Harry snickered as he approached the Potions Master, who'd ensconced himself in a dark corner. He handed the man one of the mugs in his hands. "I thought only equines fell asleep standing up," He commented, taking a sip of his own coffee.

"A common misconception, Professor Potter," Snape muttered, taking the mug gratefully as he rubbed at his eyes with his other hand. Both men turned back to watching the remaining Seventh Years in groups around the Great Hall, dancing and enjoying themselves as if it weren't almost two in the morning. Most of the students had retired, but thanks to the two-thirty curfew that Headmaster had generously set, there was still no less than forty students enjoying the night.

The Potions Master yawned and Harry smiled, seeing an opportunity. "You know, we still have an hour before we can start shooing the kids into their beds. Keeping active has been proven to help one stay awake."

Snape smirked at him over his mug and raised an eyebrow. "Did you have something in mind, Potter?"

Harry grinned and set his mug on a nearby table, grabbing his colleague's hand in both of his and dragging him toward the dance floor. "Dance with me." The Gryffindor suggested.

Snape rolled his eyes, but set his mug down and allowed himself to be dragged onto the edge of the dance floor, where he stood resolutely with his arms crossed over his chest. "Excuse me, Potter? Did we enter into a romantic relationship together without my knowledge?"

Harry blushed, looking down. "No, but," He glanced up through his fringe. "We could."

Snape's eyes widened in surprise, and a secret communication passed between black and green eyes. Finally, the Potions Master looked away, over the top of the younger professor's head. "I don't really like to dance in public, Potter."

Harry felt his face fall as disappointment weighed heavily on his heart. "Oh, I-I see. Sorry, Severus, I must've gotten my signals crossed. I'll let you get back to your," He took a deep breath. "Corner." He started to walk away, confused about how he could have been so wrong about what he'd thought had been a growing mutual attraction between them.

Long fingers wrapped around the Defense Master's wrist, pulling him around into strong arms that wrapped tightly around his waist. "I didn't say no." The words were whispered against his cheek as he was led into a slow waltz, and Harry grinned, willfully ignoring it when, across the room, Minerva reluctantly handed Albus a gold coin.