Harry thinks about what to get Draco for Christmas, which is quite a hard task when he's the boyfriend of a stubborn person. Draco isn't the type to just say out loud what he wants. He has a very subtle way of letting Harry know, like repeating himself, or leaving Daily Prophet: Shop clippings around the house.

This week it was a mix of both and Harry doesn't know which specific item to buy. Draco would love to have the foot massager, but also his favorite hair product because he's almost out. He leaves the house in a flash without grabbing his coat.

"Wow, what a small package," Draco says sarcastically joking.

Harry rolls his eyes. "That's not all your getting tonight, and It won't be a small package ... so shush."

Draco returns a sly look. He shakes the box a little bit. "It's really small! Even in this handheld box, it shakes!"

"Just open it already ..." Harry urges the taller one. "It's something special."

He begins to rip at the frail paper, red with Christmas trees on it, and his eyes sparkle with anticipation. He glances up at Harry when the paper comes off, and sees a microwave on the white box. His eyebrow quirks up in mock confusion.

"It's the only box I had! Don't laugh at me!" Harry swats Draco playfully. "C'mon, I'm dying here, just open the damn thing."

"Ohh, fiesty." He says distractedly while trying to pry the layer of scotch tape off the end of the opening. "Why did you have to use so much?"

Harry just laughs right back in his face. "For you, m'dear."

Finally with the troublesome tape off, Draco's smile appears again. He reaches inside to remove a small, black, velvet box. His face slackens to one of utter shock.

"Draco?" He waves a hand in front of his boyfriend's face. "You there?"

He comes back into reality and reaches to open the box. At once a note falls out.

Don't get the wrong idea ... I'm not proposing to you yet!

This is just a promise ring, something to keep us together

Even when we are apart. At once we will know each other's

hearts when you accept my gift.

P.S. - If you don't accept, you will want to keep your car elsewhere tonight.

Draco looks at Harry with his bottomless blue eyes, even more like the ocean when teary, like they are now.

"Harry, how could I not accept? We've been together for a year now, and you have been constantly sweet to me. I love you."

Harry blushes a little and places the ring on Draco's left hand ring finger. "I love you too."