Sam coughed in to his hand again for the thrid time in the short amount of time they'd been there. The cigarette smoke wafting around his head and through out the entire bar was ridiculous. He didn't think he'd ever seen this much smoke in a bar before. "Why are we here again" He asked, clamping a hand on Dean's shoulder to get his attention and to keep up with him as he made his way through the sea of people on the dance floor.

Dean had to yell to be heard of the loud trans-hop music. "Huh?" He yelled. After trying a few times to hear Sammy and failing he gave up with a wave of his hand and continued through the crowd. He made a beeline for the bathroom door and helled it open for his brother to come in before closing it behind him. There were three stalls all painted in a sickening pea soup green color. Dean shook his head to refocus his attention on Sam. "Now, what were you trying to tell me?"

Annoyed, he kneaded the skin on the back of his shoulders to release some tension "I asked why we're here," Sam said with out emotion. He had a sinking feeling that he wasn't going to like Dean's explanation. He had barely given him any details on the way here Something about an emergency, having to find someone or somethinhg, blah blah... Basically, Dean non-sense, which meant he was with out a doubt hiding something.

When Dean's lips quirked up in to that pesky grin that Sam recognized he looked away shaking his head. "You're here to see a girl aren't you?"

"Woman, Sammy," He said, lightly popping him on his stomach. "Woman."

Sam barred his teeth before saying under this breath. "I should have known." He reached for the door knob. "I'm leaving."

Dean jumped in front of him. "Whoa whoa... wait," he begged. "Your're not going to leave me here alone are you? Not with all the demons on our tail right now."

Rolling his eyes, he realized Dean was right. "Fine, I'll sit in the car." He opened the door and before he let it shut closed behind him he pointed out, "In the parking lot."

The door swung shut with a loud thwack making Dean wince. He made a face before saying, "Duh." Where else would he sit in the Impala he thought as he stopped in front of the mirror to examine his appearance. Clothes, good. Hair, good. It was all good. If he was a girl and he himself existed somewhere convenient he would so date him and do him. Not necessarily in that order.

Sam rushed out the front door of the bar and stopped half way between the bar and the Impala. He leaned over to take in a desperate lung full of fresh air. "Oh, I'm going to die of lung cancer one day," he complained, loudly. When he felt clear headed again he continued his walk to the impala, gravel crunched satisfyingly beneath his shoes. It must have been about twenty minutes before Dean came drudging up on the outside of his half cracked window, grinning ear to ear.

"What are you so happy about?" He clamped his mouth shut when his next response caught him off guard. He had almost said, "What? Did you get blown." It had finally happened. Dean was influencing his mind. Annoyed, he eyed Dean's excited expression and waited for a response.

Dean was grinning from ear to ear as he leaned down to peek at Sam through the crack in the window of the Impala. His expression dropped for a second when he saw the look on his brother's face. "Look, I know your still pissed at me." Throwing his arms out widely, he insisted, "But, come on. It's Saturday night." He scooted closer to the crack in the window that ear splitting grin still plastered on his face. "I came here tonight because there is supposed to be a super - gi - normous, mega - huge dancer here tonight."

"A stripper?" Sam asked in appalled disbelief.

"No," Dean insisted. "Exotic dancer. They say she can charm the whole place and change lives. All with one dance."

Sam replayed his brother's words back in his head and exameined them carefully. His eyes lit up as he understood. "You think she's a demon?"

"Something like that."

"Dean, I'm not going to have to save you again because you try to sleep with some random, may be supernatural stripper, am I?"

Banging his hands down on the door, making a loud sound he yelled, "Exotic dancer. And yes. Now, come on."

Sam had to rush out of the Impala door, fumbling for the handle a couple times before finally getting a good grip so he could push it open. Dean was nearly to the door as Sam caught up with him. "You're crazy," Sam told him.

Dean ignored him and headed for the bar. As he slid in to one of the bulky spin bar stools something flew by his head. Wide eyed he looked to his right to try and figure out what it'd been.

"Damn college kids," the short stocky man behind the counter yelled. He turned his head back to look at Dean. "What can I get'cha?" He asked.

He ordered a Budlight for him and Sam and paid him before leading the way to a table close to the dance floor. Sam eyed the small folded peice of stationary at the corner of the table. "Dean Winchester," he read slowly. "Did you reserve this table?" Dean grinned.

He looked like a kid in a candy store. He was oozing high eneregy and Sam snorted in disgust at the fact that he liked seeing him like this. He just wished he didn't have to be sitting in a smoke filled bar that was lit up by red light bulbs. In a toned down way it made him wonder if it was what Hell looked like. The table was roomy giving them enough room to sit on the same bench with out having to share leg space.

"Oo," Dean said, picking up and unopened straw. He peeled the wrapper back quickly and while moving the upper half of his body in very choppy motions, to the music he also tap tapped the straw on the edge of the table to the beat. Oh, yeah. He was feeling good.

Smiling, Sam turned away and eyed the red headed dancer that was hanging upside down from the long silver stripper's pole that was placed in the center of the small stage. His eyes left her to take in the position of the stage to the floor and the rest of the bar. He came to the conclusion that he liked the set up. The bar wasn't big, but it was set up to feel like it had space. He could always appreciate the illusion of space. It was actually something he was passionate about. he found himself searching for it all the time. When he finally found it he would actually feel giddy inside. He decided to use this new found high energy to join Dean in his beat contest. He picked up an unopened straw and peeled the wrapper off quickly and first tapped Dean on the head, then tapped Dean's straw almost knocking it out of his hand.

"Hey," Dean cried out. The music was so loud that Sam barely heard him. He didn't have to, though. He got the point when Dean helled his straw up like a sword. they battled back and forth, laughing until Dean knocked Sammy's straw out of his hand. It bounced off the side of the table and rolled under the table next to them.

Dean narrowed his eyes at him. "What's gotten in to you?"

"I just decided to make the best of this situation..." He stopped talking becuse the lights and the music shut off at the same time. All he could hear was the sound of glass clanking and people breathing. Was this supposed to happen? A few seconds later a soft pink light lit up the stage to reveal the stripper's pole. Same felt Dean shift beside him and he pushed back against his seat to sit up straighter. This should be interesting, he thought.

They were both surprised when the stripper pole began to sink in to the floor. When it was completely gone Sam's ears pricked up at the sound of... something. Had he just heard a drum beat? He concentrated all of his hearing abilities trying to pick up any kind of music coming from the large speakers that were attached on various spots along the wall's of the bar. He heard the drum beat a little louder this time. "Do you hear that?" He asked Dean who had his head propped up in his hands and was grinning at the stage.

"Yeah, I hear it," he answered with out looking at him.

Sam made a face at him and taking a calming breath looked back at the stage. He quirked an eyebrow as he thought about how happy he'd been a second ago and he realized that his body had grown rigid and tense. He cleared his throat and picked up his beer to take the first swig. The cool smoothness of the flavor made his mouth water, which releaved the dryness he felt in his throat. A few more swigs and he felt happy again.

"Look," Dean said, waving his arm around widely, attempting to touch Sam to get his attention.

Sam already had his eyes on the bare leg that had suddenly appeared on stage. Suddenly the leg had a very tight stomach, hips, thighs, a neck, a face and very long black hair that fell around her body in a cascade of thick curls. He gasped as he locked eyes with her. His body seemed to buzz as an energy oozed from her body and in to his. "What..." he said, feeling the strength go out of his body. "Dean..."

"I... feel... it... to..." Dean said, his voice sounding as weak as Sam felt. As suddenly as it had come the weakness faded and strength flooded Sam's body again. He breathed a deep sigh of relief until he realized that he couldn't look away from this woman. Her eyes were a vibrant green color, almost yellow. The smile that she carried on her face as she began to sway her hips was very carnal, sultry.

One that said that she knew exactly how she appeared and she knew how you felt about it. His pants suddenly felt tight. His body began to shake as he tried to look away from her eyes. He went still when he realized that the only thing he was accomplishing was causing himself physical discomfort. His muscles burned from the exerted force. The drum beat he'd heard earlier seemed to grow louder and he smiled lazily as his muscles relaxed.

His fingers bumped against Dean's as he leaned back further in to his seat. The music changed from a drum beat to something deeper, more powerful. That was it. It was every where. Raw power was being harnessed and it was being used to seduce the crowd.

"Sammy..." Dean mumbled.

He tried to reply, but he couldn't. His eyes fluttered shut and his body seemed to sway in movement to the pulse of the raw power that began to tease his skin. It began at the base of his skull, which felt so good his body broke out in goosebumps. It began a line down to the spot between his shoulder blades and worked it's way up and over both shoulders to start two tiny tracks down his chest. When it got to his stomach the two tracks grew until they connected and began to move towards his head and feet at the same time.

Sam gasped at the overwhelming sensation and then he squeezed his hands in to fists in embarrassment as he couldn't stop the moan that escaped his lips. Was this happening to every one or just him. Dean seemed to be relaxed at the same time that he had felt it, so maybe he was going through this to. He sure hoped so or he was going to be beyond embarrassed when this stopped. If it stopped.

He hoped it was going to stop eventually. According to Dean this woman was a famous "Exotic Dancer" and she'd have a lot to explain if people came up dead at one of her shows. He gasped again as his ability to think suddenly stopped. There were no words in his head. When he tried to think his body would pulse and that same tingling feeling would caress every part of him physically and mentally, forcing him to relax. He didn't have words to describe the sensation that he felt and it was everywhere all at once. Pulsing, caressing, teasing, warming...

Another moan escaped his lips and this time he arched his back and felt his body sink lower in to his seat. He squeezed his eyes closed tighter as he felt a sharp pain on the right side of his kneck. His body was tingling too much to really pin point exactly what kind of pain he was feeling. A buzzing sound started near his right ear and seemed to get further away, then it was gone. Another moan escaped his lips and he gasped again as an almost tense burning feeling seemed to travel down his chest and around his hips, then it was gone.

He heard something. As he listened harder he realized that it was him, whimpering. The ability to listen was suddenly gone. There was no sound, nothing he could grasp on to and the sensations along his body changed from a pulse to something cooler. It happened gradually in different areas of his body and slowly all of those cool areas met and became one. He was only consumed in coolness for a few seconds and it was enough for his body to register the shock. He felt his body spasm and he knew what he was doing.

He couldn't think, so he didn't even consider being ashamed or embarrassed that he had just released. He released in a raw powered cacoon of coolness, and pulsing sensations. Stars exploded behind his eyes and his muscles tensed up. His back arched again and he heard a thump before every sensation he was feeling seemed to recead back away from his skin and muffled words began resurfacing in his brain. He came back to himself with a gasp and his eyes popped open. The cheering was deafening to his ears.

So many hands clapping at once and people whistling. He blinked rapidly and looked around him. "What the..." He was sitting up in his seat. Dean was one of those annoying people whistling. Sam turned to look at the stage and the woman standing there bowing to the crowd was not the same woman who he'd seen before. What was going on?

On the way to the car Sam gave Dean an edited version of what had happened to him. They were both on their side of the car and Dean had his door open. He was leaning on it with his keys dangling from his left hand. "So, she..." He made a face as he tried to come up with the write phrase. "Fucked the crowd with... what her mind?" Elegantly put.

"I know it sounds crazy, but she seduced," he changed the word to give what had happened a more accurate description, "the crowd. It was like... He felt like he was grasping at very thin straws as he tried to describe it. "I don't know. Words just don't do it justice."

"Are you stone?"


"Have you been smoking the Hasheesh behind my back?"

"The what? Dean, just stop. I'm being serious here."

"Well," he said flopping himself in to the driver's seat and inserting the key in to the ignition. "Give me a good crowd seduction any day. I really don't get what you're complaining about."

"Hi, Sam," a female voice said behind him. He spun around and froze. His eyes grew wide and his mouth opened to say something, but he didn't know what to say, so he shut it again.

"I had fun with you tonight. I was wondering if you guys could give me a ride..." Her pupil's dialated and when she spoke again her voice seemed to come from deep with in her and it echoed through the air. His skin prickled as the raw power seemed to flick out at him. He wanted to dive in the car and tell Dean to hit the petal to the metal, but he couldn't move.

"Hey hey hey," Dean said, leaning over the passenger's seat to get a better look. She was short, about five foot tall. Nice shapely breasts, a thick waist that seemed to meld into equally thick hips. Her height gave her a shrunken appearance, but with out being weird. She was a miniature hot chick and Dean flashed his teeth at her. "Did you say you needed a ride?"

She didn't have to duck to see him. "Yes, please," she said matter-of-factly."

"Then hop on in. We take cash only. No Visa and no Mastercard, although Credit is accepted."

She giggled and stepped around Sam tapping him on the arm. "Your brother's so funny," she said. "Get in the car." That last part was laced with power and his body moved of it's own accord. His traitorous right arm reached out to grip the door as his left leg sank in to the floor board and his lower half sat down in the passengers seat.

He ground his teeth as he closed the door gently. Once he was situated he felt the commanding power fade away, but he still couldn't talk. His heart was beating hard in his chest and he felt like he wanted to cry.

Dean peeked at Sam's new friend through the rear view mirror. She had her hands clasped in her lap and her head leaned back. He wondered what she was thinking about. His eyes widened slightly as she slowly ran her the tip of her tongue along the inner most part of her lips to moisten them. He had always loved it when girls had that natural lip line that defined the out part of their lip. Her skin was very dark.

He would say she was Indian, but her features were Caucasian. Except her eyes. They slanted up dangerously on the sides and were almost too wide. The only thing that kept them from being ugly was the kindness he saw there. He squinted at her reflection carefully sure that he'd saw blue eyes, but as he looked at them again they were a dark chocolate brown.

"So, are you sure that you want to rent a room at our motel for the night?"

She leaned forward and captured his glance from the rear view mirror. Her lips didn't move, but he was sure that she spoke. What had she said? He wanted to look at Sam for reassurance, but couldn't move. The only thing he could do was stare straight ahead and drive the car.

She fingered the tiny circular vial between both of her index fingers and thumbs, watching the shimmering purple liquid move in circular patterns. When Dean Winchester smiled at her through the rear view mirror it was almost too much for her to take. He said something, she wasn't sure what. Leaning forward she let her desire ooze from her body and she directed it's purpose. Dean stopped looking at her, turned to face the road and headed for their motel room.

Excitement made her fidgety as she crossed her legs and leaned back to endure the rest of the drive. Why did they travel thirty minutes away when there were motels much closer to the bar? It made no sense. The rest of the drive was ridden in silence and it gave her time enough to gather her though and to collect her mentality. She wanted this to be done right. Slowly.

She didn't want any one to get hurt more than was necessary in these kinds of first time situations. Her heart leapt when she caught sight of a large blinking blue arrow. It pointed downward at a large bold printed sign that read 'Cresent Motel'. Dean smoothly pulled the Impala in to his parking space and turned the ignition off. "You two may get out and go in to your room. I want you to sit on the edges of your individual beds." With out a word, they opened their doors and headed for the room.

Enhaling deeply, she felt her thoughts move her from the car and on the other side of the motel. The ice machine was humming it's beatiful sound. She smiled as she leaned over and picked a rock up off the ground. It was rough with in her palm and her eyes widened slightly before flashing a bright green color. The rocked vibrated, then made a pop sound, which made her giggle.

She was now holding a shiny white ice bucket, which she quickly filled up. Feeling giddy, she did a light skip towards Dean and Sam Winchester's motel room. It didn't matter that she left a trail of ice cubs leading all the way to the door.

Sam ground his teeth. He absolutely could not more and it was making him angry. His heart was beating as fast as it had been earlier, but in a different way. This was nervousness or worry. This was fury. He hated being helpless.

Dean's heart was beating quickly in his chest. He felt like he was going to hyperventilate, but was worried that if he did that he'd pass out and his body would refuse to fall over. He'd be unconscious sitting up.

Both of there thoughts saddled around the same thing. What was going to happen to them? Were they going to die? Where was she? Who was she? Were there more people with her? How many?

Both of their heart's skipped a beat as they heard the door knob turn.

The tiny curvacious woman walked in holding a large ice bucket, which seemed almost as big as her entire top half. She was smiling and didn't seem to be having a hard time holding the thing even though it was full to the brim with ice. It made a loud clunk sound as she plopped it down on the dresser next to Deans bed. He wanted to turn and look at her, but he couldn't, so he settled with using his ears to pick up every single sound that he could pin point. He heard her foot steps and the hair on his arms stood up as she stopped beside him.

His reaction wasn't from fear, because for some reason he wasn't getting that vibe from her. He was hip with that. Suddenly, his mouth opened and he was working his jaw up and down. The knowledge that he could talk again came to him out of no where. One second he knew he couldn't talk, for obvious reasons, and the next he knew he could.

"What do you want from us," he asked immediately.

She put a hand on his shoulder and the look she gave him made his pants tighten against his body. Her eyes had grown even darker than he thought possible for someone with such dark eyes already. "Um..." was all he could say. She smiled and said, "Oh, your surprise and hesitation is very..." She seethed deeply. "tantalizing."

"Um..." He said again, feeling stupid.

She raised her arms behind her head and Dean noted that her breast's rose a fraction higher. His pants were becoming very uncomfortable. He should have worn a looser pair. Unfortunately, it wasn't like he could have known he was going to be abducted by some really gorgeous mocha skinned babe. He gulped as he felt his eye's get heavy and he knew that if he looked in the mirror that his pupil's would be dialated.

"I just want to make you two feel good," she said suddenly, cutting through his internal rambling. He couldn't help, but quirk an eyebrow at that statement. "What exactly do you mean by that." She was suddenly standing in front of him leaning down slightly to rest her forhead on his. "That is the fun part, Dean," she admitted.

"You are just going to have to be patient. Not too patient, because let's be honest. I am not much of a patient person, myself, so I don't want to torture you too much. I want to get to the good stuff."

"The good stuff?"

She smiled widely, her eyes lighting up with what Dean figured was a delightful secret. At least, he hoped it was delightful. Her smile vanished slowly as she caught sight of Sam. With in human speed she had closed the space between beds and lightly kissed sam on his left cheek. She heard a low grunt in the back of his throat.

"Silly," she said leaning down to whisper in his ear. Her words were light and feather and it surprised him when those familiar tingles started at the base of his skull. It was the last thing that she said that made him gasp and suddenly he had the knowledge that he could speak. She giggled as he did the same thing Dean had done, work his jaw up and down. "Now," she said taking walking in to the center of the space in front of them.

She wanted to be lined up so they could both see her. "Sam," tell your brother the last thing, the most important thing that I told you.

He made a face.

"Oh, come on. There's nothing shameful about it."

"I'm not ashamed."

"Then, what's stopping you," she teased already know the answer. "She just loved to coax the truth from people. Then, there were those times when she liked them to just obey. She narrowed her eyes when he still hesitated. "If this were a different situation I would turn you over my knee, young man."

Dean couldn't help the ridiculous grin that splayed across his face and his head snapped around to see his brother's reaction. Sam cheeks were tinged pink and his eyes were downcast to the carpet. Dean hoped he wouldn't say anything so he could see what else... "Hey," he began. "What's your name?"

She curtsied and said, "Call me Princess."

He snorted.

She giggled and she gave him that same look as before. This time he couldn't help, but groan, because a man can only take so much.

"Oh, for Heaven's sake," Sam said loudly. "She said that if I wanted to break the paralisis that I had to want her." He eyed her curiously. "I did for a split second when she said that, but I'm not feeling it so much right now."

Dean was impressed with his brother's bravado. He bit his bottom lip anxiously and waited for Princess to respond. She was smiling a different smile, then the one she'd given him. He didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Her steps were careful and confident as she made her way over to Sammy to gaze in to his eyes. He looked back up at her for a few seconds before looking away.

Her hand shot out and she grabbed a hand full of his hair, pulling his head back and forcing him to look up at her. He let out a yelp of surprise, squeezing his eyes shut. When he opened them he felt surprised to find that he was intrigued by her expression. It wasn't playful or overly girly or childish or flirty. It was something completly different than the expressions she'd been giving Dean. "What?" He managed to ask in a low breathy voice.

She let go of his hair and stroke the spot before smiling lightly. "That's all I ever wanted. For you to want me. Now, I see that you do." He frowned as she turned away from him and headed back to her spot in the center of space in front of them.

"The name of this fun little experiment of mine is Shame and Game," she said excitedly. "I want both of you. I know you want me. Unfortunately, for both of you neither of you are ready for that yet. I need to break you in. Teach you some things."

"Push you to your limits. Make you abandon those pesky alpha male boundaries" She bent over, suddenly breaking in to a deep fit of laughter and giggles. How she managed to do that with out sounding insane they'd never know.

Sam and Dean looked at each other at the same time, both wearing the same expression. Neither of them said anything, but they had both felt that or heard that. They weren't sure exactly what it was, but they admitted with their eyes that it had happened. Then, the reality of what she'd just said sunk in and slowly they turned their heads and with widened eyes they took in her heavy lidded expression as she realized that they had just gotten it.

She couldn't stop laughing. Her mixture was a mess with the purple liquid sloshed along the sides as she tried to control her self. It had been thirty minutes since she had commanded the brothers to both take individual showers and to return to their beds wearing a towel wrapped around their waists. With out a doubt they'd still be sitting there, waiting for her. They were able to talk again, but they still couldn't move their limbs.

"Princess," she whispered under her breath. "What had she been thinking?" If they dared call her that she'd crack up. No no. No! She'd eventually say something, but it would be subtle. She wanted to teach them, not break them.

"Dean!" Sam yelled when Princess pressed her purple covered palm in the center of his chest. He gasped and fell back on the bed, towel coming undone and revealing his bare right hip. She noted the skin quickly before closing the gap between her and Sam and doing the same thing to him that she'd done to Dean. He felt a flush of warmth flow through his veins and then his vision darkened. He felt like he was floating and stayed that way for he wasn't sure how long. When he woke up he was laying on his back.

He started to lift his hand to run it along his forhead to smooth the hair out of his face, but he couldn't move it. That's when it all came rushing back to him. The bar, the "Exotic Dancer"... "Screw you Dean," he mumbled, giving in to his paralysis.

"What's that?" He heard Dean say.


"Duh," he said sarcastically. "I wonder how long we've been out."

Sam rolled his eyes. "This is getting really old."

"What are you talking about. This is freaking awesome."

"What are you talkinga bout? I am annoyed. I am tired of not being able to move. Why does she prolonging the inevitable."

A female voice sounded from somewhere near Sam's head. He couldn't raise his head to look, so he just let out a low growl. "That you're going to torture us in your own sick way."

She just giggled. "Torture is not a cool word, Sammy."

"Only Dean gets to call me that."

The bed sank above his head and she was suddenly there on all fours staring over him. "I do what I want, Sam. A smile began to form on her lips and it grew until her eyes were shining bright with excitement. When you think you can stop me. You can punish me."

He was surprised when he didn't blush. This female. What was about her that got under his skin so deeply that he reacted out of character? Her long hair hung down around his head creating a curtain of raven black sheen around the two of them as they continued to stare at each other. After a few minutes, Sam gulped.

He didn't know what else to do. There was nothing to say.

She leaned down so close to his face that he thought she was going to kiss him. Her lips stopped a hairs width from his lips. She moved her face slightly to the left, then to the right. Sam had never had any one do that before. His gut told him that she was not going to kiss him and he smiled as her face began to back away from his.

He knew it. His lips tingled like a she had kissed him. A ghost kiss, that's what he'd always remember it as. His eyes widened slowly as he realized that she'd spoken and her words scared him.

"Let's begin."