Rating: R/M (Contains coarse language. Future dark themes, such as blood and gore)

Summary: It's hard enough breaking a limited edition 3DS that a girl cherished, but breaking her feelings like a thin layer of ice is another thing...

A/N: Modern AU. They're not sisters. Story includes characters from Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph. This Fic will have 20+ Chapters.

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Chapter One: Cracked Ice.
By: Alien-Snowflake (Formerly PPLyra)


The words that a fellow platinum-blonde haired girl had shouted to the skies and made the people around her glare at her in shocked like she just shot someone in the head with a shotgun. A few started to whisper and the rest just kept walking away from her. The girl was dressed in a black shirt covered with white skull designs and plain black loose jeans that were covered in rips. She also wore a fully unbuttoned blue, white and black hooded plaid shirt on top. The sleeves were scrunched up to her elbows to show she was clearly wearing black and blue striped long fingerless gloves. It was a typical normal Friday afternoon in Arendelle. Cloudy skies and slight cold wind coming in. It was currently May, the first month of Winter. The weather had been playing up lately. It was cold during evening, very hot in the morning and warm throughout the day with a little showers of rain coming in and out, even though the sun was out.

It was like four seasons in one day.

It had been months... maybe years since she had an expression that made her look like an idiot smirking at herself out in public. She was grinning from ear to ear. It did hurt a little because she hasn't been this happy for a while now.OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGod! She started to pace faster than usual. Her hand swiftly pulled out a sugar-cane flavoured juice-box from her small satchel and started to sip it from her excitement causing to bite the white bendy straw to prevent herself from shouting again. Her long braid playfully hanged over her shoulder and on top of the left-side of her chest when she turned around a corner of the street. Her long bangs were spiky and covered her forehead, almost touching her eyes. She had her eyes locked at the item in her hands. It was a small ice-blue coloured hand-held console and which she rapidly tapped on the buttons in a hurry as she made her way towards the closest bus station to get home.

"Fuck yes. Fuck yes! Shiny Eevee, you're mine!" She kept smirking like some goof-ball while she continued to pace, not looking where she was going. She already knew her way around the place and looking to where she was walking was like walking in her own bedroom blindfolded. And which her bedroom had her clothes on the floor. It didn't look like a floor. It was more like the closet itself since all her clothes piled like hills.

Just as she made it to the bus station, another girl with red-orange, twin braided pigtails whom was dressed in a wool-fleeced material green coloured shirt that her neck and shoulder blades were exposed and brown shorts that were covered with six pop-out pockets was running out the bus in a flash, holding a big pink backpack close. Oh, hell. The school is going to close any minute now. I have to get there fast if I want to get a free chocolate sundae from the canteen! Stupid Rapunzel and her love-life with Eugene stories! She sighed deeply, shaking her head no in frustration.

Busy paying full attention to her console and ignoring the world, the platinum-blonde girl did not take noticed there was someone running out the bus she was headed to. Yes! I am sooo close to having a shiny Glace-


The two girls collided that moment. Painful shouts came from the two. The red-haired girl had landed on the pavement three inches away from the platinum-blonde girl. The juice-box that was held was spilt everywhere between the two, especially on the console. The backpack was thrown away from the owner of the bag.

After a while of feeling like getting hit by a speeding train, the two girls recovered from the accident. Both moaning in pain. People crowded around them, making sure there was no injury. "Owwwchie..." the pigtail haired girl moaned and rubbed her sides. She sat up, upon seeing her bag wasn't in her hands so she took it then she realized the other person beside her item. "What the..."

There was soft crying coming out of the other girl, holding her console close. "Muh-My Glaceon-themed-3DS!..." she cried. "It's... destroyed... My shiny Eevee... No. I didn't get to save it... Nononono. This can't be happening, no..." She placed her arms around her legs, crying. Her 3DS fell on the ground lightly. The juice she was drinking clearly shown it damaged the system and there were visible cracks all over the dual screens. There was nothing viewed on the screens except cracks.

Seeing this, the red-haired girl crawled up to the sobbing girl and placed a hand onto her shoulder. Her body felt cold as ice even though the girl wore a warm shirt. "I-I'm sorry. I-I'll replace your 3DS, don't worry. I can get you a new one. Even a shiny- whatever shiny you were murmuring, all right? We're close to the game shop, if you forgive me, I'll replace it, no matter what cost." Realizing she was talking too much, she sat back to give the other girl some space.

The other girl looked up at her, her aqua-blue eyes stared at her. The smile she had earlier was gone and been replaced by a frown. She had been biting her lower lip and it was bleeding. Her whole face was damp. She looked like a mess. "No you can't. My 3DS is limited edition! This is the only copy that exists in this world!" Ice began to form around the concrete of the sobbing girl. Encircling her. Cracking noises of ice were heard in every inch whilst it spread around. The ice didn't seem to touch her or the other people's feet. Only the ground seemed to be covered in thin layer of see-through ice.

The ice continued to spread until the other girl gasped from what she saw, looking around her surroundings and eventually the ice had slowly stopped spreading all over the place. The wind picked up and started to get much chillier than before. The red-haired girl rubbed her arms with her hands to get warm and had a confused and aghast look on her face while staring at the other girl. "Wait, what... You-You're that... girl..." She blinked and crawled back a little just as the ice from the ground touched her fingertips, "...Ice Queen."

To be continued...

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