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I remember just sitting there for days, numb to the world. I couldn't even feel enough to comfort my grieving sister. So I just sat there, alone in my self-imposed, frozen prison. I remember Anna knocking on my door after their memorial service. The agonizing grief in her voice only served to amplify my own grief, as well as the guilt. The guilt of not being there for her. But I couldn't allow myself to be that close to her again. Not after I had hurt her.

So here I'll stay, in my frozen bedroom, drowning in my self-loathing, fear, and guilt. I chuckle darkly, 'Well, the cold never bothered me anyway…' There's no hope of me controlling this raging storm inside. There's no one out there in the world like me… Oh how I wish I wasn't so alone.

Eventually, Anna stopped knocking.