Carrie AU

By: FunahoMisaki

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"Too bad I'll tell you anyways. The best part of this is that you have no proof I was even here and who would believe you in a case of your word versus mine? No one that's who. Good bye and good riddance to bad trash."

Less than ten minutes after leaving the White residence Rita was already back at the hospital and was sitting calmly in the waiting room while the standby nurse eyed her warily.

"How did you get to your house, Mrs. White's house, and back that quickly?" The woman asked eyeing Rita warily and causing Rita to smirk slightly but she refused to comment.

"I believe I will have to plead the fifth here. How's Carrie doing?" Rita asked going from smug to worried in a heartbeat.

"No word yet." The nurse said still looking at Rita curiously.

"Hey Giana? Is my dad free?" Sue Snell asked walking up to the nurse with a bag in her hand, not noticing her gym teacher for a moment.

"He's in X-Ray right now but he should be done shortly Sue. You bringing him dinner again?" The nurse, Giana, asked smiling at the teen who nodded.

"Anyone here for Carrie White?" The doctor said stepping out of a nearby room, causing Sue to look confused while Rita jumped up.

"I am!" Rita said causing Sue to spin around and look at her surprised.

"Ms. Desjardin?" Sue asked surprised while Rita ignored her and went straight to the doctor.

"Please follow me." The doctor said smiling at Sue briefly before leading a worried Rita to a nearby sitting room. Being the curious girl she is Sue followed and listened at the cracked door.

"First off we're very lucky that not all of the tendons in her wrist were severed which means she'll regain use of her hand eventually, but she can't use it at all right now. Second, the cuts in her leg had cut into the tendons near her knee cap which means she shouldn't try to walk on it for a while. Like the ones in her wrists not all were cut so she'll eventually regain full use of her leg. However what is really bad is the stab wound on her back, which is why the X-Ray took longer than it normally would." The doctor said not aware of Sue eavesdropping as he listed the injuries.

"Will Carrie be okay?" Rita asked worriedly, also not noticing the eavesdropper.

"To be blunt with you…It's a miracle that she lived long enough for you to find her, much less do all you did for her and brought her here." The doctor said causing Sue to gasp, although thankfully (for her) it was hidden by Rita's own gasp.

"Please tell me she's going to be okay!" Rita demanded, almost begged actually, as she stared at the doctor with wide eyes.

"It's… hard to say right now. The knife wound in her back… the knife nicked her heart and sliced open her lung. She's in surgery right now but there's no telling how this will affect her later. She could develop asthma, her heart could give out, she could get any number of lung or heart diseases. There's also the brain injury we discovered." The doctor said making Rita sob while Sue felt guilt well up inside of her. Could it had been Chris that had done that to Carrie? She wouldn't put it past the spoiled witch.

"Brain injury?" Rita asked with a sob, causing the doctor to nod slightly.

"Yes it seems to be a growth in her brain which not only puts more pressure on the rest of her brain, but this kind of growth only comes from hitting her head repeatedly. It's… it's not endangering her life right now but after she's released she'll need to come for weekly checkups to make sure that doesn't change. As it is we'll want to keep her in the hospital for two weeks after she gets out of surgery to allow her time to recover and to also monitor her." The doctor said sighing and causing Rita to sob harder even though her eyes filled with hatred.

"I swear when I get my hands on that overzealous bitch again I'm going to wrangle her old harlot neck for doing that to poor Carrie!" Rita said snarling through her sobs.

"Since her mother is going to be arrested for child abuse, endangerment, neglect, and now attempted murder young Carrie is likely to be put into foster care." The doctor said causing Sue to cover her mouth with her hands to hide her gasp as her eyes widened. Carrie's mother had done what?! There's no way…

"No she won't! I already told the nurse at the desk that I'll adopt her. Carrie's been through enough crap in her young life already, I'm not letting her go through foster care too! Besides I'm betting that she'll require certain medicines and treatments for her injuries, and there's no way she'll get that in foster care." Rita said vehemently and causing the doctor to nod.

"Very well. I'll give you a list of recommended nutrients, medicines, and treatments as soon as your adoption papers go through. For now though…when she goes back to school keep her out of gym class." The doctor said with a smile and small chuckle, causing Rita to nod fervently.

"Of course, she'll be completely excused from class until you or the other doctors give the all clear…and if any of the other teachers, much less the students, give her grief then they'll have to deal with me!" Rita said her teeth clenched at the end as she glared at nothing. Sue couldn't stand listening in anymore. She backed away from the door in horror and guilt as she left her dad's dinner with the nurse and ran back to her car, going back to her house where she immediately dove into her room with sobs wracking her body. After about ten minutes she had calmed down enough to make a conference call with the other Ultras.

"What is it Sue?" Chris asked rudely as everyone finally picked up the phone.

"Are you okay Sue?" Heather asked worried when Sue let out a sob.

"No. No I'm not okay. I don't think any of us will be okay anymore." Sue sobbed out, the thought of Carrie's mom doing all that damage to Carrie flashing through her mind.

"What's wrong Sue?" Tina asked her voice a bit softer than Chris's but not as soft or worried as Heathers.

"W-We need to meet up… tomorrow morning would be best… an-and I might be able to tell you then. I-I'm sorry but…I just…I just need to calm down a bit more." Sue sobbed out again, worrying her 'friends'.

"Okay is it about Tommy?" Nina asked carefully.

"Or your parents?" Nina's twin asked just afterwards.

"No… not them…" Sue managed to sob out.

"Who?" Heather asked sounding concerned. None of the girls were expecting the one word answer from Sue before she hung up with a heavy sob.