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This chapter is titled "Blame It On The Alcohol" after the song by Jamie Foxx.

"Oh come on Bella, loosen up a bit, let your hair down. It's not every day that you turn twenty-six!"

"Yeah, I mean if I remember correctly you didn't even properly celebrate when you turned twenty-one. Think of tonight as a way to make up for lost time."

Speaking of time, why is my alarm set to go off at 5:30 this morning? I usually don't have to wake up so early; Charlotte doesn't have to be at school until 9:00 so that meant I didn't really need to be awake right now. I loved sleep, I craved sleep. With a seven year old and a four year old who runs around like someone spiked his juice with Red Bull, sleep was a welcomed benefit of a child that still took naps during the day.

I groaned a bit as I started to wake up. I would have to remind myself to grab Alice by her short pixie black hair and yank all of it out. This was why I made it a conscious effort to not drink anything stronger than a strawberry daiquiri; I end up waking up with a splitting headache and feeling like I've been run over by a bus and that same bus backed up and ran over me again. I groaned as I slowly moved around to get the covers off of me. I took in a breath and braced myself for the brightness of the morning. This was a reason why I don't drink much, and when I do drink, I end up hung over the next day.

When I opened my eyes I was surprised that the curtains weren't opened all the way – this made opening my eyes a lot easier. I was able to take in my surroundings and when I sat up and turned to get out of bed, I saw the knee-length black sequined dress I was wearing the night before strewn on the floor, along with my bra and panties. The longer I stared down at my clothes the more I realized that this was not my house – my bedroom had hardwood floors.

This isn't my bedroom – this isn't even my home. More memories about last night started to come forward.

"Well hello, I wondered how long it would take you to come over here and make the first move."

Oh. My. God.

"Oh come on Bella, loosen up a bit, let your hair down. It's not every day that you turn twenty-six!"

"Yeah, I mean if I remember correctly you didn't even properly celebrate when you turned twenty-one. Think of tonight as a way to make up for lost time."

I couldn't help but laugh as I started to feel the full effects of the numerous shots of tequila I've had in the last half hour.

After my, what I think to be, fifth shot – which in reality is more like eighth – I couldn't help but notice a very handsome man sitting a few bar stools away from me and my friends. I couldn't help but get a bit turned on when I saw how he was staringat me.

Now I'm not sure if it's the alcohol talking or I've finally decided to grow a back bone, but I find myself walking over to this strange man; I don't even blush when I hear the group of ladies behind me cat call and whistle at me for finally coming out of my shell.

"Well hello, I wondered how long it would take you to come over here and make the first move."

Wow, I had no idea he had piercing emerald-colored eyes and I found myself getting lost in them. Then I remembered that he was attempting to flirt with me and I was just standing there like a complete idiot.

He must've found my sudden muteness humorous because he cracked a crooked smile and gestured for me to sit down next to him. I gladly accepted and I politely called for the bartender to give me another round. I'm not sure why, but I found myself wanting to forget all about the drink and run my fingers through his hair while I locked lips with this man I've just met.

I could feel that the alcohol was lowering my inhibitions.

"How about you go easy on the tequila shots? Why not try something else?" The stranger asked as he looked me over from head to toe.

It was all starting to come back to me now. I couldn't even begin to understand why I even let myself do something so completely stupid. I flopped my head back on the pillow. I let out a long aggravated groan and tried to weigh my options – I could either suck it up and face the auburn-haired Adonis, or I could get dressed and make an attempt to sneak out without him ever knowing.

Oh come on Bella, you're smarter than that; of course he's going to notice you're gone.

I got myself dressed and attempted to quietly make my way to the door. I didn't bother fixing my hair; I had more important things to worry about at the moment – like having to have the awkward confrontation the morning after a one night stand.

One night stand.

Oh my god, I can't believe I let this happen. I mean I'm married, I have two wonderful kids at home waiting for me and I go and do this!? I will admit that last night was the most amazing night I've had in a very long time. Don't get me wrong I love my husband, but lately it's like he is so caught up in his work that all he has time for is a "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" type of sex anymore.

I let out a sigh of relief when the door did not squeak very loud as I opened it. I took one last glance at my reflection in the mirror and made a few adjustments to my knee-length black sequined dress and ran my fingers through my hair to get out some of the tangles in it. As I slowly walked down the hallway, I could hear the faint muffling of what sounded like a radio playing, along with the sizzling of something being cooked on the stove.

Wow, he's making me breakfast – correction, he's making himself breakfast; I just happen to be here.

I shouldn't even be wishing he would invite me to stay for breakfast. I need to get home and make sure that no one suspects anything; then later I would strangle a certain sister of mine. I got to the end of the hallway and peeked around the corner to see the auburn-haired Adonis facing the stove, with his back to me. But that wasn't what took me by surprise. He was completely naked, except for the apron he was wearing.

I must be still under the lingering effects of alcohol or something, because I can't stop the image of me walking up behind this gorgeous Adonis and grabbing a nice big handful of that wonderfully sculpted ass of his. But I managed to keep myself from doing so and continued to quietly make my way to the front door. I had just passed the leather couch when the front door to the apartment slammed open and I was greeted with yet another breathtakingly gorgeous guy, who had muscles for days and a very short crew cut – this caused his brown hair to look closer to black. When he walked in all smiles, his smile widened when he set his gaze on me.

"Hey, the name's Emmett, you must be Romeo's latest special friend." The man, who I now knew as Emmett, spoke as he continued walking in and I turned to see him take a seat at the table, anxiously waiting to be served whatever was being served for breakfast this morning.

I was frozen from shock. My one night stand and never got around to introducing ourselves properly, and now there was yet another handsome guy that I would have to stare at. Emmett and the Adonis were making idle chitchat – it was something about where Emmett had gone off to last night and why he was just now showing up at home – and I was just so stunned at how human my Adonis appeared to be. I mean he has god-like features it was a bit of a shock to see him acting so human.

"Do you want to stay for breakfast? I'm making scrambled eggs and pancakes. You're welcome to help yourself." The Adonis spoke to me. I was still in shock from everything that happened in the last few minutes – what with me trying to sneak out of the house, then meeting Adonis's very blunt roommate, then getting invited to eat breakfast with the man I had slept with the previous night.

I couldn't stay here; I couldn't eat breakfast like it was just another normal day. I needed to get home and do damage control. I declined with a simple shake of my head and without another word I quickly left his apartment. As I closed the door behind me I heard muffled voices, but didn't bother to stay and see what they were saying about me. I just wanted to get home. My patience was wearing thin; the stuff they call 'music' in this elevator was grating on my already frayed nerves.

I couldn't wait to get into my car and hope that I would forget that any of last night ever even happened. But it wasn't until I got to the sidewalk outside his apartment building and searching for my car that I realized I left the bar last night with the Adonis.


Her ears must be burning with all the mean things I was currently thinking about my little sister, Alice, who had to decided to call me right this very minute. I so wanted to tear into her about how she and Rosalie both tricked me into going out to a bar to celebrate my twenty-sixth birthday. I mean I may have accidentally mentioned how I didn't really celebrate my twenty-first birthday, and my sisters automatically thought that meant they should take me out to a bar and get me hammered to the point that I left with a strange man – for all they knew the Adonis could've been one of those predators who raped drunk and helpless woman.

"Hey Bells, I just wanted to check in with ya. Last night was awesome wasn't it?!" I wanted to strangle my sister through the phone. She obviously had no clue that I even left them to go and screw a man I'd never met.

"Oh, I'm just peachy! I've always wanted to wake up in a bed that wasn't my own and then have that awkward conversation about how you needed to get home and couldn't stay for breakfast."

I smiled as I heard Alice starting to piece together everything that happened last night. Now, she would know the full gravity of the situation I was in.

"Well, I'm sure that the guy was so much better in the sack than Garrett is. I mean, I remember you telling me how lately you and your husband's sex lives have dwindled down to 'wham; bam; thank you ma'am'. Tell me all the juicy details. Did the guy live up to all the hype?" I seriously wondered sometimes if Alice and I were really related. I mean if we didn't have the baby pictures to prove it – not to mention the same hair color – I would question if we were sisters.

I'm nearly eleven months older than Alice, but I swear we are more like twins – twins that are polar opposites – and even our mom resorted to referring to the two of us as "the twins."

"I really wish you didn't have to be so negative about your feelings of Garrett, he is the father of your niece and nephew, you know." Alice is the best aunt, at least where Alex and Charlotte are concerned. They practically worship the ground Alice walks on. Charlotte, I swear she is like a miniature Alice sometimes. She loves shopping, and she loves to play with my makeup when she thinks I don't know about it.

"How are my favorite niece and nephew doing anyway? Do you think Lottie's going to like her Frozen-themed birthday party? And speaking of Frozen, I have the perfect Elsa costume picked out for her!" Alice trilled with excitement. Charlotte, who would be turning eight in four whole days, is thoroughly obsessed with the movie Frozen and decided months ago that it was the theme of her next birthday party.

"She is excited for her birthday party, Hank is almost finished with the birthday cake, and Celia is more than thrilled to help me decorate the house for the kids." Hank and Celia are Garrett's parents, and they basically forced themselves into the planning of Charlotte's birthday party. Hank owns a bakery on the south side of Chicago, and he offered to make the cake free of charge.

Though Garrett, who is working at Katz Law Office as a criminal law attorney and makes more than enough for us to order our own cake, Hank and Celia are overbearing and take over control of anything concerning my family. Granted, Garrett is their only son, which means that Charlotte and Alex are their only grandchildren, but they take it too far sometimes. I still remember when I was pregnant with Alex and Celia offered to stay with me and Garrett so that I could take it easy.

Sounds good enough, but it got to the point that Charlotte asked me if Celia was her grandma or her new mommy. I decided right then that Celia needed to go and that I would be perfectly OK okay on my own. I assured her that she could come and visit anytime she wanted.

"Good to hear…oops…I've gotta go Bells; make sure to give Rosalie a call. I know she's waiting to hear how it went with Talk Dark and Handsome too." I swear I could hear Alice grinning through the phone. I rolled my eyes at how she didn't bother hiding her discontent with Garrett. My mom and dad seemed to like him just fine, so why couldn't my sister like him? I just sighed, hung up the phone and threw it back in my purse.

Fuck…how the hell am I supposed to get back home?

"You look like someone who needs a ride home." I nearly jumped out of my skin. I turned to see that it was the Adonis, and he still looked amazing even with his clothes on. I couldn't find my voice; all I could do was stare at him. This apparently was amusing to the Adonis because he looked at me with a crooked grin and asked the question again. I still couldn't find my voice so I resorted to just nodding my head.

He asked me where I lived, and it was then that I found my voice again and told him that I just needed a ride back to my car. I couldn't have him drive me all the way home, especially since he lived in the city and I lived all the way in Midlothian. Plus, I didn't want this Adonis to see that I had a completely different life.

The Adonis just shrugged his shoulders and agreed to take me back to the bar.

We walked over to his car and I was a bit surprised to see that he wasn't driving the traditional sports car I envisioned; he drove a silver Volvo. For some reason I pictured him driving some sort of convertible.

It was awkward the entire car ride back to the bar parking lot. I couldn't get the image of this man wearing nothing but the white apron I had seen him in not even fifteen minutes earlier. I swear, if I wasn't happily married I would latch on to this man and never let go.

"Ok, um, well it looks like we're here." The Adonis stumbled for words. I just nodded and got out of the car before he had a chance to walk around and open the door for me. I said a quick thanks and goodbye, got into my Kia Soul and drove off. I did, however, look back in my rear view mirror and saw the Adonis standing next to his Volvo watching my car as I drove off. Though I was glad I could now put this all behind me, I did feel a bit sad that I would probably never see this man again.

On the drive home, segments of last night continue to float through my head.

Adonis and I are stumbling through his living room as we practically rip each other's clothes off. Just when my hands get to his belt, he grabs a handful of my hair and forcibly pulls back, exposing my bare neck to him.

I feel my panties start to dampen when his teeth rake down my neck. I can't hold back the moan when I feel his free hand roughly grope between my legs.

Next thing I knew Adonis has me pinned underneath him and his hands rake down from my naked breasts to the hem of my black lace panties. All I could think about was how much I wanted him to rip them off and take me right then and there. Then, as if he could read my mind, he ripped them off and immediately thrust himself inside of me. Every time I shouted with ecstasy, it seemed to spur Adonis to go further.

The alcohol was doing a helluva job of lowering my inhibitions, because this was something that Garrett would never even attempt to try with me.

Before I knew it I was finally home. I pulled into the garage and walked in through the kitchen. I checked the clock on the wall and it read 7:10. I still had about an hour before Charlotte needed to go to school and Alex and I would spend the rest of the day together.

I quietly walked up the stairs and successfully made it to my room and shut the door when I heard childish giggling coming from the hallway.

"Are you excited for your birthday Charlotte Diane Jacobsen?" I heard the familiar voice of our maid slash babysitter, Victoria; ask as she playfully chased her down the hallway. I smiled to myself. I thought of Victoria as an older sister, she may be 'hired help' as Celia likes to refer to her behind Victoria's back, but she is one of my best friends. I've known her for a while now, almost six years. I even know that she and James, the butler – but more like Garrett's adviser – are having a secret romance. I swear, they think no one is wise to how they look at one another, but someone would have to be blind not to see how James looks at Victoria when she isn't looking.

I finished changing into more kid-friendly attire and quietly walked out into the hallway. I was a bit surprised I didn't hear or see my children running around trying to put off getting ready for the morning. As I slowly walked down the stairs to the family room, I could hear faint laughter and a muffled discussion coming from the kitchen. I neared the kitchen and the sight I saw warmed my heart. Charlotte and Alex were helping Laurent, our personal chef. It was Garrett's idea to cook both waffles and pancakes – Charlotte currently was on this kick that waffles were so much better than pancakes and would refuse to eat anything else Laurent would fix.

"Hi mommy! How's come you look like you a 'coon?" My son, Alex, asked me. I stiffened a bit. I hurried over to look at my reflection in the silver toaster and saw that I had forgotten to take my makeup off from last night – hence, why I currently looked like I could pass as a raccoon. I tried to come up with some sort of logical explanation that my four – almost five – year old son would understand. I wet a section of paper towel and proceeded to wipe away the evidence of what happened last night – no matter how wonderful it was – to buy some time to think up an excuse.

Thankfully though I didn't have to, the squealing tires of the approaching school bus drew attention away from me. Both Victoria and I helped get Charlotte ready for the bus and I watched as she got on and headed off to school.

"Mommy, can I dress like a 'coon too?" Alex asked me with a grin stretching from ear to ear. I sighed and told him that that wouldn't be a good idea, but I quickly changed the subject by asking if he wanted to go with me to have an early lunch with Auntie Alice in a few hours. Alex was thrilled and hurried off to go play. I sat there and thanked my lucky stars that my son was so easily distracted.

"So is there anything I should know about why you decided to come home at 7:30am?" Victoria asked with a playful smirk. I just shook my head no and slowly sipped the coffee Laurent handed me as I thought about how I was going to have to pretend that last night never happened – that last night wasn't the most amazing sex I have had during eight years of marriage to my husband.

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