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Chapter 13: An itch

"...and the vessel was not full, his intellect was not satisfied, his soul was not at peace, his heart was not still."
Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

10 years later shadow realm time, 2 months mortal realms time

Harry felt a content smile spread across his face as he leaned back into the warm body behind him, relishing in the comfort that was his on again off again lover provided.

"Are you going to lay here all day, petit combatant?" Zyren whispered nuzzling his ear with the daemon's nose.

"mmph" Harry muttered back, muffled by the pillow he had pulled to him and was currently attempting to use to block out the morning light.

"I didn't heeear you" Zyren said in a sing song voice, moving from Harry's ear to placing butterfly kisses along the back of his neck.

Harry groaned rolling over to allow his lover better access to his bare back, "that feels good….don't stop" he muttered, ignoring the amused chuckles from the daemon.

"So easy to please, mon amour" Zyren murmured into his back moving slowly down tracing his vertebrae.

Harry shivered and bit back a moan, "n-not easy….y-you just happen to be exceptionally skilled at that" he gasped out as Zyren bit into his hip lightly.

"True" Zyren agreed amiably

Harry let out a choked laugh as Zyren physically flipped him over and set out to prove just how talented he really was, "evil prat" he sputtered as the daemon teased him mercilessly.

"Well I am a demon love" Zyren retorted smiling wickedly up at him from where he was currently pleasantly torturing the immortal to death.

"Stop talking" Harry growled.

The daemon did just that.


An hour later Harry stepped out of the shower and quickly got dressed for the day. He really should not have wasted so much time this morning….but well Zyren had been rather persuasive. That and more and more now Harry was finding it difficult to feel content with his life here.

It wasn't that it was unpleasant or in any way not the best years he had experienced in his short life, he just felt…. well he wasn't sure how to describe it, but an itch was probably the closest description that fit. He felt restless like something was not quite right; like something was missing… he felt the need to move to change, despite how he had grown to love his life in the shadow realm.

He knew that he hadn't been masking his anxiety all that well; no one had said anything but he knew that Zyren, Leonor and Prince Kiran had noticed. If he was being truthful, Severus had probably noticed as well, though he wasn't sure the immortal would really care.

They still had a rather odd relationship, it was no longer as hostile or strained as it had been when he had first arrived in the realm, and most definitely was not nearly as poisonous as it had been in the mortal realm, but they were still uneasy around each other. Though he liked to think that they had reached an understanding somewhere in the third year of his stay. He was pretty sure that Severus no longer saw him as a clone of his mortal father, and he definitely had grown to respect the dedication and sacrifices Severus was willing to make in the name of his prince.

Either way, he knew that Zyren had picked up on his changing behavior, he knew he had been far moodier these past few months. He tried not to feel too guilty over this. He knew that the daemon had grown more attached to him then he had to the daemon. It wasn't that he didn't love the daemon in a way…he did. He had grown to rely on the caustic daemon in a way that he had never relied on anyone before beside Leonor, not even Sirius. But there was something holding him back, something just did not feel quite complete, despite how desperately wish it did.

Speak of the daemon… Zyren was leaning casually against the kitchen counter drinking coffee while perusing one of his reports. Although early on in Harry's stay, the daemon had spent a large amount of his time working and training the teen, after his change Zyren had taken up his other responsibilities once again, namely acting as strategic adviser to the Prince.

This position often demanded that he travel with the prince's forces to other realms, well realms that the shadow realm had conflict with. This caused his time with Harry to be rather intermittent and sporadic. It worked for them; well at least it had in the earlier years. Lately, Harry sensed that Daemon wanted something more stable and continuous then their haphazard one offs.

"Is that on the turmoil in galaxias kyklos?" Harry asked nodding at the paper Zyren was perusing.

"Yes, it's ridiculous really….I don't quite understand what there is too fight over in that forsaken gas pit" Zyren answered distractedly handing a second cup of coffee to Harry, which he accepted gratefully.

Harry had always found it rather amusing that immortal's had as much as an obsession over the caffeinated beverages as some muggles seemed to, personally he still preferred tea but when in Rome and all that….

"Is Kiran going to send someone to keep tabs on the situation?" He asked pulling one of the tall stools out and perching on it. He still was embarrassingly short, although not quite as short as he had been when he arrived, thank Merlin.

Zyren looked up and shot him an admonishing glare, "Prince Kiran, Harry…not all of us can get away with that level of familiarity"

Harry's wide eyed innocent look was offset by the smirk he shot his lover, "yes, well not all of you are as adorable as I," he shot back batting his eyes.

Zyren snorted and rolled his eyes, "Yes, well not all of us look like a life sized doll"

Harry glared at him, "I do NOT look like a doll" he muttered petulantly.

"Of course not love" Zyren nodded full of insincere agreement.

"hmmph, maybe I can still convince him to exile one annoying daemon" Harry muttered.

Zyren shot him a wounded look, "I'm hurt…"

Harry shot him a look before returning to the topic at hand, "So you do not think you will be sent away then?"

"I doubt it; this is far too small to be of concern to the Prince…." Zyren trailed off looking suddenly uncomfortable, "Harry…"

"What? You might as well spit out whatever you have been angsting over these past few days" Harry replied with a sigh setting down the paperback novel he had stolen from Chavi (the elf had a weird obsession with muggle murder stories, he had found a whole series dedicated to the alphabet… he had absconded with the K is for killer one.)

There was a long pause before Zyren gave in and dove into the conversation, "You are planning on leaving aren't you?" he asked no accusation but rather resignation in his question.

Harry sighed, rubbing the back of his neck uncomfortably (it was a habit that neither Leonor nor Zyren had succeeded in ridding him of), "Yes….You knew that I would eventually….I never planned on staying past a decade here"

Despite the fact that the daemon had obviously expected this answer, his shoulders slumped none the less. Harry fought down his guilt, he didn't want to hurt the daemon but it was something that he just had to do.

"I know….I just…don't know….I thought that maybe you had moved past your previous life? Why do you feel responsible to go back and fix those fool's mess? You are not even one of them any longer" Zyren questioned.

Harry stopped to consider what the daemon was saying. It was true, he really did not have any real connection to the mortal realm, his time there had been mainly painful and disappointing. He really couldn't explain the pull that he felt. It wasn't as if he wanted to go back, he felt that he needed to.

He thought that maybe Voldemort was unfinished business and that was the reason he felt this itch, though in all honesty something was telling him that wasn't the reason. In truth when Leonor had finally completed the transformation, just after Harry's seventeenth birthday (well physical seventeenth, he really was not all that sure what age he was considering the time change between the two realms), Harry had felt more and more distance between him and his previous life.

He finally understood some of the immortal's callous attitude towards their mortal counterparts, he found that he didn't particularly like the feeling he got around mortals now. Though he still found that he was far less demeaning towards mortals then his counterparts.

Regardless for the reason he just knew that he had to return. He had wondered briefly what it would be like going back to the mortal realm, he may not look that much older (although he did look drastically different) but he was mentally at least twenty-five now. His body was forever frozen in his seventeen year old form, however thanks to the brutal training and nutrition regime, that body was no longer the scrawny, emaciated one he had lived with most of his life.

Still he thought he might grow to regret allowing Leonor to change him at such a young age, but that was neither here nor there now. What's done was done.

"Truthfully, I don't know Zee" Harry replied ignoring the daemon's grimace at the nickname Harry had bestowed upon him. At first he had done it to simply rankle the irritating man, but it had eventually become an endearment…he knew that the daemon didn't truly mind. "I just sort of feel like something is pulling me too….I'm not really sure how to explain it" Harry finished with a shrug.

If anything his answer seemed to make the daemon more unhappy, but he sighed and gave a small nod, "Alright. I know there is nothing that will change your stubborn little mind….but be careful?"

Harry smiled at him, a smile full of tenderness, "You do realize I am virtually impossible to destroy now….yes?" he replied in a teasing tone.

Zyren stood up and pulled the smaller man into to his arms, "Yes…but you just never know"

"Don't worry so dear…I'll be fine, I promise" Harry shifted so that he was face to face with the man holding him, standing on his toes to place a chaste kiss on his lovers lips, before pulling away.

Zyren sighed to himself again as he watched the man he had grown to love leave for his upcoming meeting, he tried to tell himself that he was being ridiculous. After all there were only two immortal's in the realms history that had met grisly ends. Somehow this reassurance did help much. He had an ominous feeling in his gut about Harry's return.

He just prayed that for once his intuition was wrong.