It didn't feel like the countless other times he'd come back from the dead.

Usually it felt like waking up with the world's worst hangover after drowning in cement.

But now Dean Winchester felt a surge of new strength and life flowing through him and reviving him in a way he'd never felt before.

Opening his eyes, Dean knew that he could deal with anything. Bring on Metatron, vampires, werewolves… Hell, he felt like he could take on Death himself.

Sitting up, he looked at Crowley who was watching him expectantly and Sam whose expression was one of relief and horror. "Sammy," Dean said quickly as he jumped up, dropping the First Blade to the floor and running to his little brother.

Brotherly instinct pushed out his other feelings as Sam hugged his brother, trying not to cry. "No chick flick moments," he heard Dean say from so many years ago. "Dean," Sam said, a bit breathless as he pulled away after a while. "Look, there's… There's something you need to know… about why you're back."

Dean shook his head, not wanting to get into any fights about deals or summoning angels. "We'll deal with it, Sammy. Okay? No matter what you did, we'll deal. A-And we'll find Metatron and shiv his ass."

"I'm sorry for this Dean," Sam said, apologetically, as he withdrew a flask and splashed the holy water on his brother.

Dean backed off, feeling like he'd just been doused with acid. "Dammnit, Sammy! What the-?" But as he blinked through the pain, he looked at his brother and then at Crowley, his eyes going black as he shouted, "What the Hell did you do me?!"

AUTHOR'S NOTES: And that, my friends, is how I would have ended the season and not with a damn rip-off of James Cameron's 'Avatar'.