AN: I wrote this for Lizzie's Battleship Challenge which I may have to put Into a collection If I keep this up xD Anyways, yeah this one's just a small drabble.

Wandering around the corridors without anyone else in sight isn't always lonely because Luna knows she has friends all over the place. Some not even human! Particularly on this day she felt it will be a day where she won't feel like talking to any ol' human, she will need to be serious about her commitment.

Most of the students in Hogwarts look at Luna as if she's strange even unearthly. Her fellow housemates tell her that they support her and won't talk behind her back yet, they never take her seriously. If she could have their problems instead of her own, she might show concern and be obliged to talk to said person everyday, but she digresses.

Along the 6th floor corridor she comes upon her most favorite painting that can always cheer her up, "Hello, Sir Cadogan ... How are you this evening?"

The knight sits upright and shouts,"What Scurvy rogue decides to wake me up, who are you to trespass upon me and challenge Sir Cadogan"

Luna chuckles at him,"It is only me Sir, I thought maybe we could could have another chat."

Sir Cadogan looks down at the young Ravenclaw and smiles,"Ah yes! If it isn't the young snow child, what's the matter dear? Wyvern got your tongue? Hahahaha!"

Luna looks away and out the window,"No, it's only that, my OWL's are approaching and I needed someone to help me study. You see, I saw Harry and Hermione with Ron studying in the great hall and Hermione was doing so well."

Sir Cadogan yells again,"That's preposterous! You M'lady are a Ravenclaw am I correct? You cannot have a fellow Gyffindor beat you in a game made for the mind! She's a whippy girl Isn't she?"

Luna hasn't even the slightest what a 'Whippy Girl' meant, but she did feel slightly forlorn that she is not studying as hard as she should be. "Sir Cadogan, can you read off my flash cards to me? I'll just read the definition and you can tell me the answer and make sure I don't cheat."

"Alright dearie! I dare say anyone who presents a challenge to Sir Cadogan, oh he will always follow through to help a friend!" He fell off his horse because of his passionate words, he hadn't seen where his arms were flailing.

Luna took her homemade flash cards out of her shoulder bag held them out at arms length, with the answers facing Sir Cadogan. They went for hours studying, and it helps because truly Sir Cadogan would not let Luna leave until she had completed her challenge.