Previously in Don't Close Your Eyes, Caroline and Klaus get married. Henrik asks Serena to marry him while Amelia performs a spell to allow Eleanor to become pregnant with Mikael's child.

Chapter 6

Mikaelson Manor, a few days later . . .

Serena smiled as she moved around the kitchen of the manor whistling to herself. She had cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom and was now in the process of baking chocolate chip cookies. She saw Henrik out of the corner of her eye trying to steal a cooling cookie and she smacked his hand with the spatula. "Don't even think about it Henrik James Mikaelson. You can wait until after dinner like everyone else. Now, shoo!"

She chuckled at him as he left the kitchen and she got to work on dinner for Eleanor, Mikael, Finn and Sage, as well as Henrik and herself. She was about halfway through finishing when she started to get a headache out of nowhere. She groaned and it soon went away. She finished dinner and put servings on each plate and set the table. She gave a loud whistle for everyone to hear her and she sat next to Henrik and rubbed her temples.

Henrik noticed her rubbing her temples and gave her a concerned look. "Serena, love, are you all right?"

Serena nodded. "Yeah, I'm okay, just a slight headache, that's all. I'll be fine, don't worry about me."

Serena ate a bit, but halfway through she wasn't hungry and pushed her chair away and excused herself. She went into the kitchen and looked out the window at the full moon that was high in the sky. She felt really horrible and felt and heard a bone crack in her body and she winced. She felt more and she fell to the floor screaming curling herself into a ball.

Henrik heard Serena screaming and, his concern overtaking him, went after her and when he found her in a ball on the floor, he immediately knelt next to her. "Serena, are you all right?"

Serena panted and looked at him. "Henrik, there's something you should know about me, something that I never told you because I didn't know myself until now. I'm really a werewolf."

Henrik gasped and stood up and pulled out his cell phone and called his brother, Niklaus, and explained the situation. "Yes, I know it's your honeymoon. Will you please come back and help her?"

Nik chuckled at his younger brother's desperation and hung up the phone. He left a note for Caroline explaining where he was going and he blurred to his parents home and walked in and heard an ear shattering scream as well as more bones breaking.

Serena looked up seeing Nik and she somehow managed to pull herself towards him. "Help me... please..."

Klaus nodded and looked at Henrik. "How long has this been happening?"

"I found her a few minutes ago, so it couldn't have been happening long," his brother replied. "She had a headache earlier and when I asked if she was all right, she told me not to worry about it." He growled. "Damn it! Why the bloody hell didn't I know what she was?"

"Henrik, stop it, you didn't know. She didn't know either," said Klaus. "Now, I don't have much time. I need to give her my blood so that she won't have to be forced to turning every full moon. She can choose to. You can stay here if you want, or it bothers you, you can walk out."

"No, I'll stay," said Henrik. "I refuse to leave Serena for anything."

Klaus nodded again and knelt down next to Serena, biting into his wrist and giving it to her. "Here, sweetheart, drink. It'll save you from this."

Serena latched onto his wrist drinking and felt her transformation stop and her broken bones pop back into place and she stood up and smiled at Henrik. She placed a hand on his cheek softly. "I'm sorry for scaring you like that. Meet me at the cabin, I'll return shortly." With that she blurred over to her former home. She snuck in and grabbed what she needed, which was the folder that held every detail ever known about her. She snuck back out and blurred to the cabin and went in sitting beside Henrik.

Henrik looked up when he saw her sit down with a folder. "What's that?" He looked at her curiously.

"It's my folder of everything my adoptive parents had on me. This is my real father.." She pulled out a photo and smiled softly. She was unaware of someone watching in the window. She continued flipping through everything and smiled and looked over at Henrik from time to time.

Henrik looked at the picture of Serena's real father. "Why did your adoptive family have all this?"

"I suppose it was because they knew that I would ask about my real family one day."

Henrik nodded and kissed the side of her head and looked up seeing the person in the window. "I'll be right back love." He got up and opened the door and saw the person run away and he blurred after them. "Who are you and why were you spying on us?"

The man just smirked and shook his head. "You'll find out soon enough." With that he ran away to his home. Little did his daughter know that he had been alive all these years. He couldn't risk raising her because he was a werewolf. He couldn't bear it if he hurt her, so he sent her to live with those people. He watched her as she grew up and wished he had been there for everything. He needed to talk to Mikael, whom he had known for a few years.

Henrik growled and returned to the cabin, slamming the door behind him. Serena looked up from the folder, feeling the anger coming off of him. "Henrik, what's wrong?"

"I went after whoever was spying on us," he replied. "I demanded he tell me who he was and why he was spying on us. The only thing he said was that we'd find out soon enough, whatever the bloody hell that means."

The next day . . .

Alexander Warren walked up to the front door of the Mikaelson Manor and knocked on the door and prayed that Mikael would answer. He hadn't seen him since the tragic accident when he had to stage his death so Serena wouldn't come looking for him. He sighed and shoved his hands in his pocket and looked up seeing the door open.

Mikael was reading and he heard a knocking on the front door. Setting his book aside, he got up and opened the door and he got the surprise of his life. "Alexander? What are you doing here? You're supposed to be dead..." He looked at him confused and stepped back so he could come in. "Please, do come in.."

Alexander nodded and walked in and sat on the couch running a hand through his brown and blond hair that Serena had inherited from him. "Sorry to just drop in on you like this, but Serena deserves to know the truth as to why I gave her up for adoption. You know as well as I that raising an infant around a werewolf who doesn't have the ability to control transformations, isn't safe..."

Mikael nodded and sat beside his friend and smiled softly. "Yes I know Alexander.. She would most likely love the chance to meet her biological father. I'll go fetch her and my son Henrik. They're engaged to be married..." He walked out and to the cabin where he knocked on the door smiling at his future daughter in law. "Serena, can you and Henrik come to the main house please? There is a guest who wishes to speak with you."

Serena nodded and took Henrik's hand as they walked to the main house. Upon entering she smelled an unfamiliar scent and she became guarded. She walked into the living room and looked between Mikael and the visitor curiously.

"I wasn't trying to spy on you last night, I just needed time to reveal myself. I am your biological father Alexander Warren. You have to know I didn't abandon you, but raising you around myself it wasn't safe. I can't control my transformations, and if I hurt you, I couldn't bear it." Alexander sighed and looked at her from his spot on the couch.

Serena listened to what he was saying and after a few minutes, spoke up. "I thought you were dead."

"I'm very much alive, sweetheart," said Alexander. "I know this is a lot to take in and I can understand if you're reluctant to trust me. As I just explained earlier, I gave you to your adoptive parents to protect you."

"Her adoptive mother tried to kill her," said Henrik before Serena could say anything. "She's a vampire and when she found out Serena was one as well, she flew into a rage and if I hadn't gotten there in time, she wouldn't have survived the attack. And did you know that Serena was blind prior to her turning?"

Alexander nodded. "She was born blind, so yes, I did." He then noticed that Serena's eyes were normal. "Wait, she's not blind anymore."

"Yes, when she became a vampire, her blindness disappeared."

Alexander smiled and walked over and raised her chin to look at her eyes. "You have your mother's eyes. I am truly sorry about the attack though. She seemed kind when she took her in..." He smiled and backed away so as not to scare Serena.

Serena chewed her lip and walked forward and hugged him tightly. "Daddy..." She cried a bit and calmed down after a few minutes.

Alexander ran his fingers through her hair as he hugged her. "I love you so much, baby girl. I'm also happy to see that you're with someone who loves you. The Mikaelsons are a good family."

"How do you know them?" Serena looked at him curiously.

"I've known Mikael since before you were born sweetheart. I must have been about twenty when I met Mikael. It was just after he had married Eleanor I believe..." He looked at Mikael who confirmed it by nodding his head.

"Daddy, will you give me away at my wedding?" Serena looked at him biting her lip.

"Of course I will sweetheart. I'd be honored to give you away. Why don't you run along with your fiancee? Don't you have to plan a wedding?"

"I'm waiting for Caroline to get back from her honeymoon. Eleanor is helping as well.." She trailed off hearing a loud noise coming from the upstairs bathroom and saw Mikael blur off.

Mikael blurred up to the bathroom hearing his wife emptying the contents of her stomach. "Eleanor, love, are you alright?" He knocked on the door softly.

Eleanor coughed slightly and rinsed out her mouth. She took a pregnancy test and was waiting for it to finish. It did and she grinned and opened the door to show her husband. "Mikael, I'm pregnant!"

Mikael grinned when he heard the news and saw the test strip. "That's wonderful news, love! That means Amelia's spell worked!"

"It definitely did," she replied. "We'll have to call her and tell her the good news."

Eleanor nodded and smiled going over and grabbing her phone, she called Amelia. "Amelia, your spell worked!" She chatted with her for a few more minutes before setting down her phone and jumped wrapping her legs around Mikael's waist and kissed him happily.

Mikael chuckled catching her and kissed her back carrying her over to the bed. "I love you Ellie, and I know you'll look beuatiful carrying my child." He kissed her belly and smiled standing up.

Just then, he sensed two tiny energy signals coming from within her. "Ellie, I know it's early yet, but I think you have more than one little one in there."

"You mean I'm having twins?"

"It would appear so, according to what I'm sensing."

Eleanor grinned and sat up placing a hand over her belly. "Too bad you can't tell the genders too." She chuckled and looked at him and stood up and heard the door open downstairs and close softly.

"Eleanor? Father? Are you here?"

Eleanor recognized Niklaus' voice and she smiled at her husband before walking downstairs. "Yes Niklaus, what's wrong?"

"Oh nothing is wrong, Caroline couldn't take anymore honeymooning so we decided to come back early. She was wondering if Serena could come over so they could start to plan the wedding. How did the thing go with Amelia?"

"The spell she did worked perfectly. Your father sensed that I'm carrying twins. I found out I was pregnant this morning." She smiled at her step son and saw Serena through the window and she waved her inside.

Serena came in and saw Niklaus standing there. "Hi, Nik, what are you doing back? I know I just saw you last night, but..."

"Easy, love, before you wear yourself out," the hybrid replied. "Caroline and I got back from our honeymoon early. She was hoping you could come over so you can start planning your wedding."

"I'll head over there right now. I want to get started as soon as possible. I'm looking forward to this, especially now that my father is back."

Niklaus was a bit confused. "Your father?" He looked at Eleanor and Mikael. "What's she talking about?"

Serena chimed in when Nik asked the question. "My biological father gave me up because he didn't want to risk hurting me if he ever transformed around me. He left a little bit ago, but I have a feeling you'll meet him soon enough. He met Mikael when he was twenty, shortly after Mikael and Eleanor got married." She smiled at her future brother in law before blurring to his and Caroline's mansion and rang the doorbell.

Klaus & Caroline's Mansion . . .

Caroline smiled opening the door and seeing Serena. "Rena! It's good to see you! Why don't you come in and we can get started?" Caroline smiled and stepped back to let Serena pass by and led her to the living room once she shut the front door.

Serena smiled at Caroline as she walked into the mansion. "How are you doing, Care? Any morning sickness?"

"I had a little bit of it before we came back," she replied. "It's not fun, but it's only temporary."

Serena nodded. "Speaking of which, Eleanor is pregnant...with twins!"

"Wow, that's great! Amelia's spell must've worked."

Serena nodded and chuckled. "Yeah, I guess she only thought she was pregnant with one. So what should we do first as part of the planning? Oh! I drew my wedding gown if you want to see it?"

Caroline smiled. "I'd love to see what your gown is going to look like, Rena!"

Serena then showed her the sketch. "Here's what I envisioned my gown to be."

"Wow, this is beautiful! You should definitely be a fashion designer!"

Serena's dress would hug her upper body in a corset, but the bottom would flow out in a long train. It was also strapless and would sparkle all over no matter which way she turned. On her right side was a piece of fabric that would have flowers placed on it and it would act as a strap. "You think so? I've had to keep watch over this so Henrik doesn't see it. I want him to be absolutely floored when he sees me on our wedding day."

Caroline nodded at her, "Yeah I understand that. Are you going to make this or take it to a shop?"

"Well I was hoping that you and Eleanor could help me make it. I don't really trust a shop to not screw this up." She shrugged and smiled at her soon to be sister. "Should we make a checklist of everything we need for the wedding?"

Caroline nodded. "Making your dress would be awesome!" She cleared her throat. "And, yes, we should make a list so we know what to do."

"Okay well obviously, I'll need to get material and stuff for my dress..." She grabebd a piece of paper and wrote down a list that was two pages long. "Did I miss anything?" She looked at Caroline and smiled handing her the pen so she could write anything she had missed.

After she had written down what she may have missed, Caroline said, "I think it's safe to say that your wedding is going to be the most talked about wedding in this town. If I thought my wedding was extravagant, yours is going to equivalent to the wedding of Princess Grace."

Serena giggled. "You think so?"

"Oh, definitely," said Caroline. "I think Elijah and Amelia are going to have to hire the London Philharmonic in order to have a wedding to match yours."

Serena burst out laughing and fell on the floor. "Well it's my special day and you only get married once, so I figure why not go all out? Although I do need to pick bridesmaids... No doubt Henrik will have his brothers as his groomsmen..."

Caroline nodded and smiled flipping to a new sheet of paper and handed it to Serena.

Serena wrote down five names, and they were the names of the Mikaelson siblings significant others. It was Sage, Amelia, Caroline, Alexia, and Rebekah. "Here, I put down the names of people that I'm close to. I don't really have any friends so..."

Caroline smiled. "Serena, I am honored to be considered, as well as your family. You're important to us, and we're going to make sure you and Henrik have a wedding you'll be talking about for years, even centuries."

Serena smiled and hugged her tightly, but not too tightly since she remembered she was preganant. "Oh I don't know if Nik told you, but I'm a hybrid. I was born a werewolf and after Henrik turned me I had to feed. Since the full moon didn't happen until last night, my curse didn't trigger until then..."

Caroline nodded and smiled holding her. "Well who knows? Maybe since you're a hybrid, you and Henrik could have a family of your own, instead of having to adopt. You'll have to tell me if you do get pregnant though." She smiled at her and set the lists aside before hearing the door open and her husband calling her name. "I'm in the livingroom with Serena Nik!"

Klaus walked in and saw his wife and Serena on the couch. "How's the wedding planning coming along, ladies?"

"So far, so good," said Serena. "I even showed Caroline the designs for my dress, which I will definitely be making. I don't trust dress makers. They'll most likely mess it up and add things that I don't want."

"Sounds like a plan to me," said Klaus. "This is your special day and you should want it to go the way you want it."

Caroline smiled and got up kissing her husband softly before smiling. "I told Serena Elijah and Amelia will probably have to hire the London Philharmonic Orchestra just to outdo what she has planned." She chuckled looking at Serena seeing her face was twisted up in concentration.

Serena was thinking and thinking hard about what kind of flowers she wanted in her bouquet. She liked roses, tulips, and calla lillies and thought she could make a bouquet of different colored roses. Her bridesmaids would hold tulips, while the matron of honor would hold a bouquet of calla lillies. "Caroline, would you like to be my matron of honor?"

Caroline smiled at her question and went over to her, hugging her and kissing her cheek. "Serena, I would love to be your matron of honor."

"I knew you would," she replied. "There's no one else that I would rather have as my matron of honor than you."

"You won't be disappointed," said Caroline. "I'm an expert when it comes to planning things. If there's a party or a special event that needs planning or arranging, I'm the one at the helm. I even planned the Miss Mystic Falls pageant where Matt's wife, April, was crowned, since I was the reigning Miss Mystic Falls at the time. Nik would probably tell you just how elaborately I planned everything, since he was there as my date."

Serena smiled at her and then stood up tucking the papers into her pocket after she folded them. "Can you come with me Care? I want to grab Eleanor so we can go into town so I can get the material to start my dress." She pulled the drawing of her dress out and showed Nik. "This is my wedding dress I designed and am going to make with the help of your wife and step mom."

Nik smiled and took the paper and his jaw dropped. "You designed this yourself? Well you better keep that well hidden from my brother." He handed the paper back to her and kissed the top of Caroline's head. "I'll see you later love, go have fun wedding planning."

Caroline smiled at her husband kissed his lips softly. "Oh, I definitely plan on having fun, baby." She then took Serena by the arm and they blurred over to the Mikaelson manor, where they saw Eleanor coming out. "Ready to do some shopping, Eleanor? Serena wants to get material for her dress."

Eleanor smiled. "I was born ready, girls. I have been wanting to go shopping for weeks, and this is going to be my opportunity to get some new clothes, especially since I'm going to be a mommy soon."

Serena smiled and hugged her soon to be mother in law softly. "Congrats again Eleanor." She stood thinking for a moment and then turned to Eleanor. "Are we taking your car then? Since Care and I blurred over here. I know if we blur into town people would notice..."

Eleanor smiled and pulled her keys out and jingled them in her hand. "Yeah, we can take my car. I can't exactly blur in my condition since I'm still newly pregnant." She walked to the car and got in the driver's side and started the car and saw Serena get in the front. She heard the back door open and then shut as Caroline got in. She drove them downtown and found a parking spot in front of the shop. She watched Serena get out and she followed suit.

Downtown, Mystic Falls . . .

Serena walked into the shop and thumbed through the different fabric before choosing a virgin white material that would serve as the actual dress. She also found a sheer material that would cover the dress and allow her to add the sparkling jewels to it. She took the things to the counter and paid for it and took the bags as the cashier handed them to her.

When they got the material, they walked out of the store and headed to the downtown area, where they came to the Grill, which gave Eleanor an idea. "Girls, how about we go in and have some bonding time?"

Serena nodded. "That sounds like a good idea. We deserve a little break. Besides, I have a feeling that Niklaus is going to be keeping Henrik occupied right now, so it'll give us plenty of girl time and even discuss how Caroline is going to put this whole thing together, since she did tell me that she's an expert when it comes to planning things."

Mystic Grill . . .

Caroline nodded and smiled at Serena as they all went into the grill. She saw her old friend Matt and she walked over to him giving him a brief hug. "Hey Matt! How's April?" She smiled still keeping in touch with him even after their high school years.

"Oh she's good, just trying to rest more and take it easy because of the pregnancy. Do you three need a table?" Seeing the women nod, he led them to a booth near the back where almost no one sat. He smiled and took their drink orders before going off to fetch them.

Serena smiled at Caroline once they were sitting down. She was sitting across from Eleanor and Caroline. "Who was that?"

"Oh, that was just an old high school friend, Matt Donovan. We did date for a time, but we realized that it wasn't meant to be." She shrugged and looked at the menu before setting it down.

Serena smiled and did the same before she tugged the papers out of the pocket. "I was thinking about designing the party's dresses too. Do you think that would be too much work?"

"No, not at all, " said Caroline. "Don't forget, you have super speed because you're a hybrid."

"That's true," said Eleanor. "You'll also have us to help you so you don't have to do it yourself."

"Yeah, I was thinking about tackling the party's dresses first by myself since they won't take long. And I could possibly just direct you guys on how I want my gown to look?" Serena looked at the two women smiling softly.

"Of course dear, that sounds perfectly fine. Did you want to get the material today while we're here, or just wait until you design the dresses?" Eleanor smiled at Serena, glad that she was joining the Mikaelson family.

"I was thinking after since I want them to look a certain way. Oh and Caroline your gown will be to die for. I bet Nik won't be able to keep his hands off you." She chuckled and smiled as a plate of food was set down.

Caroline smirked. "Good, because that's what I want. I want my husband to find me irresistible. Then again, he found me irresistible the day we met."

Eleanor giggled. "Same goes with mine. I want Mikael to be all over me like barbecue sauce on spare ribs."

Serena nodded at what they said and she coughed a bit hearing what Eleanor said. "Oh my God Eleanor! Don't say that while I'm eating!" She took a sip of water and finished her sandwich. "But don't worry, you both will look irresistible to your husbands. My dress I designed so it turns into a shorter dress for the reception. Not super short, but it won't have the train on it, it'll be too heavy for me to dance in." She giggled before looking at the pair of blondes. She pulled out a piece of paper and on a side that wasn't written on she sketched Eleanor's dress.

Caroline smiled as Serena sketched and looked at Eleanor. "She pretty much has everything planned, just needs to do the dresses and I guess fittings for everyone so they fit on the day of the wedding." She saw Serena nod as she continued to draw. "Serena, did you want to go look through material at the shop for the dresses before we go?"

Serena finished drawing and looked up at Caroline. "Yeah, because I do want to see what they have." She slid the paper over to Eleanor and smiled brightly. "This is what I was thinking for your dress." It was a strapless dress that had a plunging line that stopped just above her belly button. It would be tight and hug her curves in all the right places, and the bottom stopped just under her knees.

Eleanor looked at the sketch and smiled. "Oh, Serena, I love it! I know this is only the sketch and not the actual dress, but I love it just the same."

Serena nodded. "I knew you would."

Caroline grinned seeing the drawing and nodded in agreement with what Eleanor said. "I'm going to go pay, I'll meet you back at the fabric shop okay?" She stood up once Eleanor let her out and walked over to Matt to pay.

Mystic Falls Dress Shop . . .

Eleanor and Serena nodded in agreement at what Caroline. Serena stood up and linked her arm through Eleanor's as they walked down the street to the shop once more. Serena unlinked her arm and searched through fabrics and found one she liked. It was a ruby red color and she showed Eleanor. "What do you think about this for the dresses?"

Eleanor smiled and walked over grinning as she felt it. "Oh Serena this is gorgeous."

Serena smiled and picked up seven bolts of it and carried it over to the counter and handed the cashier her card as she rang it up. She carried them to the car struggling a bit before she felt Eleanor take some and she grinned. "Thanks Eleanor!"

Eleanor nodded. "No problem, dear. I didn't want you to struggle with the material in your arms and try to open the door at the same time."

Serena nodded and saw Caroline coming up the street to them, and she waved and got in the car waiting for Eleanor and Caroline. "Do you guys have the stuff to be able to sew the dresses? Doing them by hand would take too bloody long..."

Caroline nodded. "My mom has a sewing machine that she hasn't used in God knows how long. I can see if she'll let us use it."

"I've got a better idea," said Eleanor. "Instead of asking Liz if Serena could use her sewing machine, I have a sewing machine at the mansion. It's brand new, so we don't have to worry about it breaking on us."

"Do you think we can start these today? We'll need to send the men of the house elsewhere though. I refuse to let them see these dresses. Oh, and we'll need Amelia, Rebekah, Sage, and Alexia to stay at the mansion while we're working on these. Will that be alright with you Eleanor?" Serena smiled at her future mother in law from the backseat.

Eleanor nodded. "We can definitely start on them today. And I'm pretty sure that we can convince the men to go out and do something else while we work on the dresses. As for Amelia, Sage, Rebekah, and Alexia, we can definitely get them to stay so that we can work on their dresses."

"Thank you, Eleanor," said Serena. "I have a feeling that this is going to be an experience we'll ever have as a family."

Eleanor nodded in the mirror at her future daughter in law and parked the car turning off the ignition. She got out and walked in seeing her husband. "Love, can you round up the other men of the Mikaelson family and go stay at Niklaus' for a bit? We're going to be working on wedding dresses and don't want you guys to see them before the big day."

Mikaelson Manor . . .

Mikael chuckled before nodding and kissing his wife. "Of course darling, I'll get everyone on the phone." He called them up and told them the plan and smiled once he hung up. "Rebekah, Sage, Amelia, and Alexia are on their way over love."

Eleanor smiled. "Thank you, Mikael. Serena wants just us ladies here."

"And she shall have whatever she wants, love," said Mikael. "A wedding is a very special time for a woman. And whatever the bride wants, she will get."

"Indeed," said Eleanor. "It reminds me of our wedding. Oh, that was a beautiful day."

"I remember," said Mikael. "You looked like an angel in your dress."

"Well, I can tell you that you won't be able to keep your hands off me at Serena's." She winked as he left to go meet up with their sons. She gave a signal to Serena and Caroline once it was safe to come inside and held the door open as they carried all the bolts of material inside. "I'll go get the sewing machine if you want to set up the bolts, and finish your sketches Serena."

Serena nodded as she went off and found her sketch book and flipped to a section she had titled Wedding. She began to sketch Caroline, Lexi, Sage, and Amelia's dresses. She finished a short while later and smiled at the finished product. All the dresses would stop just below their knees, and Amelia's would allow her to breathe because of the pregnancy. It would be loose fitting unlike the other women's gowns which would hug their bodies tightly in all the right places.

Caroline's was a one shouldered dress that had a slit going up to the middle of her thigh. Amelia's was a halter dress that had flowers around the halter part. Rebekah's was a strapless tea length dress. And finally, Sage's was an A line dress that had a keyhole cut out in the front that went from just under her chest to her belly button and it was also backless. These dresses would leave nothing to the imagination for their significant others, which was what Serena wanted.

No sooner did Serena finish her sketches than Rebekah, Amelia, Alexia, and Sage arrived, earning them a smile from her. "Hey, girls, ready for your part?"

"Ready as we'll ever be," said Rebekah. "I must admit, though, Stefan almost didn't let me leave, the silly darling. He wanted to know just what this ladies' only thing we were doing."

"What did you tell him?"

"I simply told him that you needed us to help you with a special project," said Rebekah. "He bought it, thank God. I just hope that Father, Niklaus, Elijah, Finn, and Kol can keep him occupied long enough for us to finish here."

"They will, Bekah," said Sage. "Just relax."

Serena smiled and stood up carrying the sketches over to them and handed each of them the dress she had designed. "I designed these so that your husbands won't be able to keep their hands off of you. But they will have to, at least for the ceremony. Amelia, I designed yours so it won't be as tight as the others to allow room for you and the baby to breathe."

Amelia smiled and looked at the sketch before hugging Serena. "Thanks Rena!" She kissed her cheek and smiled seeing Eleanor rolling in the sewing machine.

Serena nodded and set up a room where she could take their measurements. She darkened the windows so no one outside could see in. "Amelia, can you come in here?" She called out and smiled as she had a tape measure slung around her neck. She had a notepad and pen so she could write down their exact measurements. She smiled as Amelia came in and shut the door. "I need you to get down to just your bra and underwear, it will be easier for me to take accurate measurements that way."

Amelia nodded and did as she asked and stood in front of her doing as she was told as the measurements for her dress were taken. She watched Serena writing down the measurements and she walked over to put on her jeans and shirt again.

"Yours should be the easiest to do, since it will be loose and flowy around your middle." Serena smiled at her and watched as she opened the door. "Can you send Rebekah in next please?"

Amelia nodded and walked out, a smile on her face that wasn't lost on the others. Rebekah saw the look on her face and couldn't help but smile herself. "How did it go, Mel?"

"It went very well," she replied. "Serena took my measurements for my dress. Speaking of which, she told me to send you in for yours."

Rebekah nodded and walked into dark room, where Serena was waiting for her.

Serena smiled at Rebekah and set the notepad and pen aside. "Hello Rebekah. Can you shut the door and get down to just your bra and underwear. When we're done and you get Sage, just tell her, Caroline, and Eleanor the same thing. I hate repeating the same direction everytime." She giggled and waited until Rebekah walked over to her and she smiled and took her measurements which were a bit different than Amelia's. The other women's dresses were tight, so she had to make sure they were tight, but not too tight so they couldn't move or breathe.

Rebekah smiled and stood still as Serena measured her and when she was done and writing down the measurements, she got dressed once more. She walked out and smiled at the other women in the family. "She asked me to tell you three when you go in, to get down to your bra and underwear." She stopped hearing Serena yell something and she nodded. "She said the three of you can go in together if you want."

Sage nodded at what Rebekah said and looked at Caroline, Eleanor, and Alexia. "I guess that's our cue, ladies."

Caroline nodded as well and they followed the redhead into the room that Rebekah had exited just a short time ago.

Serena smiled seeing the other four women come into the room. "Just shut the door for maximum privacy." She smiled and waited until they were all down to their undergarments, and she did her rounds on each of them. The measurements took about forty minutes for each woman. "I have all the measurements I need, but now I need to be measured for my gown." She handed the tape to Caroline and got down to her bra and underwear and stood still while she was measured.

Caroline smiled measuring Serena and wrote down the measurements. "There you go Rena, all finished." She set the tape aside and dressed as well as Serena.

Serena walked out ahead of the other four and once they were all gathered she spoke to all of them as a group. "My plan is to have Eleanor, Sage, Alexia, and Rebekah working on my gown. I would like Caroline and Amelia to help me with the other gowns."

Sage nodded. "Sounds like a plan to me. It's a lot better than working on it yourself."

"That's true," said Rebekah. "And we're more than willing to help you, Serena."

Serena smiled. "Thanks, girls."

Amelia nodded and walked over to her and sat in a chair and smiled as Serena set a design in front of her. It was Caroline's dress and she smiled seeing the intricate detail that Serena had drawn.

Serena smiled before handing a sketch to Caroline and she walked off and grabbed three bolts of the red fabric. She set one in front of Caroline, one in front of Amelia, and one near her station. She grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the bolt of cloth up and cut out the pattern for Amelia's dress.

While Caroline and Amelia were hard at work helping Serena with the other dresses, Sage, Rebekah, Eleanor and Alexia were doing Serena's dress. They used the sketch of the dress as their guide, knowing that Serena wanted it to be according to her design.

Serena stood up after she had gotten the halter part down and she pulled it over to Amelia and grinned seeing it fit nicely. She pulled it off her neck and whistled as she finished her dress. She cut the hem of the bottom and stood up and walked over to Amelia an hour later. "Amelia, can you come here?"

Amelia looked up and smiled standing up following Serena to the room they were in before. She took the dress as she left to go get something and smiled at how it flowed nicely over her ever growing belly. She saw the door open and Serena squeal, which made her giggle.

Serena walked over with some needle and thread and sewed the hemline shut. She stood up and thought, she knew it needed something and she snapped her fingers as she thought. She ran out and grabbed some of the sparkle fabric and sewed it around the halter and the bottom of the dress. "C'mon, let's go show the others!" She walked out with Amelia behind her. "Girls? I'd like to reveal Amelia in her dress." She stepped aside allowing Amelia to come out to show the rest of the group her dress.

When Amelia appeared, dressed in the dress that Serena made for her, Eleanor smiled at the pregnant witch, admiring how she looked in her gown. "Amelia, darling, you look amazing. Elijah isn't going to know what to do with himself when he sees you in that dress."

Amelia smiled. "Thank you, Eleanor, I..."

She was cut off by a sharp pain going through her, causing her to scream and fall to the floor. Caroline was concerned as she rushed to her, along with the other women. "Amelia, what happened?"

"I...I think I'm in labor! I know this is not exactly the best time, but this little girl wants out and she wants out now!"

Sage nodded. "I'll call Elijah and tell him to meet us at the hospital. He'd never forgive me if he missed the birth of his daughter."

Serena ran to grab Amelia's clothes and helped her put them on and removed the dress for the wedding. She set the dress in the room marked WEDDING: DO NOT ENTER and ran back out to help keep Amelia calm. She looked up as Sage hung up the phone and she helped Amelia up. She walked with her to the car staying in the back with her.

Sage got in the front and drove as quick as she could to the hospital and ran inside to get a nurse. "There's someone in labor in the car, can you help us?" She ran back out with the nurse following with a stretcher and a couple more nurses. She watched as they helped Amelia onto the stretcher and rolled her inside and into the next available room in the labor wing. She followed them and stayed with Amelia, while Serena waited for Elijah, Finn, and Henrik.

Mystic Falls Hospital . . .

After a few minutes, the brothers arrived and Elijah approached Serena, looking anxious. "Where's Amelia? Is she all right?"

"Elijah, please, relax, she's fine," said Serena. "We just got her here a few minutes ago."

Elijah nodded and looked at his soon to be sister in law. "Take me to her please?"

Serena nodded and grabbed his wrist tugging him to the room where Amelia's screaming emitted. "Go to her, she needs you Elijah."

Elijah nodded and walked into the room, where he encountered Meredith Fell, the doctor on staff. "Who are you?"

"I'm Elijah Mikaelson, and I'm the father of Miss Spencer's baby," he replied. "The women who brought her in called me and told me she was here. I want to be here when my child arrives."

Meredith nodded and gave him some scrubs, which he put on promptly and went to sit next to Amelia, who was in a whole lot of pain. She saw Elijah sitting next to her and grabbed his hand, smiling at him. "Eli, you're here."

"Of course I am, darling," he replied. "I wouldn't miss my...I mean, our daughter being born for anything." He kissed her softly. "I'm not leaving your side, Mel, I want to be the first thing our daughter sees when she gets here."

Amelia smiled a few tears slipping down her face and she leaned over giving him a brief kiss. "Tell me when I'm ready to push, I want to meet our daughter..." She breathed the way her classes taught her and she squeezed Elijah's hand.

Meredith sat on the stool in front of Amelia and looked at her and nodded confirming that she was fully dialated. "You can push now Amelia, you're fully dilated." She smiled encouragingly at her. "Lean foward and give me a big push.. Elijah you can sit behind her to assist if you like.."

Amelia nodded at Meredith and leaned forward feeling Elijah sit behind her. She gripped his hands tightly crying as she gave a big push for the doctor. She leaned back against Elijah's chest breathing heavy and felt him wipe her head with a cool cloth.

Meredith smiled up at the couple who were very much in love. "That's good Amelia, one more big push, and you'll be meeting your daughter." She smiled and saw her lean forward and give a big push. She saw the baby pop out and she cleaned her off after cutting the cord. She handed the infant to a nurse who cleaned her off and did the proper measurements. She stood up taking the pink bundle from the nurse and walked over settling her in Amelia's arms. "Do you have a name for her?"

Elijah smiled at Meredith as Amelia took the baby from her. "We have. We are naming her Evelyn. Evelyn Victoria Mikaelson."

"That's a beautiful name," said Meredith. "She definitely looks like an Evelyn. And she is certainly lucky to have parents like you."

Amelia let out a few joyful sobs. "Thank you, Dr. Fell."

Meredith nodded and walked over to fill out the birth certicate, signing the bottom once she was done. She nodded to the other nurses who followed her out and she smiled at the others who were outside. "She gave birth to a baby girl, they named her Evelyn Victoria Mikaelson." She smiled and walked down to check on another patient.

Amelia smiled at Elijah and down at their beautiful daughter. "She's beautiful.." She ran a finger over her cheek softly.

"Just like her mother.." Elijah smiled and kissed his soon to be wife. "Want me to let everyone in?"

"Yes, but only one couple at a time please. Can you let Henrik and Serena in first Elijah?" Amelia smiled cooing at her daughter a bit.

Elijah nodded, kissing Amelia one more time before heading out of the room and when he saw Henrik and Serena, he said, "Amelia says one couple at a time and she says you can come in first."

Serena nodded and tugged at Henrik's hand as she stood up and walked into the room with him. She walked over to Amelia and smiled down at her daughter. "Oh Amelia, she's beautiful. She looks like you... Can I hold her?" She smiled and sat down in a chair and waited.

Elijah smiled taking Evelyn from Amelia and cradling her, he walked over to Serena and set her gently down in her arms. He stood nearby, feeling very protective of his new born child.

Serena gently rocked little Evelyn in her arms, smiling at her and kissing her forehead. "Welcome to the family, Evelyn. I'm your Aunt Serena. I'm very happy to finally meet you."

Amelia smiled over at her soon to be family member and wondered how she'd be able to continue to help her. "Serena? Did you want me to still help you?"

Serena looked up and shook her head at Amelia. "No, I think we can handle the rest. You need to make Evie your number one priority right now. You can still come over with her and such, but I don't want you helping. Plus I'm sure everyone else would enjoy seeing this little one." She smiled and handed her to Henrik, who was sitting beside her.

Elijah nodded and looked at her. "She's right, Mel. Serena and the others have everything well under control. The thing you should focus on is being a mother."

"You're right, Eli, I should," said Amelia. "Evelyn needs me more than Serena and everyone else does right now."

Elijah smiled and went over to his fiancé, kissing her softly. "And you'll have plenty of help from me, as well as the rest of the family."

"Of course, and I can make sure you guys stay away from the house while they're working on wedding stuff." She smirked and kissed him back nipping his lower lip.

Elijah smiled. "Yes, you definitely can, love. And you know that I'll stay away from the house for you."

Amelia was about to answer him when Henrik came over, a fussy Evelyn in his arms. "I think someone needs her mummy."

Amelia took Evelyn from her future brother-in-law's arms. "Come here, sweetheart."

She then lowered her gown and gave Evelyn her nipple, encouraging her to nurse, smiling when she latched on and started nursing. Henrik and Serena took that as their cue to leave and stepped out of the room. The rest of the family noticed and Henrik said, "They're having a private moment. Let's give them a few minutes."

Serena saw the rest of them nod and she kissed his cheek. "I got my little peek at the new baby, so I'm going to head back to the main house alright? I want to continue what I was working on..." She cleared her throat trying to not hint at anything to Henrik. She didn't need him getting suspicious.

Henrik smiled and nodded at his brother and walked with Serena to his car and drove her to the Manor. "I'll see you later love, I'm going to head back to the hospital." He kissed her softly and let it linger a moment longer. "I just can't wait to see you floating down the aisle..."

Mikaelson Manor . . .

Serena smiled. "Oh, really? Well, I won't disappoint you, baby." She kissed him softly. "Now, go back to the hospital before you see what my dress looks like before it's time."

Henrik chuckled and nodded and drove off as she started to walk up to the door and disappeared inside. "I love that beautiful woman..." He got back to the hospital and went inside sitting with Finn and Sage.

Serena was inside and smiled at Eleanor and held up her hand before she could be bombarded with questions by the girls. "Yes, Amelia is doing well and so is the baby. She had a baby girl whom they named Evelyn Victoria Mikaelson. She is very precious, and Henrik as well as Finn and Sage are there with them. I left because I wanted to work on the dresses more." She smiled and sat back down putting the sketch of Caroline's dress in front of her. She picked up where Amelia had left off and continued sewing creating a beautiful dress, and she needed to see how it fit Caroline. "Caroline, come with me?"

Caroline looked up seeing Serena holding her almost finished dress and nodded. She stood up and walked with her to the next room. She shut the door behind her and stripped to her underwear and bra again. She pulled on the dress and it was tight around her belly area. "Rena... too... tight.." She gasped out struggling to breathe a bit.

Serena came over and took it out a bit around her stomach and smiled. "Better?" She saw her nod and she rubbed a hand over her chin. She knew it needed something and she got an idea. She grabbed the sparkly fabric that would be on her gown and she sewed some on the slit that ran up Caroline's leg and on the shoulder strap. "I'm hoping you don't grow anymore before the wedding. How many months are you anyhow?"

Caroline licked her lips as she thought about it. "Well, I know I'm not ready to give birth, like Amelia. I'd say I'm about four months along. And unfortunately, belly growth goes with the territory. Guess this means more adjustments." She sighed. "I'm sorry, Rena."

"No, that's okay, don't apologize," said Serena. "I'll just have to make more adjustments, like you said."

Caroline nodded and smiled at her and let her finish the sewing she needed to. She went to take it off, but was stopped by Serena.

"I want you to show the others the dress.." Serena smiled and walked out the door with Caroline behind her. "Girls? This is Caroline's dress.." She stepped aside and let them see the dress.

The rest of them gasped and then nodded their approval. "Oh Caroline, I dobt Nik will be able to keep his hands off of you the way you look." Rebekah smirked and nodded at Caroline.

Caroline gave a smirk right back and went to get dressed out of the dress Serena had made and she set it on the bed and walked back out a few moments later. "Serena? What did you want me to do now? I had Rebekah's dress almost done.."

Serena smiled and walked over to admire the dress and grinned. "You can help Alexia and Eleanor with my gown while Rebekah and I got back there." She waved her hand at Rebekah and walked into the room and handed the dress to her which she put on after getting down to her bra and underwear.

Serena walked over and took the sparkly fabric and put it around her middle which would accentuate her waist and she sewed it, careful not to prick her skin. She smiled at her finishing the hemming along the bottom. "Go ahead and go show the others."

Rebekah nodded and walked out to the others and did a little twirl and smiled at them clapping. She walked back to the room and got dressed into her regular clothes and set the dress on the bed beside the others. She walked back out thinking she would help with the actual gown.

"Bekah? Can you work on Sage's dress?" Serena asked her and handed her the sketch smiling as she walked over to get to work. She went to her dress and gasped clapping at what they had done. They were done minus the hemming and adding the sparkly fabric on top. "Can I try it on?"