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Setting & Rating: Takes place in DotU in nature, but AU in that none of this (or events leading up to this, ever occurred in the series). I think it's possible to read this one without reading the previous stories, but it will make more sense as past story events are referenced. The order of my related stories is: Mistletoe & Valentines (1), Hidden Hearts (2), and Retaliation (3). Has a rating of Mature for most chapters for physical violence. Lotor is not kind or nice anywhere in this story. Though it's not in this chapter, be warned that torture is a part of this arc.

A/N: This is my original work. There are a number of stories out there that deal with torture, but any similarities are coincidental. For those of you who read HH, this story (though not this chapter) is your answer to how Lotor took the news of K/A's wedding.

Chapter One: The New Normal?

One month after their small wedding and one week after their grand public wedding and coronation…

Allura opened her sleepy eyes to see her husband sleeping quietly beside her. Keith, husband, together, normal. It was a jumble of words that went through her mind. The last few months had been crazy and the last month had been the craziest. They had informed the Council of their relationship and gotten married all in the same day. Three weeks later, (Allura still didn't know how Nanny had pulled it off) she and Keith had gotten married in a grand public display. It was only fitting to give the people of Arus the wedding spectacle that they had all wanted. The people had been thrilled when they learned that the princess had chosen the Voltron Commander to be her husband. Their cries of support and encouragement after the wedding and coronation still rang in her ears a week later.

Allura's eyes opened more fully, and she looked at Keith lying on his back. He didn't have a shirt on, the covers pulled down to his waist. Unless he put on pajama bottoms during the night, he wasn't wearing anything at all. She started blushing, closed her eyes, and reprimanded herself. They were married now; it was totally appropriate for her to have these kinds of thoughts. She opened her eyes and looked at his arm draped across his chest. She could still see the faint outline of the skull tattoo that he had received when he was first taken to Doom. He had gone through a removal process, but the skin where the tattoo was always had a slightly lighter color. It would always be a reminder.

Her eyes moved up to his profile. She lifted her arm and moved her hand near his head so that her fingers moved through his thick raven-colored hair. Her fingers quickly found the small raised scar and short hair on the side of his head. The wound had healed, and his hair was quickly growing back in to fill the area that had been cut when he had his stitches.

Allura's fingers pulled back quickly as Keith spoke without even opening his eyes. "I can think of better things for you to put your fingers on than that scar." He opened his eyes and turned to look at his wife. He wasn't surprised that she was blushing. As much as she enjoyed their physical relationship, she hadn't gotten used to hearing him make such comments. It was not surprising considering he had never made any romantic, much less, suggestive comments to her before a few months ago. He reached out to take her fingers and brought them to his lips. He knew what she was thinking since she had touched the scar. "I'm fine you know. The ribs and concussion are all healed. I'm okay."

Allura's eyes dropped. He often seemed able to read her thoughts. She had always worried about him during battles, but now that worry had turned into a fear. The fear wasn't born from them having expressed their love, but the fact that their relationship was public. It was a fear that Lotor would single out his Black Lion for destruction, and she would be unable to stop it. It was a fear of helplessness. She only nodded at his response.

Keith watched as her eyes dropped. She was still thinking about him. More specifically, of him being injured or killed by Lotor because of their marriage. Well, he knew how to get her mind off of that.

Allura felt Keith move on the bed and soon felt his warm skin pressed to hers. She hadn't bothered to put anything on last night either. His lips found hers as she felt his hand travel down her bare back. Her thoughts went back briefly to her fears, He's trying to distract me. As his mouth and hands moved down her body, the last coherent thought she had was It's working.