So this is my first fanfic...evah. I wanted to make it special, so I spent oodles of time on it, even though I only have the first three chapters done...But that's not zeh point. Zeh point is that I have uploaded the finished chapters, which is what you all care about anyway. This first chapter was the hardest to do in my opinion, because I suck at doing intros and action scenes...and paraphrasing. I made this scene go by quick to kinda mimic how fast a real chase goes...

The pairing is AsuraxMaka because i wuv them soo much...(I have to thank Z-Raid for being one of the few people who actually appreciates the awesomness of crack pairings) but the actual paring part won't come in until say...chapter 5 or 6...

ALSO (warning you guys ahead of time) I TEND TO TAKE A WHILE WITH UPDATES

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"Heh heh..."

The black fox chuckled as she swerved away from the volley of pink blasts that rained down from her pursuer. The fox raced under the cover of the low-hanging branches of the pine trees, glaring back at her enemy; a dark form flying through the sky on a skateboard soared closer, both magic guns pointed at her for another round. His yellow-orange narrowed as the two made eye contact. The fox put on a burst of speed and weaved in and out of the cover, hoping to throw off the Shinigami's aim. She succeeded; he lowered his guns, letting go of the triggers. He tilted his skateboard upward and veered off to the right, out of sight.

The fox thought herself safe, when someone raced in front of her with blinding speed. Skidding to a halt, the vulpine turned heel and bolted the other way, sensing the presence of a new opponent. A flash of blue caught her eye as the ninja struck out with a sword that radiated dark energy. Bunching her hind legs, the fox leaped into the air, safely out of reach. She landed on a low-hanging tree branch and raced along it, carefully putting her paws in front of the other to keep her balance. The next tree branch approached quickly, so the fox readied herself for another jump.

Someone was already waiting for her at the end of the branch. An ash blonde girl leaped out from the shadows of the trees, wielding a scythe that glowed blue with mystical energy. The girl gave a roar of triumph, swinging the scythe downward at the fox, who would have been cut in half if not for a split second decision. The fox let herself fall, disappearing over the edge of the branch and into the fern bushes below. The scythe cut through the tree with a shuddering CLANK, embedding itself deep in the trunk. Grinning at such an opportunity, the fox darted out from under the bush, yipping tauntingly.

She couldn't celebrate for long. The ninja had caught up and was on her trail once again, though a new weapon was readied. He held a giant shuriken in his grip, held out behind him by one arm. The boy gripped his readied arm with the other hand, lending more strength as he hurled the star with all his might. The fox briefly turned to see the shuriken spinning toward her, cutting through branches and vines without resistance. Closing her amber eyes, the fox did the most extraordinary thing. She used her built-up speed to race up the nearest tree's trunk, pushing backwards off of it, sailing through the air in a huge backward flip. The blade wheeled past under her, a mere hairsbreadth from her forehead, before crashing into a cluster of trees further ahead. The fox landed with a thud on the grass, eyes glowing with triumph as she opened them.

The ninja, who had slowed himself to watch his shuriken do its work, gaped in shock as the fox, who was very much alive, gave him a small smile before taking off again into the shadows beyond. The fox continued forward, feeling quite proud of herself for having been clever enough to evade three meisters at once without receiving a single scratch.

"Got you!"

As soon as the fox emerged into a large clearing, she found her path blocked by the Shinigami. He was crouched in the grass, his magic guns transformed into cannons that clung to both his arms. As she jammed her paws down into the earth to stop herself from coming closer, the Shinigami grinned before launching a powerful cannon blast aimed at her.

A huge explosion went off in the clearing, disintegrating several nearby trees and a good portion of the ground where the impact struck. When the smoke cleared, the Shinigami peered down into the hole, seeing nothing but the crater his blast created. No sign of the fox. The Shinigami lowered his cannons as they reverted back to their original form. "It's over..." he breathed.

The Shinigami let out a grunt of surprise when a furry mass struck him in the upper body, knocking him off balance. The black fox looked down into his yellow-orange eyes with intelligent amber ones, using her momentum from her pounce to leap off the kid's chest, striding across the clearing and back into the undergrowth. She didn't look back this time, but she could hear the Shinigami's angry curses followed by the sound of him taking off into the air on his floating skateboard.

It bought her just enough time. By the time the Shinigami and the other two meisters regrouped to continue their pursuit, the fox had reached her destination. She broke free of the cover of trees that marked the edge of the forest, darting toward a huge cliff wall that bordered a mountainside. A section of the wall was glowing, transparent, and the fox could see a tunnel inside the wall from behind the rock. With a mighty leap, the fox soared through the air, just as the three meisters burst out from the trees, attacking all at once. Scythe, bullet and shuriken battered ineffectively against the cliff side as the transparent rock sealed back up the moment the fox disappeared safely inside it.

On the other side of the rock, the fox landed awkwardly on the dirt, loosing her balance when she slid across the floor. Her chest heaved as she fought for breath, but she knew that she was safe. I succeeded...