"Hey, (Y/N)!" Your head turns slightly to the left as a smile stretches over your lips as well a blush on your cheeks. You shift yourself completely to face the blonde haired boy in front of you, aka your crush.

"Hey, Alfred," He smirks and wraps an arm around your shoulder. "how's it going?" You ask, a puzzled expression crosses his features before he shakes his head and left wrist.

"Eh, not too too bad. Dude! You should totally come over later!"

"I'm always over at your house..."

"This time I'm throwing a party!"

"Which means making soda suicides and watching you crap yourself to a horror movie?" You rolled your eyes to the direction of him with another of your famous smiles on your face. You could feel Alfred 's shoulders slump slightly.

"No, like music, people, dancing and anything else!" He replies with a slight whine in his voice. You giggled, he was so cute when he did that.

"Mmm, I don't know." You playfully said, the American stopped in his tracks and got down to his knees as if asking you for money to buy a house.

"(Y/N)!" He groaned, "pleaseeeeee!" You sighed and pretended to be annoyed with him.

"Alright, I'll go..." You watched him out of the corner of your eye as he punched the air. "On one condition."

"And...what's that?"

"YOU HAVE TO CATCH ME!" Before your crush could react, you went full speed down the street from the school, your hair blowing nicely behind you as the wind whipped your face. You could hear his laughs behind you and soon copied him.

-To be updated-

so perfect way to end this crappy chapter...

so this was test x reader since this is only my second time writing one for hetalia, totally worried i was going to screw the personality of the character up or get they're real names messed up.

Whatever, thanks for reading! Let me know if I should continue!