Pairing: Yato/Yukine

Warnings: Shounen-ai / Missing Moments

Prompt: #kissing

Disclaimer: Noragami and its characters are Adachitoka's property, I only own this fanfiction.


Their first had been not sudden like the others. They were quarrelling over something so insignificant he'd soon forgotten and Yato was leaning on him so that their eyes were on the same level. He didn't even pull out his hands from the tracksuit pockets, but simply leaned in a bit more, and then more and more until the tip of their noses touched, and just then Yukine noticed they both had stopped talking. In the silence, he could practically listen to every single time Yato breathed, warm and trembling against his cheeks. Yato's lips were a few centimeters apart from his own and Yukine had the feeling he knew what was going to happen. Now that he thought about it, he could have avoided it in any given moment, but instead he had closed his eyes. He had never kissed anyone before –he didn't really have the chance when he was still alive, and anyhow he couldn't remember now if there had been someone he could do those things with- and the thought of doing it with Yato felt weird, if not absurd and totally surreal. But he didn't move away.

Their first had been hesitant, soft, and very brief, not like the times that followed. Every time Yato kissed him, after that, not only Yukine couldn't foresee it, but also their touch was all but short; each time it happened Yato got braver, needier -perhaps encouraged by the fact he wasn't being rejected- and as result kisses got longer and deeper. Every time Yato kissed him, now, Yukine's stomach would twist and a burning feeling would creep in his chest, crawl into his throat and make his cheeks catch fire; his mind would turn totally blank and all kind of thoughts would start roaming in it, confused and messy and tangled, just like a bundle of yarns that he couldn't make head or tails of. Was it normal for a god to have such rough, chapped lips? Shouldn't kisses have tasted like honey, or lemon, or whatever? His fragrance, particularly, sent him into turmoil –because that unique smell of sweated skin and dust, wasn't it too much human-like?

"Ouch," Their lips separated with a low smack when Yato suddenly drew away, lifting automatically a hand to his nape. "Yukine, that hurt" he pouted, but with a playful note in his voice, as he wore the stupidest expression ever, half embarrassed and half pained. Yukine blushed hard and fast; his frozen fingers caught Yato's tracksuit between them and squeezed the fabric while he hid his face into the god's chest. His smell tickled his nose, and he knew that hot feeling was going to start burning again in his whole body… Yato winced again in pain.


"I-I'm sorry!"

n/A: Soooo, I was doing an otp challenge and somehow I wound up writing this. I'm honestly been asking myself for a while how they can/will even do anything similar to sex if Yato's in pain every time Yukine has dirty thoughts? I don't know but it makes me laugh and wonder at the same time.

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