Finding home

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~*Chapter 1*~

"Hello, EMC construction Limited. Alice speaking. How may I help?" a chirpy voice on the end of the line answered.

"Hi, my name is Bella Swan," I replied awkwardly. Sadly I was just as nervous on phone as I was when dealing with people face to face. "I need someone to take a look at my roof" I told her, not really having a clue what I was suppose to say.

"Okay, well what seems to be the problem?" Alice inquired.

Oh the irony.

I really didn't know where to start so in the end I opted for a shortened version and explained the trouble I was having with my leaky ceiling.

Though in truth that was only the start of the problems I faced when living in a old house.

I loved my old house, truly I did. It was the house I had grown up in and spent the majority of my happiest childhood years in before I was forced to live with my Mom after my Father passed away when I was a teenager.

Me and my Mother, Renee have never had the tight knit bond I shared with my Father or my Grandma since. In fact, I haven't spoken to her since I was 18 and I was finally free to go off to college and start a new life, away from her.

But the little said about that the better.

I did however remain close to my Gran and we kept in regular contact throughout my years at college. She's the only family I have left so when she suffered a stroke just after I graduated I came back right away to help her recover.

What started out as a short stay soon became more permanent and I immediately felt at ease in the one place I considered home. I've been staying in Forks ever since.

While I'm sure to some Fork would be considered dull and boring, I liked the quiet life I led and I was fortunate enough to work from home.

The only downfall of my job was that unfortunately the freelance writing I did was slow and paid very little so money was always tight. And while I would have loved to have renovated the house sooner it just wasn't possible. What with Nan's medical bills and my student loan, it left very little money on the side to restore the house to its former glory.

I'd been putting it off for as long as I could, while I tried to save the money for repairs. But sadly everything has a time limit and when the roof started leaking in this morning I knew that was the final straw and made the call for help.

Forks is a small town, as in so tiny there is only one company in town that could do the work. Not that I'd have gone anywhere else. Best friends and business partners, Emmett McCarthy and Edward Cullen run a renowned trusted, local and honest company, unlike some of the other cowboys in larger towns and cities. And while they are only young and have not been going that long people requested them from outside of town to work on their properties so I trusted their judgement.

"Sounds like Edward's the man you want," Alice's voice interrupted my thoughts. "Unfortunately his schedule is pretty full this week. The earliest I can fit you in for an evaluation with him is the end of next week, and even then he wouldn't be able to start the work till next month." She said sadly.

"Otherwise, Emmett is free on Wednesday if you wanted him to take a look. His schedule is a little more free so he could probably get the work done sooner too?" Alice helpfully offered.

"Wednesdays perfect!" I said, jumping at the chance. To be honest I was relieved to be dealing with Emmett, because quite frankly Edward Cullen made me all kinds of nervous.

I've never actually spoken to him but I'd seen him in town enough times to know who he was. Everyone knew who Edward Cullen was.

In a town like Forks men like him couldn't go unnoticed. He's ruggedly good looking, like one of the heroes in the novels I secretly read. And he's tall, comfortably over six feet, with a perfectly chiselled jaw, a long straight nose and the most perfect pink lips that turn up into the sexiest crooked half-smile you could ever see. His hair is the most unusual shade of brown, with a hint of bronze and styled in the most perfect, chaotic mess.

His ruggedness was appealing; Even to me - the equivalent of the town recluse.

It wasn't like I purposely led the life of a nun. Its just that my freelance work and looking after Gran left very little time for an active social life.

Not that I ever really had one. In high school I was painfully shy and awkward, and in college I struggled to fit in and make friends. The fact is that I was used to being alone. I wasn't interested in boys and they certainly weren't interested in me.

I didn't want or expect any more than a simply, quiet life on my own, but Edward Cullen brought out all kinds of feelings and hopes that I had long given up on having.

No, it would be for the best that I kept away from him. It was safer that way.

Happily ever afters didn't exist. I'd accepted that a long time ago and refused to build my hopes up.

Authors note: Well, what do we think? This story is mostly pre written and only 10 chapters or so long, so updates will be fairly regular:)