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Mall Mayhem.

Bakura grinned. Getting Seto to finance his team for the war had been a fantastic idea on his part. All he had to do was keep the multi-millionaire updated with the stupidest, but still hilarious actions of others by means of tape. It was almost too easy.

But, as Ryou had tactfully pointed out, the recording of a Lion King scene come freakishly to life wasn't going to be enough to bargain with for some of the more expensive pieces of machinery they needed. In fact, it was only enough to get them fully equipped for one prank.

Seto had already ordered what they had asked for. But if more support was wanted, they would have to do some undercover work. And that suited the Tomb Robber just fine...


Joey snickered. "You might wanna shut your mouth, Tristan. The girls aren't gonna find your drool all that attractive." (1)

His friend snapped his jaw shut with an audible click, attention diverted from the pack of girls who were gushing over the gaudy array of prom dresses in a nearby store window. "Hey! At least I'm liked by the female population. Unlike you." And he stuck out his tongue.

"Going to the mall with you two is so degrading..." Tea muttered, rolling her eyes.

Neither one took any notice to her words.

"How mature of you." The blond taunted. "If you were a type of candy, you know what you'd be?"

"Yeah, a sweet." Tristan grinned and flexed his arm. "Irresistible to all women."

"Nah, who're you trying to kid?" Joey hooted. "You'd be an Airhead!"

"Why you-!" he lunged at his overly amused friend. But years of being in fights kicked in and instinct told Joey to move. So he did. His attacker missed.

A startled feminine yelp rent the air, attracting the unwanted attention of other mall goers. And then a splash. Onlookers began to laugh.

Tristan had shoved Tea into the pond surrounding the miniature waterfall.

Her left eye began to twitch. The penny that ricocheted off the top of her head, thrown by a nearby kindergartener didn't seem to improve her temper. Tea let out an unearthly shriek.


The said brunette paled and took a step backwards. He laughed nervously. Then fled for his life.

Meanwhile, Joey, who had started the entire scene, did one of the smartest things he had done in his entire life.

He got out of Tea's line of sight.

Through the slatted spaces of the bench, Joey peered out, watching the fun. Interestingly enough, he wasn't the only one there.

"Hello there, Joey." A pleasant and familiar British accent said. "What's up?"

The blond jumped in surprise, almost revealing their hiding place. "Ryou?! Bakura? What're you two doing here?"

"What's it look like, Mortal?" Bakura rolled his eyes while attempting to hold the tape recorder steady. "We're watching them." The silver haired spirit motioned toward where Tea, who bore an uncanny resemblance to an enraged, and drenched, rhinoceros, was charging after a very apprehensive Tristan, trying to gain enough ground to whack him with her purse. (2)

Glancing behind him at his extremely terrifying pursuer, Tristan failed to remember the layout of the mall. And as everyone knows, bad things happen if you don't remember things.

He crashed into a pillar.

Ryou and Joey winced. Bakura, retaining some of his old sadism, snickered. And Tea snarled and pounced, flailing her purse wildly. Needless to say, it took four mall officials to pry her off of her victim. And then two more to carry Tristan away to the first aid room.

Joey sighed, not having the courage to follow the little procession, taking comfort in the fact that no other sane human would either. "So whadda you two wanna do now?"

Bakura turned off the video camera and peered at his watch. "There's still about an hour till our equipment is supposed to come in..."

Ryou stood up, startling an old lady out of her trance. "How about a trip to the arcade?"

Joey's eyes lit up. "Yeah!"


Upon setting foot in the room full of pulsing noise and flashing lights, also known as the mall arcade, Team Twin Terror was promptly forgotten by the blond. He had rushed off, preferring the presence of CarnEvil (3) to their society.

But neither Bakura or his lighter half minded at the moment. In fact, neither of them had noticed. Identical grins spreading over their faces, the silver haired boys ducked down behind a nearby air hockey table. Bakura turned the tape recorder again. This might prove to be very interesting...


Yami stepped gingerly up onto the raised platform. Why the kids of today were so attracted to these "arcades", he would never know. According to his hikari, the games were supposed to be fun. And he had finally been talked into trying one.

Actually, it was more like being challenged.

Yugi knew his weakness. He had a title as the "King of Games" to uphold. And that meant no turning down a challenge.

In his mind, the former pharaoh went over the hasty instructions Yugi had given him mere seconds earlier. "Step in the direction the arrow points when it reaches the top of the screen." That didn't sound too hard. But he still looked around to make sure no one he knew was watching. He never thought to look behind the air hockey table.

Satisfied with the delusion that no one familiar was present, Yami focused all his attention on the screen in front of him.

The King of Games had never lost at Duel Monsters, or any other game for that matter. And he didn't intent to start with Dance Dance Revolution. (4)

(1)- Oi, this whole 'addicted to girls' this is a bit new to me. I left off writing this with the Duelist Kingdom plot still in place, and he wasn't like this then...

(2)- The horror, the horror... I'd hate to be him...

(3)- It's one of those gory, shooting games. You know... locked in a haunted theme park, surrounded by the living dead? "Kill" them before they kill you? Yeah... Real pleasant...

(4)- Just my little mental image from the last time I went to an arcade... *Snickers*

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