Youth of the Nation

By: Neko-chan

A/N: FLUFFY!!!!!!!! LOL! Anyway, I know that a lot of the Yami/Yuugi fics on are angsty...and a LOT of them are REALLY REALLY GOOD...but angst gets depressing after a while. ;_; story will (hopefully) cover all genres! But, of course, it'll mostly be fluffy. *huggles fluff* *_* Oh, I love thee, let me count the ways...

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WARNING: This story will be YAOI. If you don't like yaoi----THEN DON'T READ THIS STORY!!! The main couple will be Yami and Yuugi. Oh, and this story takes place in the future. Eh...let's just say it takes place when they're seniors in high school. ^_^;;

Chapter One

Yuugi stumbled into the room, his feet dragging on the floor. He swayed a bit from side to side and he blinked owlishly as he realized that he had finally made it to his bedroom. His book bag landed on the floor with a heavy "THUD!" and, smilingly a bit tipsily, he fell onto his bed...face first.

During all of this, Yami had watched Yuugi's antics and continuously blinked. 'Do I even want to know...?' he wondered to himself. He loved his aibou dearly--not that he would ever admit to it--but some things were better left ALONE. Going against his better conscience, Yami inquired, "Yuugi? What happened?"

"Unnnnnnnhhhhh..." was his answer.

Yami blinked again and set down his book, making his way closer to the bed. "Yuugi..." he began and gently touched the smaller boy's shoulder. "Yuugi...what's wrong? Did another bully pick on you? If he did, why didn't you call me through the Puzzle?"

"Noooooooooo," Yuugi moaned into his pillow. "I WISH it had been that..."

Once again, Yami blinked. "What's wrong, then, Yuugi?"

Yuugi looked up and looked at his yami with sorrowful eyes. "I told Anzu that I like her." Then his head flopped back onto the bed. He started groping blindly for a pillow, probably hoping to suffocate himself. Discretely, Yami moved the second pillow away from Yuugi with one booted foot.

"...and what did she say?"

Another groan. "That she was sorry. I make a _wonderful_ friend, but I'm just not _her type._ And then she told me that she would have no objections if YOU decided to ask her out." The groping intensified. Yami edged the pillow even further away. Better safe than sorry, ne?

"My poor, poor hikari," Yami murmured. He flopped down onto the bed and slung his arm around Yuugi's waist, hugging him tightly. "If she could say something like you, then she isn't worth it. Friends would never say that to each other."

Yuugi sighed and propped his chin up on his hands. "Ne...but it's still my fault, Yami. I knew that she liked you, but I still hoped that I might still maybe have a chance with her." He snorted and flopped back into the pillow. "Love sucks."

Yami laughed softly and smacked Yuugi upside the head with a pillow. "Don't say stuff like that, aibou. There are plenty of fish in the sea." 'Too bad you don't see THIS particular fish right here...' he thought wistfully.

The younger man lifted his head slightly and looked at his yami out of the corner of his eyes. Raising an eyebrow he asked: "Since when do YOU talk in cliches, Yami?"

Pharaoh laughed and poked his hikari in the side. "Since it fits this particular situation. What? Can't even grand and magnificent Pharaohs use a cliche at least once in a great while?" He puffed out his chest in mock pride and winked at his aibou.

Just as he was hoping for, he got the reaction he wanted: Yuugi laughed, his amethyst eyes sparkling in humor. Only HE, Yami, was able to pull Yuugi out of his rare dark moods. They had been occurring more and more often ever since Grandpa had died several months before. Yami was abruptly brought back to the present when Yuugi laughed again and playfully pushed his yami off of the bed.

Yami landed on the bed with a "THUD!" that had to be heard from halfway across the world. Still chuckling to himself, Yuugi peeked out from over the side of the bed. Yami made a face at him and stuck out his tongue. This caused Yuugi to burst into giggles once again. "Oh, Yami, if only the others knew how silly you can act!"

Yami sniffed in a dignified manner. "Pharaohs do not act SILLY. They are proud, arrogant, and kingly...they are nothing less than dignified at any point in time."

Yuugi rolled his eyes and ruined Yami's 'moment' by tossing a pillow at him. "Ne...Yami...I'm hungry..." Yuugi said cheerfully as he stuck his head further away from the edge.

Cackling manically, Yami pulled Yuugi off the bed and sat on his chest, careful not to hurt the _much_ smaller boy. Raising his eyebrow in a _dignified_ manner, Yami rested his elbows on his aibou's chest and propped his chin up on his hands. "Chinese?" he suggested.

Yuugi beamed up at the man who was sitting on his chest. "Can we? I love Chinese!!"

"I know you do. Now, what should we order? I'm in the mood for Kung Pao Chicken." Hearing this, Yuugi made a face. The 'Dignified Eyebrow' rose higher. Smiling serenely at the prone man, Yami continued: "I don't really think you have a choice in this, aibou. After all, YOU are the one who can't move." He chuckled evilly while Yuugi made another face at his yami.

"You're so mean, Yami..." Yuugi whined prettily while making a 'Chibi Face' at the older man. "You know how much I hate Kung Pao Chicken. Can't we order Sesame Chicken instead??"

Yami seemed to do a facefault and dramatically fell off of Yuugi, his arm slung over his eyes. Peeking out from under the arm, Yami said: "Alright, aibou...but this is the LAST time..."

"WAI!" Yuugi cheered, got up, glomped his yami, and ran down the stairway as fast as his short little legs could carry him. From Yuugi's room, Yami could hear: "Hai, is this Hong Kong Wok? Hai, hai. This is Yuugi Motou. Hai...hai, we want the usual. Arigatou!!"

Yami smiled slightly and rolled onto his stomach. Crossing his arms, his closed his eyes and rested his chin on them. 'I'm glad that I can cheer him up. He's gotten so sad lately. I hate it when he looks off into the distance and I know he's thinking sad thoughts. I wish he hadn't told Anzu that he likes her. She's the type of person who could ever look at Yuugi as a friend. A GOOD friend, but a friend nonetheless. Doesn't he realize that I...'

"YAMI!! The food is going to be ready in about twenty minutes! They're delivering it in about half an hour!" Yuugi caroled from downstairs.

Yami chuckled slightly and rolled his eyes. "I'm coming, hikari!"

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