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It was another average day in Cerulean city, Where Ash and his Friends are heading to Cerulean Gym where Misty's sisters, Daisy, Violet and Lily are the Gym Leaders. Daisy has Long Blonde hair, Violet has dark blue hair, just as her name describes and Lily has bright Pink hair.

Brock was extremely excited as he is a fan of women. Ash was as well very excited because he was planning to battle the gym for his next badge.

Misty, however was not at all excited she in fact was worried. Her sisters always called her the ' runt' or the 'weak one' just because she was the Youngest.

Pikachu had sensed there was something wrong with her , he looked up at her with his big, black eyes.

" Oh Pikachu, You are so cute." she picks him up and hugs him tight.

Pikachu had always quite liked being hugged by Misty, Ash had been fairly rough with him for as long as he could remember.

As the group just outside the gym, 3 girls rushed out. Pikachu leapt out of Misty's arms just as they surrounded her. Ash and Brock were almost on the floor as this happened.

" Lets see your Pokémon" The girl with violet hair said to Misty as soon as she got to her.

Misty didn't seem to keen at first but soon decided to show them her beloved Togepi.

"Is THAT the best you can do?" The bright pink haired girl sneered

" I know he's small, Lily, But he is My Pokémon and I love him."

" He isn't even a water type!" The oldest looking blonde girl giggled.

Misty looked like she was about to cry, Pikachu picked up on this and yelled " PIKA PIKA PIKA PI CHU!" at Togepi. ( which in English means " Get Misty and yourself out of the way quick!")

Togepi didn't need to ask why, he already knew. He jumped out of Misty's Arms and in the opposite direction. Misty quickly followed. The 3 other sisters didn't move, which was a mistake.

Pikachu ran right in between them all and released a Thunder shock.

" Pikachu, NO" Ash yelled loud enough so Pikachu could hear him above the girls screeching. Pikachu immediately stopped his attack.

" I'm so sorry, he doesn't usually do that." Ash tried to apologise.

" My Hair it was perfect, But no worries, The Pikachu was clearly protecting his trainer. I guess we were a bit too mean to her" Daisy replied sweetly. " Sorry Mist!" She turned to her youngest sister. Misty accepted the apology and looked at Ash.

"Wait, What? Misty isn't his trainer, I am!" Ash look at her angrily.

" Oh we thought he was hers as he seems quite attached to her. "Lily explained to Ash.

Ash looked over to see Pikachu was over with Misty. Maybe they are right ,maybe he is as close to Misty as Pikachu and I, Ash was thinking.

" Oh! By the way Because We sisters, except Misty of course, Like shopping more than battling we were thinking perhaps we could miss the battle and just give you the badge now" Violet said getting Ash's attention back on the battle.

"What!? No Way am I missing out on a great Pokémon battle.

" I will battle him if you like?" Misty asked quietly.

" Ok, Go right ahead. See you all later!" All 3 said together before dashing out the door.

Both Ash and Pikachu ran over to the battle arena. Ash began to think about what the others said.

" Ok Ash? Ash?" Brock kept saying His name until Ash snapped out of his thoughts.

"What? Sorry I wasn't listening."

"2 Pokémon each. First trainer to run out of useable Pokémon loses, Ok"

" Got it! Ready Pikachu?"

"Pika!" Pikachu looked at Ash with excited look on his face.

" Ok! BATTLE BEGIN" Brock shouted.

This would be a good battle!

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