Only a World Away

Summary: Kusanagi Yui wasn't the only human transported to Zeus's Gardens. But while the girl was busy trying to win over the Gods, Harry Potter was just trying to stay alive in this peaceful Heaven. Yes, being controlled by the Fates was becoming a pain. After DH, during the Anime. Gender-bender!

Disclaimer: I own neither the Harry Potter universe nor the KamiAso universe.

Warnings: while the KamiAso Anime is really light headed and a Harem style romance/friendship, Harry Potter ended with quite a bit of Angst and I made it a little darker. Be warned there will be HET and SLASH, Angst and lots of Drama. I made it a gender-bender at last minute, because I thought it sounded like something fun. That and the thought that Yui was the only girl made me take pity on her.

Chapter 1
on Fates Strings

He noticed it when he caught the Elder Wand but had been a little preoccupied at the time to give it any thought. When Voldemort finally died – Harry still remembered that look of horror when the man's Killing Curse reflected back and struck the half-snake square in the chest, twisting and mixing with the man's magic until exploding – Harry's magic had snapped, causing a small shockwave knocking quite a few people back. The Elder Wand had buzzed in his hand as if signalling for the other objects to come. They did, the Invisibility Cloak draping heavily on Harry's shoulders as if comforting him and the Ring spun around his finger before finally settling like a dead weight, seemingly burning into his skin.

Ron and Hermione had cried out to him and when Harry turned to his friends, looking at their desperate faces, he felt a violent tug at his Core. There were so many things he had wanted to say, so many people he had to thank. They hadn't known what had happened in the Forest and Harry was sure that they would want those answers. Ron and Hermione had the right to know everything which had happened from the moment he left them behind. He had wanted to apologise to Neville for giving him the job of killing Nagini. It had been a spur of the moment thing and Harry had no doubt at that moment that his fellow Gryffindor could do it. To give Neville that sword though… it felt like he had pushed his friend directly onto the battlefield, causing Neville to be tortured by Voldemort through the means of the Sorting Hat. Why? Why had he caused Neville such pain when the Gryffindor had already suffered so much not only the past year but probably most of his life?

But probably the thing which caused him the most grief was the deaths he caused by taking too long in hunting down the Horcruxes. Even if Dumbledore had left him with little to no information Harry got side-tracked by the Deadly Hallows, even causing Luna's house to be destroyed because they went there looking for answers. Why couldn't he have stayed on track? Why had the story of the Deadly Hallows become so much more important than his hunt for the Horcruxes?

Now, the last thing he would see were the worried, downright terrified, faces of his friends and family as the blue hue wrapped itself around him. Like the frightened teenager he was, Harry had banged his fists against the magical sphere, not even thinking about casting spells with the Elder Wand. What did it matter that he held the most powerful wand in existence when he could not even reach his friends after defeating Tom Riddle?

Their frantic cries turned hollow when the dome wrapped around him and Harry could see multiple people raising their wands in his direction, whether to harm or help him the raven head would never know. His eyes closed on their own accord while his brain was still registrating everything, calling the shots. Shortly after his legs gave out Harry sagged against the warm barrier as if burrowing into a comfortable duvet. His brain was screaming at his body to start moving again, to regain control, but all Harry could do was lay in his own darkness listening as the cries of his friends were suddenly cut off, replaced by hushed words.

"Yes, it will do nicely."

It was an old woman's voice, crisp like dried parchment and rough like desert sand. It reminded Harry of one of those old biddy's who insisted on meddling with other people's affairs.

Another cried out, laughing shrilly. "Zeus won't know what hit him!"

The name had to ring several bells inside Harry's head, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. It felt like hearing the name of someone famous or seeing a friend after years of absence. You know them, they sound familiar, but either the reason for knowing them is lost to you or their name has simply escaped you only to slap you right in the face when you finally do remember. Zeus

"This way, sisters," a third voice sounded, equally old and equally crabby. "Careful with that Titus! If it breaks there'll be Hell to pay."

"Ha!" the second cried out, the one who had mentioned Zeus. "Can't say that sister. There's no Gate Keeper now!"

The three old women laughed and wheezed before one coughed sickly. "Don't choke on the eyeball now, sister," the first one wheezed, still chuckling between gasps of breath. "We still need to settle this score. Hold onto this one sisters. His time has come."

"Yes, yes," the third one rasped. "Let's hold it nice and tight now." There was a tense yet excited silence only interrupted by the scraping and slicing sound of a pair of scissors. Harry frowned, wishing he could open his eyes so he could see what was happening when suddenly a deep throated chuckle filled the seemingly empty space around him.

"It seems the Fates have another plan for you dear Master," a voice called which sounded neither young nor old, healthy nor sick, high nor low. It filled his body with a strange sense of longing and pride, like winning the Quidditch Cup after a long, hard game in the rain. The voice chuckled sending vibrations of pleasure and acceptance through Harry's body making it heat up with a form of embarrassment. "Still so young and innocent after such heart tearing trials, but you have yet to learn of a new Fate which awaits you, young Master. Long have I waited for another and now that I have found you, I find that you have been marked."

Harry frowned. The voice wasn't making any sense at all. Was he/she talking to Harry or to another? "Of course I am speaking to you, young Master," the voice sounded amused and for a moment Harry felt something touch his cheek. In that instant he was able to breathe more deeply as if a weight had been lifted off of his chest and he could feel the numb feeling disappearing from his limbs. "If you have any doubt you need but to open your eyes."

It seemed so easy now, straightening out of his slumped pose and opening his eyes to the dimly lit room. He was still floating in mid-air, but the blue dome seemed to have thinned out seemingly losing its power. Three older women were standing huddled together, all three alike, all three staring at him with an intense desire gleaming in their pale eyes. Two seemed to be holding onto a strange glowing string while the other was holding onto old looking scissors. The one holding onto the scissors grimaced and spat out a curse. "It seems we were too late."

"The spell is still in effect though, sisters," the one on the right said, letting go of the glowing string. The one on the left watched in float away with a sullen expression before casting her pale eyes at Harry with a hungry expression. "Yes, let's play with him before he moves on."

The three sister's chuckles send shivers of disgust down Harry's spine and they raised glowing hands towards him. Harry blanched and tried to turn, dodge, anything to possibly protect him from the advancing spell of the sisters. The dome around him might have lost some of its powers but Harry was still very much stuck where he was. Something seemed to bubble up from around him, like the air was bubbling with heat. Harry twisted and turned, feeling quite hopeless being stuck where he was.

As if sensing his distress his wand arm rose on his own accord, Elder Wand sparkling fiercely at the three sisters. They continued to chant, seemingly unimpressed by the display and the bubbles multiplied. "Like this, young Master," a voice right behind him muttered in his ear and Harry's heart skipped a beat making his head twitch to the side. The Elder Wand responded as his wand arm started to twist and turn into an intricate pattern he had never seen before. Runes appeared in the air surrounding him in the dome, filling it with sparkling magic strong enough to stop the young wizard's breathe. He could hardly see the three sisters anymore through the dense lettering. Harry could hear them screeching though the static of his magic, but it seemed to come from further away than he remembered it being.

His body tingled, his chest felt heavy and his breathing slowed to the point where he wanted to gasp. Something inside of him told him that it was nothing to be frightened about. But Harry couldn't turn off the sense of dread, the feeling that he was dying at the hands of those women or his own magic. The voice which had comforted him while calling him young Master, chuckled and something comforting circled his shoulders. It was like the Invisibility Cloak which wrapped itself around his body, cocooning him in what felt like a comfortable duvet. This time Harry let himself be wrapped inside his own magic, giving into sleep to shut down the discomfort he had been feeling since killing Riddle.

This was what peace should feel like, Harry thought as he dreamt of endless field of green, blue skies and a warm sun. Surrounded by the sound of the ocean, birds twittering in the skies and the gentle wind ruffling through his hair, Harry continued to dream peacefully. Nothing could disturb him here, nothing could touch him while life echoed around him and he rested in strong arms. A familiar hand made its way through his unruly raven hair and he felt content, knowing that he could rest here for the rest of his life.

"But wouldn't you rather enjoy life young Master?"

Harry turned his head slightly to rest with his cheek against bare, warm skin. He had enough of adventures, enough of being chased and doing the chasing. All he wanted now was to rest and live life feeling content.

"So you do want to live your life?"

The young wizard frowned as a cloud drifted in front of the sun, his heat source, and he pouted a little. His pillow vibrated when a chuckle added to the mix of sounds which made life content. He guessed living life in a constant state of wakefulness did have its upsides. He could see the world around him with his eyes open instead of being surrounded by a constant darkness should he keep them closed.

"What about this thing called conversation?"

Harry tried to shrug but decided against it. Shrugging meant moving his shoulders in a way which could bring a slight discomfort to his pillow. Instead he burrowed a little deeper in his warm pillow. As long as he had the pillow he couldn't possibly need for anything else.

"Such a silly young Master," the voice spoke softly, quite fondly. "While I will remain with you until the very end, you will need human contact, interaction and most of all love."

Harry scoffed. "What's the point in loving someone when all they do is get hurt because of me? What's the point of taking a wife when they will be in the spot light because I will be hailed as a hero or placed in Azkaban because I killed a man? They would be destroyed, ripped apart by the press, fans or the Ministry. And even if they would stay they could get killed because of who I am. Who I've become."

"Then find a strong male partner who will stand by your side!"

The raven head turned away from his pillow as if turning away from the conversation. He knew nothing of love to begin with. What was the point of seeking a partner who could stand by him if he didn't know how to take care of them?

"Then find friends," the voice stated and his pillow hugged him in such comfort it made Harry want to break down and cry. "Surround yourself with loyal friends and build your family in such a way that you will never feel lonely. You need to be a strong young Master if you want to survive your world."

Harry looked up, opening his eyes to look at the one holding him. The being was neither male nor female, young nor old, ugly nor beautiful. It seemed hard to describe him/her but Harry found that he didn't care. He had stopped caring about appearances a long time ago – he wasn't even sure if he had cared for them at all to begin with – because they could deceive even the well trained eye. "Then will you be my friend and stay with me?"

The being seemed to smile kindly at him and a warm hand stroked his cheek. "I will be beside the young Master until he wishes to embrace me completely after the end of his service."

The young wizard smiled, relief clearly evident in his eyes. "Thank you."

"It appears everyone has arrived," a booming voice called causing Harry to raise his head and turn to look at the imposing figure who was descending from the steps. "Welcome to my garden, to my academy, my beloved students!"

Harry felt a little sceptical looking at the man who was vibrating so much energy it made his skin crawl. His golden eyes gleamed in the dimmed light of the entrance hall and the young wizard was strongly reminded of a being who was a lot older than the age he appeared to be. "Don't worry young Master. You will be safe here for the time being."

"Cut the crap!" a young man with wavy bluish hair half-shouted. This boy was dressed in clothing Harry had never seen before and had an Asian look about him. In a flash Harry noted the same strange golden look in his already hazel eyes. He seemed more than a little angry at the older man on the steps. "Are you the one behind all this?"

Still Harry was uncomfortable and remained hidden in the rafters of the hall. He wouldn't have minded letting his hair grow a little and switching eye colours. Even switching skin and hair colour would have been fine. "Why do I have to be a girl though!" he whined softly, adjusting his clothing as it seemed to creep up his heavier chest.

"Do not worry young Master, you look very cute."

"That's not the point! Wait did he just say God?" Harry nearly cried out a little louder than he had intended and he could see the ears of the bunny the other Asian looking chap was holding twitch slightly.

"Of course young Master, they are all Gods apart from the girl standing there. Let's see, the one who shouted was Susanoo, Takeru Totsuka, Japanese God of the Sea and Storms. The other Japanese God is the God of the Moon, Tsukuyomi, Tsukito Totsuka. It's a good thing the brothers are here because had they been alone they would have been insufferable."

Harry shot the being an amused glance but focused on the bunny. He guessed that the 'bunny on the moon' story was actually true. "Very much so," his companion confirmed the young wizard's thoughts in that uncanny way of his. "Should this endeavour not bear any fruit you may always look for a similar companion?"

"I'm more of an owl and dog person myself," Harry said, narrowing his eyes a little when a look of betrayal and hurt shot across the features of the short haired blonde who was standing next to the Asian girl.

"The others seem a little closer to home so you might have heard of them before young Master," Harry's companion continued, not really responding to the seemingly off-handed comment. "There are the Norse Gods there. That's Balder Hringhorni, God of Light. Then Loki Laevatein, God of Fire and Thor Megingyoruzu, God of Thunder."

Maybe I should have done something like that with my hair, Harry mused as he stared at the shaven with lightning bolt decorated bit of hair. It did look really cool and he was sure the Gryffindor boys would have gotten a kick out of it. Not that he would ever know what they would think, not with the Fates openly hunting him. The being chuckled and a hand rested on the small of his back for a moment before it vanished.

"Hold on," Harry said, a sudden light bulb being turned on inside his brain. "The Norse Gods Thor and Loki. Weren't they supposed to be brothers or something?"

"That is what the modern day children say, but it holds no grounds where it comes to reality." The being sounded amused more than anything else. "On with the last few. Those are the Greek Gods. We have Apollon Agana Belea, God of the Sun and Dionysus Thyrsos, God of Wine and Fertility, who is Apollon's half-brother."

The young wizard raised an elegant looking eyebrow but didn't comment. Taking another look at the redhead below Harry couldn't help the amused smirk appearing on his face. There was that grace and beauty which seemed to captivate Harry a little and he couldn't help the shudder of something which ran down his spine. It reminded Harry of his first taste of treacle tart.

A soft touch on his shoulder brought him back to his current predicament. "The last one you will find amusing young Master. That young man, uncle to both Apollon and Dionysus, is Hades Aidoneus, God of the Underworld."

"The Gate Keeper of the Underworld?" Harry muttered a little scepticism in his voice. His friend touched his shoulder and pointed towards the two Gods half hidden by the giant pillars.

"Can you guess who they are?" his companion asked, clearly amused by it all. It was a silly question, a question which didn't need replying too after all. They had already established that Harry didn't know about the beings below. "That there, since this is a school, will most likely be the teacher Thoth Caduceus, Egyptian God of Knowledge and the half-feline appearing as his companion is Anubis Ma'at."

Harry frowned, quite sure that the name was supposed to mean something to him but he came up blank. "He is the Egyptian God of the Dead."

His companion pressed the chest against Harry's back, causing a shiver of pleasure and excitement to go through him. "And the one calling all the shots. Zeus Keraunos."

Zeus, the one the Fates send him to. The one the Fates wanted to tease him with. It was because of Zeus that the Fates had captured him in the first place. It wasn't until he was close to the ground that Harry realised he was falling. He landed quite gracefully, and not without unseen help, straightening with equal elegance and smiling at the Gods who surrounded him. The surprise on Zeus's face was something which seemed to amuse Harry greatly and he could feel his companion shaking in mirth by his side.

"It seems you have another introduction to make, Zeus, or have you forgotten I was coming?" Harry asked in a teasing tone which would have made his mother proud. Not that he knew anything about his mother of course…

The man seemed confused for a moment before it regained its blank look. "I'm afraid I wasn't sure if you were coming at all, Milady."

"He recovers well," Harry's companion muttered and Harry had to fight down his laughter. The ones in the hall were rewarded with a grin which could have put one of Apollon's to shame. "Shall I, good sir?" Zeus gave a gesture which clearly said; 'by all means'. This really was a promising start in their relationship. Harry swerved around, his arms wide and his female clothing flaring a little for dramatic effect. "My name is Harriett Potter, Harry for short, and I am known by many titles in the British Wizarding World."

His introduction caused a fair bit of chaos within the hall. It seemed that he was famous even among the God. "Of Europe at least," Harry's companion muttered, clearly amused if a little on edge. "The fact that you have become my Master a week ago has already spread through the Heavens like wildfire. Of course, I haven't had a Master for a fifty human years, give or take a few. And the last one wasn't nearly all this fun."

Harry blushed a little, something only Hades noticed who had been standing against the pillars a little away from the others but had taken a few steps towards the young wizard at the mention of his name. This action didn't go unnoticed by Dionysus, who had been standing by Hades' side, and Apollon had looked towards his uncle for a second before seemingly focusing on Harry again with a child-like curiosity alight in his eyes.

Yui, the human girl, was staring at Harry with open shock. She looked a little overwhelmed which the young wizard decided couldn't have been helped if she had been pushed into the world of the Gods. Whether she had been sent by the Fates or by someone else Harry wasn't too sure of, but he could tell by the magical residue which clung to her that she had been brought here with slight force. "W-wizard?" she stuttered, a little stuck on the word.

The two Japanese Gods turned to glance at her as if seeing her for the first time. Harry descended the stairs with a playful smile on his female face and he gave a small curtsy, seemingly at ease in his now female body. As long as there were no mirrors around he could pretend he was still boy acting like a girl. "I guess you have something to learn as well, Yui was it?"

"Yes, Harry-san," she breathed, a small blush spreading across her cheeks out of embarrassment yet seemingly a little impressed. "I-it's nice to meet you."

He winked at her. "You're not as alone as you think, Yui," he added softly. When understanding filtered through the confusion Thoth decided he had enough of waiting around and called for her to follow. It was then when Hades finally stepped a little closer. "I wish to congratulate you on your post, Milady Potter," the God of the Underworld spoke softly and with a calculating look on his otherwise impassive face.

"Thank you, I guess," Harry replied with a half-smile and he could feel his companion shift behind him.

Apollon frowned a little and turned to his Uncle. Before the sunny blonde could say anything the Gate Keeper straightened his pose and bowed ever so slightly. "By all rights your position holds great respect even among us Gods. It does me good to know that Death has found another companion."

The Master of Death could only smile.

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