The Doctor leaned his head back and sighed. It had been a long day for the weary Time Lord.

The sound of bombs still played in his mind like a cruel echo, the image of his family and friends lying dead in the sand would forever haunt his dreams.

He couldn't help but wonder how it came to this.

He had always traveled in the TARDIS but never imagined he'd be living here especially with his six-year-old granddaughter Susan.

The Doctor glanced down at his sleeping little angel.

He was so glad he had found her again.

The discovery of Susan was the blessing his weary hearts needed.

It sadden him all the horrors she had seen, she was only a child, just an innocent child.

The Doctor stumbled upon her as if by fate; she was lying on the ground very still but he could see her back moving up and down.

With his hopes up he gently touched her arm but she was so startled she began screaming. "Please don't kill me!"

Susan's screams were quickly replaced by tears of relief at the sight of her beloved grandfather.

He took her into his arms and held her close.

The Doctor looked around at his once beautiful planet now left in ruins and then into the eyes of terror of his granddaughter.

He shook his head.

She had seen too much; the destruction of the planet, the bloodshed of its people, this battle had gone too far and now they were just fighting a losing game.

This had to end now.

"Come one sweetie, we're leaving." He said disgusted and ashamed.

The Doctor had made his choice.

Yes, he had made his choice in a few minutes it would all end.

One day he would have to explain it to Susan but not now.

While she slept the Doctor took a deep breath and with shaking hands pushed a red button that resulted in the distant sound of an explosion.

Tears formed in his tired eyes as the realization of his actions set in and now he had to face the consequences, he lives.