" Stand on the box, stamp your feet and starta clappin', got a real good feeling something bad about to happen." Lorraine hummed along to the sing as she did her hair in the mirror, her last child having left a half hour ago.

" Ran into a girl in a pretty white dress, pulled down the window said ' where you headin' to next?" Edith questioned along to the song as Lorraine flipped her hair a bit, getting the freshly straighten hair a little messed up. " You seem a little more happy about heading out for your big day. So, where is he meeting us?"

" We are going the the loudest, darkest, most packed club in all of DC tonight. The boys are going to try and find us tonight. They seem to think that I am their long-lost best friend, just like Peggy. So we are going to play their little games." Lorraine smiled to her sister through the mirror as she put some rip lipstick on her lips.

" And we are going for the lipstick, man, you are going to have these boys going on a spin tonight. . . who are the boys. I mean I know that Captain hot ass is going to be there but you are counting plural." Edith questioned as she bumped into her sister and started to do her own make-up.

" I guess that Bucky Barnes is also here in this century with us. What a fucked up world we live in, you know that? Where superheros can't just stick around in their own times, no, they have to come here and figure out that I am their best friend." Lorraine sighed as she turned around and learned against the counter.

" Well maybe you are, I mean after all, you do have those weird dreams about drowning and being lifted out of the water." Edith said with a shrug as she re-applied her mascara.

" Who knows if that came out of my childhood, or hearing about someone drowning on the TV, or if that is just a terrible nightmare that I have. Besides, I also dream about having a three-way with Eric Northman and Alcide from True Blood, doesn't mean that that is ever going to happen." Lorraine rolled her eyes.

" Yeah and I wouldn't mind getting laid by Pam, but see that is the thing, Lor, your man is right there. Hell, you could have your blonde Eric and mysterious Alcide in fucking Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers. They are real, they could be the family that you have been searching for. Maybe this know what happened to you." Edith said as she bumped her sister with her hip. " So you think that I am going to allow you to just wear, that out tonight?" Edith asked as Lorraine looked down, she found nothing wrong with wearing just jeans and a shirt, Edith thought that leaving for something besides work without wearing a dress was a sin.

" Christ, I really do not have time to get into a dress." Lorraine sighed, she hated wearing a dress, but her sister just had a wicked smile on her face as she pulled her sister into her bedroom and thew her down on the bed.

Big sister always playing dress up with little sister. Lorraine had become a doll for Edith the day that she joined the family, but Lorraine never really minded much. She moved feeling her sisters fingers go through her hair, the way that Edith would throw each and every dress out of her closet until she found something that would fit the occasion and would fit Lorraine as well. Lorraine did not have very much of a fashion sense, she knew not to wear more than one bright color at a time, and that double-denim was a big N.O. But anything else, and she would just stand there and stare like a deer in headlights, Lorraine did not have a clue about fashion, she knew how to stop someone from bleeding, she knew what to look for in dementia patients, but fashion, oh no. Edith would pull out a good dress, then some heels for Lorraine to stumble around in all night, and then she would find some form of jewelry. Hell, it was Edith who was the person who knew men better than Lorraine could ever figure them out, she knew what they were looking for and Edith would put her sister into the perfect little get up for the type of guy that she was looking for that night. But when Edith pulled out the dress for tonight, Lorraine nearly walked out of the room.

" No. No. and no! Edi, I am looking for something to make me look cute, not a fuck-me dress! If I wanted that I would wear a t-shirt! Or just my bra! Christ, do you think that I am going out to find myself a pimp?! We are playing a game of cat and mouse with Captain America and his best friend, not Hugh Hefner." Lorraine said, eyes wide as she looked back to the dress again.

" I know, we gotta welcome these boys into the century the right way. We both know that girls will be climbing on the two of them like they were trees, if you wanna make them notice you, to make sure that they come to you and you only, well you gotta look like the classiest playboy bunny. Besides, I'm putting you in pearls too, keepin' in a little classy." Edith said as she took her sister's hand and pulled her back into her bedroom. " Besides, big sis knows best."

" Listen, if I am who they say that I am, I am big sis." Lorraine said as Edith rolled her blue eyes.

" I will always be big sister."

The dress was short, Lorraine felt like if she crossed her legs, half of her butt would be sticking out of the dress, but Edith just smiled to her sister in the back of a cab. Lorraine was nervous, she felt like maybe, just maybe these two were going to show up, maybe they were going to tell her that her whole life was in their hands and that they knew everything and that scared her to death. Another part of her hoped that they would not show up, she doubted that she even needed to know what her life was like before Edith and her parents found her, what could they tell her that would change her life so desperately? But another part of her wanted to know so badly that it nearly hurt, wanted to be able to know her real name, where she was from, where her parents were, everything. But most of her thought that these two would not show up, why would they? Because some girl flirted with one of them and told him to come and find her and her sister? Hell, they were two men who had so much more to do with their lives, why would they do something as foolish as go out to a club to meet up with a girl with a 0.00000000000009% chance of being their best friend from the past? So she started to loosen up a bit as they cut up to the front of the line, buying off the bounce to allow them through as Lorraine pulled off her jacket and smiled.

It was a black and red dress. The bust part of the dress was black polka dots on lace while the skirt part, that when to her thigh when she was standing, was a bright red to match her lips. She had heels on that made it hard to walk because of how high they were, they made Lorraine, who was already a pretty tall girl, nearly tower over most of the other girls in the club. They had been in Edith's closet since the last fourth of July, they were the American flag right on her heels. Edith thought that, in the beginning of April, that it would be a good idea to place her little sister in something that did not cover up her legs and platform heels that were made for summer months. She also wore the pink birthday girl sash that her and Edith passed around to one another on their birthdays, the sash went further down her body than her actual dress did. But, the only thing that kept Lorraine's body classy whatsoever was her pearls, their grandmothers pearls, she kept touching them every so often when she started to feel uncomfortable. But some people, mostly guy, saw her sash, they started to buy both her and her sister shots.

" I think that it is time for a dance." Edith said after giving Lorraine her last shot, she had decided that tonight she was going to be the responsible one, Lorraine had fought for about an hour over it before she had lost the fight.

" Why? Because it's a good song playing or because you did not like that guy hitting on you?" Lorraine asked as Edith pulled her onto the floor.

" All of the above plus two factors. One, I did not like the way that that guy kept buying you drinks – he was so ready to take you home and own you once he got enough drinks into you- and two, I see your lover and his friend walking into the club. No offense, but I really do not wanna loose this bet so soon in the night. Like fuck, I thought that we would at least get another few shots into you." Edith said as a man placed boy his hands on Lorraine's hips, pulling her in.

" Hi, I'm Peter." The guy said as Lorraine wrapped her hand around his neck and just let her hips move to the motion of his.

" Gross." Edith said as she just rolled her eyes, she was keeping an eye at the two at the bar, who were looking out to the floor. They knew that the girls were here, that's why they would have come into the place to begin with, they were just trying to figure out where they had gone to.

Each time that she as turn around to the bar, she would see their faces looking out, desperate to find their old friend. She could tell, the other one, Bucky was the one that needed to find Lorraine more than Steve did. Steve knew that she was real, knew that she was something that he could hold and touch and call her name and she would answer to, but Bucky, well he was still pretty unsure about this whole thing, it was written on his face. He would take long sips from his beer, but he would keep his eyes scanning the whole floor for her, when their eyes met for the first time, it was something that just made Lorraine smile a smile that she had never done before, it was a crooked smile where only the corners of her mouth went up before she chuckled a bit and winked to him. Lorraine was basically calling him to her, wanting for him to come and take this Peter off of her body, he smelt like vodka and coke and it made Lorraine want to gag. But she kept in motion with the man through each and every song as she kept her eyes peels to Bucky's, without saying a word to Steve, without anything, when the man started to trail up her dress, making Lorraine break the eye contact, it seemed like Bucky was on her in a moment, thrusted into the place where the other man had been, but he spun the girl around so that they were facing one another.

" Hey Babydoll." He whispered to her, his lips right against her ear as he did so.

" Hey Stud." She replied instantly as she stepped back and just looked at him, her eyes wide as she just froze on the dance floor. His voice, she knew it, she knew it so well. But the thing was, he looked just as stunned as he just starred at her, a small O shape coming from his lips, as Steve finally came to her side.

" What happened here?" Steve asked as he shuffled closed to them, getting bumped and shoved by the other people dancing.

" He called her babydoll, she called him stud, now they are frozen in time." Edith shrugged as Steve just looked from Lorraine to Bucky. " Looks like she really is yours. I have never heard someone call her anything with baby in it without her punching them in the face. And stud is something that I haven't heard her ever say."

" Only Buck was ever allowed to call her that. In Italy she broke someone's jaw for calling her babyface." Steve said as Edith just gave an approving nod.

" Thatta girl, now common, these boys are gonna buy you a drink." Edith said as she pulled on her sisters shoulder, pulling them to a small table with a booth.

They talked about her as if she was not there, even Lorraine did it. They were talking about her, but she did not feel like it was her. But then again, her and Bucky would just find themselves starring back at one another and would smile and giggle, Lorraine blushing, she did not know who he was or where he had come from, but she found herself so. . . interested in him but at the same time she was a little scared of him as well. He was able to bring things out of her that she had never known about, at one point they were talking about milkshakes, of all things to talk about at a bar, and Lorraine just said how much she wanted a shake from Lorenzo's and then just stopped and looked down at the table, taking another sip of her fruity drink, she did not have any clue where Lorenzo's was, but Bucky did. He told her that her favorite shake was strawberry and that they would split a basket of fries and she would dip them into her milkshake.

" So were you two boinking?" Edith finally asked, taking a sip from her dirty martini as Bucky just started to smile a bit as Lorraine just shrugged.

" What?" Steve asked, looking even more confused than anyone else.

" Was he fucking my sister? Cause I know for damn sure that you most likely haven't even seen a girls tits a day in your life by the way that you act when a girl looks at you with those eyes that say ' I'm looking for a one night stand,' you shy off." Edith shook her head with a smile as Captain Steve Rogers started to blush, making Lorraine laugh.

" No, I was not. We were not even officially dating." Bucky said as a waitress brought over a large glass and placed it in front of Lorraine.

" From the gentleman at the bar." The waitress said as Lorraine looked from her to the bar to find a man that sent chills up and down her body as she looked at him. Something about him, maybe the way that he starred her down, made her want to up and leave the bar.

" Do you know him?" Steve asked.

" He's most likely thinking he could get lucky with the birthday girl." Edith said before she looked to her sister. " Lor?"

" Do. . . do you know him?" Lorraine asked as she looked to Bucky to find that he had the same worried, almost scared, look on his face before he looked to her.

" Common." He said as he grabbed her hand and started to pull her from the bar.

" So, we know him?" She yelled as they pushed their way out of the bar, Steve and Edith following close behind.

" I. . . I don't know." He said as he finally looked down to her, she was frightening and she knew that he could tell. As they ran, their hands met, Bucky wrapped his tightly around hers and kept running at the way back to Steve's apartment, which had become his as well.

She was breathless, like legitimately, she could not breath as she fell to the ground on his apartment and felt the burn all the way in her noise as her sister came and flopped beside of her on the cool floor. Steve and Bucky just smiled down to them, Lorraine wanted whatever serum they had given Steve, he looked like he did not even break a sweat, and Bucky. . . well he looked even better than Steve. Her dress was almost all the way around her hips, her heels were leaving blisters on her feet, and she could tell that her hair was in a frizzy, tangled mess as she felt her chest heave in and out but smiled when she was finally able to breath again without feeling like everything from within her had been set on fire. By the time that she stood up, Edith was finally not heaving, but she was still a mess on the floor as she kept around the corner to find that Steve was getting the girls water, being a good gentlemen. Lorraine simply smiled as she took both glasses from him and brought one over to her sister, who had decided to just stick to staying on the floor.

" So," She said as she took a sip of the cold told water, it felt like heaven going all the way down, "you boys run away from strangers that make you a little queezy all the time, or just when it means that you have two girls in your apartment?"

" See? I told you, she is still the same girl." Steve said with a proud smile.

" You. . . you don't recall anything?" Bucky asked to Lorraine as she just shook her head.

" I couldn't even tell you how old I am, this is just her real sisters birthday." She said with a sigh. " Hell, when I was first brought to the hospital, I did not even know what my hair color was or what skin tone I was. I. . . I didn't know anything about me, where I was, or where I had come from. It was like I had been wiped clean of all of my memories." Lorraine said before taking another sip of water.

" Wiped memories." Bucky mumbled as Lorraine just looked from him to Steve.

" Hey, do you mind if we stay here tonight? I really do not want to go all the way to the other side of DC and I am so not paying for a cab." Edith called from the hallway.

" She'll sleep right there if you let her." Lorraine said with a smile.

" I will, like a cat!" Edith call back.

" You guys stay as long as you like, I'll go and get some stuff out of my room, you guys can sleep in there if you want." Steve said with a kind smile. Within an hour Edith and Lorraine had gone to not even knowing if they were going to show up, to staying the night at their apartment. Lorraine was still a little nervous, but she was also so excited to see where this was going to go.