A young man with Blonde hair and freckles sits by a river in his Red hockey jersey and long sleeve black under shirt and a naked mole rat whose head is sticking out of one of the pockets of his cargo pants looking up at him with large sad eyes. The young man was thinking about the heart break he had suffered just hours ago. Ron Stoppable now ex-sidekick and ex-boyfriend to the world renowned Kim Possible caught his childhood friend cheating on him with Josh Mankey, he had thought she had been acting strange for a while now. Anger, sadness, and betrayal flared all together within the blonde young man as he replays the images in his mind.

-Ron had finished football practice early that day he was in his senior year of high school having been held back after finding out that his friend wade falsified some of the grades in his classes. He didn't particularly mind but felt the right thing to do was go back to school and earn the credits the honest way since he felt he could do it on his own and he wanted his girlfriend to be proud of him after all she was the world famous Kim Possible and she only deserved the best. *Ron walks up the drive way noticing a strange dark blue prious in Kim's drive way he didn't think much of it as her brothers constantly brought home cars to dismantle for parts for their machines.*"Though I don't think they ever brought home anything looking this new and undamaged?" *shrugging he walks inside not even bothering to knock knowing the possible family saw them as their own already and partially wanting to surprise KP. He climbs the steps up to his favorite ladies room and throws open the door.* "Hey KP guess who got out of prac-!" *Ron stops mid sentence as he is dumb struck by the sight in front of him. Before his eyes are his girlfriend he loves so dearly on top of her ex-boyfriend Josh Mankey with her lips locked on his as she heard Ron yell she whips her head off of Josh and looks directly into Ron's eyes.* "Ron I-!" "Before she can explain Ron lets out a primal roar of rage and his skin turns blue and a strange mark appears on his right shoulder glowing through his black under shirt and jersey. He lunges at josh but misses and crashes through Kim's window instead. He rolls onto the ground softening the impact and looks back at his now ex-girlfriend with rage and sadness he sees a single tear in her eyes and runs off on all fours not thinking about where he is going just knowing it can't be here. He eventually found himself at his own house he ran upstairs gathering boxes upon boxes of things from all over on his bed his best friend Rufus woke up and looked at his friend and owner confused as Ron ran around the room frantically. When Ron stopped moving for a second Rufus took that chance to climb in Ron's pocket just as he grabbed his cell phone and shoved it into a different pocket. He then proceeded to tack all the boxes in a trash bag outside. At first Rufus thought Ron had just been cleaning which was odd in and of itself but it seemed that was not the case as Ron walked past the trash can and kept walking till he reached the Middletown River and over to a fire pit that Ron and a few other football team members had made together. He then dumped the bag in the pit and struck a match tossing it into the pile of cardboard but not before Rufus saw what it was. It was pictures all of Ron and Kim along with stuffed animals and other such things they had procured during their relationship. Mixed in were some of the drawings Ron had made of Kim. One of the classes he needed to make up was art and he found himself enjoying it a bit drawing different styles of portraits of the young heroin (and sometimes epic monster fights). But now here he was burning it all Rufus had no idea what the young boy was doing he ran up to the pile and pulled out Ron's latest picture and showed it to him chattering

"Cheeaka KP neatuh."

"I know Rufus."

Ron said sounding emotionally drained as he sunk down onto the ground watching the fire slowly build up.

"I know."-

Now hours later the fire died out Ron looks over the water simply staring not thinking trying not to feel anything when he hears a voice in his head. 'If we were to take over the world than there would be no more heart break for you Ronald.' a highly intelligent but clearly insane voice spoke.

'Not now Zorpox.'

He mentally sighs as he continues to look over the river almost forgetting about the voice that had started speaking to him ever since the battle with Warmonga and Warhok

'As I explained before my name is not Zorpox it is Sun Wukong or The Monkey King Ronald and I care not whether you wish to hear this now or later I am telling you what is best for your heart and your mind.'

'No you are telling me they same thing since you first started talking to me months ago. And besides I am fairly sure that the monkey king was a good god not some ancient mystic monkey power after effect.'

*Sun Wukong sighs inside Ron's head.*

'That, young human is a tale of explanation for another day as I have stated numerous times. Now will you just listen to me? Just simply trust that I am whom I claim to be, and that it is only in your benefit that I say what I am saying.'

'What you are saying is that I should kill people and rule over everyone with an iron fist of ancient monkey karate power!? That is what you are saying and I am not gonna do it so stop saying things.' "First off Ronald it is Kung Fu. The meaning of the word karate is "empty hands." It refers to the fact that Karate originated as a system of self-defense which relied on the effective use of the unarmed body of the practitioner. Whereas Kung Fu (or gung fu) alludes to any individual accomplishment or cultivated skill obtained by long and hard work. It also refers to the form of the various martial arts that the fraise encompasses. Also Kung Fu began in China while karate was created in Japan. Second no. I did not tell you to go around killing people I told you a list of people that need to be taken care of whether killed or incapacitated for long periods of time either one will work. Third (which I can not stress) shut up once in a while and look at thing in the broad spectrum you humans never do that enough and when you do you look at it in limited mind sets . And forth and final you should have sensed that presence by now.'

*Just as Ron was about to comment asking what presence a figure lunged at him giving him barely enough time to roll away from the supposed attacker. Looking up quickly he sees a young Japanese girl approximately 20 years old slightly shorter than him with jet black hair which is normally just reaches the tips of her shoulders but now it hung down to her hips which seemed more tone then usual to Ron* 'And was her ninja uniform always so tight around her chest ?' *Shaking the thought from his mind he smiled and bowed.*

"Hey Yori." *the young girl smiles and bows back dipping a bit lower then Ron.*

"Greetings Stoppable-San. How have you been?" *Ron immediately hides the frown that had almost come across his face and tries to act like his usual cheerful self.*

"Oh you know same ole same ole. How about you?" *Yori looks Ron up and down*

"Stoppable-San you are not one to be known for being good at lying. What is the matter?" *Ron sighs sitting down in front of the fire again and pats the clear spot next to him indicating Yori to sit next to him as he thinks of where to start. He simply starts off walking up Kim's drive way and seeing Josh's car.*

"And next thing I know I blacked out and found myself in my room grabbing all of the things that remind me of Kim." *Ron looks over to Yori expecting her usual serious face at times like this and is amazed by the mix of emotions on her face. Anger, betrayal, sadness, along with disappointment.*

"Oh Stoppable-San that is awful! I can not just let Possible-San get away with this!" *Yori stands and turns around but just as she is about to run to Kim's house Ron runs in front of her holding his arms out wide*

"Woh woh woh! No Yori you don't have to do that I mean it!" *Yori looks at the young man she loves and bows her head.*

"Understood Stoppable-San. Very well it seems this may be a good time to give you this." *Yori reaches into her belt strap at her waist while she does Ron gets a peak at her cleavage.*

'I swear she has grown since I last saw her.' *Yori pulls out a letter and hands it to Ron not noticing he was staring at her chest*

"Here you are Stoppable-San."

"What is this?"

"It is a request from Master Sensei." *Ron's eyes grew wider as he stared the small envelope in his hands with RONALD STOPPABLE written right in the middle of the paper he gulps and starts to open the note knowing these kinds of things always meant bad news.*

Ok everybody what do you think. Thoughts, criticisms, anything you liked or didn't like let me know. Also some credit goes to my friend Waterfire98. He helped with a bit of this chapter and possibly will with future ones I highly suggest checking out his stuff. Well until then "rockets are go." (Yes I will be ending each chapter with a quote from the show.)