Sinful Seduction: The Finale

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Chapter 30: Messenger

Drinks of Waterfall tends to his wounded shoulder while holding Red Flower in his good arm. She watches with big brown eyes as her father rubs at the stitches holding his skin together. Angelina watches him with slight sadness as he still hasn't gotten over the fact that his arm was gone and it wasn't coming back, leaving a mangled stump in its wake. It had needed to be amputated after a gash on his bicep had become horribly infected.

But when she kisses said stump, he smiles at her and returns a kiss to her forehead. I look down at Wolf Claw, in my own arms. He is still intensely staring at Red Flower; he's been staring at her for a while now. It's been a month since I had him.

The Vengeance War was reaching its bloody end, both sides of the fight slowly getting tired of doing what they were meant to do—fight. Last night I urged Jacob to accept the treaty that Pateros offered up, dragging a reluctant Forks along with them.

Though the barbarians were dominating the northern and eastern kingdoms, the soldier count was getting dangerously lower and lower every day.

The document, made by Prince Titus of Pateros, stated that the fighting would stop only if the raiding and stealing would stop. And if the raiding and stealing stopped, then they would offer to peacefully trade with our kingdom. Jacob at first refused, claiming that since they started the war and threatened me, that they would feel his wrath until they had only one soldier left, no matter how many lives it took.

Eventually, he realized that if the fighting went on, more of his valuable men would be sacrificed because of the greed that his line had always harbored. He sent back an approval letter with a messenger, saying that Prince Titus would be allowed to send his and King Phillip of Forks' approval letters back to his kingdom with a messenger, and that the treaty would be able to end the Vengeance War.

Sitting in the dining hall on a blustery winter night, the walls around us are brightly illuminated with torches and roaring hearths. I prod at my chicken meat lazily with a shiny golden fork while Jacob wolfs down all of his food, having the servants bring him more for his fourth helping of chicken, potatoes, and beans.

As we wrap up our meal, I notice a chance in Jacob's demeanor. He is no longer angry and demanding like he used to be. Now that his conflicts are gone, he seems... peaceful. He has his family and he's happy. Happy, for the first time in years, he'd said to me.

Happy, I feel, for being the one that could give him that vital part of his life back.

Wolf Claw is whining in front of me, his fingers submerged in my potatoes. I sigh and wipe his little fingers off with a handkerchief and smile. "Always hungry," I say. "Just like your father."

Jacob hears me and smiles tenderly. "Someday he will be just like his father. I can see me in everything he does."

Wolf Claw grins and laughs. I look up at him, a little smile playing on my lips. The doors of the dining hall abruptly open and in comes Jacob's messenger. The scrawny young boy bows in his king and queen's presence.

Jacob nods at him to come forth. The boy scrambles to his feet and holds a white letter out in front of him, marked with a teal colored seal. "Ubangijina! A wasika daga Prince na Pateros." (My lord! A letter from the Prince of Pateros.)

Quickly, with his eyebrows furrowed together, Jacob wipes his greasy hands on his handkerchief. He then takes the smooth white parchment from out of the messenger's hand and looks over it.

The shiny teal seal. He looks up at me. I nod encouragingly at him, hugging my baby closer to my chest. Jacob opens it, his eyes scanning over the sheet of parchment before breaking out into a slow, satisfied smile. "The war has ended," he announces. "We have won! They have surrendered!"

The whole room breaks out into a loud sort of chaos—a chaos of excitement. Brothers, sons, and fathers would be sent back home to their families. They'd live to see peace again.

The letter was dropped as Jacob hugged Drinks of Waterfall and Three Horses, so I took the opportunity and read it.

Sarki Raye-Raye da Wolves,

I come to you with this treaty to be able to negotiate terms. I am Prince Titus Auerelis of Pateros. My mother is Queen Amelie Ophelia, and my wife, Princess Sera of the iron kingdom, Forks. Since this Vengeance War has started, the well-being of my kingdom and Forks has been at an all time low. Food is scarce since the first rations go to the army, poverty is more prominent than ever, and to put my people through more fighting when they are losing would be cruel punishment.

I, along with King Phillip of Forks, propose to you that this war draw its bloody doors closed and bury itself six feet under the ground. Being young, I only know what my mother has told me of the barbarians. But upon doing my own research, I have discovered that we have both wronged each other for millennia. Today, I should like to remedy this.

Seeing the casualty numbers rising each and every day, King Aro and I have conversed and come to terms with a treaty that offers something to the both of us in exchange for the termination of the war since we are not blind, and we can clearly see the outcome of this war will not be in favor of our side.

We propose that the war shall end if barbarian raid parties shall be no more. You must cease to steal, kill, and plunder our innocent villages. In exchange for your mercy, we shall lay down our weapons and agree to peacefully trade with you. We shall trade fine silks, jewels and foods if you shall accept such an offer.

We hope that our kingdoms can someday unite and form a strong alliance.

x Prince Titus

x King Aro

I fold up the letter and look up at Jacob with tears in my eyes. The day has come. Oh, glorious day! Jacob takes Wolf Claw from my arms and throws him into the air, laughing at kissing our son's chubby red cheeks.

"Tonight," he announces. "We have a shagali!"


Alice takes care of Wolf Claw for me while Jacob and I get ready for our shagali in the bedroom. I strip off my heavy furs until I am naked as the day I was born. He stands beside me, equally as naked.

In the mirror before us, I can see my back, lashed with a fleshy pink scar. And I see his back, decorated with the same kinds of scars. "See us," I chuckle softly. "We look alike now."

He turns to see what I speak of. Seeing the scar on my back being compared to his, he frowns. "It is not funny," he grumbles. "I am sorry you have that. I do not want you to look like me."

"No," I whisper, coming up behind him and pressing my body into his. "This scar is a part of who I am now. I am not ashamed of it. The gods work in mysterious ways…you should know that out of bad things come many good things."

He turns and looks at me, his deep chocolate eyes searching mine. "What is it about you," he murmurs, staring deep into my eyes like he's trying to see straight through me. "You could revive a flower shrouded in darkness for a century with just one word, one touch of your hand."

"And what is it about you," I reply. "With one stare you could make an army tremble in fear…with one stare, you could make a simple noblewoman go against her customs, betray her kingdom and fall in love."

He suddenly grabs my jaw, crashing his lips down onto mine. I sink into his arms, letting his lips devour mine. His tongue slides along my lips, delving inside of my mouth as I open them to grant his entrance.

He grasps me harder, pushing me back towards the bed. I land on the pillows, laughing as his lips latch onto my neck and bite down hard. I use all my strength to roll us both over so that I'm on top. Normally he'd take me from his position up top, but I felt as if I wanted to be the one pleasuring him tonight. For his victory, of course.

Jacob's eyes grow blacker and blacker with lust as I sit on his abdomen, his member standing up against my backside. He bucks up into me impatiently. "Let me," I murmur. "Let me."

Slowly, I slide myself onto his hard shaft, moaning at the feeling of his pulsating membrane lodged deep inside of me. We've not fucked much since I had Wolf Claw because of the pain, but said pain is completely gone now.

Replaced with great pleasure, I ride the waves of ecstasy on top of him. He growls, grabbing my arms and pinning them behind my back as he bucks rapidly up into me, forcing me forward so he can kiss my mouth.

I love it when he's rough with me; it shows me how much he wants me and craves my body. He kisses lower, his lips latching onto my nipple. I cry out and force myself back onto his cock. He lets go of my nipple and slams his head into the pillows, letting out a monstrous roar of pleasure.

"Oh fuck!" he cries out. "Ka al'aurar mata ji kyau sosai."

Jacob's mumbling things in Quileute and I'm too wrapped up in pleasure to understand what he's saying. I can feel my climax coming as I ride him harder and faster. "Please," I find myself whimpering softly.

By the look on his face, and the sweat beads forming above his brow and running down the deep crevices of his muscles, he's close too. He's got his eyes shut tightly in pleasure, focusing on getting himself to said cliff.

I lean down and stroke his cheek with my fingers, wanting him to look me in the eyes when he cums with me. He does open his eyes, sitting up quickly and pulling me into his lap hard. That intense eye contact is enough to push me over the edge, and my release brings him with me.

He hugs me tightly to his body, panting from the previous sexual activity. "I'll never stop cherishing the way your body feels against mine," he whispers.

"And I'll never forget the way you feel when you're inside of me," I reply to him, kissing the corner of his mouth. He is so beautiful, his long black hair fanned out around his face and his full lips trembling.

And he looks at me like I am an angel that flew down from the heavens to make love to him for just one night. But no, I am just a noblewoman who went against her customs, betrayed her kingdom, and fell deeply in love with a barbarian king.

I slide from his lap, running my fingers along the silks that lay on the corner of the bed for me to wear. He looks disappointed that I've left him. "Come now," I chuckle. "I'd stay with you in that position forever if we could, but we've got a shagali to host. We cannot keep our guests waiting for too much longer."

So he sits on the bed, a sweaty, beautiful, muscular beast of a man and watches me dress myself. He licks his lips like an animal eyeing up his prey. I only laugh at him, and continue to pin my silks in place.

I bite one of the pins in my mouth and try to pin my top cloth to the bottom one but I'm not having much luck. I don't even have to ask him to help me, because he's already by my side. He pins the silks in place, skirting his warm fingers across my skin.

I pin up my curls into a thick twist and place my crystal crown overtop of my head. Jacob smiles at me. He then kisses the scar running across my back. "If you say this scar is part of you, then I will love every part of you."

He makes me glow with every word he says. My blush spreads from my cheeks all the way up to the very tips of my ears. He gets dressed beside me, slipping on his red silks over his beautiful copper legs. "Are you ready?" he asks me once he's fully dressed.

I nod my head. "Ready."


For the first time in many years, Castle Rock is open to all of the public for the shagali that celebrates the end of the Vengeance War. Since it is winter (though the blustery beast is nearly at its death bed), we are forced to bring the villagers inside to keep them from turning to ice. Food is set out on the tables and fires roast in stone hearths all around the place.

People are everywhere; I can barely see anything. The shagali is held in the largest room in the castle, one specifically used for hosting shagalis and parties. Our thrones were put on a high platform and I sit next to Jacob as people file in, eating, dancing and drinking.

I hold Wolf Claw in my arms. Like always, the child is wide-eyed as he looks around the room with curiosity. "Many people," I tell him. "It is much too crowded in this room, is it not?" He looks up at me and smiles, as if he knows what I am saying.

I can see Jacob staring at us from the corner of his eye, smiling. I reach my hand out and grasp his tightly. He squeezes me tightly back, the tattooed muscles in his arms bunching up. "Do not wander off," he tells me. "With all of these people, I fear the sea of people will swallow you whole."

"You would not be able to find me in said sea of people," I joke with him.

"No," he says. "That is where you are wrong. All I would have to do would be is to look out and find the most beautiful woman. It would be as easy as finding a sun in a room of moons."

He always knows what to say to me. Again, I turn bright red in the face. He snickers. He loves it when I blush; he loves making me blush. He thinks it very attractive.

I see Angelina and Drinks of Waterfall making their way up the platform to see us. Red Flower is crying in her arms. I sit up in my throne, hugging Wolf Claw a little tighter to my body. "Sarki," she says in greeting. "Sarauniya. We wanted to pay our visits."

Jacob nods at them both. I watch as Angelina's baby squirms in her arms, crying. "What is the matter?" I ask.

Angelina sighs. "I don't quite know. I've already fed her, changed her...oh, I've tried everything. And I cannot find Alice. I don't know what else to do."

"Bring her closer," I instruct. While Angelina climbs the steps towards me, Drinks of Waterfall seperates himself from her side and goes to talk to Jacob. They laugh and converse in Quileute. Angelina props up Red Flower so that she's able to see us both.

Once the baby's big brown eyes meets Wolf Claw's, the crying instantly stops. She looks confused, yet utterly fascinated. My baby reaches out his hand and tries to touch her, but he hits her in the face with his tiny fist on accident. "Gentle," I chide. But instead of crying some more, Red Flower only laughs.

Wolf Claw breaks out into a tiny smile, turning around to touch my own face. I kiss his soft palm. Angelina and I both look over at our husbands, only to find that they are both looking back at us. "They have a strong connection," Jacob says. "Already."

I smile and hug Wolf Claw tighter to me. "I want to talk to you about the harem girls," I say.

He looks over at me in interest. "What about them?"

"I don't think you need harem girls anymore," I say confidently. "You have me."

He laughs and nods. "And what should I do with them?"

"They have done much for you and your men. You could make them ladies," I offer.

Jacob settles back against his chair. "I'll think over the matter." A servant brings us all a glass of wine, and Jacob stands up to make a toast.

"'Yan'uwa. 'Ya'yan. Ubanninsu, da 'ya'ya mata, mãtan aure. Muna tattara a nan a wannan zauren yau bikin. Zuwa idi a tunawa da yakin da muke yi nasara a kan. Mu, a wannan sosai lokacin a lokacin, an kawo gida 'ya'yan La Tura. Jini, za a zubar da bã kõwa ba. La Tura riqe da zamanin, kuma har abada za ta kasance ta! (Brothers. Sons. Fathers, daughters, wives. We are gathered here in this hall today to celebrate. To feast in commemoration of the war that we had victory over. We, at this very moment in time, are bringing home the sons of La Push. Blood shall be spilled no more. La Push holds the reigns, and forever shall it be so!)

"Maku yabo ga dana kuma mãtãta. Zai girma ya zama babban m sarki, daya braver fiye da ko da ni ne. Zai yi sarauta mulkokin zuwa yanzu da kuma m, ya mamaye cikin garũruwa zuwa gabas da yamma da kuma kudu ... shi Wolf Kambori. Kuma ni raye-raye Da Wolves, sarki cewa bayar da ɗana, nan gaba, Sarkin, da wannan ƙasa, tare da wannan ikon. (Toast to my son and my wife. He will grow up to be a valiant king, one braver than even I am. He will rule kingdoms far and wide, he dominate the lands to the east and the west and the south... he is Wolf Claw. And I am Dances With Wolves, the king that provided my son, future king, with this land, with this power.)

"Tãyar da ku gilashi, abokaina, ku sha ruwan inabi. Sha jinin abokan gābanmu kuma bari daukaka gudu ta hanyar jikinmu, yada kamar wildfire. Bari mu wanka a cikin rabo!" (Raise your glass, my friends, and drink the wine. Drink the blood of our enemies and let glory run through our bodies, spreading like wildfire. Let us bathe in our triumph!)

Everyone in the hall stands from their places and chants, "Mu yi yãƙi, kuma munã rãyuwa yau da dare!" I remember the phrase from the first raid I'd ever been to. The original phrase was 'za mu yi yãƙi, mu rayu ma yau da dare' which translated into: 'we will fight, we live tonight.'

But this phrase was different. It easily translated to: 'We have fought, and we shall live tonight.'

The music started up again, blaring loudly in the grand hall. People danced and laughed and clashed their drinks together. Long live the King and Queen, and their little prince.

It is night. The shagali has ended a little over an hour ago, and I have just finished putting Wolf Claw to sleep. He was tired, so I kissed his little red cheeks and laid him to rest in his cradle. I wear a long deerskin shawl over the silks, since most of the fires had been put out after the shagali ended. It was like an oven.

But now, thanks to the winter, the corridors were cold. I walk the lonely hall, my hair hanging around my face, the hanging crystal on my crown jingling with each step I take. I can see him waiting for me at the end of the hallway, standing at the doorway to our chambers. He gives me a lopsided smile, his long hair kissing his hips.

I smile back at him, coming into the light and out of the dark shadows of the night. He shuts the door behind me and comes to join me at the fire. He sits down on his bearskin chair and I sit right next to him on a fine leather seat. "I have everything I want," he says softly, smiling into the crackling fire before us.

Scarlet sparks rise up into the air and pop like tiny firecrackers. I look up at him, seeing the shadows from the fire cast off of his handsome, contoured face. "What now?"

He sighs and leans back in his chair, making himself comfortable against the animal fur. "I don't know."

"Well…" I begin softly. "We do what we know how to do."

"And what is that?" he questions.

"We love," I reply.

He nods his head. "Ah. Yes."

I touch the topaz hanging around my neck and bring it to my lips, kissing it tenderly. "Can you believe how far we've come?" I ask, looking down at my gemstone. He sighs again and shifts in his chair.

"I never thought I'd be here, right now, with you." Jacob admits.

"I never thought I'd be a queen."

"I'd never thought I could hold so much love for a single person."

"And I never knew I had it in me either," I say truthfully. "I'd always had this picture of what I wanted in life. A husband and many children, living out on the countryside peacefully, in love, and secluded from life. But it was the wrong picture. Back then I didn't know what I wanted, let alone needed."

He turns to look at me. "And what did you need?"

I look him right back in the eyes. "You."

He leans back in the chair and grips the armrests tightly. "I never let anyone in like I let you in," he tells me quietly. "How did you do it?"

I look away from him and stare into the fire. "Because you let me." Outside the wind howls. The fire flickers in front of me, making the dark room grow even darker. "Because you wanted me to."

In a quiet voice that was barely even audible, "because I needed you to."

My mouth forms an 'O' and my eyes widen. I close my mouth quickly after that so he doesn't see. But he does. "I know," he says. "I'm growing soft."

"I cherish it," I smile back at him. He closes his eyes, relaxed and relieved from my words. I find that it makes me the happiest when I bring him such peace. He deserves his relaxation and peace; it's been nonstop for months already. I drink my wine and lean back in my leather seat.

Oh, to think of all of the questions that I'd had…

Why did he show me such kindness when I'd arrived?

Why did it make him upset to see me cry if I was just a piece of property, a whore?

Why did he cut out his own soldier's heart for the whore that was supposed to pleasing him but wasn't?

Why he found it easier to punch his own brother's face instead of letting him rape me?

Why he locked me away from the world for my safety?

Why he made the claim speech, why he 'imprinted' on me?

Why he gave me, yes me, the prized topaz necklace?

Why he waited for me?

Why he made love to me like it was his last day on earth, when he'd claimed that he didn't make love?

Why he killed Kicking Bird?


Iron Coyote?


Why he almost gave his life for me?

I'm roused from my thoughts when I see him from the corner of my eye. He's looking at me, smiling. "All those questions," he whispers, like he'd just been reading my thoughts like an open book laid out before him. "All those questions that you've got swimming around in your head-because I know that they're there-they all have one answer. Can you guess it?"

"I've got something in mind," I say.

"Because I love you," says the mighty king of the barbarians. "That's the one and only answer. Can you accept it, Tiger Claw?"

I nod my head. "I can."


In the early hours of the morning, we stand in the wintery realm of the outdoors. Behind me are the harem girls, my dearest friends, whom were all made ladies in waiting to the Queen. And behind them were nearly all of the people of La Push, looking on in hope, staring at the blank rolling hills, everything stained with white. I am wrapped in thick furs with Wolf Claw cradled to my chest, keeping him as warm as I possibly can. He is falling asleep against me. I stare into the distance once more, breathing out into the crisp air. My hot breath curls into the sky like a puff of dragon smoke.

He trots up next to me in the form of a giant wolf. He is so large that his massive shoulders come up to the very top of my head. I look at him, stroking my hand across his pelt. He turns his head and places his muzzle near my shoulder.

His eyes look so primal but I know that he's still in there, seeing me as I am right now. The sound of heavy footfall in the distance causes me to snap out of my trance and look ahead. I see one single warrior standing on top of the great white hill. Jacob's ears perk up instantly.

The warrior waves the red flag. It's ours. And row by row, the warriors march down the hill. They are cold and they are freezing, but they are home. They are tired and weak, but they are home. They are sick and they are dying, but they are home. They are bloody, but triumphant, and they are home.

Jacob lifts his head to the sky and lets out a loud howl. It echoes through the forest and will live in the shells of our ears for the rest of our lives. I feel the tear slip down my cheek, one that crystallizes before it hits the ground.

I look at Jacob and he looks at me. So this is where it ends? I think.

No, he seems to say. This is the only the beginning.

I know now that we can overcome any conflict. We'd just overcome the hardest one yet, and we'd still managed to hoist ourselves over those rocky cliffs of trouble, run across the dying badlands of war and avoid the malicious grasp of Death.

I look him in the eyes and he nods his head at me.

Because even if the whole world was on fire, we'd just kiss in front of the flame.

The End