Title: Don't Close Your Eyes

Author (s): Court (StoryDreamer25) & Erin (Erin Salvatore - FF)

Disclaimer: We own nothing but this story and original characters

Show/Movie/Book: The Vampire Diaries

Couples/Category: Elijah Mikaelson/Amelia Spencer(OC), Finn Mikaelson/Sage O'Reilly, Niklaus Mikaelson/Caroline Forbes, Kol Mikaelson/Alexia Branson, Rebekah Mikaelson/Stefan Salvatore, Henrik Mikaelson/Serena Warren (OC), Mikael Mikaelson/Eleanor Hamilton-Mikaelson

Rating: Mature, for language and sexual situations

Author's Note: This is my first time writing a collaboration with Erin.

Chapter One

Mystic Falls, 2014 - Dallas' Home . . .

Serena smiled in her sleep as she was dreaming of the one person who seemed to make her happy all the time. She felt someone shaking her awake gently and she opened her eyes and even though she couldn't see them clearly, she could make out their shape and she saw it was her adoptive mother. "Mama Olive?" She yawned and sat up rubbing her eyes sleepily and held onto her hand as they walked to the bathroom together and she smiled as Olive washed her face and helped her to brush her teeth.

Once they were done that, she was helped back so she was sitting on the bed and handed a pair of jeans. Her adoptive mother helped her take off the night clothes and dressed her in a fresh pair of underwear and bra. Serena tugged on her jeans with her help and a comfortable t-shirt that read 'This is Me' was pulled over her head and she slid her arms into the sleeves. Her mother helped her put on her socks and sneakers and she stood up feeling along the wall until she sat in a chair where her mother brushed her hair and pulled it back into a high ponytail.

Serena walked down the stairs carefully and she giggled as she ran into the chest of someone. Reaching a hand up she felt it was her adoptive father and she smiled brightly at him. "Good morning Daddy.."

"Good morning sweetheart" Marcus smiled and leaned down to kiss her cheek softly before helping her sit down where a plate of two apple flavored toaster strudels sat. He kissed the top of her head affectionately before walking over to the door where he kissed his wife goodbye and left for work.

Serena finished her breakfast and stood up making her way to her mother who helped her out to the car where she buckled her into the front seat and drove her to the high school.

Mystic Falls High School . . .

She helped her out and Serena walked with her backpack on her back and she was doing okay until she got inside where she was pushed to the ground and heard the jeering and taunting laughter of her bullies who loved to push her down just because she was blind. She felt a couple of them kick her and she cried at that.

"Aw look at the little blind crybaby boys! Why don't you go cry to your Mama?"

She heard them stop and she felt someone help her up and reaching a hand up she felt it was her friend Henrik Mikaelson. "Henrik?"

Henrik looked down at Serena. "It's all right, Rena love, you're safe now." He helped her to her feet and then snarled at the bullies. "If I ever see you picking on her again, you'll have me to deal with. Better yet, you'll have my FAMILY to deal with!"

The bullies stepped back in fear, having heard about the reputation of the Mikaelson family. Satisfied with what he had done, Henrik escorted Serena into the building. It was quiet until Serena spoke up. "Thank you, Henrik."

"No need to thank me, love," said Henrik. "I was only doing what any gentleman would do when he sees a lady in distress."

Serena smiled shyly as a blush crept onto her cheeks and the only way she knew she was blushing was the way the temperature of her cheeks had changed to slightly warmer. She slipped her arm into his holding on as they walked through the building. Thankfully, they had every class together as she had requested. She loved the fact that she could be with him all day through school. "Henrik, are you doing anything after school? I mean I don't want to impose, but could we possibly hang out?"

She smiled as they walked into their class and she sat at her desk and opened her textbook which was completely in Braille which allowed her to read just like any other student. The only difference was that she read with her fingers rather than with her eyes like any other normal student.

She sat through the class and she slipped her book into her bag and stood up and reached a hand out feeling for Henrik. "Henrik?" She called out worriedly not finding her friend and had somewhat of a separation anxiety whenever they weren't together.

Henrik heard her call and was at her side in an instant. "I'm here, love."

Serena smiled. "Oh, that's good. I'd be devastated if I couldn't find you by my side."

"I would never leave your side, Serena," said Henrik. "You're important to me and yes, I would be delighted to hang out with you after school."

Serena smiled again. "Thank you, Henrik. Would you like to come to my place or can I come to your place? I don't think I've ever met your family."

Henrik smiled wrapping an arm around her shoulders guiding her to their next class and thought. "Let me just text my father and step mum, but it should be okay for you to come over." He smiled and guided her to a chair at the art table and put a piece of paper in front of her.

Serena felt the paper beneath her fingertips and felt a charcoal pencil pressed into her fingers and she began to draw. She drew carefully and slowly sketching out Henrik's face and then filed in the features. Even before her accident she had been into drawing and loved it, she just wished she could meet someone who loved to draw as much as she did. "Henrik? Does anyone in your family draw?" She looked at him curiously and waited sliding the picture towards him on top of the table.

She felt a hand on top of hers as she tried to move her hand away and she gasped lightly. "Henrik?"

Henrik smiled. "My brother, Niklaus is an accomplished artist. His fiancé, Caroline, is among his favorite subjects."

"He sounds like a great guy," said Serena. "I'd like to see his work."

"I'll ask him and see what he says," said Henrik. "Though, I doubt he'll object, since he likes when people admire his work. He's already got a landscape hanging in the Hermitage."

"Well, I'll have to see with my fingers, since I can hardly see out of my eyes..." She bit her lip looking down a couple tears slipping down her cheeks. "I'm sorry Henrik, I don't mean to cry but I can't help it. I hate that I'm so different sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if I wasn't blind if I would be treated differently.." She sighed as more tears slipped down her face.

Meanwhile, Henrik typed out a message to his step mother and father who both said it was okay that he brought Serena to their home. He looked up and noticed Serena crying and he lifted her head and gently wiped away her tears. "Rena, you are perfect the way you are. Never doubt that darling." He noticed she wanted to say something and he caressed her cheek with his thumb. "Serena, love, you know you can tell me anything."

Serena smiled leaning into his caress and she reached a hand up to mimic his actions. "Yes, but Henrik what I want to tell you, I fear will ruin this good thing we have. And I don't want to lose you as my friend..." She bit her lip and blinked smiling at her only friend in school.

"Serena, whatever you have to tell me, I'll gladly listen," said Henrik. "You won't lose what we have. As a matter of fact, I know how you feel about me."

"You do?"

"Yes, love, I do," said Henrik. "That's why I protect you so fiercely." He touched her face, kissing it. "I fancy you, Rena."

She smiled as he kissed her face and she lifted both her hands placing them on either of his cheeks and leaned forward to kiss his lips softly and nervously. "Henrik, I fancy... no I love you. I have for two years now..." She smiled and stood up slipping her hand into his lacing her fingers in between his squeezing gently. She only was in four classes and the rest of the day, she was allowed to work on her homework in the library or go home. It was hard to do most classes because of her disability, but she didn't mind. She loved to be with Henrik and would enjoy meeting his family after school. "Rik? Should I come with you or did you want to leave now? I don't have any more classes today..."

Henrik smiled as she kissed him softly and he kissed her forehead affectionately. "We can leave now, if that's what you desire darling." he smiled as she nodded and helped her up and walked with her to his car and helped her into it and drove to his family's home.

Mikaelson Manor . . .

When he arrived, he helped her out and walked with her to the door and opened it walking inside with Serena behind him. "Eleanor? Father? Anyone home?"

Serena was nervous to meet Henrik's family and she stood behind him shyly and was afraid they would be like others at her school.

Mikael heard his youngest son calling and came out to greet him. "Ah, Henrik, there you are. How was school today?"

"It was wonderful, Father," he replied. "In fact, there is a reason it was wonderful. I...I told the most beautiful girl in school that I loved her." He brought Serena forward, holding her hand gently to let her know he was there. "Father, this is Serena. Serena, this is my father, Mikael."

Serena smiled. "It's nice to meet you."

Rena held onto Henrik's hand with one while her other reached out to touch Mikael's hand and she smiled knowing he wouldn't hurt her.

Mikael smiled and raised her hand to his lips kissing it softly. "Would you like anything to drink dear Serena?" He smiled releasing her hand upon seeing his wife enter the room. "Henrik, son, why don't you go with Serena and sit in the living room?" He watched as Henrik nodded leading Serena away before he kissed his wife. "Hello Eleanor my love. I believe our youngest son has found a love of his own." He smiled kissing down her jawline to her neck nipping it softly.

Eleanor had to bite her lip to resist moaning at her husband's action and nudged him away gently. "Mikael... Save it for later love... we have guests..." She smiled patting her husband on the shoulder before turning and walking into the kitchen to fetch two glasses of ice water for Henrik and Serena. In Serena's glass she stuck a straw so she could drink easily. She smiled handing both glasses to Henrik and watched as he held the glass that was Serena's so the straw touched her lips.

Eleanor smiled at Henrik. "She's beautiful, Henrik. I can see why you love her so much."

"Thank you, Eleanor," said Henrik. "I'm glad you approve of my choice. In spite of the fact that she only has four of her five senses, I think she is the most beautiful woman I have ever known. I love her as much as you love Father, and how much Finn loves Sage, how much Elijah loves Amelia, how much Niklaus loves Caroline, how much Kol loves Alexia, and how much Rebekah loves Stefan."

Serena smiled as she heard what they were saying, loving every word. She closed her lips around the straw sipping at the ice water that slid down her throat. She smiled happily and reached a hand touching Henrik's lips with her fingers and then touching her own lips. In her silent way, it was her way of communicating that she wanted a kiss from him. When she was younger it was how she would tell her adoptive parents that she wanted them to kiss her goodnight.

Henrik smiled and chuckled when Serena touched his lips and then her own. He looked at his step mother who looked slightly confused. "Don't worry Eleanor, she was just communicating silently with me since we were in conversation."

Eleanor nodded at her youngest stepson. "Of course Henrik, but what does it mean?" She smiled leaning back against her husband who wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and kissed her bare shoulder watching his son and girlfriend.

Henrik smiled glad to answer his step mother whom he adored. "It was her way of asking for a kiss, which I am happy to give." He smiled before leaning down to capture Serena's lips with his own in a soft and sweet kiss.

Eleanor watched Henrik and Serena kissing, obviously happy that her youngest stepson had found the one he wanted to be with. Up until Henrik met Serena, Eleanor was worried that the boy would be lonely, especially since all of his older siblings had significant others and he didn't. Of course, things were different now and she didn't have to worry about him as much anymore. It was while they were watching that scene that the doorbell rang. Mikael sighed heavily and excused himself from Eleanor, not sure who would be coming by. Eleanor watched him go and let out a sigh of her own, causing Henrik to break the kiss with Serena. "Eleanor, what is it?"

"Someone's at the door and your father went to answer it," she replied. "Of course, it might just be one of your siblings dropping by for a visit."

Henrik nodded and noticed Serena touch his cheek worried and he saw her expression. "Eleanor, Serena gets bullied quite frequently, so she tends to get shy around people she doesn't know." He sighed and heard the voice of his older brother Niklaus and he smiled and stood up tugging at Serena's hand. "Come on love, you can meet my brother."

Serena stood up with Henrik and keeping her hand in his, she stood behind him shyly as he stopped. She bit her lip leaning against his back and because of her height, she was hidden since she was shorter than he.

"Hello Niklaus... I'd like to introduce you to my girlfriend... Oh don't give me that look, yes I have a girlfriend. I should warn you, she only has four of her five senses." He smiled at his older brother before tugging at Serena's hand. "Come on love, he won't hurt you. You can speak silently if that makes you feel better." He smiled and kissed the top of her head affectionately.

Serena nodded at what she said and walked out from behind him and raised a hand to her hand much like a military salute which meant hello. As she communicated silently, Henrik translated what she was saying to his older brother.

"Don't get freaked out Nik, she uses her fingers to see. She is completely blind, so this is the way she communicates." Henrik smiled placing his hands on her waist guiding her towards his brother so she was close.

Serena used her fingers to feel his older brother's hand and then raised a hand to his cheek and smiled knowing he wouldn't hurt her. "It's nice to meet you, I am Serena."

Niklaus smiled as Serena 'spoke' with her hands for a minute and then at his brother who seemed genuinely happy. "It's lovely to meet you as well, Serena."

"Henrik told me you are an artist?" Serena looked at him and even though she couldn't see him with her eyes, she still smiled glad that she was finally getting to meet him.

Klaus nodded. "I am, love. I assume that Henrik also told you about the landscape that is hanging in the Hermitage?"

Serena smiled. "He has. He even told me that your fiancé is your favorite subject."

Klaus chuckled. "She is, actually. I've done several portraits of her over the time we've been together, including the one that I did of her the night I proposed to her."

Serena smiled sweetly as he told her of the portrait he had done of his fiancee when he proposed to her. "If you're not too busy, would you mind watching me draw or something? It's hard for me to see what I'm actually doing since you know, I'm blind..." She bit her lip hoping he wouldn't turn down her question just because she was blind.

Klaus smiled seeing she was being very genuine and he nodded before realizing he would have to answer her verbally. "Of course, did you have a sketchpad or anything with you now?"

Serena nodded before patting Henrik's hand softly that was still settled on her waist. "Could you go get my sketchpad and folder and art stuff out of my bag in your car?"

Henrik nodded and kissed the side of her head. "Of course love, I'll be right back. Nik, can you help her to the couch please?"

Klaus nodded at his younger brother before taking Serena's hand and guided her down onto the couch before sitting next to her waiting for Henrik to return.

Henrik returned a few moments later armed with Serena's things. He set the pad in her lap, which he had flipped open to a blank page. He put a charcoal pencil into her waiting hand and watched as she began to draw. He handed her folder of drawings to his brother and sat on the other side of Serena playing with her blond ponytail twisting the strands in between his fingers.

Klaus watched her draw and then opened the folder to look at all of the sketches she had done, impressed at what she had done. She was just as talented as he was despite not being able to see. In fact, he wondered if she ever considered having one of her pictures in a museum or even an art gallery. Of course, he kept that question to himself, not sure if she would accept it. After a few minutes, Serena was finished with the drawing she was working on, telling Henrik to give it to his brother to look at. Henrik nodded and passed it over to Klaus, who immediately took it and looked at it, smiling at it. "Serena, you've got an amazing talent, love."

Serena smiled. "Thank you. I've been drawing since before I lost my sight."

"Really? Well, it's still amazing," said Klaus. "Would you consider having your work on display in a museum or an art gallery? I wanted to ask you that earlier, but I wasn't sure how you would feel about it."

"You know, that's a good question," said Serena. "I actually did consider it at one point, but then, I lost my sight and with it, came the insecurity. I wasn't sure if they'd accept work from a blind person."

Klaus nodded. "I could help you with that if you'd like. Serena, a talent like yours should be shared with the world and not kept hidden."

Serena looked at him and smiled brightly and nodded in agreement with what he was saying. "You'd help me even though you hardly know me?" She bitnher lip and leaned so her back was to Henrik's chest and smiled as he kissed the top of her head and with one hand rubbed her shoulder. She loved that he had the ability to keep her calm and that he was always by her side whenever she needed him the most.

Klaus nodded smiling at her and his youngest brother. "Of course Serena... I think you should show the world the capabilities that you have. You are very talented and in my opinion it shouldn't be kept hidden from the world."

Serena smiled and patted Henrik's hand before standing up and tugging on his hand and she motioned that she wanted to go outside.

Henrik chuckled and smiled standing up with her and slipped her drawing into her folder and smiled at his parents and older brother. He placed one hand on her waist while the other held one of her hands as he guided her outside and to a swing on the front porch. He helped her sit first and then he followed suit. He then tugged her so she was sitting sideways in his lap and he kissed her gently at first.

Serena smiled into the kiss, her arms coming to rest around his neck. She knew he was being gently, but she still was a girl after all. A girl who wanted more than what he was giving her right now. She kissed him more fervently and nipped his lower lip softly and smiled apologetically. "Sorry Henrik... I didn't hurt you did I?"

Henrik shook his head. "No, love, you didn't hurt me. I just didn't expect you to do that, that's all. In fact, I want to give you more, but I wasn't sure if you wanted it. After all, we're just getting started on the next phase of our relationship and I didn't want to go too fast."