Pairing: hints of Yato/Yukine.

Warnings: very light shounen-ai / Missing Moments / post-chapter11

Prompt: #sleeping together

Disclaimer: Noragami and its characters are Adachitoka's property, I only own this fanfiction.

I can feel your heartbeat

Yukine is afraid of darkness.

He's never told anyone, but Yato knows anyway: he doesn't really need to ask Yukine, because his emotions and feelings and thoughts flow from one to another very easily, like a constant, unstoppable and unwilling osmosis. Yukine's soul doesn't have defenses against him, but only evanescent, porous boundaries. Yato doesn't know the exact reason why Yukine fears darkness so much. The only thing he's certain of is that this fear is alive and has become stronger even since the punishment –since Yukine discovered, all of sudden, that the most dangerous type of darkness is not around him, but lures within him, whispering temptations as venomous as a snake, and even though he's not so weak to give in a second time, he's not even that strong to fight the fear of being overcome. During nights, even during this one night, Yukine is scared. Yato just knows. The boy's eyes are closed with such force that nobody'd believe he's really sleeping, his pulse is way too fast for a dead, let alone for a dormant.

The god tries to ignore him for a while, but the heartbeats are so unbalanced and out of rhythm that they somehow disturbs him too, managing to keep him awake. He sighs, resigned, and lets his left arm slip towards the other; his fingers touch the scarf Hiyori's lent to Yukine, then go up until they recognize the feeling of curly, shaggy hair and sink into them. The boy under him jumps slightly in surprise, his breath speeds up a little before turning regular again. He sputters out: «Are you awake?» He seems a bit uncertain. Yato can't help to laugh a little.

«Of course I am. You don't know how much noise you're doing.» He can almost see Yukine's frown.

«What? I'm not—»

«Your heart» Yato explains, casually, «is keeping me awake. I can hear it loudly and clearly, you know. It makes quite a lot of noise.» And now he can imagine how hard Yukine's blushing.

«It doesn't!» The boy protests. Yato shrugs, he doesn't even know how many times has repeated this, but he says it anyway:« C'mon, you can't lie to me. I told you, I can feel it whenever you—» He can't end the sentence because Yukine suddenly grabs his arm and the next moment Yato can feel the hardness and coldness of the nude ground under him and a familiar pain through his spine. He almost bites his tongue, his breath is taken away.

«Oi, Yukine, that hurt!» he complains, but Yukine just pretends to be asleep, hiding his flushed face in Hiyori's scarf. «You brat,» Yato sighs again, but his voice is soft and there's no anger in it. He watches as Yukine falls asleep for real and unconsciously huddles up against his body, his heartbeat being as loud as ever. But Yato knows it's not fear anymore. He covers his face with a hand and murmurs, «As I thought, it's impossible to sleep with this noise…», but he can't help smiling.

n/A: This story is meant to be set post-chapter11, so Yukine's fear of darkness is totally justified and Yato knows it, or at least he can imagine it. I love the fact they are so close, so connected... Yep, I definitely like Yukine e Yato's relationship the most. The way they just grew on each other in the manga is just cute and adorable and perfect.

Hope you liked my writing! Er... I always hope there are not too many mistakes, since English's not my mother tongue I'm doing my best here ^^