Ring ring pick up pick up...

This plays over and over and its Britt's voice. Its her ringtone when she calls. Its gotta be early but Britt wouldn't call me this early if she didn't need me.

"Hello?Britt its so early."

I wait for Britt to respond but she doesn't say anything but I can hear her breathing over the phone. And I think to myself maybe someone is holding her captive and she doesn't know that she called me. I am thinking to myself I need to call the police.

"Maxie." Over the phone Britt's voice sounds hoarse like she's been crying and I wonder what could have possibly happened in such a short amount of time.

"Britt, hon calm down and tell me what you need right now."

"Please pick me up I am at the park near Main street."

"I'll be right there. Okay let me just call Dante to watch Sofia and I'll be right over."

"Okay..." She sounds so quiet and then she hangs up

I look for Dante's number in my phone and I hear the rings and it feels like the longest call.

"Maxie... its too early what do you need?"

"Dante, I know its your day off but I need you to come over please and watch Sofia?" I know I sound frantic but Britt didn't sound too good.

"Baby slow down I'm coming now but tell me what's going on?" Dante sounds panicked and I would be too because I know sound like a crazy lady.

"It's Britt... She just called me... I don't think she is doing good... I know I sound crazy but please come now."

"Sweetheart I'm already out the door. I'll be there in less than 10 minutes okay."

"Okay, I'll be waiting."

The line disconnects and shit I have to remind myself to tell Dante that Sofia needs to be fed soon. I hope she isn't anxious that I am gone. Maybe I shouldn't leave her. Maybe I should take her with me. NO MAXIE! Don't be dumb you can't tend to your friend's needs and Sofia at the same time. I think logically Dante is the best option. Next thing I now I hear the front door being closed shut and Dante is standing there with his shirt inside out and eye boogers still present.

"Baby you scared me over the phone. What do you mean Britt is in trouble? Do I need to be a cop right now or what?"

"No, I mean emotionally she needs me as a friend right now. She's at the park right now."

"But its too early to be at the park."

"Dante I don't know why but she needs me."

"Okay I won't keep you any longer. Sofia will be up and fed by the time you get back. But you need to calm down if you are going to be of any use to Britt okay." Normally when people tell me to calm down it makes me want to get even more hysterical but Dante is right and he wraps me in a hug and I just rest my head on his chest. I go to give him a goodbye kiss like its the most natural thing in the world. It takes one minute and fifteen seconds for me to notice and I stop and look at Dante with big eyes. And I want to run but he knows better and holds my forearms. He's telling me its okay we can talk about us later and pecks my lips one last time.

"Okay..." I don't know what else to say right now.

"Okay." Dante's smiles reassures me that whatever going on between us is really okay. I grab my keys and purse and he ushers me out the door with his hand on the small of my back. It makes me shiver all over but I snap out of it. Britt needs me and I can't stop shuddering like the mistress from a Lifetime movie.

I tell Dante bye one more time before I truly close my door. I don't even bother taking the elevator because I am way too hype right now. I run down the stairs and past the door to the parking lot. Its early so not many cars are out.

I text Britt to see where she is in the park but she doesn't respond and that makes me worried. I decide maybe its best I first check our usual spot that we use for our babies' playdates. I see Britt with her should hunched so far she looks like the hunchback of Notre Dame but I am definitely not going to say that.

"Britt... Britt... Hey I'm here honey its okay. Whatever it is we can make it okay."

"I'm supposed to take Spencer to school right now." She's right this is the time that I get annoying texts so early in the morning even before Sofia cries for breakfast.

"Why aren't you taking Spencer to school Britt?" I am scared for the answer

"Nik broke up with me last night and I think it is for good. And its really fucking me up inside because all I can think about is mundane things like I can't let my appointments run late because I have to pick up Spencer but I'm not going to pick up Spencer. We were a family and now its broken! Spencer loved Ben like his brother. He even called me mama on the sly. He never let Nikolas hear because he was scared but he called me his mama and I felt like it. It hurts like something I never experienced. I can't compare it to anything. I feel hollow like someone took my heart and they're taunting me with the pain. Nikolas was talking about adopting Ben formally and Ben would wear his name like any child with a Russian father. He was going to be Ben's father and know I am in a fucking park and Spencer probably thinks I abandoned him and took his brother like a thief in the night!" Whoa why would Nikolas breakup with her... they love each other to a sickening degree. There is more to this story.

"Britt, why did he call it quits?"

"He kept badgering me about Ben's true father and I thought we dropped the issue but all of a sudden he just was relentless and wouldn't take no for an answer and I couldn't tell him the truth Maxie. I just couldn't!"

"Britt I told you months ago you should tell Nikolas about Ben's dad! If it was out in the open he would be able to protect you and Ben better! You shouldn't have put yourself in this situation in the first place. I know all about withholding the truth it only festers doubt and worry."

"Don't fucking scream at me! Damn you are making me too loud and Ben might wake up! I was going to tell him but I didn't tell you what happened later that night after I signed off Skype. My mom was watching me when I was talking to you. She had remote access to my computer when I was talking to you! She made me promise not to tell Nik or she would take Ben. She was even joking about giving Ben to Jerry Jacks because a baby raised by me and Nik would be too soft, 'too American'. That's why she is still here in Port Charles to keep an eye on me. I wanted my boring predictable life but its gone and I am alone again. I feel so trapped Maxie all the time. Its been a long time since I was so happy feeling like I had family and its been decimated right before my eyes. I begged him not to ask me that. I told him it was better if he didn't and he wouldn't listen to me. He wouldn't even have asked me if it weren't for Elizabeth. She has been sniffing my ass to see if my shit stinks the second Nik looked at me even as a friend. I swear to God I hate the woman. She has no right to interfere in my life but she got what she wanted a single Nik for the taking. I am fucking homeless right now I have to go to the Metro Court until I can find a place." Fuck! To hear this is so saddening to me. Britt has become my best friend and it hurts to see her hurt and confused. I want to cry with her because she finally got her happy ending with a real-life prince and a family.

"No stay with me! The Metro Court will be a ton of money and people might complain about the screaming baby when he cries for anything. Britt I have a second bedroom and I have an extra crib and some baby stuff for Ben until you can find a permanent home." I want her to stay with me. She is in a bad place and I want to help support her!

"Maxie that is too much too ask for!"

"You didn't ask Britt I offered! It is something I definitely don't mind we are best friends huh? Ben and Sofia are practically married so it works out perfectly! Come on I don't want you or Ben to catch a chill."

"Speaking of Sofia why isn't she here with you?" We start walking and I notice her car is still there and I don't think she is in a good state of mind to drive. I tell her we will pick up her car later.

"Sofia is with Dante. I called him because I was so worried about you and I didn't want to wake her up yet because she would be so cranky and the crying won't stop until she lets it be known to not mess with her sleepy time."

"Yeah she is a little bitchy sometimes." Britt says with a little laugh.

"Hey that's my baby you are talking about." But she is right Sofia's hissy fits have already become legendary.

"Come on let's go home!" I drive us back to my apartment and Dante is not even surprised in the least to see Britt and Ben. I come home to him feeding my baby and he gives her attention like a limited edition Hermes handbag and I couldn't relish the sight any more. Britt and Dante have some small talk and it looks as if they are more than acquaintances and for that I am glad. I suggest Britt have some rest and if Ben wakes I will take care of him until she has had enough sleep. I am so glad I decided to be vain and get two cribs because now it proves to be useful.

"Is everything going to be okay with her?"

"Not right now but hopefully soon her situation will start looking up."

"I hope so Britt is nice when she wants to be and she is a good friend to you so I wish her only the best." He grabs my hand with his free one and gives it a gentle squeeze and then kisses it and I can only gasp.

"Maxie, I don't know if it is the right to time to say but I think it is obvious from my end that I want us to be more than platonic. You and Sofia have grown so much importance in my life. Coming here is the saving grace to my bad days and the highlight to my good days and I'm selfish baby because I want everything but only if you want everything too." The doubts in my head tell me to run because I shouldn't be a cop's girlfriend! Not for a third time it would just be dumb of me to take that leap yet again. But my heart remembers the love of Jesse and his words still ring within my head. He only wanted me to be happy and I start crying because Dante makes me so happy and if I were to throw that away it would hurt more than anything. I'm going to listen to Jesse and just be happy.

"I love you and its so hard for me to believe it. But I know I love you Dante and I am just going to let myself be happy." I feel like a mess and I know that I look like it with snot and tears coming down my face.

"Maxie, baby don't cry please. I love you too baby so much. I love you so much and Sofia too. I'm going to make it my mission to always make you two happy." After I use some Kleenex, I give Dante a sweet kiss and I deepen it but I keep feeling a soft nudge until I can't ignore it any longer. My eyes search for the nudge and its Sofia and her tiny hands trying to push me back. Babies are weak but she lets it be known she doesn't want to see this but I think that she just wants all of Dante's affection.

"I guess you are stuck with us. To reward you for rushing over here when I needed you how about I make you breakfast."

"I guess I can be swayed into eating." I snatch a kiss before Sofia can even react and I want to laugh at myself.

I make a heap load of eggs and bacon because when Britt wakes up she will most likely have a headache from all that crying. I give Dante and I a good load of Bacon and eggs and the rest for Britt when she wakes up.

It should feel weird because of this silence between the two of us but Ben is in the playpen with Sofia and they are in their own world and Dante and I just eat and its simple and feels right. I don't have any work so that just makes it sweeter. Even though my heart is breaking for Britt I feel good things on the horizons for Dante and I. My court case is coming soon and I just hope to God that I have Georgie in my arms soon as well. I want my girls together and the thought makes me smile into my eggs.

So Maxie and Dante reveal their feelings for each other and it didn't turn into one of those scenes I hate when someone professes their feelings and they get flat out rejected or get told it was a mistake. I don't like that so they most likely ever be in my stories because I don't have the heart to do that to any character I write. Its sad that Dante and Maxie got together but Britt lost her prince. The reason I did this because too many times on the show I see Liz trying to throw Britt under the bus in Nikolas's eyes and that irks me but it makes him doubt things because he is human and these thoughts come eventually. Liz is always trying to hit home to Nik that he needs to be weary of Britt and he finally succumbed to the doubt and that really sucked because Brik and co. had become a family. Spencer had a brother and thought of Britt in a motherly fashion and it hurts the children when their stability collapses. Spencer will probably think Britt doesn't want him anymore and its the furthest thing from the truth. Maxie and Britt's friendship will become stronger and they will cement their importance in each other's life by supporting one another. Funny thing was I was supposed to write my Britt and Nik fanfic first but I was re-watching some things on youtube and Dante and Maxie came to my forefront. I will be making my original Brik fanfic as well which is separate from this and a companion Brik fanfic which will be an offshoot to this fanfic.

I thank all my followers/favs and viewers for tuning into this story. I know this pairing is unusual to see at first and I just want to say thank you for giving it a chance for liking it. Remember comments are always encouraged and welcome. What do you guys want to see in the near future? I have a concrete vision of where this fic is going but I am always open to ideas and suggestions if they fit the story.