crap like wash dishes even though he has a household staff. I didn't grow up like that. Ben's mom was the cleaning lady at the boarding school so we helped her clean when we had nothing to do. And the weird part is I love it, I crave it. We always want things we never have and I want and love domesticity. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought this would be my life. There's also other things that aren't so normal like Nik and Spence being royalty so realtively normal. The stability is so alluring to be able to come home to someone or someones is just the best. The only thing I hate is that we live on an island its a bitch to get to work when you miss the ferry."

"This is weirdly nice I must say. When I get back I would really like to be friends. When you want to try you aren't a mean person at all. I am happy that you have what you want. Here's my phone number just in case you need a friend when these fuckers get to be too much. Watch out for Elizabeth when she sets her sights on a man it becomes her mission to try to disrupt a relationship. My friend Sam went crazy when it happened with her don't let her ruin what you have okay."

"Thanks Maxie, I would definitely like to be friends when you get back. I know its stupid to ask but do you know how to speak Spanish it would suck to get there and not be able to communicate with the people."

"Yeah I know Spanish! I only look like a shallow airhead. People don't expect me to know much because I am all about fashion and lifestyle but there's more to me than that."

"I wasn't meaning to call you stupid its just the Americans I know only really know English."

"Well I have to know Spanish. My mom instilled the language in me and my sister like her mother did with her. We spoke it when we were alone together but everyone else in our life really only spoke English since my mom was always trying to chase adventure with my father."

"That's cool. In Switzerland some people can speak English but it isn't a common practice because there isn't an English zone there. Its something you pick up in school if you want too."

"So English isn't your first language?" I am kind of curious because Switzerland is a country I never been too. Not that I have traveled much in my life past New York City.

"Its not even my third. When you go to Switzerland you speak the language of the zone you are from. Then you another national language if you want to learn another language you can entitled too as long as your school offers it or you learn yourself."

"That is kind of awesome so you speak like how many languages?"

" My first language is German because my mom spoke that to me when I was young but since I lived in the Romandy I learned French in school and decided to learn Italian when I was older. I know a little Burmese but not like fluent in it or anything and of course I know English."

"Man if you didn't eat you could have totally been the next international supermodel."

"Uhh... thanks." We start laughing but oh man she has the height and she can speak all the languages of most designers. If I was her manager I could get her booked for so many jobs. She could totally make kickass looks because she does have an inner bitch that would translate well into photos. I am getting ahead of myself. The woman is a serious doctor modeling would be serious and I doubt Prince Nik would want to have to share his lady with the world moving around constantly. It isn't good for Ben to be globetrotting and worse for Spencer who has lost a couple of mother figures in his life to not have someone be present for him. But man in another life I could have made Britt a star.

"I'm just saying you have great height and you speak the languages of most top designers they would absolutely love you but I am getting ahead of myself."

"Do you see fashion being your main career?"

"Yeah its what drives me. Its more than clothes or a look to me. Its about using tools to be creative. Using the body or an idea as a canvas and building from it. Its my domain you know like being a doctor is for you. I know its a silly equivocation but its what I love and it what I know. I could totally give you a wardrobe makeover if you want not that what you wear is atrocious or anything but nothing wrong with adding new things."

"We can maybe do that when you come back it seems like fun." Her phone starts ringing and she apologizes but I can tell she has to take it because its a photo of Nikolas that pops up.

I hear her talking to Nikolas.

"Hey baby what's up?"

"Its getting dark and I was just wondering if you were coming home or you had to stay at the hospital. If you are I can come and pick up Ben and we could maybe have a little dinner. Spencer is wondering where you are because apparently I can't do math problems as fast as you."

"I totally lost track of time. I was talking to a friend and time seems to fly I guess. I have Ben with me and I guess I should get a move on because the ferry is going to come soon."

"What friend would that be? Britt please tell me it wasn't Brad..."

"Brad isn't a bad guy Nik and no it wasn't I made a new friend today I'll tell you more about it when I get home."

"I am glad you made a new friend. You would have plenty more if people knew the real you."

"I have a reputation to maintain thank you very much."

"If you want to talk to your friend some more I can come pick you up in a helicopter."

"Nikolas no! I don't want Ben in a helicopter he is too young and it makes so much noise it could hurt his hearing. I am going to take the next ferry. I'll be home soon and help Spence with his homework. Let's face it you are smart but I am a genius."

"I won't argue that. I'll see you in a bit."

"Okay ...bye honey."

Britt looks at her phone smiling but its only a screen of blackness.

"Earth to Britt."

"Sorry Maxie sometimes I go into another world. This was nice but I gotta get home and help Spencer with his homework and put him and Ben to bed. I really liked this and when you come back we definitely should hangout. I hope you find what you are looking for. Maxie I know I can't tell you much but know you have a sister out there how is looking out for you even if you can't see her." She squeezes my hand and gets up strolls away with Ben.

Nobody knows that sometimes I get visits by Georgie's spirit if they did they might put me in the looney bin. How did she knows that about me? Maybe she just means Georgie's is a guardian angel looking out for me. I don't need anyone knowing that about me because that would just probably send me to the looney bin with all the stuff that has happened to me lately.

I see Britt forgot a piece of paper it must have fell out her back pocket. It looks like a confirmation for an appointment. I hear foot steps and I think its her so I pick it up.

"Britt you came back. You forgot this."

I start to walk towards the footsteps and I know for sure it isn't Britt because Britt wasn't wearing black and Britt isn't a man.

"Britt isn't here Maxie. Just me Maxie."

"Dante..." The last person I wanted to see is standing right in front of me and I just want to beg and plead for his forgiveness.

"Hello Maxie, it can't say its pleasant seeing you here." Dante comes closer to me and I am kind of scared. What happened if this court case push him to the edge. It could make anyone even the most level-headed person I know to breakdown.