Bang Bang. Chapter 20. Enjoy

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Chapter 20: Forward

"Uchiha. Itachi." spoke Naruto, standing in the rain. The once sturdy stronghold had been blown apart by the battle between the Uchiha brothers. A battle that left Naruto's partner dead. "Died even with a smile on your face."

Staring down at his now ex-partner, Naruto's violet eyes shined in the gloomy atmosphere. Closing said eyes, Naruto said a silent prayer for his lost friend. A crow landed on Naruto's shoulder just as a vortex opened next to him.


"Heh. No childish voice anymore Tobi?"

"No more need for it. We are close to our goals now." said Tobi, standing behind Naruto. Naruto was still looking at Itachi as he didn't plan to turn to the masked man. "You aren't thinking of taking Itachi's body are you?"

"And if I did?"

"I'd have to stop you. That body isn't yours." said Tobi, actually getting Naruto to turn an eye to him. "His body belongs to the Uchiha clan."

"And as Uchiha Madara, you plan to claim it?" questioned Naruto, emphasizing the name Madara. That didn't miss Tobi's ears but he only nodded at the question. "Good thing I don't need it. I'd just like to know what I'm doing next."


"Hmm. Would have figured I'd get the Hachibi or the Kyubi."

"Sasuke will be handling the Hachibi when the time comes." said Madara, getting a raised eyebrow from Naruto. "And Pain will be taking the Kyubi."

"Are you sure Sasuke can handle the Hachibi? If he can't beat an already dying Itachi, the Hachibi will murder him if they meet."

"Your task is the Rokubi. Do not worry about things that don't concern you." said Madara with some bite.

Bite that actually got Naruto to react to the hostile tone he heard. Madara felt Naruto's chakra spike as he got on edge. The additional narrowed eye from Naruto wasn't any less threatening.

"The problem of having subordinates that can pose me a threat..." thought Madara, managing to not waver visibly in front of Naruto.

Tobi wasn't scared to fight Naruto. Just wary of the swordsman. And because of that, he'd enjoy avoiding a fight with Naruto if possible. The struggle a fight with the Mist shinobi wasn't worth showing why he was leader and why he gave out the orders.

Luckily, it was avoidable as Naruto simply grinned and stopped channeling his chakra.

"Rokubi it is... Madara."

Naruto turned to Itachi one last time before taking steps away from the two Uchihas. Madara watched him walk away as he finally took notice of the crow still perched on Naruto's shoulder. Looking down to Itachi and then back at Naruto, Madara wondered about the summoning.

"That's Itachi's crow..." thought Madara, watching Naruto vanish pass the horizon. He'd have to find out why Naruto had it. "I have to get to Sasuke but I can't let that pass without investigating. That has to mean something."

Naruto was a problem. The power he possesses is invaluable but he was becoming an unknown commodity. And the unknown was to always be feared.

(2 days later)




"But I thought..."

"I do..but just no."

"You're not making sense Hime."

An exasperated breath was Naruto's answer as Mei put down her pen. Closing her eyes, Mei took a moment to just enjoy the presence of her lover. Mainly because he was massaging her tense shoulders.

"I love the massage. Always do. It's just the... this." said Mei, slapping her hand down on the sheet of paper. Rolling her head back to look up at Naruto, Mei stared at his smiling face. "And you already knew that...see, this is why I say no."

"I say yes. You're doing an amazing job as Mizukage."

"I can't help but feel like you'd do better." said Mei, closing her eyes again as she spoke. "You're not only the strongest person I know. But you're intuitive. It's like you just know. Know me, know Kiri, know the world. And despite your Akatsuki, super villain status...Kiri still loves and adores you. I always regret not stopping-"

A long kiss interrupted Mei that ended her speech. Feeling Mei go slack, Naruto ended the kiss as Mei's eyes opened slowly from the impromptu smooch.

"Don't say those things Hime. You're doing great. And Kiri is blessed to have you as its Mizukage." said Naruto, a confidence inducing smile on his face. "All the things you've done. Stabilizing the economy, ending the Purist ideal, and rebuilding Kiri back into a respectable hidden village. I can't see anyone doing it better than you Mei-chan. Just because Kiri loves and adores me doesn't me that don't love and adore you too. You're amazing "

"How do you do that? That confidence inducing aura and calming effect. Ever since we were little...You say it and it becomes." thought Mei, thinking about Naruto.

At ten, he made her believe he was going to win the Chunin Exams despite Konoha's dominance in the event. And yet he won over a Jinchuriki that used his Bijuu. At 13, he convinced her he was going to end the war despite Yagura's tyrannical reign as Mizukage. And within a year, he did just that in vainglorious fashion.

Even now, he was making her believe she was a rightful Mizukage. For the things she did, was doing, and planned to do. He said she was better than he would have been. And well since Naruto said it, it must be-

"I never said you would be a better Mizukage than me." said Naruto, getting Mei out of her thoughts.

"I mean it was implied. You said anyone."

"I'm not just anyone Hime." said Naruto, causing a smirk to come to Mei's face.

"Then who are you?"



"Well, I'm Uzumaki Naruto." said the swordsman, sweetly pecking Mei on the lips. "A criminal of a soon to be highest degree." a slightly longer peck. "Your future ex-husband." a longer kiss with a hand sliding down the skin exposed by Mei's dress. Mei began smiling into the kiss as Naruto continued defining himself. "And I'm the guy about to leave you riled up while I go hunt the Rokubi."

That last one got Mei's attention as she paused mid kiss and her smile ended abruptly.

"You're what..." said Mei, catching a grin as Naruto dissipated into mist. Mei gripped the chair she was sitting in tightly as she growled. "Oh...oh...I..Naru-"

"Gotcha." cut off Naruto as the mist reformed into the swordsman. Staring up at Mei from his new spot kneeling between her legs. "Allow me to make that up to you."

Mei was still a bit angry at the Shark sage. But like she thought earlier, Naruto had a confidence inducing aura and calming effect. The latter she was thoroughly about to enjoy as she was pretty tense now.

(Amegakure - 1 week later)

"It will be a couple weeks before I can capture the Kyubi.."

"The Toad Sage took that much out of you?"

"Jiraiya was my sensei and a man to never be trifled with. He'd have killed me had I sent all of Pain at him in the beginning."

"The man was a Sannin for a reason. But maybe this timing works out." spoke Madara, standing in the corner of Pain's tower. "The only ones left in Akatsuki are you, Konan, Zetsu, and Naruto."

Konan stood next to Pain and didn't miss the slight tone inflection from Madara when he spoke Naruto's name. She wanted to know more about that.

"Madara. Is Sasuke now apart of Akatsuki?"

"No. The boy is not. He's merely his own entity that can be manipulated into furthering our goals."

"Will he be enough to take on the Hachibi?" questioned Konan, getting a shake of the head from Madara. "Then why not send Naruto?"

A noticeable pause happened from Madara but he merely spoke like everything was fine.

"Naruto has captured 3 of the 7 Jinchuriki we have. And likely will capture the Hachibi after Sasuke gets a reality check." said Madara, standing up at this point. Seems he wanted to leave. Wonder what happened betwixt him and Naruto. "In that instance. I will send Naruto. I want Sasuke to face the Jinchuriki first. It's a necessity of mine."

Konan and Pain both stayed silent as it didn't matter how or who got the Hachibi, only that someone did. But as the Uchiha legend warped away, Konan turned immediately to her teammate.

"I know Konan. I was here and heard everything." said the Rinnegan wielder as he looked to Konan. "Seems Naruto, while doing his job, is grinding Madara's gears."

"Do you think possibly that Naruto may have his own agenda Nagato?"

"It's tough to tell. Maybe it's time I had a face to face with the swordsman." said Nagato, pupil in his eyes widening a bit. "A real face to face. The boy should know me and I should know him. Especially what he's planning. It has to be something to get Madara to act that way."

"Are you sure that's the wisest idea Nagato? Weren't you skeptical of his whereabouts during Sasori's death?"

That paused Nagato for a moment. He had been wondering where Naruto was. Unlike Itachi, Naruto's faux body didn't die until after the death of Sasori. Nagato had felt it. But could never fully pin Naruto down for his whereabouts.

"That is what this face to face is for. I will find out the swordsman's intentions. Whether he is with us or against us." said Nagato, 6 figures walking up to surround him. "And I shall get to the bottom of his endgame in our organization."

The 6 figures behind Nagato all opened their eyes to show matching Rinnegan. Time for Naruto to appear before a God.

(1 week later - Konoha)

Black clothing. A single tear. And a gloomy atmosphere. The scene one Senju Tsunade happened to be the focal point of. And her brown eyes were staring at a freshly imprinted name on the Memorial Stone.

"Jiraiya.." thought Tsunade, another tear sliding down her face.

The first bet she'd ever won in seemingly forever and it happened to kill one of her friends in the process. Her closest friend. And in that win, she felt she still lost.

He'd gone on a hunch. And in that hunch found the leader of Akatsuki. The leader managing to kill the powerful Sannin in the process on a mission Tsunade herself sanctioned. Not like she could stop him anyway but it was a sinking feeling to know he'd gone without a tougher fight from her.

And that sinking feeling she felt was all conspired by one organization. An organization that was becoming a threat to the world as they've collected 7 of the 9 Bijuu before anyone decided to take collective action.

No joint task force by the nations. No treaties to quickly exterminate the threat. No anything from the villages until it was too late.

Yes, they'd killed over three quarters of the organization. But in turn, they'd loss 7 of the most powerful beings on this planet to the same group. A group that still had several powerful people that scared Tsunade to a certain degree.

"Pain. Leader of the Akatsuki. And whoever his partner is. Konan I believe her name." said Tsunade, speaking aloud to herself. "The plant thing named Zetsu that is apparently the Earth itself. Tobi, a man that while an idiot has an ability to faze through any attack. And finally, Naruto. The sage of the mist."

"Is that what they're calling me these days?"

Tsunade's reacted to the voice as she turned with a fist ready. Sending it at the swordsman, Tsunade was shocked when Naruto simply palmed her fist. Naruto stood sans his Akatsuki cloak as he had on black clothing to match Tsunade's.

"That troubled that you didn't even put chakra into that punch." said Naruto, still holding Tsunade's fist in his hands.

"Naruto..." said Tsunade lowly with wide eyes.

Tsunade's eyes widened further as Naruto slowly pulled her in for a hug. A strong and firm hug as Tsunade could feel her sealed emotions coming forward. She didn't fight the hug one bit as she let the taller sage hold her tightly.

"He was a great man. I didn't know him for long but in the time we spent together, I'm grateful to have known him." said Naruto, feeling Tsunade's arms wrap around him to return the hug.

He could feel the Hokage crying into his chest as he closed his eyes and rested his chin atop her head. Naruto sensed the Anbu guards of Tsunade's all ready to lay waste to him but he cared not. He didn't acknowledge them one bit.

Right now, it was just he and Tsunade. Mourning the death of a man who impacted both of their lives.

(Sometime later)

"Thank you. For that."

"Not a problem." said Naruto, seated in front of the Hokage sans his shirt.

He never wore a shirt usually but for the memorial of Jiraiya, he felt it necessary. He'd taken it off now though because Tsunade had soaked it in tears.

"You know they know you're not immobilized right?" questioned Tsunade, looking at the chakra shackles on Naruto.

"Yeah. I can feel their chakra. They're a bit nervous. For good reason I guess." said Naruto, holding up the powerful chains that bound him. "Intricate seal work on these. Top notch for sure."

"I'm an Uzumaki too you know. I know a few things about Fuinjutsu."

"Oh I can tell. So what did you need me for?"

"I couldn't have just called you to ask how you were doing?" replied Tsunade with a smirk.

"You could. But that's not why you did." said Naruto, shark grin on his face opposing Tsunade's smirk. "And for the sake of posterity, it couldn't have been to capture me. Because meh, it could be done better. So, what is this call for? I have another one I'm supposed to be to in a few days."

"Right to the point I see."

"Never pleasure before business. That can wait."

"Yes it can. My reason for calling you is simple." said Tsunade, placing her hands under her chin. "I want Akatsuki dead."

"My my... Such a request you have for me." said Naruto, seeing Tsunade deathly serious about this. The stare he was getting from the woman managed to show the power hidden behind her delicate appearance. "Just like Mei. Beautiful beyond comprehension but could beat anybody's ass any given day." thought Naruto, ending his nonchalant demeanor. It was business time. "This can't be an eye for an eye thing is it?"

"While the death of my teammate is a tragic one. That singular instance isn't why I want Akatsuki dead. It's all of them."

"You realize I had a part in those other instances you speak of. Are you suggesting I kill Akatsuki and then commit suicide?"

"If that's what you so choose. Or I can personally execute you myself." said Tsunade, getting Naruto to perk up at that. "I did some studying. And while you'll never confirm or deny, I believe I know your plan." continued Tsunade, getting a raised eyebrow from Naruto at the last word. "These are just assumptions of course so I may be wrong. But you doing all these things for Akatsuki only to protect Kiri. It can't be that cut and dry."

"It could be."

"Indeed. But I believe it's not. Because I know you." said Tsunade. "Not much. Not as much as I'd like. But enough to throw out a wild theory. A theory that involves you killing Akatsuki from the inside out."

"What makes you come to that conclusion?"

"You don't kill unless necessary. Proof of your meetings with my shinobi. Only innocent kills you have are the Jinchuriki and as far as that goes, which ones have you personally dealt with?" questioned Tsunade, getting an intrigued look from Naruto in return. "The tyrannical Yagura, the sadistic Roshi, and a rogue Utakata from none other than Kiri. Which you were a hunter ninja of that likely would have been given the task of hunting him down anyway."

"I had a hand in sealing the others."

"Out of necessity for your plan. And while that may constitute killing innocents, I think you did it for your endgame."

"An endgame. I like that. What's my endgame?"

"I said it already. Murdering Akatsuki with the power you possess, the sage status you've achieved, and the chakra you've collected from the 7 Bijuu."

The almost imperceptible twitch she got from Naruto brought a small smirk to Tsunade's face.

"That last part. How?"

"We analyzed the scales of Samehada that Anko stole during our last encounter." said Tsunade, getting a smile from Naruto in the process.

"That hug. Heh, she got me." said Naruto, smiling harder at the thought. Looking back up at Tsunade, Naruto's eyes flashed gold for a second. "While I won't agree to your asking of me killing Akatsuki, I would like to know one thing if I do."

"What is that?"

"What is Kiri's fate should I feel it necessary to execute the organization I'm a member of? Because taking out the remaining Akatsuki, even one might cost my life." questioned Naruto. "So if my whole reason for joining Akatsuki was to protect Kiri. Will you take my place should I perish?"

"You'd have to ask Terumi Mei in that scenario." said Tsunade in reply before adding. "But Konoha would honor your sacrifice by reaching terms on an alliance with Kiri. It's the least we can do to continue your self-imposed duties."

Naruto sat staring at Tsunade for a long moment before letting out a sigh. Chakra binds deactivating with that sigh, Naruto put everyone in the room on alert.

"Not the answer I wanted to hear. Though there really wasn't a correct one. Plus, when I hear Konoha alliance, I think of Uzushio and Konoha's response during their destruction." spoke Naruto, sparks of lightning beginning to flutter at his feet. Naruto was letting his chakra fully flow as he continued speaking. "But who am I to take that one instance and not think of the four shinobi they sent to assist me in facing down Yagura and his purist army. Heh, be pretty wrong of me to think of that monumental difference they made."

The sarcasm in Naruto's voice was easily identified as his chakra continued to rise. Tsunade was about ready to respond herself at the extreme buildup of chakra when her Anbu did for her.

"My 'endgame', if I even have one, would already ensure Kiri's aspired peace will forever be upheld. While I'm thankful to you for what you've done in my life...don't speak to me as if I owe you something. Or should be grateful for what Konoha can do for my home." said Naruto, dispatching the 6 Anbu while he spoke. The minimal effort he did that with was astounding. Lightning continued sparking up and around Naruto as he stared dead at Tsunade. "I'll be seeing you soon Tsunade-dono."

Blue shading appeared on Naruto's body as his eyes shined a terrifying gold. The white lightning fluttering around him looked equally scary before he vanished in a series of sparks.

"Tsunade-sama." came the voice of Kakashi, surrounded by several other Jonin. Looking at the motionless but still alive Anbu, Kakashi confirmed what he felt. "Naruto."

Tsunade just nodded as she looked out to the sun. While not the conversation she had hoped for, the Senju woman couldn't help but smile.

"I know you have one. I'd be willing to bet on it." thought Tsunade, seeing the shark grin on Naruto's face before he left. "Can't wait to see that endgame."

(Amegakure - 2 days later)

Laughter. A deep belly laugh. One that originates from the pit of one's stomach and reverberates up through the chest and out the mouth. That's the kind of laugh Naruto was having right now.

A laugh that was no way reciprocated by the other two in the room. Nagato and Konan both looked at the swordsman trying to find out what was so funny. Naruto eventually simmered down his laugh as he looked at the two founders of Akatsuki.

"Why do you presume I have some ultimate endgame? Second time I've heard this in 48 hours. I just don't get it.." said Naruto, violet eyes shining with mirth.

The look on his face didn't help make Nagato or Konan believe him. It was almost like he was being sarcastic but his words seemed truthful.

"A master of Genjutsu...and it seems his command over reality is the same." thought Nagato, looking at the swordsman. He'd been talking to the boy for a little over ten minutes and nothing. "Maybe Naruto doesn't have an endgame. Maybe he's just trying to find his reason for existing and in proxy landed in our organization. From his words, I'd never know." thought Nagato, looking at Naruto. "But there's one way to know whether he's telling the truth or not."

"Nagato." said Konan, getting Nagato to look at Naruto again. He'd been moving his Naraka Path over and didn't even notice Naruto pull out his chokuto. Seems his quick draw was faster than Nagato's eyes could perceive. "Let us not make this more than it has to be."

"What precisely does it have to be Konan?" questioned Naruto, looking at the beautiful kunoichi while his sword was at Nagato's throat. The white blade of his chokuto glinted as Naruto turned to Nagato. "Leader-sama apparently wants to make it more than what it has to be. And more than likely, what it is."

"We are just trying to ascertain what you plan to do once our main mission of capturing every Bijuu is completed." said Konan, getting Naruto to turn back to her. "You were forced into this organization by Madara and has since been its main contributor. We just want to know what you plan to do after that. And can't get a firm grasp on it because your words come out with no tangible answer. Nor do your actions. The few we've heard of."

Naruto stared into the amber eyes of Konan as he let her words sink in for a few moments. Chokuto poofing back into its seal, Naruto leveled a grin to his superior.

"That's easy. There is no tangible answer to what I plan to do." said Naruto, looking back to Nagato. "And for that, I'll gladly get the lie detector. I assume that's what that Path of Pain can do?"

Nagato seemed skeptical still of Naruto. Mainly, how did Naruto know what that Pain did. But he wouldn't put it pass the shinobi before him. To be a master of deception like he was, he'd have to know enough information to warp someone's reality into a realistic existence.

And that very reason was why Nagato didn't trust him. There was no way someone with control and ability like his that worked without a plan. Could it? He was willingly about to face the King of Hell to prove it though and in that, Nagato felt somewhat at ease.

"Regardless of my personal opinion. Naraka Path will ease my worries." thought Nagato, staring at the still smiling face of Naruto.

(Amegakure - Hours later)

"So Ame huh?"

"Yes. It is my home. Mine and Nagato's."

"And you and he..did all this?" questioned Naruto, standing upon the ledge of Nagato's tower. He was standing out in the rain as the droplets melded with him before falling straight through. "I heard about Ame. And the tight control Hanzo had over it. I can't imagine you two ever grew enough power to oppose him. Would have figured he'd shut down you both before you could ever do that."

"He tried to. A long time ago." said Konan, standing beside Naruto with a paper umbrella. She couldn't avoid rain like he could. "There was once three of us."


"Yes. Three of us." came the voice of Nagato, through his orange haired Path. "His name was Yahiko and he was the original founder of Akatsuki. You're looking at his body."

"How did he die?" questioned Naruto, getting the two Ame ninjas to pause. Feeling the fluctuations in their chakra, Naruto turned back to the weather. "Sorry for asking."

"No. It's fine. Just a subject we don't like to remember."

"I understand. But it seems we have company." said Naruto, turning an eye inside to see a vortex appearing.

"Nagato, Konan, Naruto. We have things to discuss." said Madara, looking at the three through his eyehole. Though his eye lingered on Naruto seeing a smile from the swordsman. "I may have to eliminate him." thought Madara, watching the three walk into the room. "Out of all of them, he poses the biggest threat."

Naruto's eyes flashed gold at Madara as that got Madara to narrow his eye behind his mask. It was almost like he was reading his thoughts. It felt like it from the challenging flash of his eyes but that was thrown out the window when Naruto turned abruptly.

"Zetsu!" shouted Naruto to nothing as he spun with a palm up. As Naruto finished his spin, the plant man rose up at that moment with the white side high fiving Naruto as he rose from the ground. "Man. That one sounded sweet."

"Yeah it did. Hello Naruto-kun!" shouted white Zetsu cheerfully.

Naruto just smiled back before nodding to the black half. He received a nod back before Madara got his attention again with a clap. It was business time again.

(1 week later)

"Things seem to be progressing don't they?" questioned Naruto, sitting atop a tree branch alone. Mist surrounded him as Naruto was eating an apple and swinging his feet back and forth. "I mean. It almost feels like the climax is nearing."

"Yes. It does. Are you sure about going through with this?"

"Of course."

"You almost got caught by that Rinnegan wielder."

"Heh. I'm always careful Same-chan. No worries." said Naruto, taking another bite of his apple.

The King of Hell. An entity that held onto one's very soul. And any false statement resulting in the tearing out of said soul. A very efficient interrogation tactic because apparently Nagato received your memories at that point. Even more efficient.

But Naruto stayed calm. Getting asked about his plans was easy because Naruto didn't have a plan. At least one that was detailed and thought out. He'd said back before it all started that he was going to kill Akatsuki but never had a plan for it. Was it a cop out, yes. But a cop out was better than getting his soul ripped out or being distrusted by Nagato and Konan.

He needed those two to handle Madara. His ability to faze through attacks was still something Naruto couldn't figure out. He knew how to beat Konan. How to beat Nagato. And was positive he could annihilate Zetsu should it come to it. But Madara was a different ballpark.

"Itachi said Madara wasn't the real Madara. But that doesn't detract from the man's abilities." thought Naruto, taking another bite. "Intangibility and space time ninjutsu. Orochimaru himself didn't have much on him. I need more information on him if I plan to ever face him in a battle. And hopefully Konan and/or Nagato can give me that information."

Naruto stared out for a few more moments before nodding his head. Still no plan, but he knew what he needed to do. And he intended to do it.

"You sure?"

"Not at all same-chan. But just because I'm not sure doesn't mean I won't do it. I feel I must." said Naruto, taking another bite from his apple. "The things that will occur don't sit right with me. And what better way to nip it in the bud than to do it with a sentient sharkskin blade."

"Why not just use your chokuto?"

"Aww same-chan. Are you still jealous about that?"

"Yes. Yes I am. That blade can already do things. It's not fair it got that too."

"Same-chan. You can already do things. You eat chakra. Store chakra. Can talk. Can move by yourself. And can merge with my body." said Naruto, turning to the sentient blade. Samehada seemed to huff and turn away as Naruto grinned. "I need both of my blades to be equally powerful."

"Well I don't. What happens to me if that sword is more useful."

"Nothing. You know you're my favorite Same-chan. You always will be."

"Really?" questioned Samehada as it turned its head to Naruto. Seeing a nod and feeling no deception from his chakra, the scales along the sword seemed to jump with excitement. "Oh Naruto-kun. I love love love you!"

"I love you too Same-chan." said Naruto, hugging the sword as it curled into him. Naruto just continued coddling the sword before turning his head to the left. "Nice of you to finally show."

Jumping into view, Sasuke and his two teammates arrived on the tree next to Naruto. Sasuke's stare was indifferent as he looked at the once partner of his deceased brother.

"Why are you here?"

"Oh. Was just hanging out. Thought I'd stop by and see how you were doing."


"And also wanted to know why you were heading through the Land of Iron like a man possessed." said Naruto, spotting Karin and smiling. He got a smile back from the redhead before turning to Jugo. Looking back to Sasuke, Naruto continued. "If you'd please enlighten me, I'd be sure to get out of your way."

"I don't have time for this." said Sasuke, now standing in front of Naruto with his blade at his throat. "Move. This doesn't concern you."

A chakra spike got Karin's attention as she knew Sasuke shouldn't be threatening the man before them. A chuckle came from Naruto as he looked at Sasuke.

"You really should reconsider your current course of action." said Naruto, deathly serious as he stared right into Sasuke's eyes. Sasuke's blade sliced into Naruto's neck as he sighed. "Hmm. What a foolish little brother."

"What?" said Sasuke, watching Naruto vanish into mist and reform into Itachi. Sasuke saw the terrifying glare of his brother's eyes as he blinked rapidly. "Genjutsu. On me..."

"The Uchiha clan isn't the best at the enigmatic art." said Naruto, appearing on the same tree branch as Sasuke. "I believe the Kurama clan is formidable. Genjutsu so strong they effect you in reality. But the Hozuki clan isn't far behind. A genjutsu deemed more a mirage."

"Where is the real you?" questioned Sasuke, dispelling that Naruto just like Itachi. Turning around, Sasuke saw another Naruto form. "I can do this all day."

"Yes. Yes you can. Sadly I'm not here to gauge your skill level. I care not. You're insignificant as you are." said Naruto, standing on the ground looking up at Sasuke. "You have potential. And those eyes of yours are the same as Itachi's." that dropping of a name got a twitch out of Sasuke. "So rather than ask nicely and come to terms. I'm going to threaten you because I can. If you plan to kill Danzo for some vendetta against Konoha. Go for it. I don't care. That doesn't matter to me."

"What does?"

"What does is Mei. If a hair is out of place on the Mizukage's head, I will kill you slowly." said Naruto, chakra causing the very air itself to increase in weight. Sasuke's eyelid was twitching as he strained to stay upright. "Do not even come close to her or I will kill you. Nothing on this Earth would protect you. Not even those eyes of yours."

Sasuke was contemplating the words before a hand of lightning passed right beside his head. Sasuke's eyes widened as he didn't even see Naruto move. Though he was technically still under that mirage apparently as he saw the mist in the area dissipate.

Standing with his head a few inches from Sasuke's and his Raigeki senkou jutting pass the other side, Naruto spoke once more.

"Seriously. You're not ready for the potential fight you'd get from me if you harm her be it intentionally or inadvertently." said Naruto, seeing a bead of sweat slide down Sasuke's cheek. Naruto smiled at the nervous Uchiha as he let his jutsu dissipate and placed that arm around Sasuke's shoulder. "I think you're a pussy for doing what you're doing even after hearing Itachi's story and wishes from Madara. But it's your life kid. Do with it what you want."

"What do you mean?" asked Sasuke, turning to look at Naruto.

"You know what I mean. I know Itachi and now you do too. And to 'honor' him by killing Danzo or anyone isn't the answer." said Naruto, still looking straight ahead. "But that's just my opinion. You form your own thoughts. That's what Itachi wanted in the first place. Ja ne."

Sasuke said nothing as Naruto waved to Karin and slowly faded away into mist.

(With Naruto)

Humming softly to himself, Naruto was walking slowly through the forest outlying the Land of Iron. Naruto could feel Samehada twitching with anticipation as he himself sported a toothy grin.

"You can finally feel it Same-chan?"

"The chakra. I can feel it. Might be the best one yet."

"I believe his chakra beast is that of an octopus. And octopus is delicious."

"Could Correlate. That slug of a Rokubi had great chakra but it tasted..." said Samehada, noticeable disgust to its voice.

Naruto only nodded before letting his chakra flow. Lightning fluttered around him as his grin widened.

"Well let us get to it shall we Same-chan!" shouted Naruto, getting Samehada to shake in agreement.

White lightning traveled up Naruto's body before covering him completely. A dragon's head formed as its red eyes glowed ominously. A roar erupted from the chakra dragon as it bolted through the trees. Coming to a stop in a seemingly random clearing, Naruto stepped out of the lightning dragon with a smile on his face.

"I rhyme and I rip. Hachibi-sama never trips! Yeeeeaaahh!" shouted a man before stopping. Looking over, the man saw Naruto smiling at him. "Who are you ya fool? Surprising me is never cool."

"Hello Killer Bee, big fan. I am Uzumaki Naruto and I'm here to capture you." said Naruto, feeling chakra build up from the Jinchuriki. He tried to seem unfazed by Naruto's words but chakra didn't lie. Seems he'd heard of Naruto too and was rightfully worried. "It is a pleasure to meet you. The second man I've met hailed as a perfect Jinchuriki."

"Bee. Do not trifle with him. He will defeat you if you're not careful." spoke the Hachibi to his partner.

"I wouldn't think of it Hachibi." thought Bee in reply, completely serious.

"Ponta!" shouted another man holding an axe three times the size of himself. He was looking at a giant raccoon that had rushed Naruto and got promptly kicked through several trees. "I've heard of you Uzumaki Naruto."

"I'm glad you have. But please stay out of this. It doesn't concern you and I'm not one for senseless killing." said Naruto before dodging a sword. A poof of smoke and Naruto was now holding his mother's blade as he blocked another sword. "This kenjutsu..."

Naruto looked at Killer Bee to see him somehow holding 8 blades at the same time. Seeing him spin, toss the swords, grab them, stab, slash, and control them with remarkable fluidity, Naruto was getting excited.

"This is one of the best styles I've ever seen." said Naruto, blocking the never ending strikes with his own brand of Kenjutsu.

"He can keep up with the 8 swords style." thought Killer Bee, not in the mood for rapping like normal. The man before him was a powerhouse and deserved his full attention. "No one besides bro can do that."

"Show me something Hachibi!" shouted Naruto, continuing to block the strikes. Killer Bee granted Naruto's wish as a tentacle came out of his back and thrust one of the blades right at Naruto. Naruto was surprised by the attack before feeling the other man approaching. "He backed me up to receive assistance. He's pretty good."

Killer Bee and the man hit pay dirt as they stabbed Naruto and sliced into him. Though immediately feeling something off as Naruto fazed out of sight to be replaced by a chibi version of himself. The chibi version of Naruto had the sword stabbed cleanly through its chest as the other man's axe was halfway through its body.

"What is the meaning of this?" questioned the man before seeing the Chibi Naruto vibrate.

Killer Bee and the man were confused by the fast movement before watching the chibi Naruto expand rapidly.


A steam explosion rocked the area as Killer Bee and the other man were sent careening backwards. Killer Bee recovered immediately as he had his chakra cloak protecting him. Looking over, he saw his assistant knocked out and laying next to his pet raccoon.

"It's better for you to stay out of this Sabu-senpai." thought Killer bee before seeing the steam settle and reveal the Chibi Naruto again. The smile on the apparent clone's face was eerie as it looked at the Jinchuriki. "What is that thing."

"This is a jutsu created by my grandfather. Joki Boi (Steam Imp)" said Naruto, fazing into existence seemingly behind the Steam Imp. Naruto still had his shark like grin as he looked at the Hachibi. "Good luck dealing with him."

"Wake Up. It's been a Genjutsu since the beginning. A good one, I didn't notice until just now." said the Hachibi, ending Naruto's genjutsu causing him to disappear but not the steam imp. Seemed that was real. "Jutsus like these. We have to find the user. He has to be weak to let something like that exist."

"Find the user. Got it ya fool." thought Killer Bee, staring down the Chibi Naruto. "Keep his Genjutsu off me will you Hachibi. Hard to fight fake and not reality, Yeaaaaahhh!"

The fight was on again as the steam imp came sprinting at the perfect jinchuriki.

And that's a wrap.

Another short chap sadly. But a chapter regardless. Killer Bee vs Naruto next. And some other cool shit.