" I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride!" Lorraine called through the old folks home that she worked in. In her pink scrubs, she twirled around, headphones plugged into her ears as she walked to the very last door at the end of the first floor. She was off of work, but she always visited the woman in there before and after work, each and every day, just to say hello. The woman with Alzheimer thought that she knew Lorraine, even knew her name, but it was just someone from the past. Lorraine still loved to visit the woman, she felt bounded to her and the woman was bounded to Lorraine as well.

" I'm wanted, wanted, dead or alive." Her sister, Edith called out from her place at her desk. Partners in crime, they did just about everything together, even worked together.

" Wanted." Lorraine belted out.

" Wanted!" Her sister called back to her.

" Dead or alive!" Lorraine sung with a soft smile as she past the desk her sister was at.

Edith was the thing that made Lorraine turn into a wild child at times and Lorraine was the thing that kept Edith tied down to the ground when her head was high up in the sky. They were a yin and yang from one another and yet they were perfect for one another as well. Edith made sure that Lorraine did not work herself to death, which Lorraine was known to do when Edith would leave town for weeks at a time, while Lorraine kept her sister in line. Edith was a year older than Lorraine, though no one would think that seeing as Edith was the one that would nearly get them arrested every time that they would go out for a night on the town or to a concert or really anyplace where Edith can purchase alcohol. But Lorraine had always been one for men, she knew how to twist them until they were a mess, which had gotten them out of being arrested plenty of times in the past. While Lorraine was the one that was usually cool, calm, and collected, sometimes, even she knew that she needed a break from her life, and that is when Edith would just laugh and stare at her sister as if she were someone completely new. That was Edith's favorite side of her sister, she would tell her each and every morning after, and Lorraine would just laugh, hair in a mess, make-up smudged down to her neck, hungover worse than she would have ever thought she could be, and usually with a man in her bedroom in which she did not know if name of. Yeah, those were the fun nights out that Lorraine liked to have as well, though she would never say so to her sister.

" We still on for tonight?" Edith asked to her sister, a hopeful smile on her face yet a devilish look in her eyes. Lorraine rolled her eyes, sighing as she did so as her sister started to beg to her, pleading for Lorraine to go out and to have a good night with her.

" You know that I can never say no to you. But I have to wait till eight tonight, some of the kiddos parents have to be at work late. But after that, we'll go out and we'll have the time of your life." Lorraine winked to her sister.

" Wait. . . hold up there. It's your birthday and we are going to make it about me? Common Lor, this is a day all about you. I'm going to make sure that you get atleast laid tonight." Edith said.

" Good luck with that." Lorraine said as she started to walk towards Peggy Carter's room.

" She has company." Edith said as Lorraine whipped around, spinning on her heels and started to walk back to Edith's place at the desk.

" If you tell me that its those good for nothing kids again, I swear to god I am going to have them kicked out of here. You know that all they do is come in here and beg her to tell them where her money is. They come in maybe once a year, just for that reason. Not on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mothers day, her own birthday, they don't call, send a letter, nothing! They just want her money and they are not going to get it from her. Peggy doesn't even remember-" Lorraine really did not like those two horrible children that Peggy had.

" Whoa there momma bear, no its neither of them, its someone hot and steamy and fifty shades of God bless America." Edith said as she placed the tip of her pen to in between her teeth. Lorraine just rolled her eyes, so unsure with what he sister was saying until Edith just rolled her eyes. " Captain America is finally here on a day that I am here and I am going to love watching that man leave again. The ass that he has is something that can only home out of a dream or an HBO show." Edith said as Lorraine could tell that her sister was going off into one of her day dreams. Edith did not like men, but she would watch a fine ass any day of the week.

" Great! Because we both know that was Peggy really needs is someone making her really believe that she is all the way back in time, that she somehow had managed to get back there and the love of her life is alive and well. This is going to bring her back into regression by so much. Why was I not called about this, I am the head nurse when it comes to Peggy!" Lorraine said as she stomped her foot down.

" Maybe something along the lines of because Dr. Sexy told him that it was 'a-ok' and that if he ever wanted to visit Miss Carter that he could just come on right in." Dr. Sexy was Dr. Franklin who Edith just thought was the most sexiest person alive, Lorraine thought of she as a dead man walking.

" One day she will not show up to work, and you, you will know what happened to her." Lorraine sighed as she leaned against the old wooden desk.

" You would have hit her sixteen times with your truck, then hit her with a shovel just to finish off the job, wrap her in a couple sheets with some pretty big ass rocks, sew the sheets together, and throw her im into the middle of the ocean?" Edith asked as she played with her pen.

" Yup." Lorraine said as she popped her lips before she started walking towards the door.

" Wait, what are you doing?" Edith asked her sister with a smile on her face, she already knew.

" I am going in there and visiting Peggy, you know that those kids are gonna be waiting for me. Captain America or not, I do not have time to wait." Lorraine called out.

Her kids, the ones that she took care of each and everyday. It was a daycare service that Lorraine had going on. Any kid, and their siblings, who had a physical handicap could be brought to her and she would take care of them after she got out of work until the time that their parents got out of work. She loved playing around with the little kids, rocking a baby in her arms until it was settled down and happy, teaching everyone numbers and singing little songs to them. But she loved it even more knowing that she was helping children that other people thought would never make it in the world, the people that were looked down on. From the children who were considered dwarfs to the children who could not move below their waist or a child who had gotten into a terrible accident and lost an arm, she took care of them all. They had grown to love her and each and everyday when she got out of work at three in the afternoon, she would run from the retirement home straight to the different schools to pick up the schoolkids and that is where the parents would drop off their little siblings as well. Sometimes, if it was really nice out, they would stay at the school and play on the playground for awhile, but after that they would all go back to Loraine's tiny house. It had become her own little daycare center and Lorraine loved every moment of it. But Lorraine was so tired, her feet killed and her back felt like it was being stabbed, she wondered how she was going to get through the rest of the day and then the night to come, as she went to the door and knocked on it light as she walked in.

" Miss Peggy, now you don't have to deal with me anymore-" Lorraine said as she walked in, acted shocked as she looked to find Steve Rogers sitting beside of her, and just smiled lightly. " Hi, I am Nurse Thompson."

" Nonsense! Steve, it's Lorraine! Lorraine followed you around like a puppy, even got deployed with us. She followed you and Bucky to the end of the world. . ." Peggy said as Lorraine just smiled, shaking her head lightly. " Lorraine, I am still so sorry how it all turned out back there, looks like we both missed our dates." She said as she looked to the young girl, Peggy really looked sad and sorry for whatever had happened. Peggy never talked that much into what had happened before she would forget she was really talking about it.

" Lorie?" Steve asked as he squinted his eyes and looked at the girl.

" Have we met? I don't think so, seeing as no one calls me Lorie. Besides, now common Miss Peggy, we both know that the girl that you are speaking about is listed as MIA, she never came back from the World War. Now it's 2014, my name is Lorraine but I am your nurse." Lorraine said as she lightly pet Peggy's foot. " Now I am getting out of here. Remember, I am not going to be here at 3am, so do not come out to the nurses station demanding me, its going to be my day off. But I will come in and visit you around, two o'clock, you think that you can remember that?"

" Of course. Oh Steve, she is still so sassy." Peggy said as she shook her head lightly, as if in disappointment and just a mixture of pride in there as well. " And just as much of a beauty she was the day that I met her, how you had the heads turning back then. Steve, make sure that they take care of her, you know how horrible a man can be when a woman works." She begged to Steve, she was back in time once again and Lorraine knew that there was nothing she could do to try and stop it with Steve Rogers in the room.

" Alright, Miss Peggy, its my birthday so I cannot come in tonight whatsoever so please do not give the nurses as scare just to get me in here. Okay?" Lorraine said with a playful smile to Peggy, who just acted coy as if she did not know what Lorraine was talking about. " Okay, now you behave yourself with this fine young man, I know the chemistry that you to have but remember Peggy, don't go breaking your hip again." Lorraine winked to the woman who just smiled up at her as she lightly tugged on the woman's foot before leaving the room with a smile on her face.

" So, did you touch him?" Edith said from her desk, she was looking down at her phone. " I know that some men like for a woman to take charge and just jump a mans bones. Tell me, did Captain America seem like one of those types?"

" Nope." Lorraine said as she went behind the desk and pulled her jacket off of the rack.

" Well you may still get your chance to still hop on the America train." Edith said as she turned around and winked to the girl as she got up and walked way from the nurses station, clipboard and phone in hand. " Someone's gotta take Frank to PT and they have volunteered me. Joy. See ya later, Sis."

" See ya." Lorraine said as she just waved her sister off before her hand fell to her side as she pulled her jacket over her body.

" Excuse me." Steve said as he came up to the nurses desk and looked at Lorraine as if he were seeing an old friend, the same way that Peggy looked to her.

" Yes, Captain Rogers?" Lorraine asked with a smile as she pulled her hair out of its burn, her raven hair falling out and around her face.

" It's not just Peggy who thinks that you look exactly like our friend. You. . . you look just like her. You talk like her, you walk like her, you address people like she did." He said as he looked so hurt with what he was seeing in front of him.

" Well, I'm sorry Captain Rogers, I assure you that I was not placed in ice for seventy some odd years. Knowing my luck I'd still be down there, getting eaten by a polar bear or something." Lorraine said with a smile. " From what Miss Peggy has told me, she was a really good woman though, your Lorraine. Followed you and Sergeant Barnes all the way to Europe to stick with you both, how unladylike for the time, because she could not stand the thought of losing both of her best friends. She was captured a little after Sergeant Barnes passed and before you. . . you did what had to be done, right?" Lorraine asked as she took the scarf out of her coat pocket and wrapped it around her neck.

" Yes. . . well she went on a mission with Peggy and. . . well she never returned." He said with such sadness in his eyes. " But what am I going on about, you can't be here. You. . . you have a sister and a life here." Steve said with a smile as he tried to shrug off his ideas.

" Well. . . If anyone, anyone, asks, Edith is my sister. But. . . we're not." Lorraine said.

" Oh?"Steve asked as he looked up to the girl once again. " Can I ask?"

" Yeah. . . Seven years ago I got thrown from a car, head hit the pavement pretty damn hard and well. . . I lost everything before that moment, or that's what they say. I had my wrists and ankles duct tapes together, the police thought that I was some kidnapped victim and basically plastered my face on everything. But. . . I didn't remember anything about me, who I was, where I had come from, nothing. Miss Peggy came and found me, back when she was a little more sane, told me I looked exactly like a friend of hers, we talked and talked for hours, she was my first friend. Miss gave me my name, or the one that I go by. Then Edith and her parents showed up, telling everyone that I was their missing daughter who had been kidnapped as a child. There were no fingerprints, no DNA, but I looked just like the little girl. So they took me home, we all knew that I was not their child, but they thought that they could help a girl to have a family, one that would love her and treat her as their own. They knew that their child was dead, that something horrible had happened to that little girl, but they thought that something good could come from her death in helping me have a family. So I took that identity and ran with it, the name on my social security card is Mary, but I stick with the name that Miss Peggy gave me. You . . . you probably didn't want to hear all of that." Lorraine said with a weak smile as she looked to Steve to find that he looked like he was hanging off of each and every word that she was saying, like it could be the last words that he would ever hear.

" You still could be her." He whispered as he looked to her.

" Yeah, I could be just about anyone that you wanted me to be." Lorraine said with a wink as she started to walk away from the nurses station.
" Lorie?" Steve asked as Lorraine turned around, something telling her to do so. " Bucky is alive. He. . . he was taken by the Russians, something that they had done to him while he was in the camp made him survive. But he is alive, bet he would love to see you too. So I have no doubt in my mind that if one of my best friends is alive, then the other one is alive too. I never thought that I would see either of you again, but. . . well. . . you look just like her, I mean there is not a doubt in my mind whatsoever that you are her. Those beautiful greens eyes, your raven hair, that breathtaking smile, bet that you even have her laugh. I don't know who or what did anything to you, I can only hope it was not as bad as what they did to Bucky, but I am thankful to see you again. Guess lightening does strike twice." Steve said with a shrug as Lorraine just smiled to him.

" Well, if I ever get anything from my past and it involves fighting off Hydra-Nazi's, I'll call you up, Cap." Lorraine said with a wink as she walked off. She was so going to be late for taking care of those children. " Better yet, you use all of those tracking skills that you learned way back then in the army and you come and you find me and Edith tonight and then we will have a drink together, you, me, and Sergeant Barnes. You can tell me all about Lorraine, see if your best friend thinks the same thing. Oh, and bring some pictures too, Miss Peggy never showed me pictures." Lorraine called out to him and she could hear him chuckle and knew, the game was going to be on that night. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were going to be tracking her down.