It all started many centuries and distant planets ago. On NA #97 there was a young woman named Lily Evans. She was the descendant of two noted magical clans from Japan. The Hikari and the Niwa.

Normally this would not matter in the scheme of things, however in recent years the Japanese Ministry had uncovered an...unusual artifact. One that belonged to the Hikari clan but had been sealed by the Niwa less than a century ago.

It was called the Black Wings. Naturally due to it's massive size and unusual nature they couldn't exactly owl it to England. After all, there was a war and this could easily draw attention. However they could send a part of it for study.

In this case a single pair of white and black feathers. Aside from the initial investigation which was put on hold indefinitely until the war ended, Lily had the goblins turn them into a pair of earrings which she always wore.

You may be wondering what impact these insignificant earrings have on this story.

The answer lies in Lily's son Harry. Or rather the unusual incident that occurred four years after her death at the hands of a madman with delusions of grandeur.

Harry turned five today, not that he had anything to celebrate. To him it was another day in his own private hell on earth. His aunt either ignored him completely or set Dudley on him to remind him painfully that he was a freak and therefor not worth spending any money on whatsoever.

Today was special in that Petunia happened to come across a pair of matching feather earrings that she tossed in the garbage after dinner in disgust. All Harry heard was that they had belonged to his mother and he immediately wanted them. So when he took out the trash that night he undid the knots carefully and took them out. His aunt didn't notice as the trash was taken away early in the morning.

It was only after he carefully cleaned them that he felt something. Almost like one of Mrs. Figg's cats stretching from a long nap in the sun.

In the early rays of moonlight on his fifth birthday, Harry felt something click into place with his core, not that he knew what that was, or even how to use it until much later.

On his first day of school was when he received his first shock.

Namely what would happen should he place the feathers on his ears. He had a basic idea of what an earring was, as Petunia wore them on occasion, and the open clasp on the feathers made him think that he could slide his tiny ear into them...but then the things clapped into his ears and refused to be taken off.

He was most upset about that, namely what his aunt would do should she discover he had taken them out.

It seemed the things had a mind of their own, because the teachers didn't notice them at all. And later neither did Petunia.

That wasn't nearly as shocking as what happened later that night.

"This is Yuri's kid? He's skinnier than Satoshi was!"

"Her sister is hardly the best example of motherhood. Did you not notice she forced the boy to cook? He barely reached the stove without a step stool!"

"I think he can hear us. You awake kiddo?"

"Who...who are you?" Harry whispered into the dark.

"We can hear your thoughts kid. No need to speak out loud."

'Who are you?'

"Better. My name is Dark."

"I am Krad."

"And together we are the spirits bound in the earrings you put on. Normally we would be unable to interact but the goblins added a few features when they turned the stone feathers into earrings for Yuri-chan."


"He means Lily, your mother. Dark never could get the hang of any language outside of German or Japanese."

'You knew my mum?'

"We remember her briefly before she died. It was partially thanks to her that we can move around more since the mirror was sealed."

"From what we saw of Lily, she never would have allowed you near these people. Unfortunately you're still too young for us to teleport you out of this place."

Harry sagged in disappointment. So he couldn't escape even with these spirits?

"But that doesn't mean we can't talk to you and keep you company. Just because Dudley keeps the normal kids away doesn't mean he can do the same to us."

Harry brightened considerably about that.

And so it went. Harry spent most of his time talking to either Dark or Krad and mastering the art of silent communication without letting others know. If his classmates believed him to be a bit ditzy, well he let them. If he proved to be very klutzy until he figured out how to walk and talk at the same time, well, that made it easier for him to avoid Dudley's attempts to trip him deliberately.

In fact Harry had found a sort of balance thanks to Dark's coaching and learning how to pick locks.

He never would have considered popping the hinges of the cupboard and putting in substandard replacements so that he wasn't skinny anymore. Now all he had to do was pop out the door and carefully replace the lock (it was a sliding one) and the adults were none the wiser.

He became very quick at detecting his cousin's increasing snack raids though. All he did was go in behind Dudley without making a sound and steal a bit more of whatever he had eaten (except when it was the last piece) and he was able to actually enjoy some of the treats his cousin ate without being bothered.

Finally, on his seventh birthday, things changed again.

"Harry, we have good news for you," said Dark.


"Your magic is finally stable enough for us to get far away from Surrey. Far enough that even the police would be unable to bring you back."

'So we can finally ditch this place? For good?'

"Yup. Just say the word and we'll take you to Japan. Since you've slowly learned how to speak it without drawing any unusual questions, you should be able to fit in."

'When can we leave?'

"Pack your things Midori. We're leaving tonight," said Dark happily.

Around midnight Harry swiped as much food as he could into his bag and went outside. He felt a rush of wind at his back as a light appeared beneath him. He vanished into the night without leaving a single trace of evidence of where he had gone.

Petunia would only notice the broken cupboard and open door and rightly assume the brat had run away. They didn't report it to the police until the teachers made comments to a visiting officer about a young boy who hadn't been seen for over a week.

Nanoha Takamachi was a normal girl. So when her father nearly hits a young boy about her age, she is naturally concerned.

The boy is clearly malnourished, and heavily beaten by someone regularly. Her father became furious when the boy revealed that his uncle had done it to him, and that he had narrowly escaped his house.

When he claimed amnesia as to the location, her father didn't question it once. A few weeks later she finds that same boy sharing a room with her older brother.

He was now part of her family.

One year later...

Nanoha chatted idly with her brother Tsubasa (named after the odd earrings he wore everywhere that he said belonged to his late mother) while they went to school. It had taken him some time to catch up to her, namely three months, but after that he proved to be quite the little genius.

He was able to keep up with someone like Nanoha after all, even if he wasn't that enthusiastic about sports.

"Ne, so what do you plan to do over the weekend Tsubasa-kun?" asked Suzuka.

"I convinced Dad to let me visit Amazuno over the weekend. There's supposed to be this art exhibit that's amazing!"

"Isn't Amazuno where Dark was last sighted?" asked Nanoha. Tsubasa had a massive fascination with the Phantom Thief for some reason.

Tsubasa nodded eagerly. Since it was just the next town over, he was allowed to go by himself so long as he came back before supper.

Tsubasa had been adamant about not being taken from the Takamachi family, so they didn't have to worry about him running away.

"Did you guys hear that?" asked Nanoha.

"I heard something," said Tsubasa, cocking his head.

He heard a cry for help, but he didn't know where it was coming from.

Once school was over, he went straight home. Unlike Nanoha he didn't have the same cram school lessons. His grades were good enough that he didn't need the extra lessons.


'You hear that Dark?'

"I heard it. I get the feeling that this is something Nanoha has to do though."

"We noticed some odd streaks a few days ago. Perhaps we should investigate a few areas where they landed?" suggested Krad.

'Beats heading home and doing homework. Lead on!'

"So you found a half-dead ferret in the middle of the woods?" asked Tsubasa.

Nanoha nodded.

"Mom said we might be able to keep him," said Nanoha.

"Well I have nothing against ferrets."

"What are you playing with anyway?"

"Some odd rocks I found on my way home. Figured they'd be awesome for my rock collection."

"Mom say it was okay to have them?"

"I washed them off first," said Tsubasa. He liked to collect odd things...he once found an intact geode on the side of the road.

In his hand were five oddly shaped rocks that were giving off a ton of magical energy. Dark had been teaching him sealing techniques and he was eager to try some out on an actual target.

Tomorrow he would head to Amazuno and check on the status of the Niwa clan home and hopefully renew the seals. Plus he had to pick up With, who Dark said went dormant shortly after his sealing.

With relied on Dark's magic to stay awake. Without him active, the rabbit familiar would fall into hibernation, possibly forever.

"Nanoha!" cried Tsubasa while he was outside. He watched his sister/cousin (they had yet to set what his role in the family was) fight the rocks he had collected earlier while a ferret sat nearby. More than ever he wished he was old enough to manifest the wings that Dark and Krad gave their partners.

His desire to reestablish the familiar bond between Dark and With had only become stronger watching that fight. Unlike Nanoha, he had an excuse for being out. He had left one of his books at the school, and it was because of him she had been found out.

He managed to make it back before his sister.

Tsubasa took the keys to the Niwa house and went in. It was in good condition, but the magical wards were thin. He would have to speak to the goblins about getting them fixed. Dark did coach him through renewing the bond and reapplying the seals on the artwork below.

"So where is this mirror anyway?" Tsubasa asked the goblin.

"Follow me. We had to cut off access to non-blood members after the last idiot tried to tap into the damn thing and nearly set off another earthquake. The Hikari were good, I'll give them that, but the concept of tying a single man-made spirit to the Earth's leyline network is something only an idiot would conceive of."


"From what our exams can tell, because of the split to the spirit caused by an interruption, every time the two clans clashed it caused earthquakes. The last one ended in the two spirits finally being forced to settle back into a single entity, though the Niwa and Hikari clans lost their magic and became squibs."

"So why did you send the stone feathers to my mother then?"

"Goblin laws state we have to hand over any artifact to the blood family. We couldn't send the damn mirror to your mother, not only would it be impossible to lift but the thing is literally tied to the earth's natural magic. Besides, we weren't about to let the idiots in Europe get their hands on something this naturally destructive. So we settled on sending her the one thing we could break off without setting the piece off, which were the feathers from the top of the mirror itself. We were surprised to hear what she did with it."

"So why can I hear the spirits?"

"Most likely because they aren't happy being stuck underground. They were free for four hundred years after all."

They went past the muggle-repelling barriers and deep underground.

"Holy cow!"

The mirror was massive, easily taller than his school. He could see where the feathers had been taken off, but strangely it didn't seem as though it made a difference.

Tsubasa walked up to the mirror to properly appreciate it's majesty...and accidentally touched it.

Two bright lights, one bright white and one a luminescent black struck his feather earrings. The goblin swore in shock as the feathers detached and became Dark and Krad, finally with their own physical form at last.

"Finally!" said Dark stretching.

Tsubasa turned to meet them in shock.


"It's good to be free of that accursed mirror," said Krad.

Dark had deep purple hair and red eyes. He also had a pair of luminescent black wings and wore dark clothing. He had a lithe figure perfect for running and gymnastics.

Krad had blond hair that practically shimmered, and white wings that glowed with an unearthly light. He wore white and gold clothing and his hair was in a loose ponytail. His eyes were a bright golden color. He seemed built for a fight rather than a good run.

The goblin did not seem happy about their release.

"Dammit, now we have to deal with those retched earthquakes again..."

"That was only because we were never supposed to fight each other in the first place. Now that we have settled back into one unit, we are no longer at odds," said Krad.

"Yeah, we were never supposed to be separated, but after a few decades the mirror agreed that twin spirits were acceptable. The only issue is that we had to split our abilities. For example Krad is the more attack and creation oriented one while I focus on defense and sealing," said Dark.

"And with that in mind..." said Krad.

The two spirits knelt to Tsubasa.

"We await your command, Master," they said in unison.

"Dammit... I knew mixing Earth magic with that bloody Al Hazard nonsense was a bad idea..." muttered the goblin to the side.

They had accidentally created a Lost Logia, one in the hands of an abused child. That could never end well!