May 29, 2457 AD/ 2157 CE

Outside Turian Space

ESF battle group


The ESF battle group of 80 ships which consisted of 19 Baikal-class, 15 Volga-class, 13 Virginia-class, 11 Ural-class 21 cruiser-class ELS, and the Ptolemy had been traveling through GN FTL for a whole day. They had left when they had been given the order. The battle group was at its full strength. They had gone through the mass relays before traveling through GN FTL to cut time, but Vice Admiral Kim wanted to catch the Turians by surprise. Since the Turians couldn't detect GN FTL travel until the ESF arrived it guaranteed that the fleet would remain hidden. The ESF fleet had dropped out of FTL just outside of the colony's sensor range; they didn't want the Turians fleet guarding the colony detecting them just yet.

Currently in the Ptolemy's debriefing room were the Gundam meisters as they were discussing with the holographic image of Vice Admiral Kim about the attack on the Turian colony.

Sumeragi brought up an image of the system before she began to speak about said system. "As you can see, there are minimal defenses in the system. Our long-range scanners have detected a patrol fleet of five ships circling the system for possible intruders, while the Turian colony Gothis has a defense fleet of fifteen ships and orbital defenses around the planet."

Lockon couldn't help but be surprised at the situation. It all seemed too easy. "That's all? From what I read about them in the codex this seems a bit light in regards to Turian standards."

David had to agree with Lockon before he spoke his mind "Maybe they think no one's insane enough to ever attack the peacekeeping military force of the Citadel Council but hey the Gundams have done things crazier than this."

"It doesn't really matter why they have such light defenses; at least it makes this easier on us." Said Setsuna before anyone could say anything else.

As everyone took in what the Gundam meister said, Admiral Kim began the attack plan "Seiei is right, it makes things easier on us. Anyway let's get to the plan."

As he spoke the image zoomed in on the Turian colony Gothis "Now that we know that by changing the state of our GN shields to match the Turian disruptor torpedoes, our shields won't collapse as easily when we attack them… this means we'll be able to take more punishment, and deal even more of it back to the Turians. Our mission is to engage the Turian fleet protecting Gothis while the Ptolemy engages the Turian patrol fleet and forces them to try and retreat."

"So you want us to make sure that the patrol fleet runs for reinforcements? I think we can handle that." David says with a smile.

Turian Colony, Gothis

Turian Colony Defense Fleet

The captain of the fleet was extremely bored. Gothis was a colony in Turian space for training recruits in the Turian army and navy, named after an old colony lost in the Unification War. While it was an important colony to the Hierarchy, it was complete madness to think that anyone would be foolish enough to attack the colony, and by extension the Hierarchy itself. So he didn't get to see a lot of action. He'd heard rumor that the Hierarchy was gathering a fleet of ships to subdue a new race that attempted to reactivate a dormant mass relay, which of course was against Council Law. He laughed at the idea of how the mighty Turian fleet was probably crushing the new species.

The sensors officer then interrupted his train of thought upon seeing something strange. "Captain I just lost scanners."

The captain looked at the man before a Turian shouted "There's a fleet in front of us!"

The captain spun his head around and looked out the view-screen and saw a fleet of 79 ships which to his surprise was large. The only thing that came to mind in the captain's head was that they were under attack! He moved into action by screaming orders. "Get our weapons online and kinetic barriers up! Warn the Generals on the planet we are under…" Before he could finish his last order, his entire ship shook before he heard screaming and looked to see that every part of the ship was moving around like water and he saw his men getting transformed into metal as they're screams of pain and fear is heard and silenced before he too felt pain and looked at his hands to see it getting covered in metal.

The captain cried out and tried to get his hand out but to his horror his hand was now part of the metal before he saw metal creep up both his arm and lower body. The captain started screaming in pain and fear before his entire world goes black as he enters the empty void but before that he only hoped that the patrol fleet would warn the Hierarchy about the attack.

Turian patrol fleet

The fleet of 5 Turian ships which numbered to 3 frigates and 2 cruisers flew through the stars.

The captain of the ship entered the CIC but as he took his position the sensors operator says "Sir I just lost the scanners."

"I just lost long-range communications!" The communications officer shouted.

"Sir enemy ship to our left!" A Turian shouted and the captain turned to see a white and blue ship fly at them. The captain also noticed 6 mechs with green light particles fly at them.

"Deploy the fighters to destroy those mechs." The captain shouted and the fleet deployed 25 fighters which began to fly at the approaching Gundams.

The Gundams flew closer to the patrol before the Zabanya was the first to strike. Due to the fact that it was a long range type it took down two fighters before the Raphael, Harute, Arche Gundam Drei, 1.5, and 00 Qan[T] engaged the enemy fighters as well.

The Harute remained in MA mode firing its beam weapons taking down four fighters as the 1.5 launched five of its GN fangs which cut through five Turian interceptors like a hot knife through wet butter.

The Raphael use its GN cannons to obliterate three fighters in one shot as the Arche Gundam Drei released four GN fangs taking down five fighters while the 00 Qan[T] used its sword bits to cut down the remaining 6 along with the 1.5's and Arche Gundam Drei's GN fangs, the Harute's GN scissors and Zabanya's rifle bits. Once the last fighter exploded the six Gundams approached the patrol fleet where the captains of said fleet freaked out and attempted to shoot down the Gundams but due to their maneuverability they were able to evade the mass accelerators, disruptor torpedoes, and the GUARDIAN lasers.

"Captain they're still coming!" The sensors operator shouted as the Gundams drew closer.

The Raphael flashes its eyes as it fires its GN cannons which punch right through the first cruiser destroying it.

"Such fire power." The captain of a frigate whispered before one of the frigates was truck in the bridge by a beam from the Zabanya destroying it.

"Get us through the relay we have to warn the Hierarchy!" The captain shouted as the Harute destroyed another frigate by using its GN cannons.

The frigate makes its way towards the relay but as it reached it the 1.5 Gundam unleashes and Alvaaron mode which struck the frigate on the port side damaging it before it went through the relay.

"They got away!" Hallelujah says as the frigate jumped out of the system.

"Then the first phase is complete." David says before the Gundams and the Ptolemy use Trans-Am to make their way towards Gothis where they see the fleet deploys both GN-XIII, GN-XIV and Tieren ground types. The ground types were covered by prototype insertion pods made to deploy mobile suits onto a planet and in order to do that the pod is covered by GN particles as it descends but upon reaching the right height the pod separates and the mobile suit uses a parachute to reach the ground safely.

As they did that a mass accelerator fires from the surface of Gothis striking a Volga on the side but the round only took down forty percent of its shields before it went and fired particle beams at where the round came from and when the beams struck an orange ball of fire is seen.

Gothis Airfield

At one of the many airfields Turian pilots were scampering around trying to get to their fighters and interceptors. They had received the call five minutes ago that told them Gothis was under attack. Though they were going as fast as they can, they were forced to double time it when the flash of orange lasers appeared over the hills on the landscape; flying down on the planetary gun that lay on the opposite side of the hills.

As they started running to their now prepped aircrafts, the AA guns of the airfield opened fire on the Gundam 00 Qan[T]. The Turians were caught off guard by the Qan[T] before it releases its GN sword bits which flew around destroying both Turian fighters and the AA defenses.

The 00 Qan[T] lands on the ground as its sword bits flew through the air and the Qan[T] fired its beam gun destroying four more fighters before it spun around as a Turian interceptor began to take off only to be met by one of the Qan[T]'s sword bits.

Inside the Gundams cockpit Setsuna observed the destruction he created where Turian fighters and AA defenses were nothing but scrap.

"Hey Setsuna there are too many fighters and gunships over here and I require a little help here!" Shepard's voice sounded over the communicator.

"Roger, I'll make my way to your location." Setsuna says making one last check for any more vehicles or AA guns.

Once his check was complete the sword bits return to the Qan[T]'s shoulder before the it took off into the sky making its way towards the 1.5's location.

1.5 Gundam

Shepard was right before the Turians numbered 18 fighters and 21 gunships which by account not even a Gundam meister can take them out alone.

Shepard tried to take as many down as he could but he had to evade every missile they fired so that it didn't damage the 1.5.

Shepard deploys all 8 of his fangs which fly around taking down 7 of the Turian aircrafts before he spun around aiming his rifle at a Turian gunship before sending a beam that destroyed the craft.

The Fangs kept flying which then cut down 4 more Turian interceptors before the 1.5 spun around shooting down a Gunship only for another one to fly up from behind it and aim its missiles. Shepard spun the 1.5 around as the vessel was about to fire before a beam punches through it destroying it and once that happened four more beams came destroying three fighters and one gunship.

Shepard looked towards where the beams came from only to see the 00 Qan[T] flying towards him sending out its sword bits which destroying the remaining Turian aircrafts.

"Thanks for the help Setsuna." Shepard says with a smile.

"Hey guys how are you doing at your end?" Lockon says over the communicator.

Arche Gundam Drei

Nena flew her Gundam through the air dodging bullets shot by both fighters and gunships that tried to take her down. Nena counted five fighters and six gunships which she smirked and mentally said 'Piece of cake.'

"Fly fangs!" Nena shouted and released six GN fangs which flew at the air craft with the fangs shooting beams at the gunships and fighters confusing them greatly while some were cut down when the fangs crashed into them before the fangs returned to the Arche Gundam Drei leaving only two gunships and one fighter.

The gunships fired missiles at Nena but she brought up a GN field blocking the attack before she popped out her beam pistol and fired twice with both rounds striking the two gunships dead center causing both to erupt into balls of fire while the fighter flew too close before Nena drew a beam saber and cut the fighter in two before both pieces exploded.

"Like I said, piece of cake." Nena said with a smile on her face before the Gundam flew off.


The Zabanya was in combat along with some Tieren long-range cannon types as they supported soldiers trying to reach the capital of the colony.

"We just finished our side do you need any help." Shepard says as the Zabanya unleashed waves of particle beams.

"Nah we're good here but how do you think Tieria and Allelujah are doing?" asked Lockon

"They are probably completing their assignments." Shepard says as he and Setsuna flew towards the Ptolemy as it flew in the air along with some Guyana's.


The Harute flew through the air destroying every interceptor and gunship that got in its path.

"This is so easy I could do this in my sleep!" Hallelujah yelled as he fired his GN cannons destroying a ground based mass accelerator.

"Keep focused we don't want them getting the jump on us." Allelujah says to his second half.

"Allelujah!" Marie shouted and Allelujah's eyes widen in surprise because a large hanger opens and two Turian cruisers rose from them.

"damn they had hidden hangers!?" Shouted Allelujah as the vessels opened fire on the Gundam which evaded the rounds.

"Doesn't matter since they are going down! Trans-Am!" Hallelujah shouted as the Harute glowed red and moved faster before two large beams through the sides of both cruisers.

The Harute stops glowing as the cruisers erupted into flames before they flew through the sky.

"We may need to do a scan of the planet to see if they have any other hidden ships." Allelujah says as he decided to make his way to the Ptolemy to give the report as well as resupply the Harute.

"I wonder how Tieria is doing." Marie asked and Allelujah looks at his wife and says "I'm sure he is doing fine."

Raphael Gundam

Though to Allelujah's words he was unharmed. The Raphael due to its GN field was and GN claws which tore through a Turian vehicle depot.

A Turian tank rolls up behind him and fires a slug right into his back but the round didn't strike thanks to the GN field the Gundam had before the Raphael spun around and fired its beam rifle destroying the vehicle.

"Hey Tieria watch out for any hidden warships. The Turians have hidden them underground." David says over the comms before the ground under the Raphael opens.

The Raphael flies up into the air and aims its GN cannons into it as a Turian frigate starts floating before the Raphael fires going straight through before the entire ship explodes taking anything inside the opening with it.

"Okay I have to admit but that was a bit overkill." Said Lockon

"Like I told your brother a century ago: I prefer to be thorough." Said Tieria with a smile.

A far ways away a Turian dreadnought flew in the air before falling from the sky was an ELS which wrapped its appendages around the ship until the entire ship was assimilated.

Orbit of Gothis

The ESF fleet orbiting the planet held position as to prevent any support of escape as well as to provide fire support should the enemy be too much.

Kim stood on the bridge of his vessel watching as mobile suits flew through the stars as well as some making their way towards the planet.

"Report" General Kim says before the holographic form of Alexander came to life.

"Exactly 85% of the planet is under our control Lieutenant General. It seems the Turians really should rethink on their strategy." Alexander says with a hint of humor.

"Send a message to Earth saying that we have taken the Turian world Gothis." Kim says as he made his way to take his seat.

"What of the Turian prisoners we have taken?" Asked the AI

"Put them in a well-defended makeshift prison for now until we see what the Council will do." The Lieutenant General said

"Yes sir" Responded the AI as he vanished.

"So this is it." One of the crewman says as he looked at his terminal.

"This is what ensign?" Kim asked

"If we take this world then the Turians may try to attack but they may also try and get help from the Council and if that happened then wouldn't we be forced to show our full strength?" The ensign asked

"You are correct but the President was a former soldier and if the Council did attack then we are to send the Celestial Being to their Citadel." Kim says as he took his seat.

"The Celestial Being? Is this a show of strength?" The ensign asked

"Yes also if the Council attacks it then they will meet only a mega particle beam through the station." Kim says and everyone on the bridge understood that if the Citadel Council did continue the war then the ESF would have a way to eliminate the government officials.

"Admiral I just got a call from the ground saying that Gundam Meister Seiei is approaching the Turian capital." The communications officer said.

"Then inform him that he is to only target the defenses and leave the ground forces for the other soldiers but be sure to inform him about the AA guns." Kim said as he brought up a hologram of Gothis before zooming in on the capital which was surrounded by guns, tanks, soldiers, bunkers, and AA guns while it was also covered by a dome which was a kinetic barrier.

"Yes sir." The officer said before relaying said order.

Gothis capital

The capital of Gothis was a battle field like the rest of the planet. ESF forces held outside of the barrier as Tierens, Flags, Realdo hover tanks and Anfs shot at the dome trying to bring it down with little success but some GN-XIIIs were able to get shots through because the dome only stopped kinetic weapons and not beams making it so that they passed through without any trouble.

"Do we have the location of the generator for that barrier?" The ESF commander asked as he looked over a holographic display.

"It appears that the generator is right here but it's protected by multiple buildings so unless you have a really good sniper then there's no way we can take down that dome." A ELS soldier said The ELS took the appearance of a Turian. Since the Turians assimilation the ELS took their forms as well as human form in order to assist in combat. (The Turian ELS look almost like the Marauders from Mass effect 3 but more Turian and without the glowing eyes or left over organic parts)

"Wait what did you say?" The commander asked

"I said you're going to need a really good sniper to take down that generator."

The commander looked the soldier in the eye before he turned to a communications officer saying "Get me a link to the Ptolemy."

2 minutes later a holographic image of Sumeragi appears.

"What is it you wanted to talk to me about commander?" Asked the tactical forecaster.

"We require Lockon Stratos because we found the main generator to the Turians kinetic dome but he is the only one at the moment who can get the shot." The commander said showing her the map.

"Very well I will also send the 00 Qan[T] to help out in the cleanup." Sumeragi said cutting the feed.

"Alright men prepare for some Gundams!" The commander said and the moral of every soldier just rose before ten minutes later two Gundams arrived.

"Hey guys what's the problem?" Lockon asked as he and Setsuna lowered down from their respective Gundams.

"There's a generator powering the kinetic dome but due to the AA guns, and cannons we aren't able to have anyone move in over the dome but because your Gundam is built for ranged combat we thought you were the best bet." The commander said as a Tieren Long-Range Cannon Type fired a round only for said round to explode once it made contact with the dome.

"Right just destroy the generator and everyone moves in and takes down the last bits of resistance." Lockon summed it up.

"Yes and we have the entire city surrounded with the sewers being guarded by Automatons." A mobile ESF marine said from his console.

"Alright then the faster we take down that dome then the faster it will be to take down the last bits of resistance." Lockon said before everyone moved to their respective mobile suits while marines moved into position.

"Alright, Gundam Zabanya, target and firing!" Lockon shouted before the Gundam shot into the air.

"Gundam meister Seiei I request that you remain here. We just got a call from Lieutenant General Kim that the ELS are converging over the city and I believe I know what they're doing so hold back please. I'll relay the same instructions." The commander said over a comm signal.

"Roger" Setsuna said as the Zabanya flew high over the clouds as gunfire and missiles shot through.

"Alright now just give me sights on the generator." Lockon quietly said as he lined up his sights as bullets and missiles flew around him.

"I have a lock on the target." Lockon said with a good sight.

"Then bring that thing down so we can move in!" The commander shouted as two Tieren Long-Range types fired again at the dome.

"Targeted and firing!" Lockon shouted before a beam shot from the barrel and flew towards the dome where it goes right through like water before the beam struck the generator and it went up in flames.

The kinetic dome stood for a good 3 seconds before it flickered several times and then vanished.

"All units hold position!" The commander shouted before the ground shook after the Zabanya landed and all eyes were up because falling from the sky was a large ELS that was the size of the same city they were trying to capture.

The ELS fell until it crashed right in the center of the city and before they knew it the ELS expands downward and started assimilating the entire city. The assimilation took seventeen minutes to finish though some Turians tried to escape but were either shot or captured. When the entire city was assimilated the battle was finished and Gothis was now under ESF control.

"Well that was quite a day." Lockon said as he walked away from his Gundam, helmet in hand while the sky was orange due to the sun setting.

ESF marines and ELS troopers moved around putting up defenses or escorting prisoners away.

Lockon sees Setsuna lower from the Qan[T] as the Harute arrived and sat down on the ground.

"Hey guys how is it going?" Lockon called out asking both Allelujah and Marie as both pilots exited the Gundam.

"We're doing okay for now Lockon but what do you think our next step is?" Allelujah asked

"Well I think that the surviving ship will either A: go to the Turian hierarchy and lead an attack which would cause them ships again, B: Go to the Citadel and warn the Council about us where they will either further push for peace or for war."

"Well you won't have to wait any longer." A familiar voice sounded before all 4 turn to see a Celestial Being VTOL land with Tieria, Sumeragi, and the Shepard's walking out.

"The frigate is making its way to Palaven so it will give us time to prepare defenses for a Turian retaliation." Tieria said as David crossed his arms saying "It's actually funny. Retaliation for a retaliation."

"Right now we need to wait until VEDA can get some data on the Turians before we move to the next stage of the plan." Sumeragi said before a marine ran up saying "Ma'am I have a line from General Kim, he said it's urgent."

"Alright I'll go speak with him." Sumeragi said before she turned around and made her way towards the comms station.

May 29, 2457 AD/ 2157 CE

Apien crest

Trebia system


Turian Fleet High Command

The Turian generals sat around the table reading the reports from the survivor of the patrol fleet.

"How could this have happened? Gothis was a well-defended world." Admiral Mehrkuri said with a hint of anger.

"They must have had a larger force waiting for us to drop our guard but we'll have to worry about that later, we just got word that one of the ships that was sent to the new races homeworld returned but the damage made it so that it only went to the Citadel." Said Admiral Krek

"We better in form Sparatus about this new development, maybe he can convince the other Councilors to help us." Admiral Mehrkuri said

"Let's hope so because we may have awoken a sleeping giant." Admiral Lo said looking at the image of the 1.5 Gundam as it destroyed 2 cruisers.