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The Hogwarts Defense Force

"Tom…bring Professor Snape, Professor Lupin, Sirius, Bellatrix, Neville, and Luna to where the giant machine is….You are not going to believe what we found." She said.

Chapter One: There is only Power….

By the time that Tom Riddle had arrived with the people Hermione had asked him to bring, Harry had finished Battleoid training and the Veritech was once again changing shape. The "head" of the Veritech retracted back to its original position as the cockpit once again realigned itself and the legs shifted so that the joint rotated to the front instead of the Battleoid's back rotation. The wings unfolded and extended. All and all, it looked like a cross between the plane it looked like earlier and the Battleoid.

"This is the Guardian, or Gerwalk mode. Gerwalk means 'Ground Walk', but it can change altitude and fly like the Veritech's Fighter mode." Rick Hunter's voice came from the speakers. "Now to pilot this mode…"

"Hermione, what in the name of Merlin is going on?" Tom asked, with Bellatrix carefully eyeing the VF-1D Guardian Mode with her hand palming her wand.

"We found something strange in a cavern. That…thing…Harry's in used to be some sort of fighter aircraft." Hermione said, "Oh and Bellatrix, don't do anything rash…Harry is in it."

Bellatrix LeStrange was a very misunderstood figure. Her Black Family upraising combined with Voldemort's silver tongue made her join up with the Death Eaters, but she had never proven herself "worthy" of bearing the Dark Mark. One day, she had hoped to be a mother herself, and refused to attack families with small children-which is why she was not in Azkaban with her husband and brother-in-law.

In order to spare her life from Voldemort's rage, she ended up teaching the other Death Eaters different Dark Arts, so that her skills were not completely wasted, and much to her horror, the "targets" were still taken down in many gruesome ways.

When Tom Riddle was revived, he seeked out her skills and, with a vow to never have her attack families with small children (under the age of 15), had her complete loyalty. Now her skills as a teacher were being put to good use teaching Neville (as a sort of repayment about what her husband and brother-in-law did, though she was innocent), Luna, Hermione, and Harry. She was also a runes expert, and often had long talks with Hermione (who was fascinated by runes) on ways to create new runes or improve old ones.

She had tried to find a way to get her sister Narcissa, as well as her family, out from Voldemort's grasp. However, they were currently trapped. The adults had to be loyal and fund his army-or he would kill Draco. Draco had to follow him, or he would kill his parents. Basically, it was like using an Imperius Curse on them without wasting magic.

When Hermione lead the group into the cavern, the Veritech Harry was in rose in altitude, showcasing how easily it could move in the air. Sirius was thinking of the advantages of fighting in one of those vs. fighting on a broomstick. When the gun pod detached itself from the Veritech's arm and was held in a hand. One thought came to his mind.

'That thing definitely has more firepower than a broomstick.'


Dolores Umbridge was trying to decide how to silence the Potter brat when she glanced out the window, nearly spitting out her tea when she saw a large, metallic object rise above the Forbidden Forest. She turned away to grab some floo powder and call the minister. However, when she glanced back, the thing was gone-hidden by the clouds. She poked her head outside and saw nothing.

Deciding that she was seeing things due to stress, she sat down to just take a break. After all, she could torture the pathetic Half-Blood tomorrow!


Hermione was climbing up into one of the tan two-legged mechas with the two laser cannons and two different missile launchers. While Harry may love flying, she…wasn't too fond of it. It wasn't the height of the flying that scared her.

It was the threat of falling off.

Magical transportation didn't have the same security features muggle aircraft did, but even then fighter jets usually ended up with a bigger risk than magical transportation. After all, not everyone rode a Hippogriff into battle.

She preferred to keep herself as close to the ground as possible. Climbing into a cockpit opening near the head, she was also greeted by a recording. However, this voice was a little more…gruff…than Rick Hunter's.

"Greetings. This is Hiro Ishi of the Robotech Defense Force. Skilled pilot of a Tomahawk Destroid, the very same kind you are sitting in. If you are hearing this message, than I'm proud you've chosen the Destroid over the Veritech. Anyways, to understand the Destroid, you must know about it. Let's take a look at the ones that look similar to the one you are sitting in with dual laser cannons."

Hermione did so, and she could see the similarities between it and the Tomahawk she was sitting on. "That is a Defender Destroid. It is a very fast and maneuverable Destroid, and one of three based on the Tomahawk's chassis. It has 4 RF-X Rapid Fire Laser Cannons. It is the lightest of all the Destroids and it's main purpose is long-range anti-aircraft protection. Moving on, please take a look at the one with what looks like four cannons on the top of it."

That thing was definitely intimidating, and she wouldn't want to anger anyone in it. "That is a Monster Destroid" Well, its appearance definitely lived up to its name. "It is the heaviest of all the Destroids, making it slow and not very maneuverable. However, its incredible firepower more than makes up for it, as it is capable of single-handedly destroying an enemy starship. It has 2 Tri-Barreled Laser Cannons and 4 GUR Top Mounted Autocannons. There are some more downsides to that powerhouse, though. It needs three pilots-one to drive it, one to control the Autocannons, and one to control the Laser Cannons. It is also useless in close-range combat, as its weapons are designed for static long-range defense. Next, please move onto the one with the two rounded missile launchers."

That thing didn't look like a front-line fighter, that was for sure. If Hermione had to guess, it looked like one who attacked from the rear of the army. "That is the Phalanx Destroid. It is slow and not very maneuverable, but has great firepower. It has 2 Light Missile Launchers as its weaponry, and is also based of the Tomahawk. It is rarely used on the front lines and usually operates in a reserve role."

Well at least she was correct in her assessment. "The green one with hands is a Spartan Destroid. It is fast and very maneuverable-being the fastest and most maneuverable of all the Destroids. It has 2 Light Missile Launchers and a WAC-7 Chest Mounted Autocannon. It was a unique Destroid designed for peace-keeping missions because it is the only Destroid with hands and easily concealable weapons. However, it only has average armor strength and light weaponry."

Well a machine designed for peace-keeping wouldn't hopefully need to see the front lines. And it was clever what the did with the Autocannon-disguising it like a cockpit so that if an enemy targeted it, they'd be in for a nasty surprise.

"Finally, the last Destroid model they are scrapping along with the others is the one this message is playing from and the kind of Destroid I pilot-the Tomahawk Destroid. It has average speed, is very maneuverable, and has high firepower. Its weaponry consists of 2 PCB-8 Arm Mounted Particle Beam Cannons, 2 Light Missile Launchers, and a R90 Hunter Radar Missile Launcher above the right shoulder. The Tomahawk is perhaps the most well-rounded of all the Destroids. Its weaponry can effectively engage targets at all ranges. It has heavy armor and is highly maneuverable. It's only weakness is that it is relatively slow compared with other Destroids-besides the Monster."

Well, everything had to have a weakness. However, now they had an advantage. Voldemort had a history of recruiting giants, and they were very magic-resistant. Now they had something to counteract the giants…and the Veritechs and Destroids were nearly twice the size of the giants. Sirius was literally drooling. "Hermione, Marry my godson!" He suddenly shouted.

"WHAT?!" She yelled, her cheeks turning red.

"Siruis!" Remus scolded.

"What! If she marries Harry, we get access to those because we'd be family. Imagine crushing snake-face underfoot with one of those!" He said, gesturing at the Destroids while Tom was inspecting one of the VF-1D Veritechs.

As soon as Tom touched it, a sound of a jet's engine echoed through the cavern and the VF-1D Harry was in was back to it's original plane-shape, which he called "Fighter Mode", and was taxiing back to its original position.

"Well you won't have to force me to marry Harry to get access to one of these. There are more than enough here to split around." She said, as Harry hopped down from the cockpit.

He had missed the "marriage" comment, but still heard something about "spliting around". "I'd recommend training mode first, but the Veritechs only have a training mode on the VF-1D."

"VF?" Remus said, "Why do the Veritechs begin with VF?"

"Well, according to the training mode, VF stands for 'Versatile Fighter' and all of these modes are a Valkyrie-1, hence the 1. In order to differentiate them, they used different letters." Harry said.

"The Robotech Defense Force doesn't exist anywhere on this planet, yet these ARE clearly military vehicles." Tom said, testing the strength of a wing by leaning on it.

"Hogwarts Defense Force." Harry said, making everyone look at him, "It's obvious that the Ministry of Magic isn't going to do anything about Voldemort, and Dumbledore has been distant all year, I don't know if he knows about our training, but clearly we can't rely on him for help. What we need is a Defense Force to protect the students in the school."

"But we need pilots to make up the Hogwarts Defense Force." Bellatrix said, inspecting the hard-point on the wings, as well as the gun pods. "I can make some runes to store and create ammunition, so we don't have to worry about running out. However, without pilots-even if all of us here drove one-we'd still be easily separated and overwhelmed."

"That is where I come in." Sirius said. "Mom may have disowned me, but dad never made it official, meaning I still have access to the Black Fortune….and as we all know, Goblins can do anything for the right price!"

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