Hey guys – this isn't really a chapter, it's a filler until my father gets around to pulling my files off my broken laptop. I have the next chapter to this and the Substitutes, but they're stuck in a computer that died, got hurled across the room, and now ignored by the only person who can fix it. *sigh* Sometimes I hate my dad's procrastination… -_-

Well, this filler thingy has a purpose – I want you guys to vote! I'm thinking about inserting another Gohan, but it's up to you to decide which you'd like to see. Someone (I think it was dark jitsu) thought I should have an evil Gohan, and I liked that thought. That decided, here are your options of Bad ass/evil Gohans!

p.s. I haven't asked for permission to use any of these, so this is assuming that I can get permission… . (I will ask before I use.)

p.p.s. All of these are really really good stories, and I think you should read them! ^^

A) The Gohan from dragonscale's "Blinded". He is about 17 where I'd pull him out. He was blinded during the Cell Games, and instead of wallowing in self pity, or even getting his sight back, he's learned to unlock psychic powers. He has reached SSJ 3, and lives with Bulma and Vegeta because Chichi died and didn't come back. He uses projective telepathy to visit places such as Otherworld and Hell, and one of his favorite pastimes is tormenting Cell and co. ^^ This Gohan doesn't have any romance with Videl, nor will he have any. He looks different then the series, with long Raditz style hair that's waist length, and black-flecked aqua eyes that are completely void of emotion, etc.  I can almost guarantee being able to get this Gohan since I'm dragonscale's beta reader, but no promises.

B) The Gohan from CrazyGohanGurl's "Low Mans Lyrics". Also known as "Boss" McGee, Gohan ran away from home right after the Cell Games.  He got found by TJ and Mu-ma, and was basically adopted by them. He grew up to be extremely bad ass, a hentai freak, lead singer in a rock band, smokes, and has multiple tattoos.  His girlfriend is indeed Videl, though she's hardly his first, nor is he a virgin ^~.  This story is one of my favorites, and the Gohan is a lot of fun.  He met Vegeta while performing in his club, so Vegeta knew who he was – he eventually runs into the other warriors, who don't recognize him because he learned how to mask his ki. (this would compliment why our Gohan couldn't feel his ki).  Right now he isn't too fond of Goku, but he's really close to Goten… uh – useless information, but this is also advertisements for their stories, so it's all good… ^~

C) Angsty Gohan from "Scars of the Past: The Life Story of Son Gohan" by Frozenflower.  This one definitely doesn't have a guarantee of being able to use, but I'll offer it as an option anyways. ^~ This Gohan was successfully kidnapped by Raditz, and "raised" by Freiza. He's plagued by flashbacks, is covered in brutal scars, and is the epitome of tortured Gohan. ^~

D) Mute Gohan from "Nightmare's Beginning" by Kerwin Inuyasha.  In this story Gohan went berserk after reaching SSJ2, and the warriors put him on tranquilizers and suppressors, so he became virtually human. After Goku's death, Chichi became severely depressed. She neglected Goten completely after he was born, so Gohan was responsible for everything – including cooking etc. Chichi just wondered around listlessly.  It wasn't long before she committed suicide and Gohan found her dead.  Severally traumatized, a series of events led to him being institutionalized, as well as being a self-induced mute.  A series of events (that are much better if you read them) lead up to certain things – but I wont spoil them for you.  All I'll say is that this is a really good story, and this Gohan is severally tortured, is covered with scars, resembles a walking scarecrow, and is perfect for this story – but so are the others. ^~

E) A Gohan that has no story written about him yet, but one of my friends is working on it.  Basically Gohan left Earth on a "space adventure" when he was eight.  He ended up landing on a planet and getting attacked from all sides by a fairly strong group of people. He was loath to destroy them, especially because they thought he was an intruder, and he'd do the same in their place.  He ends up getting flogged, much to his dismay, and breaks free, getting very angry. He is "rescued" by a feared group of space mercenaries called the "Faceless Ones" and he joins them. He changes grows up into a reckless, homicidal teen – he doesn't necessarily kill for the fun of it, but he loves destruction with a passion. He doesn't mind killing at all, and has at least as much blood on his hands as Vegeta had at his age.  He looks different: dresses in a uniform black, is covered with battle scars, is much leaner and tougher, and has a really kick-ass tattoo on his cheek that would mark him as belonging to the particular band.  They're the most feared in the universe, so he's highly respected, etc.  This story looks like it'll be really good, and I know I can get this Gohan simply because his creator is a really good friend of mine (Gohan's Kat).

F) This is my least favorite of the choices, but I'll give it anyways – none of the above.  If you think I shouldn't bother with a tough Gohan, let me know: your advice is just as valuable to me as everyone else's! ^~

Well, have fun voting! You can vote in a review or in an email to demoness22@hotmail.com.

~luv and ^chopstix^~


p.s. You can vote for more than one Gohan – or put them in order or something – just as long as you don't say "I like all of them best" ^^. Specify one, or you can say you like them all, and would prefer one, or whatever… I really don't care: this is supposed to be fun for you while I bug my dad into pulling my files!!! ^^