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Previously on Escaped

He efficiently removed the stitches and opened the jar to rub the cream on the cut. As he was wiping off the excess and cleaning up, the fire suddenly flared green. All of them jerk around from where they were watching Severus work to the fire place, eyes wide with horror, waiting to see who stepped out knowing there was no time to put up Glamours.

The person stepped out of the flames as the fire died back down, and quickly took in the room and the people in it. "Severus Snape?! What the hell is going on?" The person shouted after staring, eyes snapping to where Severus was kneeling by Sirius's side.

Snape's face closed off and lost all emotion. The others in the room quickly looked away and stared at the ground or at their laps, trying to get away from the accusatory glare being sent their way.

"Well?" the figure that stepped from the flames said. "What in Merlin's name is going on here?"

Snape glanced around at the faces of the others in the room, who in returned gave a slight nod, resigning themselves to being found out after so long.

With a sigh Snape responded, "Minerva please calm down. You don't know the full story."

"Obviously not if these three are here and not missing, as you have been telling Albus since the fight at the ministry. Care to explain now? Otherwise, I'm getting Albus." McGonagall said.

"NO! Please don't do that professor. We'll explain; just don't tell Dumbledore." Harry said after jerking up at McGonagall's words.

"Are you alright, Harry? Remus? Sirius? I won't go to Albus, but I need an explanation. Why have you let us believe you were missing?"

"We're all fine, thanks to Severus. We're sorry if we worried you but we had to leave; Dumbles was going to kill me." Harry responded looking a mix of angry at Dumbledore, sad at worrying everyone, and thankful for Severus's help.

"WHAT? What do you mean? Why would Albus doing that?" McGonagall responded very confused.

They preceded to explain everything they learned after the battle, each taking different part and filling in parts the others missed. Then they talked about what they had been doing in America, talking about the coffee shop and going to school. McGonagall was proud of all her former Gryffindor students had accomplished with the aid of her favorite colleague. She was also infuriated at what Dumbledore had done to her favorite student and the person who had defeated Voldemort.

"I'm glad you all were able to work all of this out and are doing so well for yourselves, even if Sirius did just get stabbed yesterday." She said the second part with a slight glare at Sirius, who held up his hands in surrender. "I won't tell Albus about any of this. I hope you know that you do have some supporters who aren't as loyal to Albus as they appear. Though now I must be getting back to Hogwarts. I told him I would come to tell Severus that there will be a meeting tomorrow at 2 in the afternoon of the order to exchange information about the location of these three. He is expecting me to be back to take afternoon tea with him once I finished up here. So I must be going if we don't want him breaking down the floo to get here. I'll be back to visit now that I know where you guys are. Floo me if you need anything and Severus is unavailable. I'll see you again soon." With one last nod to the group, she stepped back into the floo and left.

The room was left in a silence. Only broken when Snape stood, looked at the group and said, "I must be off to. Sirius if your side starts to hurt worse floo me and I will bring a potion to help. No strenuous activity for a few days. I'll be back in about a month, there is a potions convention then." Harry stood gave Snape a quick hug before he copied McGonagall, nodding before leaving via the floo.

Harry looked over at the other two. "Well that went better than I expected."

Remus nodded. He glanced at the clock. "What do you guys want to do now? It's only three." Sirius tried to hide the yawn he had to give. "Well it appears Siri needs a nap. So Harry, what do you want to do? I admit to being a bit tired myself."

"Let's just bum around here. I have some work I want to get done. I want to get some research on graduate programs at the local colleges and there are some books I'm hoping to read." Harry glanced at the others, who nodded in agreement. "Siri, I'll help you into the bedroom so you can take your nap." Harry grabbed his arm to help him up and into bed, the potion Snape gave him for the pain making him drowsy. Remus followed them into the bedroom and got into the other bed that they had transfigured on one of the first days there. Sirius gave a tired smile once he was settled in bed before closing his eyes and falling asleep. Harry smiled at Remus before walking out and grabbing his laptop to begin his research.

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