sonics rose

(Amy's POV)

I was walking around town with cream. We were going to the mall to buy some clothes for rouge,ovcorse she gave us the money first.

We almost made it through the door untill a gust of wind knocked me over. I wasnt happy 'hey whatch where your going jerk..' i blurted out in his face. 'I'm sorry i should look where im going. By the way i'm sonic maby we could meet by the food bar tomorrow'. A sweat form appered on his head. 'Sure i guess..,' 'great i will see ya at 8 tomorrow' he said before running off into the wildness.

'AMY HAS A DATE AMY HAS A DATE!' Cream shouted for everyone to hear her. 'No cream you have it all wrong i onely just met him. I dont even know if he doesnt want me to get knocked up yet now do i' Cream could see the anger in my eyes. 'Well exuuussee me princess' we then started laughing our heads off as we walked twords a shop called 'The Ladies'.

The Next Day

(Sonic's POV

I was sitting in a chair waiting for the lady to arrive i didnt chatch her name :(.

'Sorry... i'm 15 minits... late sonic''Its ok, oh and by the way what is your name' There was a sudden moment of silece. 'Oh sorry my name is Amy, Amy Rose''WOW that is one butifull name we have there' Amy started to blush making me smine and blush at the same time.

'Amy can i ask you something'

whats sonics question find out in the next chapter.