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Chapter One:: A Beautiful Day… *smirk* for now.

The sun was shining brightly and the birds were singing happily.  Ah yes, a beautiful day in the 439 mountain district.  A particularly pretty little songbird took a deep breath and hesitantly opened his mouth.  Today was his day- he just knew it!  He'd get to sing a song today… 

You see, this particularly pretty little songbird had become part of a tradition.  For some strange reason, whenever he began his morning song, a certain demi-Saiyan would wake up and shatter the peace with an ungodly scream.  Luckily this little songbird wasn't just pretty, it was smart, too!  He was positive that he'd finally outsmarted the human boy. 

He smirked (if it's at all possible for a bird to smirk) and rechecked the sun.  Yes, he was right – it was well after sunrise and his usual song time. 

Puffing out his chest in pride, Little Songbird threw back his head and let loose a triumphant trill.  He paused for a moment, relishing the sound.  Confidence boosted even further, he launched into his song and…  No one interrupted!  Ah the joys of being a smart particularly pretty little songbir…


Little Songbird did a little birdie sweatdrop and moaned.  It looked like he was destined to never fully greet the morning…

(A/N:: *grins sheepishly* sorry, I just had to drop you a line explaining that last section… You see, I gave my little brother this really sweet parakeet, and for some strange reason it'll start singing right before his alarm goes off – every single morning!!! Oo`  So now he accuses me of giving him some sort of demon bird, so I kidnapped it one night… and he woke up screaming cause he'd slept in an extra hour.  He'd gotten so used to the darn bird… ^^;; So I just had to give Dilly – that's the bird's name – a little role! ^~ *sees t-chan glaring and tapping her foot impatiently* ummm… I think I'll shut up now and get back to the story… *sweatdrops*)

Gohan hastily threw on his clothes and wolfed down as much of the pre-made breakfast as he had time for, cursing himself for forgetting that Goten and his mother wouldn't be there to wake him up that morning.  Flinging his book bag over his shoulder, he shot into the air, calling a hasty goodbye to the empty house out of habit.

Videl scowled over at Gohan's empty place, then glared up at the clock.  Twenty minutes!  The baka was twenty minutes late for class!  She was used to him rushing in a few minutes late, but this was pushing it… 

Sullenly transferring her glare to her two blonde friends, she rolled her eyes.  What was it about her that attracted such odd people?  I mean, just look at them all! 

Erasa was insanely chipper and the girl had to have some sort of teenage girlie gossip disease.  **good thing it isn't contagious** mused Videl silently. 

Sharpener was vain to the point of rivaling Narcissus, and Videl wouldn't have been at all surprised to see him change into a flower one of these days… [1] 

And then there was Gohan.  Videl didn't know where to even start with him.  Something told her that he was hiding a lot of secrets, but he was such a nerd!  **not to mention he has some sort of strange bladder problem…** [2]

Coming back to earth with a start, she found the entire class staring at her, and she began to blush.  "Uh… sorry sensei, I didn't hear you..."

Miss Cline sighed and shook her head, not daring to try and reprimand the daughter of the Great Hercule Satan.  "Please try to pay attention, Videl-san.  As I was saying, can you tell me the answer to this problem?"

Still blushing slightly, Videl glued her wandering thoughts firmly to the classroom, determined not to let her mind go on their merry way.

Gohan slid to a halt in front of the door to the principal's office and, with the ease of familiarity, walked into the office with a grin.  The bubbly secretary immediately noticed his entrance and jumped up from her seat to give him a hug.

"Hiya Gohan-chan!  Another tardy slip, eh?  Don't worry – I promise not to call your mother…" The woman shuddered slightly as Gohan laughed, patting her on the back as long standing custom dictated. "Thanks Nadia-san" "Oh, it's no problem- specially not for a cutie like you!"

Low and behold, the demi-Saiyan did not blush, merely grinned and rubbed the back of his head.  "I'd better get to class, ne?"

She nodded, winked, and sent him on his way, one of the pre-made slips she kept on a pad in the corner of her desk in his possession.  She'd long ago decided that it was too much trouble to have to write a new slip every single morning, so she'd just done away with the hassle by printing out several hundred 'Son Gohan' tardy slips…

With a grin and a wave, Gohan jogged out of the office and towards his class, hoping that he wouldn't be in too much trouble…

Videl was busily trying to calculate out the difficult calculus problem – having little or no luck – when Gohan waltzed through the door.  Videl growled as he shattered her precious concentration.  What was it about that boy that was so hellishly fascinating???

Miss Cline sighed and rolled her eyes at the tall black haired boy, ignoring him as he went about the daily ritual of stamping his tardy slip with her custom-made signature stamp (you know, the one that students weren't supposed to touch on pain of death). She turned towards him as he stuck the slip into the little bin on the door, however.
"Good of you to join us Son-kun, please feel free to take your seat at your leisure."

Gohan blushed a bit at the teacher's obvious sarcasm, and scrambled up to his desk.  Completely engrossed in pulling out his book and homework, the naive demi-Saiyan missed his friend's death-glare, much to the added aggravation of the young Satan.

"Oh, and Son-kun, you may finish this problem."

Gohan blinked once before quickly spouting of a string of numbers that might have made sense to a rocket scientist, but certainly not to a classroom full of teenagers.  Miss Cline, however, just happened to have a degree in rocket science, so she nodded in agreement before translating it into simpler terms for the rest of the class.

Oh yes, just another wonderful day in the life of Son Gohan.

BOOM!!! CRASH!!! BANG!!! ***stttttteeeeammmmm*** [2]

"Whoopsie daisy…"

Or… not.

[1] Narcissus- according to a Greek myth, Narcissus was an extremely handsome, extremely vain youth.  To cut a long story short, he angered one of the gods and ended up falling in love with his reflection in a lake.  Eventually someone took pity on them, cause they changed him into a floor – thus Narcissists.

[2] Gohan's 'bladder problem' refers to the fact that he goes to the restroom for twenty some minutes whenever she has to go to the scene of a crime… or so he claims. D

[3] *grins* for those of you who have never read the mangas, Toryiama has the quirky habit of writing in words for actions – my favorite example would be in one of the Dragon Ball mangas, their driving in a boat and behind the boat is the elongated word 'booooooaaaaaat'. ^^` I'm just carrying on the master's tradition! ^~

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