As he stepped off the plane Ron stretched letting out a strange yawn. While on his shoulder his little mole rat buddy did the same thing. As then walked down the steps Ron stared in awe at the amazing scene in front of him. They had landed in Kansai International airport and it was HUGE. To Ron's back was the ocean and in front of him was a large view of Osaka.

"Wow this is insane. I never visit places like this unless on a mission."

"Rtcehc belch missions."Was all Rufus had to say on that little bit. Which made Ron chuckle. Chippy climbed on Ron's other shoulder with Hana on her back.

"How did you guys sleep?"

"Good big brother. But Chippy squirms a lot in her sleep." Chippy simply rolled her eyes smiling at that one. As he was about to ask something else Shego brushes gently past him her breasts pushing into his back noticeably as she goes by.

"Yo Ronny wanna hurry up we don't got all day from what lil miss shadow said."

"Ok Shego." Was all Ron could manage to get out with the feel of her chest still etched into his mind. 'Wow she really is well endowed.'



"My name you asked me our names earlier mine is Coraline and Hego's is Hank. Figured you were right it was unfair that we knew your name and you had no clue about what ours were." Ron smiled at this it felt good to put a real name to the face finally.

"Well Miss Coraline it is my pleasure to meet you." Shego actually chuckled at this one. Which made Ron happier for some reason.

"Yeah well you only call us that in private never in the field. That's the last thing we need is for someone to hear that and endanger people we care about."

"You have people you care about?"This time Shego didn't laugh which was her way of letting Ron know not to touch that subject. "Right bad joke sorry."

"Not your fault but just remember this. Everyone has people they care about." It almost looked like Shego had a sad look in her eyes as she said this. Just as Ron was about to say something Yuri tapped him on the back causing him to jump.

"Ahhh! Oh Yuri. Sorry about that you surprised me." Chuckling shakily Ron rubbed the back of his head.

"Many pardons Ron-San. I simply wished to tell you that your friends wanted you come to the cargo area where your motorcycle is." As soon as Yuri had said the word motorcycle Ron was gone while a dust cloud in his outline was still there for a second. Sliding in front of everyone in the back Ron let a sigh of relief to see that nothing had been done to Shelly and that no one was on top of her.

"Ok Joss it seems you were right. Only 7.3 seconds." Felix pulls out 20 bucks from his pocket and hands it to Joss who is wearing a giant smile on her face.

"Well thank ya kindly Felix. Though I kinda feel bad bout partin yall from yer coin."

"Nah don't worry about it I should have had more faith in my buddy."

"Any body gonna tell me what happened here?"

"Felix and Joss here made a bet to see how fast you would get from the front of the plane to the tail if you thought we messed with your bike." Electronique was the one to speak up this time. Ron got a stern look on his face directing it right at Felix.

"What the fuck dude!?"

"What? I thought it would take 10 Joss said 7. We agreed that if it was within that number with a point that person won."

"Yeah but you bet higher that fucked up."

"Sorry dude. Not my fault dude. How was I supposed to know you got faster?"

"Cause you're my friend." Looking to the rest of the group. "What about you two? Hego, Electornique?" Hego stood with his arms behind his back while he whistled what sounded like the naked mole rap. While Electronique simply stated.

"I said 6.5 big blue over there said 20. Also since you asked earlier my real name is Ivana. So just call me by that. Ok?" Ron was shocked by this. Mainly because Electron-Ivana was so upfront and she said more than two words this time.

"Wow Thanks Ivana. Also I forgot to mention I like the new look." This time Ivana blushed as she turned towards the bike. Which caused Ron to notice her new look even more. Her hair while before was a giant almost super Sayian like style was now was in a neat ponytail with a strand over her left eye. Her uniform was a tight pair of stone gray jeans with a black tank top with a small waist cut leather jacket. While on her feet she sported a pair of black Chuck Taylors 'She has almost a biker chick look now that I think about it.'

"Thank you Ron. Also I admire how much care you put into Shelly here." As she said this she gently put a hand on the motorcycle with a small caring smile on her face. This time it was Ron's turn to blush as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Well she means a lot to me that's why when I think someone is sitting on her with out me around upsets me." Ron continues as he runs his hand along Shelly's body. "She is a little of my old scoot and a piece of quite a few friends and to top it off she is built just for me. She is truly one of a kind." As Ron said this there was an amazing twinkle in his eye. When he looked up he noticed e very eye was on him. This of course cause one of his nervous chuckles. "That's at least how I see it."

'That was well said Ronald. I was not aware that you were capable of such feelings.'

"Shut up Sun Wukong. Also I am just calling you Sun from now on its a lot easier.'

'Do as you wish. It matters not what you call me as long as it is not Sun Goku.' Ron had to laugh at that one being that he did note the similarities between the two. But upon the chuckle everyone who had started to talk to each other looked to him in confusion.

"What cher laughin about Ronny?"

"OH um nothing in particular. Just remembered a funny joke."

"Oh pray tell Ronald what is the humorous quip?" Hego loved jokes so Ron had to think fast and in a moment he figured it out. He looked at Hana with a smile and whispered in Chippy's ear and watched as she climbed off his shoulder and onto Felix's.

"Well Hego it was about a guy who raced his friends and the last one to the finish line had to buy food for everyone. Oh and the finish line was the raman shop two blocks away from the airport they were at." Saying this Ron hopped on Shelly and threw a helmet on himself Hana and Rufus. As he did Chippy used her tail to mess with Felix's controls on his chair.

"Woh Ron man not cool dude." But Ron didn't hear a word Felix said. Cause he had already sped off.

"Wow he wasn't kidding that thing sure can jet." As Ivana said this she was pulling out a small devise from her pocket she threw it on the ground. Before it hit the ground the devise unfolded into a hover board and she raced after Ron with a small smirk on her face. Soon Yuri and Shego were with the rest and Hego told them what was up. Yuri's eyes widened as she started to run after the others. While Shego hopped in to her green convertible that was also in the cargo bay. Hank assumed that he was going to ride with his sister. But before he could hop into the car Coraline sped off.

"Sorry beef brain. Guess you're buying lunch for everyone." Thinking he still had a chance if he could out run Joss. Hank was feeling ok until he saw Joss run past him on a large robotic horse.

"Sorry ole boy blue but I don't got that kinda scratch on me." Joss waved as she rode off on thunder. This left Hank standing there feeling defeated. But then Felix pulled up behind him Chippy had finally stopped messing with the controls and was sitting happily on his shoulder as Felix rode up behind Hego having the superhero land in his lap as they sped up to catch up with the rest of the group.

"Hey Hego. Need a lift?" Hego laughed at this one.

"Yes quite right we will beat them now!" Hank threw his hand in the air as he yelled. "Excelsior young friend!" Felix shook his head as Hego said this.

'Wow Ron you got some kooky friends.' Felix sped up as they got closer to everyone Yuri was barely in front of Joss and Felix was catching up fast. Ivana was right behind Ron who was in front but right next to her Shego was keeping up fairly well with her.

"You better quit now Electronique I am gonna win this one!'

"I think not little miss go. Even if you could beat me you won't be able to catch up to Ron in that thing."

"Hey watch who you call thing this lil gal is called Betty."

"Funny my board is called Veronica."

"Well let's see who gets to "Archie" first." That moment Coraline got an evil grin on her face. "Lets make a little side bet." Ivana looked over at her with a suspicious look on her face.

"What did you have in mind little lightning bug?"

"Well who ever beats the other gets to steal a kiss from the little hero in front of us." This made Ivana waver a bit on her board.

"W-what makes you think I want a bet like that?"

"Oh come on Electronique. I know that you have a thing for him since he is the reason you turned good."

"So what if I do! Doesn't mean I wanna take a kiss from him!"

"Ok then I guess I will just beat you and take one myself." Shego couldn't help but smirk to herself as she said this. 'Well now little sparky are you finally gonna show some of your old self?' Almost as an answer Ivana started to gain speed that's when Coraline noticed she had taken something off her board. "What is that thing?"

"It's a power limiter I use them as hair pins mostly to keep myself in check but I had one on the board to try and keep the speed under supersonic. But since I just need to be faster than you I think I can control it that much." As the words left her lips Ivana sped up catching up to Ron staying just barely behind him. Soon though they had reached the main roads and streets and the raman shop was not far.

"Yes I so can't wait for some real raman last time I had some was when I came here last time like 3 years ago." As Ron licked his lips he turned the corner stopping directly in front of the small shop. He waited patiently for everyone else first was Ivana only a few seconds behind him. "Good timing Ivana." He held up his hand for a high five. Sheepishly she returned the sentiment. Next up came Shego with Yuri on the back of her convertible.

"Seriously how did you hang on like that even after I tried to shake you off."

"Many apologize Miss Shego. I simply wished to catch my breath. Though it was an honor to ride with you." Yuri bows as she says this which causes Shego to look at her awkwardly.

"Yeah ok whatever. Just don't let it happen again." Soon after Joss came then Felix and Chippy and finally Hego.

"He tried to hop onto mah horse and got knocked to the ground."

"Well Hego thanks for the grub." Ron smiled as he patted the large superhero on the back. And they all entered the raman shop laughing. None of them noticed the figure enter behind them until.

"Yo which one of you is Ron Stoppable?" As Ron Turned around and answered with a.

"Who called me?" A fist came flying right for his face…

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