I got commissioned to write up a sequel to this, so I hope you all enjoy!

Sasuke Uchiha hated having dinner with his family.

There was little to no noise at the dinner table, quiet conversations littered around sure, yet nothing that caught your attention. There as one Uchiha however, that just couldn't stand the lack of noise.

"Shisui, Kagami! You won't believe it!"

Hated it.

"What's up Obito? You've been bouncing in your seat all night."

He'd usually do whatever he could to get out of it.

"I'M IN LOVE!" Silence fell over the large table, the only movement coming from Mikoto as she covered her blushing cheeks with her hands, Sasuke's dark eyes catching the dreamy look she sported as everyone else looked to his older cousin.

"T-That's pretty sudden little cousin. Who are you 'in love' with?" It was Izuna who spoke this time, his unseeing eyes glancing in the direction of Obito's voice as Madara, his older brother, made an interested noise beside him.

"I'm in love with-" The poor man couldn't even get the words out properly, his flustered, yet happy tone being cut off by the only female present.

"Sakura-chan~ He's in love with little Sakura-chan! Oh, I told you she was a sweet girl~"

Too bad he had to stay this time…

"Ah, the girl Sasuke had over yesterday, correct? Mikoto's been talking about her for years Sasuke, yet you've not said a word. Why is that?" Stupid Perverted Uncles. Madara was always looking to start trouble…


"Oh Sasuke…why do you always get like this at dinner time?" Damn it…he couldn't stand the sadness in his mothers voice, even when he knew she was only doing it to get him in participate.

"…No reason."

"Sasuke-chan, how did you meet Sakura-chan?! When?!" Stupid hyperactive cousins.

Stupid family.

Damage control was hard.

"When we were 8. She punched me in the face and broke my nose because I made Naruto upset."

But worth it if he could get them to stay away from his friend.


"I don't care! Sakura-chan was so nice today, she made you apologize for hitting me, so shut up! I love her~"

"Wait, you're telling me that little girl was the one who-…Izuna, remind me to talk to you later on."

"I'm glad she did- you were so hard to handle back then."



"Shisui, Kagami, remind me to introduce you two to her next time we're in town."

Fuuuuuck. Sakura was going to kill him.

They'd never find his body.

Idly leaning against the counter, Sakura smiled broadly at Ino's father, his loud laughter ringing throughout his family's flower store.

"Sakura, you know you don't have to keep coming all the way out here to visit me right?"

"I know, but I will anyway. I know how busy Ino is, and I know you get lonely without us making a mess of things~"

Inoichi was like a second father to her, and it killed her to see him so down.

I mean, yeah, Ino was going to have to move out eventually, but it had really hit the man hard.

"True. You know, I half had Ino and you pinned for a couple at one point-"


"Ahahahahah! I know! Phhaaa, you'd be better for her than any of those boys though. They're all out to get my little girl…my little girls…"

Sighing loudly while shooting the man an incredulous look, Sakura had to fight back a grin, knowing he only wanted to keep them away from 'male corruption'.

Very overprotective that man.

"Sakura-chan! Fancy seeing you here~" A very distinct female voice called, Sakura's eyes widening as she looked over her shoulder to see Mikoto walk happily into the store with two messy haired men, one slightly older than the other.

"Mikoto! Lovely to see you, I didn't know you shopped around here." Walking over to the older woman and accepting the offered hug happily, Sakura couldn't keep the smile from her face, silently thanking god that she'd pulled out her pastel sundress again for her visit with Inoichi.

"Sakura, let me introduce you to Shisui,-" Mikoto gestured to the younger man, his shorter hair tousled and sticking up randomly as he offered her a polite smile, lightly reaching out to grasp her hand and kiss the back of it.

"Lovely to meet you Sakura-san, Mikoto's told us all about you. You're a good friend of Sasuke's correct?"

"Lovely to meet you as well. And yes, I've been friends with him since we were kids."

Mikoto smiled giddily at her as Shisui released her hand and took a polite step back, his smile growing more genuine as the pinkette grinned happily at the older woman.

"And this, is Kagami. They're both Sasuke's older cousins from my side of the family."

Kagami was a tad taller than Shisui, yet still towered over Sakura as he repeated his cousins actions, kissing her offered hand and stepping back, smiling at her all the while.

"A pleasure miss Sakura-san."

"Just Sakura please, the both of you. Any family of Sasuke's is family of mine."

Oh, if only she'd caught the gleam in Mikoto's eye when she said that…

"Ehem." A throat cleared behind her, and Sakura sheepishly smiled at the older blond man before stepping to the side, allowing him to see the three Uchiha.

"Inoichi, this is Mikoto Uchiha, Sasuke's mother. Mikoto, this is Inoichi Yamanaka, my best friend Ino's father."

Neither said a word at first, their eyes locked in a silent battle above the oblivious pinkette's head, sparks flying as the two waged war, their parental intuition just screaming-

"Well, I have to be off, I need to go get a new shirt for work…I hope they haven't sold out. Nice seeing you Mikoto again Mikoto, and it was lovely to meet you Shisui, Kagami. I'll see you all later!"

And then she was gone, the two younger Uchiha mildly amused as their aunt waved her off without losing eye contact with the man before her.

Silence filled the room, and then-

"She's going to be with my daughter for their own good."

"She's going to marry one of my family. No arguments."

Brushing off the strange incident, Sakura went about her day with little to no more setbacks, her hands laden with bags by the time she had to begin her long walk home, cutting through her favourite park to take a shortcut.

Yes, there were no setbacks.

Until she near her home that was.

Because once she heard the small stumble behind her, she glanced around, instinctively dropping everything and running over to help the cane wielding man who looked to be having trouble navigating the paved pathway, his glazed over eyes only hammering in the fact that he was…he was blind.

"Oh gosh, are you okay? Here, let me help you." Quickly laying a hand on his arm, Sakura led the grateful man over to her bags, the small park they were in thankfully quiet as it was near the end of the day.

"T-thank you very much, I'm sorry to have bothered you."

Sitting next to him, Sakura giggled a little forcefully, hoping to lighten his mood.

"It's no bother at all, really. Can I help you get anywhere?" His cheeks flushed slightly, lips quirking into a small smile that made her heart melt, a soft coo lodged in her throat as she knew he probably wouldn't appreciate her fawning over him.

"I'm quite alright, but if it's not too much trouble, could you tell me if I'm anywhere near South street? I'm supposed to meet my brother but as you can tell, it's a little hard to find out if I'm there yet."

"Hmmm, well, you're close to it actually, I'll walk you there if that's okay? I'd hate to leave and not know if you made it or not…"

"That's…" He sighed then, his flush growing a little more as the wind blew her perfume towards him, her soft voice near pleading with him to help. "Alright, as long as it's not out of your way."

"Not at all, I love just down from there actually. My name's Sakura, Sakura Haruno-"

"Wait, Mikoto's Sakura-chan?"


"You wouldn't by chance have pink hair, would you?"

"Uhh…yeah actually?"

Izuna honestly didn't know what to think, having not assumed he'd meet the girl who'd caught his family's attention.

…she was rather kind though…

"I'm Izuna, Izuna Uchiha, Sasuke's uncle and I think you met my older brother Madara the other day."

"No way…this is too weird, I only ran into Mikoto earlier on!"

"Izuna! There you are, I was…worried…Oh, hello Sakura-san, fancy meeting you here."

"Good afternoon Madara-san, I assume you were looking for your brother?"

"Of course, and finding you was just an added bonus. "


Time to go.

"SASUKE UCHIHA WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?!" Sakura screamed over the phone, eyeing the vast amounts of flowers littering her doorstep, the blasted things intent on keeping her from entering.

"Jesus woman, I didn't do anything alright?! Just…just calm down and tell me what's going on."


"…fuck. Alright. Alright, just…just take them inside before anyone sees them okay? Who does it say they're from?"

"…Uhh, okay, give me a minute or five." Quickly battling her way to the front door, the small pinkette managed to open it, nearly falling inside as she struggled to clear some space.

Eventually getting them all inside, she managed to find the card…or should she say cards, telling her who they were from.

5 bouquets from Obito, all with a similar message of - To Sakura-chan, I love you! From Obito Uchiha- Some a little tamer, written in a shaky hand like he'd had to work himself up to writing that message. That's not even mentioning the little hearts stuck to some…

1 from Shisui, with a message of –I hope you've had a wonderful day, sorry if this caused you any trouble-

1 From Kagami, telling her how he was-very happy to have met you, and I look forward to seeing you again in the future-

3 from Madara, asking her if she'd be - interested in having dinner and maybe getting to him better- with a few innuendos thrown in for good measure.

1 from Itachi, apologising for his –foolish little brother dragging you into this mess-

Annnnd last but not least,

1 from Izuna, written in his brothers' handwriting, telling her he was –very thankful for her help today and he'd love to repay her kindness if she'd allow him-

And too top it all off, the flowers were all purchased from the Yamanaka flower store, only further confusing Sakura as she wondered why Inoichi would let such a thing happen…

"Sakura, you still there?"

"Yeah, yeah! Uhh, I got some from your uncles, cousins, and your brother. Sasuke, what did you do?"

"What did I do? More like what did you do!"

"Sasuke…What. Did. You. Do?"



"I'm home!"

"Sasuke honey, are you going to invite Sakura-chan over this weekend like I asked?" Mikoto's voice called out as the younger man walked through the door, only for the woman to stop dead in her tracks as she took in her sons beaten face and bloodied nose.





Elsewhere, a certain pinkette was at work, her knuckles pink from abuse as she sighed heavily, slowly puling herself together before entering the next room, ready to meet her patient.

"Hello, I'll be your-"

"SAKURA-CHAN! You're a doctor?! That's so cool!"