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Ryou is the lighter one. "Y. BK." is Yami Bakura's nickname because I refuse to write out Yami Bakura each and every time Ryou talks to him. That and the fact that I don't think Ryou would call him "Bakura". I will refer to him as Bakura, though.

Yugi is the other light half. Yami is Yami Yugi. Got it? Yeah? Okay.

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs...

It was 8:15. Ryou hummed happily to himself as he gathered the ingredients needed to make an omelet. The familiar cool air of the refrigerator greeted his face as he opened the refrigerator door. Pulling out a carton of eggs and a block of cheese, Ryou idly wondered what his Yami was doing now. The ancient spirit wasn't one to sleep in and was usually up at the crack of dawn on most days. He got his answer soon.

Ryou picked up an egg. Just as he was about to tap it on the edge of the pan, something caught his eye. Something was scrawled in black Sharpie across the shell of the egg. Ryou lifted the egg up to eye level for closer inspection. Written in the unmistakable messy script of Bakura's was one word. "Egg". (1)

The white haired teen cocked one eye. Egg? He picked up another white orb. Sure enough, there was something on this one too. "Yet another egg." Then almost as an afterthought, "(Not quite what you were eggspecting.)" A wry grin made its way to Ryou's face.

Shaking his head at his Yami's antics, he proceeded to examine the rest, reading them out loud to himself.

"You crack me up. You must be yolking. Ow! You're hurting me!"

'Ow! You're hurting me!'? Well, at least it was better than the egg jokes.

"Eat me. I say tomato." Ryou blinked. He knew where this was heading. Hastily, he searched the few remaining eggs for the one he was looking for. He finally found it. "You say tomatato."

Tomatato? (2) Ryou snickered, making a mental note to himself to ask his darker half about that later.

"Help me to get out of my shell. (Eggscape). Would you eat a little baby birdie?" I just might, he thought wryly as his stomach protested audibly. Ryou shook his head and turned around. A piece of paper on the otherwise bare counter caught his attention. It hadn't been there before. Ryou picked it up. It read:

~*A banana stood propped next to the sink. The banana was in the usual oblong curved shape of a banana and was a pure bright yellow. But how odd! An arched eyebrow hovered over its right eye. The banana watched Ryou read.*~

Ryou whirled around. Sure enough, there was the banana. Ryou was feeling a distinct twinge of paranoia now. But it wasn't paranoia when they're really out to get you. Unless...

"Y. BK.!"

A familiar ancient Egyptian figure darted into the doorway. He had on his face a wicked grin and in his hand a Sharpie.

"You bellowed?"

"You did this, didn't you?" Ryou waved an egg in front of his darker side's face.

The wicked grin faded slightly to a smug smile.

"Of course. Do you doubt my abilities?"

Ryou changed tactics. "What on earth is a tomatato?"

Bakura blinked confusedly. " A tomatato? Where did you hear that?"

"From you."


Ryou handed him an egg. Bakura dictated his earlier message out loud.

"I say tomatato." He smiled sheepishly at his lighter half. "Er...oops?"

Ryou snickered. "_Someone_ has spelling problems..." He rolled his eyes for emphasis.

"Hey now,"

He grinned. Perfect timing. "Hay is for horses, straw is cheaper, grass is free. Buy a farm and get all three." (3)

Bakura stared at him. "Where did you learn that?"

"Around. What else did you manage to do this morning?"

The former tomb robber now wore an evil grin. "Having fun."

Ryou nodded knowingly. "Prank war?"

"But of course. Other than robbing tombs, that was what I was famous for."

Very faintly, the two silver haired boys heard a series of yells coming from the general direction of the Turtle Game Shop.

"Well," Ryou sighed. "Let the games begin."

(1) - Uh...yeah, this really did happen. It was over the summer at my family reunion. My cousin, the one who drums for the band who plays the song that I used for Drink Up, had a Sharpie. He went around labeling things like "Lid" and "Leaf" and finally he got to the hard boiled eggs. My uncle saw this and borrowed a Sharpie of his own. He made a little mistake in his addition to one of the eggs...

(2) - Pronounce this "Toe Mah Tah Toe" 'Twas an accidental misspelling in (1) that my uncle did.

(3) - Yeah, this was a small adaptation to the not-so-popular saying that my World History and Spanish teacher made. Great, eh?

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