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She met the Dark Lord's scarlet eyes squarely as the words left her lips. (Why are your hands trembling?)

"He is dead."

As the Death Eaters roared in triumph, Narcissa looked at her husband, her eyes bright and smile triumphant. (But I know you well.)

Lucius could read Narcissa's every look, every sigh, every silence. Her eyes were not bright with delight… it was terror. Her victorious smile was a façade opaque as silver to others but transparent as crystal to him. (What have you done?)

He knew.

She had lied.

A hand of ice clenched his heart as he stared at her with horror. He felt a sharp pricking in the corners of his eyes. (If you get yourself murdered, I'll kill you, you idiot of a woman.)

Lucius himself faked a smile and laughed. What else was there to do? He went to her and took her hand. (Explain yourself.)

He almost fell to his knees in relief when she whispered in his ear; "Draco is alive in the castle." (You brave, brave idiot of a woman.)

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