Regina ran as fast as her legs would carry her through the streets of storybrooke. She had only one thing on her mind as the snow fell, it was mid-July and that meant only one thing.


During her training her and Elsa had met, and after many months they had fallen for each other. But Rumple had found out and deemed her a 'distraction' and when Elsa had tried to challenge him, Rumple put her in a jar and locked her away.

Elsa had been the only other person she loved after Daniel, and even though she had snuck around with her during her marriage with Leopold it was the only thing that ever felt right. She had cried even harder over Elsa than she had Daniel, that's what had made her finally snap out of the 'good wife' act and take charge.

But as she ran all she could remember were her last moments with Elsa, how she had tried to fight for her but wasn't fast enough.


"I love her, Rumple. We're going to be together even if you hate the idea!" She had yelled at him.

"Dearie, she is merely a distraction. You do not need her, she will only hurt you." He had spoke with that grin of his. This reminded her of Daniel and her mother, this time she would fight and if it meant killing then so be it.

"NO! I LOVE HER AND YOU WILL NOT TAKE HER FROM ME!" This time she screamed and the fear of losing her love was the only thing evident in her voice.

"Come now, dearie or I will punish you in ways your mother never bothered to use." His voice had become dangerously low now, signalling no room for argument but neither of them cared.

"You. Will. Not. Harm. Her" Elsa spoke angrily as she stepped in front of Regina, though she was learning dark magic, Regina was still mostly innocent and couldn't defend herself well.

"Oh, and your going to stop me?" The mocking tone filled the room and Elsa snapped, sending her magic toward him and at his heart but he poofed out of the way in order to avoid it. The exchanging of magic went on for minutes with Regina watching and trying to figure out what to do as Elsa defended her. But it all ended when Elsa had sent a curse in Rumple's direction and he deflected it and sent it back at her. She wasn't quick enough and it hit her, and all that was left in her place was a jar.

"NO!" Regina screamed and tried to pry open the jar desperately. After many tries she gave up and held it to her chest.

"Elsa please. Please, come back to me." She sat sobbing until Rumple poofed away the jar, sending it to his vault. She stood up shakily and looked at him.

"Tell me one thing." He voice was trembling as she spoke the words.

"Anything, dearie" His tone was happy and Regina wanted nothing more than to snap his neck as he spoke.

"Was she my true love?" She realized that Daniel hadn't been, so she needed to know if Elsa was real. If she had any chance of saving her in the future.

"Yes, she was. But true love can not defeat the dark one, my dear" He spoke happily once again and she stood there unsure of what to do. So she did what Rumple had taught her and finally gave into the darkness.

End of Flashback

Robin may have been her soul mate, but he had Marian and Regina sure as hell didn't love him. He had been a good pass time, yes, but she didn't love him like she loved Elsa. The mere thought of her beautiful blonde made her heart skip a beat. Now that she was getting her back, she felt like her heart would explode with happiness.

As she rounded the corner, there were the townspeople with torches and weapons cornering the woman she loved. Rumple lead them, making them believe Elsa was a monster who would kill them all. She ran even faster as the snow fell faster, reaching the crowd.

"Get back!" She yelled but her voice couldn't be heard over the crowd.

"GET. BACK!" She screamed and everyone stepped away immediately, the voice had made Elsa tremble because she didn't recognize it but as the crowd stepped away and she saw Regina, her Regina, she stopped and smiled.

"Elsa." It was a whisper, but in the dead silence she could hear it perfectly. Regina wore that smile on her face and everyone knew that this was someone she cared about, for she rarely smiled anymore.

Elsa just smiled, not finding the words as she felt she would cry of happiness. Luckily, Regina could see this as she ran to her. The brunette's lips claimed her own in a kiss so full of love that it almost knocked everyone around them off their feet. The snow and ice melted as the blonde and her brunette held each other.

Pink lips moved against Red ones passionately and lovingly. When they broke apart their eyes instantly met and Regina burst into tears.

"I-I though i'd lost you..." She said as she sobbed on her loves shoulder as arms wrapped around her and held her there. Everyone in town watched as the woman they knew as the Evil Queen, sobbed on the blonde's shoulder.

"Its okay, im here now." She spoke soothingly as she peppered light kisses on Regina's face. She soon realized that everyone was watching and whispered to her.

"We might want to go somewhere else, everyone is watching us" She spoke with a chuckle and Regina poofed them home. That night, the brunette had never felt more safe as she lay im the arms of the blonde. Their love, radiating around them as they slept and the promise it brought with it; That it would be everlasting.